Eagles v Tigers: Monday Night Football


With another Monday night game (the last one for the year… next week is a day game for the long weekend), it’s another late opening for DT. Discuss the match and your team leading right through the night until lockout is over.

The final teams are in for the match with no changes. Andrew Embley (WC) and Sam Lonergan (RICH) are the starting substitutes for the game. Bubble boy Mark Hutchings is in the 21.

If you’re up for a punt tonight, Sportingbet and Centrebet offer the following AFL Fantasy markets on Dream Team points.

  • Luke Shuey ($1.80) v Dustin Martin ($1.95)
  • Brett Deledio ($1.78) v Chris Masten ($2.00)
  • Trent Cotchin ($1.80) v Scott Selwood ($1.95)
  • Shaun Grigg ($2.25) v Bachar Houli ($2.85) v Daniel Jackson ($3.20)
  • Nic Naitanui ($2.55) v Dean Cox ($2.70) v Josh Kennedy ($2.90)
  • Matt Priddis line 98.5 points. Over ($1.88) v Under ($1.88)
  • Jack Riewoldt line 77.5 points. Over ($1.87) v Under ($1.87)
  • Mark LeCras line 78.5 points. Over ($1.87) v Under ($1.87).

Let us know in the comments which ones of those tickle your fancy. Remember to gamble responsibly.


  • Did anyone take the punt on Hutchings and put him on the field? Or am I the only one who went down that punt. Hoping for a huge 100 from him (probably won’t happen)

  • nic nat to beat cox and kennedy, and priddis under 98.5

  • if it wasn’t for all the back and forward carnage this week, I would have brought in Mark Hutchings, if he scores a sub 70-80, those who brought him will be laughing.

    • Yes, but it wasn’t this week people were worried about – it was the byes. Unless he smashes it tonight, I reckon he will make way for McGinnity NW.

  • Hoping for 612 between Lids, Pridda, JJK, Cox, Dusty and Vlas. Looks like beautiful conditions in the west, should be a good game.

  • I like Masten over Deledio too, that seems good value to me.

    • Totally agree. Lots of profit taking for the agencies though… 1.88 for an even money chance? Get the fark outta here!

  • 1543 with Selwood, Cotchin, Dusty, Vlastuin, Cox and JJK to come

    Hoping for 2100 :)

  • If I was having a punt I see value in Martin over Shuey, Houli over Grigg and LeCras under 78.5.

  • Anyone fancy Martin under 40 so I get a league win? @EmeraldIllusion

    • Make that 30….

    • Only if he’s subbed. Martin usually smashes it in the first half before easing off. Don’t like your chances

    • Pretty sure I’ll get that one mate. Lol. Well… I’m hoping. I’m actually having a reasonable week this week.

  • who will win: i need vlastuin to score over 73 points??
    i needa know!

    • hang on…ill just get my crystal ball

      be close mate but i rekon vlastuin is more than capable

  • Need Vlastuin to get within 30 points of Cotchin, could be close.

    • well cotch has been down in form so you should pull trhough!

    • Vlastuin could well smash Cotchin if you’re lucky..higher ceiling in 2013, but more inconsistent.

  • Crappers….really needed Hutchins to start as sub to have a shot this round.

  • lecras should score more than his line i would think

  • Got 99 problems and Cotch ain’t 1..

  • need Nic Nat and Scott Selwood to play crap for a come from behind win.

  • I’m facing the crappiest round of 2013 so far – due to get smashed in eliminator, after four straight wins, and will lose all my league games.

    Looking for miracle +/- performances for 10 different players to come through in two salvageable league matches

    • I hear ya Capper, only a miracle (like last week – Birch 0, Jacobs 22 on Sunday) gets me thru this week. Despite “upgrading” rooks looking at losses across the board. This week can’t finish soon enough!

      • I may scrap through in one of my leagues after all..thanks Reiwoldt: KEEP SPUDDING IT UP!!!

        • Need Priddis to beat LeCras by 39 to win Eliminator… gave myself no chance, but a faint sniff right now (85-48)

  • My first lucky week really, missed almost all the drama, SJ as captain probably my worst move…also fielded Gwilt over Terlich and Goodes, yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t even have Gwilt still, but oh well…

    1765 with Priddis, Nicnat, JJK, Dusty and Vlas…hoping Hutchings does well to make me some cash too…

  • in an ideal world need jjk to kick seven, nicnat to smash it, dustin martin the best for richmond….

    • im playing trent cotchin in my main league. he has himself and deledio. i have jjk and nicnat..jjk for seven!!!!!!!

