Round 7 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatLet’s hope this weekend is better than the last.

Hopefully people are making trades this week to make their team better, rather than patching stuff up. Some might be looking at dumping Trent Cotchin, Brent Stanton… or maybe their Bryce Gibbs through injury. Or is it time to say goodbye to rookies like Ollie Wines, Sam Dwyer… or one of the Port rookies? Whatever you’re doing, let’s hope it works out – unlike some of the trades from last weekend… I’m still seething at my Gibbs to Beau Waters trade, only to get his late withdrawal donut.

The most popular trades this week have been:

  1. Westhoff to Stevie J
  2. Pittard to Vlastuin
  3. Stevenson to Vlastuin
  4. Westhoff to Daisy Thomas
  5. Cotchin to Stevie J

Let us know how you traded, who your captain is and all of that and as the weekend progresses, chat about your scores and other issues from the games.

Good luck this week!



  • Ablett is making the ‘Gazza Cam’ worthwhile. 23 possessions to half time…just needs to be more DT friendly and he could get a 150.

  • Come on captain Ablett, rip out a 140+ to shut up all the sheep about captain choice – it’s getting reptative hearing ‘ keep calm and lock Swan’ and ‘oink oink’ Yes, Swan is a gun but people need a POD to get ahead of the pack and if everyone locks Swan as captain week in week out everyone stays on the same level, boring.

  • An opinion folks: half way through, I have M Jones + captain GAJ; opposition has non-captain GAJ + Scotland + 15 points. Who will get up?

  • Getting sick on the triple M commentators asking ‘how many’ every single damn time Ablett gets a stat. How about a little imagination, and occasionally describe what he’s doing with it, or if it’s any good.

  • Can’t believe I’m doing worse then I did last week…. Bloody spuds..

  • Where’s this “Gazza” cam everyone speaks of?

  • who got subbed for melbourne

  • farkkk need evans to get less than 14 to win! Thought i had no chance but its a possibility now!

  • Is Evans even playing?

  • Bloody hell i am going to lose because of hartless. Brennan and Smith go bang, what a flukey win what a lucky bitch

  • so what does everyone think of lonergan now
    still worth a downgrade?

  • Ablett needs some goals!!

  • Dean Terlich loves to kick to himself on the kick ins. Great DTing mate, keep it up.

  • farkkkk evans gonna lose me the game by less than 10 points :( heartbreaker

  • 2064 with Scotland still to play. Should crack 2150…how far above par is that? About 50-75 above par?

  • Yes!!!!!! Garry Ablett’s mark and kick after the siren got me the win by 3 points!!!!!

    • hahaha wow u lucky shit!

      • I know needed 88 points in the last quarter after i lost for the first time by 5 points last week and got 91!!

        • you are so lucky, i lost by 10… evans and hartless to blame

          • yea i did a last minute swap of dwyer to neade on field neade got 24, dwyer 95 and viney to evans on field so lucky to get away with it!!

    • well done mate, i heard that on the radio on the final siren. i was thinking that might just scrap someone over the line!

      • lost by 5 points last week to a player giving away 5 frees so needed luck!!

    • I lost by 8 because of that, he had gazz as captain

  • fark you Evans and GAJ, for having so many cheap handballs and no goals.

    Me +83; opposition = Scotland to go.

  • 2010 with Gwilt left, need a 90 to win… Eh not too bad I guess, moving in the right direction.

  • Some messups like Mayes/Evans over Whitfield and Neade over Caff mean I think the distance might be a little too far for me to cover in my main league. Have to cover about 230 points with Rooey and McEvoy. Possible, but not holding my breath. Marathon and not a sprint though!

  • man my rookies are killing me 449 points on my bench plus cotchin and gibbs donuts on there!! every time i swap them on field the spud up, put them on my bench they ton up!!!

    • +1 woulda won this wk playing dwyer over neade…played dwyer last 2 wks…put him on bench nek minut 95 heartbreaker losing by 12 points lol

      • i did the same dwyer and neade, mayes and macaffer ( but would always play mayes over him) and viney over evans!! but atleast they will make some money!!

  • Stuart

    me Scotland+58 vs. Yarran. Think I should win

    • easy win. unless scotland goes does or gets subbed which is highly unlikely.

  • anyone for lynch? gonna be in for some cash and already posted scores of 90, 82, 82…not bad for 290k (+ whatever he goes up this wk)

    • After this round he should be priced at around $356K – still awesome value
      The 165 he’s scored this round will almost cover what he needs to score next couple of rounds to maintain – you’d think he’d do that comfortably, and even if he flops, and brings in 60s next two rounds, he’ll still make you at least another 100K.

      He’s better value for cash generation than Hoff was at the start of his run, because he starts at a lower price (356K vs nearly 400K) and his biggest score is larger (165 vs 153)

  • hoping murphy scores 108 or less tomorrow or im calling in sick rest of the week…

  • Need Scotland to Slut it up big time, surely he’ll beat his projected 80 !!

  • I need 225 from N.Roo and Murphy combined. I dont think I’ll get it :)

  • I need a 94 from Scotland to crack 2100 this week, I need 70 from him to win my League game. Go Scotland

  • Jesus thought I was having a pretty good week this week with having Ellis and being forced to start dwyer but it shows 2 players can really ruin you. Swallow as captain killed me, even thoiugh he got 80 still missed out on some points and then a 0 from merret.. will be lucky to crack 2000 :(

  • big boy mcevoy tearing it up for me 72 at half time