The (Heineken) Flying Freakshow

Heineken have continued their ‘Dropped’ series of daredevil stunts with a trip to Poland. We’re big fans of this Heineken series and reckon this is the best stunt to date.

In this instalment we see a South African fella taken out of his comfort zone with a sky dive adventure accompanied by 5 freaky looking clowns. The adventure begins with the South African being blindfolded and taken to an airstrip somewhere in Poland. It’s a sunny day and sound track is scary – music you’d expect to be played in a haunted house.

5 clowns load the chap in a turbo prop plane and they take-off to 10,000 feet. Once there they all pile out and skydive to the surface.

No doubt they finish the adventure with an ice cold glass of Heineken.

Next stop a bungy jump in new Zealand – who knows where they’ll head to next..

See you next time.

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  • I went to the Heineken factory in Amsertdam a few months back.
    It was uninformative, gimmimky and crap.

    I like their beer though. Not sure what this article is about. :)