AFL Teams: Round 22


Team news as it drops…

UPDATE: Thursday 6:23pm AEST

Collingwood v West Coast
MCG, Friday August 23, 7.50pm AEST

In: A.Didak, B.Kennedy
Out: B.Sinclair (shoulder), J.Elliott (hamstring)

In: M.Rosa, C.Masten, B.Wilson
Out: L.Shuey (hamstring), A.Carter, A.Embley

Adelaide v Melbourne
AAMI Stadium, Saturday August 24, 1.15pm ACST

In: K.Hartigan, M.Grigg
Out: M.Jaensch, S.Shaw

In: D.Rodan, J.Frawley, C.Dawes, C.Pedersen, J.Toumpas
Out: S.Byrnes (foot), J.Strauss (shoulder), S.Blease (ankle), J.Fitzpatrick (concussion), T.Davis

North Melbourne v Hawthorn
Etihad Stadium, Saturday August 24, 2.10pm AEST

In: M.Firrito, J.Ziebell
Out: N.Grima (foot), W.Sierakowski

In: B.Guerra, J.Anderson
Out: P.Puopolo (calf soreness), T.Duryea

Geelong v Sydney Swans
Simonds Stadium, Saturday August 24, 4.40pm AEST

In: P.Chapman, T.Hawkins
Out: J.Walker, J.Murdoch

In: T.Mitchell
Out: J.Bolton (illness)

Carlton v Essendon
MCG, Saturday August 24, 7.40pm AEST

In: M.Kreuzer
Out: J.Bootsma

In: P.Ryder, D.Myers, M.Hurley, J.Merrett
Out: L.Jetta, T.Bellchambers, D.Heppell (ankle), N.O’Brien

Fremantle v Port Adelaide
Patersons Stadium, Saturday August 24, 5.40pm AWST

In: J.Hannath, C.Sutcliffe
Out: A.Sandilands (cheekbone), A.Silvagni

In: K.Mitchell, J.Neade, S.Colquhoun
Out: H.Hartlett (suspension), C.Hitchcock (hamstring), N.Blee

St Kilda v Gold Coast
Etihad Stadium, Sunday August 25, 1.10pm AEST

C.Shenton, T.Ledger, B.Murdoch, L.Hayes
Out: D.Roberton (rested)

In: J.Brennan, M.Rischitelli, L.Patrick, L.Osborne, J.Gillbee, K.Hunt
Out: J.Hutchins (hamstring), D.Swallow (knee), S.Tape (concussion)

Greater Western Sydney v Richmond
Skoda Stadium, Sunday August 25, 3.20pm AEST

In: S.Darley, T.Adams, D.Tyson, K.Jaksch
Out: S.Gilham

In: A.Edwards, M.White, S.Edwards, J.King, M.Dea
Out: L.McGuane (leg), D.Astbury (leg)

Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs
Gabba, Sunday August 25, 4.40pm AEST

In: J.Lisle, J.O’Brien, J.Crisp, M.Paparone
Out: S.Black (suspension)

In: J.Tutt, L.Jones, J.Macrae
Out: –

UPDATE: Thursday 5:57pm AEST

UPDATE: Thursday 5:00pm AEST

It’s been a big week already for team news. We know that Hamish Hartlett (suspended – 2 weeks), Dyson Heppell (foot), Aaron Sandilands (face), Garrick Ibbotson (achilles), Scott D Thompson (lung – season) but there is doubt on a lot of other players including Pearce Hanley, Jack Riewoldt, and more.


  • I’m in the weird position on actually hoping Hanley is out. That’ll leave my opponent with a donut, but I’ll have Grimes as cover. I know Grimes isn’t much, but hopefully he can score more than zero. HOPEFULLY.

  • little concerned if I end up with Hartlett, Heppel and Hanley out. Have Shaw, which isn’t saying much as of late as cover on the bench just hope there’s no more big outs in the backline or I as many will be screwed.

  • I’m almost too scared to look at the teams tonight… will be holding my breath that the backline doesn’t suffer any unpredictable carnage!

  • I’m sure theres going to be plenty of backline carnage!!

  • Praying that Hanley is in!

    • he is in… they have til sunday to see if he will play but i think he will be a late out.

  • Sneaking suspicion Ellis will be out… :O (just a gut feel, not trying to fuel a false rumour, as I will most likely be wrong)



  • Didak is back – get on!

  • great… no ibbot or blee… FMDT

    hanley will be a late out i think

  • Is it worth trading for backline cover in case Hanley is a late out? IUt would mean I have to keep O’keefe.

    Backline cover -> Hepp and O’keefe to O’brien and Riewoldt (DPP)

    No Cover -> Hepp and O’keefe to O’Brien and Bob Murphy

  • Hanley not named as an out. & Kruezer is back! not as bad as i might have thought.

  • 2 outs in back line and 2 cover on bench…

    would you bring in 2 defenders… duffman and bob murphy (just incase hanley is a late out)

    or would you bring in 1 defender and 1 FWD… duffman and n.volt (putting jjk on bench and also maybe getting a donut in defense with hanley’s late out)

    or would you bring in 1 defender and 1 fwd… duffman and griffen (this will put ROK on the bench and maybe get a donut if hanley is a late out)


  • Should I play cotchin v GWS or stanton v Carlton

  • Decisions decisions…

    a) Heppell/Shaw to O’brien/Birchall
    b) Heppell/Shaw to O’Brien/Duffield
    c) Heppell/JJK to Hibberd/Stokes


  • Would Bob Murphy and Duffield in the same team be too risky?

