Finals Week 1 Lockout Discussion

lockoutfainslDiscuss everything DT and whatever else as we head into this first week of DT finals – the Qualifying and the Elimination finals.

The most popular trades this week include Tom Nicholls to Brodie Grundy, Tom Mitchell to Ryan Griffen and Tom Mitchell to Dayne Beams. With Matthew Kreuzer out this week, most people are jumping on Will Minson.

Discuss the round in the comments.


Kicking off from 1pm on Saturday 24th August 2013 at the Richmond Club Hotel, 100 Swan Street, Richmond. Come and talk some AFL Fantasy and have a few pints with us! Roy, Calvin, Warnie, Tbetta, Anthony and Dunny are all making the trip this year! Live music provided by Hairybeard!



mongrelThanks to our good friends at, you can win a pair of Mongrel SP Zipsliders boots this week.

To win, all you have to do is jump on Twitter and send a tweet to @DTTALK @WorkwearHub with the hashtag of #MONGREL with your answer to the following question:

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  • Lol Titchell on field and Lids on bench #FMDT

  • Saturday night fantasy has gone into “red alert” !!!!!!
    Junk time last quarter c’mon !


  • what a disappointing saturday night for dreamteam. what was omce a possible 2400 is not going to be lucky to get 2250. So many average scores tonite

  • It’s official there’s no player in the afl that can be classified as ‘untaggable’

  • Ablett :'(

  • Gaz going backwards now, if this game doesnt end he’ll finish up on 50. Safe to say he wont be my captain choice in 2013 again.

    • Oh really?

      • Yes, last 2 weeks his spent alot of time at FF, 2 sub 100 scores. If i didnt know better i’d say he’s running on fumes, i’d hate to think what score gaz would’ve got if crowley/ raines played on him. 30-40 would be my guess.

  • Hamish Hartlett Anyone???

  • Need Stanton to score 14 more then Boomer tomorrow. Hmmmmm.

  • Cheers ROK, jack, mckenzie, ablett(c) and swan. Expected 700 from them tonight, they combine for 409. Add bartel to this fine group of players and I have lost 4/5 finals. Eliminated from one league now, second bite at the cherry with the others next week. I have a strong team that has averaged 2295 over the last 3 weeks. Can’t believe that all of these ‘premos’ pick this week to spud it up.

    • So, it’s Ablett, Jack, Bartel vs Westhoff and Grimes, and i bloody well lose that contest. I also have a premo on each bench line, while he has non players on THREE lines, and i’m going to lose by about 100 pts, barring a late withdrawal.

  • 17 players played and Ablett is my lowest scorer….never thought i would ever say that

  • Who will win:
    Me: Stanton and +32
    Him: Henderson

    • I guess you will find out after they play, unless because anyone who makes a prediction would’ve also predicted Ablett scoring more than Clisby.

  • So what’s par looking like, I’m looking at 2088 according per the predicter thingy

  • Dont know what all this talk about not captaining GAJ again, extremely annoyed that Clisby scored more than him etc.
    Since 2007 he has only scored under 80 8 times, that is an incredible stat! Only Swan (7 times under 80 since 2007) can beat this stat.
    So as you can see, GAJ is the second/tied first best DT’er of the current era, he is the best this year definitely though with an average of 121.06 compared to Swan’s (2nd) 118.78.
    Stop this jibber jabber, GAJ just had an off game, he is still untaggable IMO, with his first disposal count under 20 since R15 2008., again an amazing feat.
    GAJ is the best player in the competition…. EVER, and it will probably remain that way!

  • FMDT

    All my uniques are finished and Im 298 ahead of my opponent, who has Goldstein, Stanton & Harvey to play. Could be VERY close.

    My opponent took Swan(C) vs my Ablett(C) which has given him a slight boost. Heath Shaw (51) as a unique has really put me up the creek.
    The only thing keeping me in with a chance is Jelwood’s 157.

    I have a feeling I am going to lose by less than 10 points :(

  • Who will win?
    Me: Henderson + Dangerfield
    Him: Masten + Lynch + 34

  • Alright I’ve got Fyfe & Hansen, and he had Henderson + 39. Barring an injury I think I’m safe.

  • Me: Hibberd, Cox, Fyfe, Barlow
    Him: +103, Priddis, Goldstein, Harvey.

    Going to be very very close.

  • who wins?

    Stanton and Lachie Hansen vs J Kennedy and 94????

  • Posted Friday night:

    The Chosen Won August 9, 2013 8:22 pm

    Rookie error:

    Late change and forgot to put the C back on Gaz..Hope that pig’s phuckin hungry :(

    Sunday Morning :))

    Funny how things turn out still not happy but better off than most :)

  • What the hell has football become ?? when a guy like Gary Ablett is treated the way he was last night.. People say he was tagged that is rubbish he was mauled by Garland and McKenzie at nearly every stoppage, when a guy faces away from the ball and wraps both arms around you to prevent you even getting to the contest , that is not tagging it is a Fucken Disgrace it is not football and the demons should be disgusted in what they had to do to try and win (which failed)

  • #AFLBombersEagles – No changes. Subs: Ben Howlett and Brad Sheppard

  • Very happy with my Beams as captain call. I’m in 3 elimination finals so had to do something not as boring and a little different. Never really considered Ablett or Swan

  • Nice start for me in the first half of bombers vs eagles!

    Watson 67, Hibberd 64, Goddard 59, Heppell 53

  • Does anyone know the reason behinds Kieren Jack poor score last night?

    • He was tagged by mccaffer, had a really poor game didnt get a mark the whole game and didnt make many tackles either. When jack scores well he makes alot of tackles that’s his hallmark.

  • Sorry to anyone who has Hansen, I traded him in this week. Expect a 50-60.

    • Brought him in and Jack in. Both of them look to combine for what KJack normally gets!

      • Yeah I traded him in to, should have expected it. However, Ellis went well

        • I’m on target for about 250 less than my previous scores. Good thing i’ve got top 4 finishes in all my leagues; there’s no way I can have worse luck next week.

  • Still should get 2100+, just have Barlow left and im on 2033. Even with all this carnage with Ablett captain and stuff i think it may be a “decent score”

  • Me: Sandilands
    Him: Fyfe +11pts

    Hoping for a massive GWS tag on Fyfe!

  • Was looking very good against an opponent 16000 overall places behind me.

    Nek minnut: Goldstein, T. Lynch (what a spud POD this has been!), and Fyfe being heavily tagged.

    Love more trades during the season, but it does mean coaches who haven’t been as good all year can still beat anybody come finals time when everybody has full premos (depending on which ones of the rare PODs fire). Bit more of a coinflip, but that’s DT I guess.

  • A half of footy to go and im up by 85 with them just having Mundy to play….. Hope i can hold on!!!!

  • keep it up ward :)

  • need 11 points from barlow to win.. actually nervous of a red vest hahaha

  • yeah baby in the prelim final in all 5 leagues!! one of my games the other guy needed ricky henderson to get 101 to win and he gets 97 !!

  • Wow,just got home in a thriller,Barlow vs Fyfe..i got home by 2..thought it was going to be a draw.

  • 2301, youd take that :)

  • Won by 4 points only because I accidentally had swan as captain instead of Ablett