DT TALK Live 2013: Rd 10

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Just tweet us at @DTTALK and @workwearhub with your answer to the following question – including the hashtag #FXDnewkid.

Who is your favourite NEW KID you’ve brought into your team this year and why.

Entries close on Monday 3rd June at 6pm AEST and the winner will be selected by the DT TALK and Workwear Hub team and then announced on the next DT TALK Live show… next Thursday at 7pm AEST.



  • Good stuff guys. What a mess of a week this has turned out to be.

    As for Rumballs….. You are a magician.. Hahahahah. Poor Warnedawg.

  • Dont worry Roy, *I* appreciated your “Calves & Lambs & Pigs” joke lol.

    Good episode guys. When doing Teams maybe consider surprises that arent actually listed on the ‘ins & outs’. For example most people would want to know Terlich is named, but flew under your radar I think.


    • Yep – that’s my bad…

      • All good. By the way it was fking brilliant to hear from Rockliff firsthand about his injury, that’s gold access for a non-mainstream show. Well done.

  • Awesome as always fellas!

  • what Stevie J’s BE
    thinking of trading him in for Our man Rocky and bring him in after the bye like you guys said

  • Hey boys, talking about Stevie J and his brownlow odds. I have actually made up a count of the votes (I think) so far this year, based on stats and what the AFL has put in best.






    Just thought it was interesting

    • I did this exact thing last year, I had Ablett winning it by about 6 votes or 5 votes i think and he did shit in the games I thought he was gonna get votes and visa versa. Jobe would for sure be winning it with the way the Bombers are going. Even Sammy Mitchell. Hate to say it but wins= brownlows

  • Who do I play out of Kane Mitchell or Ben Kennedy?

  • @Calvin, your thoughts on Stevie J’s match being forecast for rain? Still a lock for Captain?

  • If I owned Fox Footy I’d sign this show up in a heartbeat! Great show lads

  • I reckon there will be a few pick Buddy as C this week. I don;t know what scares me most… putting the C on Buddy or not putting the C on Buddy.

    Stevie J currently has the C but am tempted as Buddy is effectively playing against witches hats this week. hmmm

    • Don’t want to start anything, but there is a small chance he could be a late withdrawal. Hawthorn have a habit of resting good players for easy games. I doubt it though with the bye next week.

  • Matthew Stewart

    Lads, I’m finally able to login and comment. Just like to say – you guys are doing a cracking job.

    Want proof?

    I know nothing about AFL (I’m a bloody pom). My mates entered me into the league to make up numbers. Currently I’m 2nd in the league for total points averaging a healthy 2016, with an overall ranking of 7682. Owe it all to you boys here at DT Talk.

    Now if I could only understand the game…

    • Top stuff mate, too bad you’re a gooners supporter. LFC all the way!

      If you’ve recently moved to Australia then you’ll figure out AFL after a while. I’m sure it’s all a bit strange right now. Some things about AFL are a bit strange to people that have watched the game their whole lives (mainly umpiring decisions). If you keep playing Dreamteam and watching AFL matches then you’ll have a pretty good understanding of the game in the next year or so.

      • Gunner6288

        I’m afraid I’m not even recent – been here for 16 years now! No excuse I know.

  • http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/afl/supercoach-monster-tom-mitchell-to-play-first-afl-game/story-fni5f3h0-1226653970149

    I realise that these are Supercoach numbers, but this may shed some light on just how incredible Tom Mitchell’s form has been in the NEAFL.

    • I’ve got him in my footytips fantasy team for $1.20 :) hoping he’ll be the next Wines/O’Meara and get up to $9.00 for a straight swap to an underpriced premium.

      • Damn you Warnie telling everyone about him on twitter!
        He was supposed to be my secret little POD cash maker ;) his ownership is still under 5%