  • Tom Mitchell in – but will he cop the vest ??

  • Yeah I have Hanley and Mitchell but It suited me better to have them miss damn it

  • Ibbot/blee to duffman/bob murphy
    (will give me cover for when hanley if he is a late out)

    Ibbot/titchel to duffman or BOB/griffen
    (putting ROK on bench)

    Ibbot/hansen to duffman or BOB/n.volt
    (putting JJK on bench)

  • Upgrading my M8 this week. My opponent has Deledio so I’m thinking either him, Danger, Monty or even Watson. Any suggestions (I have Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow, Jelwood, Griffen and Fyfe)

  • Decisions, decisions.
    Do I upgrade M8 by Mitchell to Beams.
    Or do I improve my defence. At present if Hanley drops out I have McKenzie as cover. I could trade McKenzie out for O’Brien and move 1 of Shaw, Hanley or Duffield to the bench.
    Any advice.

    • I’d roll the dice and assume Hanley will play. McKenzie as cover is adequate.

      I’m upgrading Mitchell to Beams, which leaves Heppell and Blee on my defence bench, which means no cover. I don’t have Hanley though.

    • Think you have to bring in beams given mckenzies isnt the worst cover in the world.

  • Completely off topic, but has anyone else with assistant coach noticed that in players history at grounds stats on their “Player Profile” it seems to believe that “Gabba” and “The Gabba” are separate grounds.

    For example Harry O has played 1 game at Gabba, and 5 games at “The Gabba”

    Or am I missing something here?

    (His average is better at “Gabba”, if you were interested)

  • Hibberd or Pearce

  • Should I play T Mitchell or ROK? I think ROK but Mitchell could be good after rest

  • Who would you leave out – Priddis, Ball or Jack ?

    Who would you NO bring in – O’Brien, Ellis, or Pearce ?

  • Leave out Jack as the other two very consistent and not bring in Ellis because I think he will get tagged given success of last week.

    • righto – Ellis got 55 last week and plays GWS ?

      • Yeah he got tagged last week, hence only 55. GWS like to tag but yes if he doesn’t get tagged he could do well. I think O’brien should do well against west coast

  • God damn Henderson was only supposed to miss one week!

    Now I have the cash to do 2 upgrades this week, should I bench Heppel and Henderson and go Staker>Enright Clisby>O’Brien ?

    • Might as well trade out Henderson and have staker as back up since Henderson gone for season

      • Damn, yeah may as well, cheers. Just read the injury list on the AFL site, backline has had so much going on this year!

  • Heard on SEN Cotchin has a small chance being a late out.

  • I had to rub my eyes….. CHAPPY! could go bang. Apart from that no other stupid withdrawals thank god

  • Great news with Hanley in. Boyd or Barlow? Or any other option?

    • Real chance to go big is Jack Stevens – plays GC, or Lids – plays GWS

      • Sorry to say but I’d rather trade in Kepler Bradley over Steven, too much of a risk when I can afford Boyd and Barlow who also have an easier run.

  • Roughead or Grundy in ruck? – got no other choice…

  • Opt 1: This week – Henderson/Heppell – O’Brien/Murphy.
    Next week – Mayes/Griffen(McKenzie tag) – Minson/Libba.

    Opt 2: This week – Henderson/JJK – Murphy/Minson.
    Next week – Heppell/Griffen(McKenzie tag) – Hibberd/Libba.

    Opt 3: This week – Henderson/Heppell – Murphy/Duffield.
    Next week – Mayes/Nicholls – Riewoldt/Minson.

    Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  • Who do I play on the field, Terlich or Grimes?

  • Need some help guys.
    Roughead-Minson Switching Cox to Fwd line. (jjk as f7)
    Mitchell to Beams. (R’okeefe as M9)

    Help Appreciated!

  • 27 Green Dots here so no panic. (Heppell, Ibbo and Hendo(FWD) with band-aids) Grimes covering a possible Hanley late out.
    1 – Ellis & Jack Steven
    2 – Duffield & Montagna

    Leaning towards no 2, Was going to trade Stanton out but Cotchin’s injury cloud means he is going.

    • Just posted below then read yours. Very worried about cotch myself!
      I would worry about Ellis getting tag again seeing as it worked well for carlton. Duffield no chance of tag but prob not the ceiling.
      Also would take Montag over Steven
      Option 2 easily for me.

  • Help needed !! Who to bring in .

    Harry O
    Bob murphey

    Any one else

  • Lucky enough to have enough cover and only have to use only 1 trade in my backline.
    The other trade is luxury.
    Have a midfield of swan, ablett, beams, barlow, pendles, griffin, cotchin, mundy and playing priddis on bench.
    Original plans were Mundy to Jelwood
    After last week and injury rumours I am a bit worried about cotchin.
    Also thinking Jelwood due for a off week as he been up for so long.
    Do you think maybe better off going cotch to Montags, Watson or even s selwood.
    Anyone else worried that Jelwood due for a off game?
    Thoughts appreciated

  • Ibbot/blee to duffman/bob murphy
    (will give me cover for when hanley if he is a late out)

    Ibbot/titchel to duffman or BOB/griffen
    (putting ROK on bench)

    Ibbot/hansen to duffman or BOB/n.volt
    (putting JJK on bench)