Round 9 Lockout Discussion

lockout_indThe Round 9 lockout is upon us for what is Indigenous Round in the AFL.

Your final trades should be locked in – are you one of the thousands on Geelong third gamer Jackson Thurlow? The defender is the most traded in player this week in AFL Fantasy. Have you gone a big upgrade? Maybe Buddy Franklin or Jobe Watson? This is the place to chat about your team over the weekend.

We’ll attempt to keep this updated as any news that drops over the weekend including subs and late changes.

UPDATE: Sunday 7:20pm AEST

Final scores for the boys were Roy (2197), Calvin (2173) and the Workwear Hub Green vest wearer for this week, Warnie (2131).

UPDATE: Sunday 3:20pm AEST

UPDATE: Sunday 1:58pm AEST

UPDATE: Sunday 12:10pm AEST

UPDATE: Sunday 11:15am AEST

CALVIN says: Best Centrebet Fantasy Bet today is a nice line bet that has shortened a lot. Get on Fyfe to score more than 105.5 ($1.50) against the struggling Demons. My captain Gary Ablett to get the most touches Vs the Hawks ($1.95) he had 43don them last year.

Hawks to win over 39.5
Nth to win by under 39.5
Fremantle to win under 39.5 (chasing value)
$10+ multi

UPDATE: Sunday 11:00am AEST

Roy says: Best Centrebet Fantasy Bet today is Jarryd Roughead to outscore Buddy Franklin and Jordan Lewis paying $2.60 and Roughead to kick the most goals at $5.50

UPDATE: Saturday 10:28pm AEST

Score updates of the boys after Saturday night footy:

  • Roy – 1575/17 (Burgoyne, Franklin, Ablett x2, O’Meara, Terlich to come).
  • Calvin – 1551/17 (Burgoyne, Franklin, Ablett x2, O’Meara, Terlich to come).
  • Warnie – 1529/17 (Lonergan, Barlow, Ablett x2, O’Meara, Terlich to come).

UPDATE: Saturday 7:19pm AEST

Score updates of the boys (we all captained Ablett):

  • Roy – 992/10
  • Calvin – 948/10
  • Warnie – 736/8

UPDATE: Saturday 6:23pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 5:00pm AEST

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UPDATE: Saturday 3:19pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 12:43pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 12:38pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 10:56am AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 10:34am AEST

Calvin says: Best Centrebet Fantasy Bet today is Matthew Kruz @ $2.50 to out score Browny and Warnock. Get on!

UPDATE: Friday 6:29pm AEST

UPDATE: Friday 6:17pm AEST

Just having a DT punt… on Centrebet, Sam Dwyer to outscore Krakouer and Elliott paying $2.25.

UPDATE: Friday 5:30pm AEST

Final benches for Sunday games. Source: @AFL_PKeane on Twitter.

Melb v Frem; Int; Byrnes, McKenzie, Nicholson, Bail. Emerg; Strauss, Gillies, Spencer. Byrnes, Watts in for Strauss, Toumpas.

Frem v Melb; Int; Suban, Pearce, Mzungu, Crozier. Emerg; Michie, Simpson, Taberner. Crozier in for Walters.

GC v Haw; Int; Gorringe, Matera, Brennan, Rusell. Emerg; Nicholls, Horsley, Wilkinson. Murphy, Gorringe in for Smith, Bennell.

Haw v GC; Int; Simpkin, Grimley, Hill, Duryea. Em; Cheney, Osborne, Anderson. Gibson, Grimley, Hill in for Osborne, Hale, Spangher.

Adel v NM; Int; Petrenko, McKernan, Porplyzia, Laird. Emerg; Wright, Callinan, Henderson. Petrenko in for Wright.

NM v Adel; Int; Hansen, Wright, Black, McMahon. Emerg; Gysberts, Hine, Sierakowski. Unchanged.


  • Fucking serious North? Disgraceful…

    • HAhahahahaha SUCK A FAT ONE!

      • Shut up.

        • Neil isn’t it past your bed time? And if you haven’t gathered by now, everybody here hates you so how about shutting up?

          • Ooooooooooooooooo. Someones angry his team can’t win!






          • The saddest thing is he clearly doesn’t have anything else to do of a weekend than troll. Feel sorry for you man.

          • Lmao sorry bud, just because the closest thing to sexual interaction that you have ever had is patting your dog, doesn’t mean you have to tell others to suck something that you lack. Off to bed now!

          • Neil has a penis fascination.. He must love to suck them.. not that there’s anything wrong with that.. I guess…

  • Amazingly, Mark Jamar is on 44 DT points (half respectable for a ruck in a team getting blasted) with zero (yes, 0) disposals. Surely a funny one for ‘The Numbers’ this week.

  • Melbourne are making the Dockers look like the Harlem Globetrotters of football, they are so bad to watch. Mundy on 106 DT points at half time!
    Don’t know what would be worse? beings a Roos or Demons supporter

    • That is the most perfect analogy. Will use.

      • I’m a north supporter, and as much as it stings losing 4 games by 4 or less points, it’s better than getting belted every game.