  • Need a big matches from Martin, Vlaustin, JJK, Priddis, Selwood and Cox to crack 2200 :)

  • 1821 with Martin, Vlastuin, Cox and Kennedy to go. Anyone think I could hit 2200?

  • JJK is AOK with me

  • Told y’all Masten over Deledio was value.

    Anyone get on?

    • Wish I’d seen these bets earlier because I might’ve got on that one. It looked very tempting. I own Delidio in DT so it would’ve created a paradox in which the DT Gods would attempt to make Delidio score both really well, and really poorly, just because they wouldn’t want me to do well. Either that or just have Masten get injured straight away and Delids limp to a 60. Actually, that second scenario is much more likely.

      • Masten beasting his way up and I must get him in soon.

        • never judge off 1 quarter :P lids infront by 1 now. i woulda got on tho but only got a sportsbet account

  • If Hutchings had some JS he would be the real deal.

    I reckon Tom Mitchell will hold his spot in the Swans 22, so I probably wouldn’t go for Hutchings now anyway.

    PS Just putting it out there…is it too early to call Tom Mitchell the rookie pig? I think it’s quite fitting to be honest.

    • I’m gonna jix him right now but do we have another Barlow?

      • I think so my friend. I often wonder whether Barlow would have greater DT output now if he hadn’t broken his leg. I suppose it would have to go down as a no right now because he is absolutely smashing it…but he still has slightly off weeks every now and then.

  • Is it a good time for the transition from Cox to Naitinui? I know I’m calling this very early, but I truly believe that Cox will struggle to score well now that Naitinui is back in the team, at full fitness and in form.

    If at any point once the byes are over I get to have a luxury sideways trade that isn’t the result of an injury, I reckon I might do that trade…of course, between now and then there will be plenty of time to see whether the trade is worth making.

  • Vlastuin you gun. I was watching the game and I thought he had hardly got the ball and then I look on here and I find out he has 6 tackles to qtr time! Way to boost up your score.

  • WTF Cox?

    All stats due to hitouts – Lazy bugger ever since Nic Nat took over as the number one ruck in the side

  • Why has Vlastuin’s score gone down from 34 to 30 between the quarter time?

  • Yes Flossy. Boo Eags.

  • Early call Vlastuin for golden stubby :P

  • Completely had it with LeCras.

  • Dusty and Cotchin need to get going for me and the tigers!!

  • Lift Martin lift. I need another 72 from you or I’m out of the Eliminator

  • Ok, so my tipping competition has some silly extra features on it. This week is one of the five joker weeks where your tips are worth double. The competition also has the bonus point rule for a 9/9 week. I have 8/8 so far this wee with my tip for tonight being the Eagles.

    At approximately 7:37 pm EST I attempted to log in to change my tip to Richmond. My internet failed to load the page 3 times before it finally managed it at exactly 7:39 pm. I went straight to the tips and then hesitated, not realising that I needed to change now. Then I remembered something I saw on DT earlier this weekend about a guy who had changed his tips at the last minute and as a result, screwed up 2 tips that he would’ve otherwise got. I decided not to change.

    Fast forward just over an hour and I am absolutely kicking myself. I could’ve gained a 4 point bump in the tipping if I’d just ballsed up, That’s not to say that the game is over yet, but I just don’t rate the Eagles highly enough this year to be able to redeem this game.

  • Go home Hutchings, you’re drunk (on DT points). By that I mean I wish he wasn’t doing so well. It’s really undermining my outlook on my supposedly “master crafted” trades for this week.

    • These monday games really put me off. Stopped me from getting him in purely because of the fact there was no certainty he would be playing!

  • 1 half of Lids, Vlastuin, Priddis, Kennedy and Cox to go, sitting on 2002. In a fair and ideal world, i would be looking at 2200, but are the DT Gods fair and ideal? Fat chance!

  • Cmon Vlastuin and NicNat, chuck in another 30 points this last quarter!

  • All LeCras does these days is spill contested marks or attempt to chase a player with the ball and fail miserably.

  • OMFG, cotchin get the f**k off my team please, sick of ur shit performances week after week. Even hutchins is outscoring you for f**k sake.

    • Cotchin and Buddy are fast becoming the worst picks of DT13!!!

    • Yep, totally hear ya.

      While I’m glad I got rid of him after his 50 or 60 before he had a rest, I’m still pissed of I paid more than 570K for him at the start of the year, and lost money.

      I’ve learnt my lesson – he had a breakout year last year, and I shouldn’t have paid full price for a player following a breakout year.

  • Well, Masten beat Lids as I predicted.