AFL Teams: Round 12 (MRB #2)


Update 7:47pm AEST:

Carlton vs. Hawthorn
Etihad Stadium – 7.50pm – Friday June 15

B: Robinson, Jamison, Henderson
HB: Tuohy, Armfield, Bootsma
C: Carrazzo, Judd, Simpson
HF: Curnow, Walker, Garlett
F: McLean, Waite, Kreuzer
FOL: Casboult, Murphy, Scotland
INT: Gibbs, Lucas, Betts, Cachia

IN: Carrazzo, Bootsma
OUT: Yarran (Omitted), White (Omitted)

B: Stratton, Lake, Guerra
HB: Gibson, Birchall, Mitchell
C: Smith, Hodge, Hill
HF: Gunston, Franklin, Burgoyne
F: Puopolo, Roughead, Breust
FOL: Bailey, Sewell, Lewis
INT: Shiels, Duryea, Hale, Simpkin

IN: Gunston, Bailey
OUT: Cheney (Omitted), Grimley (Omitted)

Richmond vs. Adelaide
MCG – 1.40pm – Saturday 15, June

B: Morris, Rance, Houli
HB: Newman, Chaplin, Vlastuin
C: Grigg, Cotchin, Jackson
HF: A.Edwards, S.Edwards, King
F: Vickery, Riewoldt, Martin
FOL: Maric, Deledio, Foley
INT: White, Ellis, Batchelor, Conca

IN: Ellis, Conca
OUT: Dea (Calf), Longergan (Omitted)

B: Laird, Rutten, Otten
HB: Mackay, Talia, Smith
C: van Berlo, Dangerfield, Sloane
HF: Lynch, Jenkins, Vince
F: Porplyzia, McKernan, Callinan
FOL: Jacobs, Thompson, Douglas
INT: Jaensch, Brown, Henderson, Wright

IN: Mackay, Jaensch, Brown, Wright
OUT: Reilly (Omitted), Crouch (Omitted), Kerridge (Omitted), Petrenko (Shoulder)

Fremantle vs. Brisbane Lions
Patersons Stadium – 2.40PM – June 15, 2013

B: Dawson, McPharlin, Spurr
HB: Duffield, Johnson, Suban
C: C.Pearce, Crowley, Barlow
HF: Fyfe, Mayne, Crozier
F: Ballantyne, Hannath, Silvagni
FOL: Clarke, Mundy, Hill
INT: Ibbotson, Mzungu, de Boer, D.Pearce

IN: Silvagni
OUT: Sutcliffe (Omitted)

B: Harwood, Clarke, Yeo
HB: Adcock, Patfull, Lester
C: Mayes, Redden, Hanley
HF: Bewick, Lisle, Zorko
F: McGrath, Leuenberger, Staker
FOL: McKeever, Black, Rockliff
INT: Raines, Golby, Docherty, Rich

IN: Lisle, Golby, Mayes, Rockliff, Leuenberger, Rich, McKeever
OUT: Polkinghorne, Karnezis, Michael, Longer, Crisp, Paprone (Omitted), Moloney (Back)

Essendon vs. Gold Coast
Etihad Stadium – 7.40pm – Saturday, June 15

B: Pears, Carlisle, Baguley
HB: Goddard, Hooker, Hibberd
C: Stanton, Watson, Heppell
HF: Winderlich, Hurley, Crameri
F: Kommer, Daniher, Davey
FOL: Ryder, Hocking, Zaharakis
INT: Merrett, Melksham, Howlett, Myers

IN: Merrett, Pears
OUT: Hams (Omitted), Fletcher (Groin)

B: McKenzie, Day, Wilkinson
HB: Swallow, Thompson, Murphy
C: Shaw, Ablett, Harbrow
HF: Patrick, Lynch, Hall
F: Brown, Gorringe, Sumner
FOL: Nicholls, Stanley, Prestia
INT: Hutchins, Rischitelli, Russell, O’Meara

IN: Gorringe
OUT: Dixon (Ankle)

GWS Giants vs. Port Adelaide
Skoda Stadium – 1.10pm – Sunday June 16

B: Plowman, Bruce, Kennedy
HB: Hampton, Mohr, Reid
C: Whitfield, Treloar, Scully
HF: Townsend, Cameron, Coniglio
F: Palmer, Tomlinson, Smith
FOL: Giles, Ward, Greene
INT: Williams, Adams, Gilham, Shiel, Corr, Hoskin-Elliot, Ugle

IN: Williams, Greene, Hoskin-Elliot

B: Carlile, Hombsch, O’Shea
HB: Broadben, Jonas, Logan
C: Wingard, Boak, Cornes
HF: Neade, Butcher, Monfries
F: Hitchcock, Schulz, Westoff
FOL: Lobbe, Wines, Hartlett
INT: Blee, Moore, Ebert, Thomas, Gray, Mitchell, Stewart

IN: Blee, Moore, Thomas, Lobbe, Stewart
OUT: Redden (Shoulder), Heath (Omitted)

Collingwood vs. Western Bulldogs
Etihad Stadium – 4.40pm – Sunday, June 16

B: Brown, Reid, O’Brien
HB: Shaw, Maxwell, Williams
C: Sidebottom, Macaffer, Ball
HF: Elliot, Lynch, Swan
F: Kennedy, Cloke, J.Thomas
FOL: Jolly, Pendlebury, Blair
INT: Martin, Broomhead, Sinclair, Didak, Seedsman, Dwyer, Oxley

IN: Elliot, Broomhead, Dwyer

B: Goodes, Roughead, Talia
HB: Johannisen, Morris, Addison
C: Cooney, Boyd, Macrae
HF: Murphy, Jones, Griffen
F: Giansiracusa, Stringer, Dahlhaus
FOL: Minson, Liberatore, Lower
INT: Markovic, Picken, Wallis, Stevens, Smith Hrovat, Campbell