  • Meh, thanks to having Swan as captain and a soft effort from JPK il most likely lose all 3 leagues… Not to mention all my opponents having freo players

  • I’ve never yelled so loud at a football game before. What a finish! Go the Crows.

  • 40+ last quarter would be nice from Terlich!

  • What happened to Sam Jacobs

  • Terlich going down to the rooms.


  • there goes my only chance of winning..great

  • If Big old Sauce had decided to score 40 more points, I would have won, but because I decided to choose him over Minson in pre-season (I am being serious, I wanted a POD but thought Jacobs was ‘safe’ and ‘reliable’)!!

  • Hahahahha yes!!! Won my eliminator by one point! Terlich got just enough before going down into the rooms

  • I’m with you guys, on the plus side I got Duffman over Hanley this week.

    • I’m glad I have both and have avoided the Birchall/Waters/Shaw rollercoaster!

  • Mark Jamar, 1 solitary disposal but 61 points. Compared to the 1 disposal, 22 point effort from Jacobs this week (though sub affected).

    In a time when the game is moving towards all rounder ruckmen, these two are hilarious.

  • Another numbers tidbit: Mundy first half = 106 points, Mundy second half = 28 points. Very respectable score in the end, but if there was a Dustin Martin award, he’d win this week!

    • Back/hammy tightness spent a fair bit of time on the bench getting worked on

  • Won my league by two points! Super human effort from Barlow! Good call bringing POD de boer in too.

  • Finished on 1999, didnt even break 2000

  • Props to those who got on Sam Kerridge, have to admit I laughed at my mate who had him to start the year off, although he is a practical dt novice. Some serious cash cows in the crows forward line, if only I’d jumped on a few earlier, instead of losing 100k on Matty ‘Breakout’ Wright.

  • How much is kerridge going to go up?

    • You would think he’d go up a good $60-70k?

      • yeah thats what youd think as a minimum. Really regret getting lonergan instead of him now…

        Was thinking to jump on him this week, but its probably too late now?

        • I got talked out of getting him when he was on the bubble!! and got D Thomas instead epic fail!

          • Hahah that does suck! Never Jumped onto daisy because of other problems in the team, kinda glad I never got the chance!

  • 2025 with Ellis and Birchall!! had only thurlows 29 to cover them so not too bad i guess! Does anyone know when Lockout is over??

    • Usually 8:30 – 9:00, sometime between then im pretty sure

      • Thanks mate!

        • No problem. Also thats a great score considering you had birchall and ellis!
          I only had Birchall and I scored 1999, but thats with Daws 6 also

  • Loving my team right now just alittle bit of bench probelms in the ruck- trades just then made were- Viney-Hutchtings Evans- Cotch!
    DEF- Goddard Heppell Birch Hartlett Vlastuin Terlich (Stevenson Thurlow)
    MID- GAJ Swan Barlow Jack Watson Swallow Cotchin O’meara (Hutchigns Kommer)
    Ruck- Luenberger Blicavs (Rowe Currie)
    FWD- Rockliff Martin Kennedy StevieJ Cox Staker (Macaffer Lee)

  • Questions questions questions !???????
    Who to trade out ,
    Terlich ?? What is his injury ?
    Yarran . Will he be back next week? Huge brake even !
    Evans he may stay for another week .
    Lonergan, did he do a hammy will he play next week ?
    Majak daw , has he reached his ceiling I think so he has to go but for who jack hannath ?

  • Viney > Hutchings.

    Pick one:

    Hodge > Boyd.
    Dwyer > Buddy.
    Maric > Cox.
    Terlich > Gibbs.

    • Dwyer to buddy I say

    • hodge,Dwyer and Terlich all have a low break even and can still make some money. and cox has a quiet high one, but out of these i would choose cox

  • Def:Goddard,Hanley,Heppell,Terlich,B.Goodes,Vlaustin sub: Thurlow,N.Wright
    Mid:GAJ,Swan,Pendelbury,S.Selwood,J.Selwood,Priddis,O’Meara,Hodge sub: Viney,Saunders
    Ruck:Cox,Leuenburger sub: Gawn,Rowe
    Fwd: Martin,Bartel,Rockcliff,Kennedy,Franklin,Macaffer sub: Dwyer,Neade
    help appreciated
    thoughts: neade>staker s.selwood>stevey J

  • DEF: Goddard, Hanley, Staker, Vlastuin, Brett Goodes, Birchall (Thurlow, Plowman)

    MID: GAJ, Watson, Swan, O’meara, Lucas, Gibbs, Whitfield, Evans, (Lonergan, Colquhoun)

    RUC: Nic Nat, Bilcavs (Daw, Cordy)

    FWD: Stevie J, Bartel, JJK, J. Riewoldt, Zorko, Maccaffer (Stringer, Rowe)

    TRADE 1: Hale > Nic Nat
    Trade 2: Karnezis > Bartel

    Had 615K in salary cap before trades, so I can do pretty much anything.

    Help would be appreciated on pointing out better trades to make if the ones above dont sound too good.