DT TALK Live 2013: Rd 13

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NEXT WEEK: See us live at the Star Bar, Launceston from 7pm and then watch the West Coast v Essendon game.




  • Would be great to see some people at the Star Bar next week for not only the live show from 7pm (maybe get there a bit before) but also to have a beer and watch the Bombers beat the Eagles!

    Then a fortnight later (July 11), we’ll be in Perth to do our show at 7pm WA time at BELOW 43 in the city. More details coming soon!

    • Fair chance ill come for a look at the Perth show big Warne Dawg!

      • awesome, i’ll go to your show in perth and then head straight to the fear factory gig. come and get a dose of metal dudez!

    • I will prob pop into the Perth show for a pint.

  • How do you check your oppositions team on the analyser?

    • Bottom right corner

      • Where abouts mate? Lol so go analsyer then where?

        • Click on his team name in the league screen, or if you want his predicted score, go to analyser scroll down half way and it’s all on the right for the next 3 weeks….

  • Good show this week lads, looking forward to the show in Perth, be good to meet up.

  • Great show boys.cant wait for these byes to finish!!

    • Tell me about it! Haha. Next week’s show at the Star Bar will be a bit of a celebration of the end of the byes!

  • Ahhh thanks legend mate! Cheers for the show too boys haven’t watched it yet but I know it’s going to be another ripper!

  • Big congrats to Kiall on his win in the #HEATUP comp thanks to our friends at Workwear Hub – they are great sponsors. Look out for another competition next week!

    For those that are interested in the awesome heated jackets, check them out here… put one on your wishlist! We love ours!

    • hey warnie, come and do a show up in darwin before the blockbuster melbourne vs gold coast game on July 20. No heated jackets required up here

  • Where is the perth show fellas gonna head down .cant wait !

  • Warnie I need help with my trades, I am looking to trade out k Mitchell for the vat, and get in daniher next week for b Kennedy and also trade out omeara for swan next week but im struggling to figure out what to do this week, with my secong trade, do I trade out Vlastuin, hartlett(if he does xrap), j Kennedy(wear coast) or cotchin and if so who for

    • i reckon hartlett of that mob. to gibbs if you can. definitely not vlastuin.

  • 1 or 2
    1- crouch to mid via vlus to hrovat and cotchin to jack
    2- terlich to wilson crouch to hannebry
    please help dont know what to do 2 will complete my mid for the time but means i could lose more money with cotchin and bad scores

  • Ripper show, lads! Did anyone else just see that ball from Ravi Ashwin…that was AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Great show as usual fellas, seeya in Perth in a few weeks

  • anyone been having a look at jack gunston? i don’t know much about him but last 4 of 98, 108, 114, 92. but his first 5 scores were 32, 16, 76, 69, 52. was he coming back from injury or getting vested early on, or has there been some sort of role change? seems he’s doing what buddy should be doing!

    • I don’t think his form will last. Remember what happened to Lewis? From what I can tell he has only worn the vest once, and that was the game he got 16 in. Also, he’s been claiming quite a few marks and goals. I think once Buddy gets in to form (which he inevitably will at some stage) Gunston’s output will go down quite a lot. I wouldn’t go there myself.