Lefty’s Investments – Round 8


Welcome to Lefty’s In-Vestments for round 8, where I will have a crack at picking the dreaded green vests for each weeks games. Fresh from being away from my honeymoon, I am now back at work (and am actually away on a work conference this week so apologies for the shortened article). I apologise for the lack of an article last week, an all day tour in Singapore left me no time to try and cobble anything together.  Next week all will be back to normal and I will do a bit of a summary on each clubs green subs so far and see if any patterns are emerging.

Like every Thursday night I have assessed the team line ups, look at the last green vests for each team, and try and work out the most likely starting sub candidates. I will also try and outline the Sunday teams likely green vests from the squads of 25 (good bloody luck I hear you say and I agree!)

So here we go – Round 8


Adelaide Crows

Last  Subs –          Martin, Porplyzia, Vince, Porplyzia, Laird, Wright, Lyons

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Callinan

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Lyons


Brisbane Lions

Last  Subs –          Beams, Karnezis, Polkinghorne, Paparone, Docherty, Green, Black

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Staker

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Mayes


Carlton Blues

Last  Subs –          Joseph, McLean, Buckley, Joseph, Betts, Cachia, Cachia

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Bootsma

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Menzel


Collingwood Magpies

Last  Subs –          Dwyer, Seedsman, Fasolo, D. Thomas, Goldsack, Kennedy, Mooney,

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Williams

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Dwyer


Essendon Bombers

Last  Subs –          Zaharakis, Kommer, Colyer, Winderlich, Myers, Hocking, Lovett-Murray

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Kommer

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Merret


Fremantle Dockers

Last  Subs –          Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe, Neale, Suban, Sutcliffe, Crozier

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Sutcliffe

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Crozier


Geelong Cats

Last  Subs –          Horlin-Smith, Stokes, Caddy, Caddy, Hunt, Horlin-Smith, Schroder

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Schroder

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Smedts


Gold Coast Suns

Last  Subs –         Matera, Brennan, Russell, Russell, Hutchins, Hall, Matera

Lefty’s #1 Sub –Russell

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Hutchins


GWS Giants

Last  Subs –         Adams, Hoskin-Elliot, Reid, Miles, Bugg, Williams, Williams

Lefty’s #1 Sub –Miles

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Golds


Hawthorn Hawks

Last  Subs –         Anderson, Savage, Gunston, Savage, Savage, Simpkin, Simpkin

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Simpkin

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Puopolo


Melbourne Demons

Last  Subs –         Blease, Rodan, Toumpas, Davey, Davey, Kent, Davey

Lefty’s #1 Sub –Davis

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Davey


North Melbourne Roos

Last  Subs –          Anthony, Jacobs, Wright, Anthony, Anthony, Hine, Wells

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Black

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Mullet


Port Adelaide Power

Last  Subs –         Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Gray, Gray, Stewart, Foley

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Hitchcock

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Neade


Richmond Tigers

Last  Subs –         Nahas, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Nahas, White, Foley

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Batchelor

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Nahas


Saint Kilda Saints

Last  Subs –         Dennis-Lane, Schneider, Ray, Ross, Saunders, Murdoch, Webster

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Dunnell

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Saad


Sydney Swans

Last  Subs –          Armstrong, Bird, Bird, Morton, Jetta, Lamb, Lamb

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Morton

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Walsh


West Coast Eagles

Last  Subs –          Embley, Dalziell, Cripps, Dalziell, Cripps, Naitanui, Dalziell

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Sheppard

Lefty’s #2 Sub – A Selwood


Western Bulldogs

Last Subs –        Smith, Stevens, Smith, Stringer, Macrae, Wallis, Cross

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Stringer

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Macrae


So there you have it – my views on the likely vests this round. Hope this helps you in deciding who to start on the field (or even trade in/out) but please remember this is a ‘best guess’ article and I am just presenting my views and trying to apply some logic to the likely scenarios. In other words send praise when I get it right but no sooking if I guess wrong haha!

My number one vest pick for the weekend – Eagles Brad Sheppard

Good luck – and feel free to tweet me when I get it right/wrong over the weekend!



  • Thanks Lefty! Got burned by Karnezis earlier in the year, so taking Mayes off the field in case lightning strikes twice. Reckon it’ll be Staker tho.

  • Stuart

    Have to play Mayes as neade is only backup, hopefully Staker is sub

  • black will not sub for the kangaroos

  • Yeh im in a bit of a pickle. Mayes or Kommer to start. I doubt either will be sub but im worried about Mayes

  • Mayes or evans to start on the field???

    • I’d go with evans over mayes, Voss is a cruel man and he isn’t affraid to hurt us. Evans to be safe hopefully only a difference of around 10 points if wrong.

  • I’m making no secret that I’m on Simpkin for the next 3 weeks (at least)…after 38 in 1 quarter last week, surely he can NOT start again in the dreaded green room!!! With Evans in a slump and Viney stubbing his toe on Neeld’s bedroom door, my boy Simpking is starting…

  • Which 2 to start out of Mayes, Evans, Macaffer, Dwyer and Neade?