IN: Markovic, Boyd, Campbell, Cooney
OUT: Williams

Update 6:26pm AEST:

In: A.Carrazzo, J.Bootsma
Out: S.White, C.Yarran

In: M.Bailey, J.Gunston
Out: K.Cheney, S.Grimley

In: R.Conca, B.Ellis
Out: S.Lonergan, M.Dea (calf)

In: D.Mackay, M.Jaensch, M.Wright, L.Brown
Out: B.Reilly, J.Petrenko (shoulder), S.Kerridge, B.Crouch

In: A.Silvagni
Out: C.Sutcliffe

In: M.Leuenberger, T.Rockliff, J.Lisle, D.Rich, M.Golby, N.McKeever, S.Mayes
Out: B.Moloney (back), J.Polkinghorne, P.Karnezis, B.Longer, J.Crisp, S.Michael, M.Paparone

In: T.Pears, J.Merrett
Out: W.Hams, D.Fletcher (groin)

In: D.Gorringe
Out: C.Dixon (ankle)

In: W.Hoskin-Elliott, Z.Williams, T.Greene

In: M.Thomas, M.Lobbe, P.Stewart, A.Moore, N.Blee
Out: C.Heath, J.Redden (shoulder)

In: S.Dwyer, T.Broomhead, J.Elliott

In: M.Boyd, A.Cooney, L.Markovic, T.Campbell
Out: T.Williams (shoulder)

Update 6:22pm AEST:

Update 6:10pm AEST:

Update 6:05pm AEST:

Update 5:00pm AEST:


  • Roughhead Minson or Ryder for this round ??

  • Ive gone Daw to Nicholls and Rowe to Daniher this week.
    Gets rid of two duds who arent getting games, banks some cash, points on the board this week, and plenty of cover for both of them next week.

    Next week Scotland and Crouch will be shown the door for Titchell and ???, gods willing. Should lighten my heavy R13 bye player load.

  • Please help should I bring in birch, Hanley or should I just keep waters

  • is waters playing
    birch and hanley have massive BE

  • Waters is not playing is their anyone else I could trade in

  • gibbs

  • which player should i trade out from these and to which premium as i have 1 million
    hutchins def
    whitfield mid
    wines mid
    mayes forw
    please help and comment

  • should i put ellis in or hartlett?

  • Should I be worried that Dwyer and Hrovat are both on extended benches and may not Play!!


  • This may sound crazy but thinking of trading crouch to Nichols that would move Blicavs to the midfield helps my byes

  • vlustuin or ellis?? better off with anohther player with vlustuin but who will scoremore points?

    • Who knows, but Vlastuin has better form as Ellis coming off injury. Also Vlastuin has dpp. I needed a replacement for Atley, and was between Ellis or Staker, I have gone Staker for dpp, and am too worried Ellis will get vested

      • if i pick ellis or vlastuin i will roughly have about 300-330k , who is a good midefielder for that much?

        • you could do neither and get a premo mid or premo defender and a rookie, eg T Mitchell (if you have enough players this week), if you desperate, go with Staker in backs and grab Vlastuin as your mid. A premo and rookie would be better option than 2 mid range players

  • Last week, Luke Brown would have saved me a donut if he’d played, and I couldn’t use Crouch in the mids. This week I need Crouch and can’t use Luke Brown. Funny shit.

  • Got super lucky in the Eliminator this round :) My opponent will only be able to field 13-14 players!

  • boyd or griffen

  • leuy to minson regardless of him back playing and 80k? or downgrade laird to hrovat via goodes leaving 350k

  • roberton to harlett and moloney to franklin?

  • Scotland,Goodes,Vlastuin or Terlich out for Heppell ???

    • Scotland is a spud, I’d get rid of him. The others still have the potential to rise in price too.

  • Who is considering entering a Team full of player this week who dont have the BYE in the hope of winning the weekly prize…noticed quite a few people who did it last week making it to the top 10.

    • DEF: Goddard, Hanley, Gibbs, Shaw, Staker, Oxley
      MID: Gaz (c), Swan (vc), Pendles, Cornes, Stanton, Barlow, Murphy, Griffin
      RUCK: Gorringe, Nicholls
      FWD: Martin, Cloke, Buddy, Hoff, Daniher, Bennedy

      What do you think as a once off crack? Using my brothers old account, hes cool with it

      • I thought I would give it a crack. Not sure whether someone with a team made just for this round will win the round, but I reckon next week that will be the case. I think there are 9 differences between our teams…here’s mine:

        DEF: Duffman, Birchall, Gibbs, Ellis, Staker, Oxley
        MID: Swan (c), Ablett, Dangerfield, Barlow, Boak, Cotchin, Boyd, Hrovat/K-Mart (undecided on the last mid)
        RUC: Kreuzer, Nicholls
        FWD: Martin, Cloke, Hoff, Rocky, Buddy, Bennedy

        I reckon we could both go north of 2100 this week if things go well, should be very interesting.

        Next week is a much better opportunity to win with a brand new team though, I reckon there will be quite a few that give it a shot.

        • Hoping to get a double pass to the Western Derby so my dad and I can watch the Dockers demolish the Eagles :)

  • Who would be more likely to play Z. Williams or K. Mitchell? D:

  • trade Crouch or Whitfield to Barlow?

  • Hmm Rowe late inclusion.. *reverse changes*, welcome back big fella, never doubted you ;)

  • Anyone else having problems with reversing changes? When I do it, I get my 2 trades back but all the changes haven’t been undone. Doesnt seem to reset properly until I start trading..