Round 6 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatCarnage, carnage, carnage.

In a very tough week of AFL Fantasy, we have decimated backlines (someone out there tell me you don’t HAVE to trade to avoid a donut and I’ll tell you to buy a lotto ticket) and then there are some popular picks that are out around the rest of our ground – hello Paul Chapman and Nathan Fyfe. It’s a massive round ahead and some important decisions will and have been made.

Chat about your teams over the weekend here and your progressive scores. Make sure you post how many have played so we can get an idea of where you sit.


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  • woop woop JK

  • kennedy goals again! *sigh of relief*

  • since he didn’t cop the red jjk may yet get a semi-decent score. some of the last few rounds he racked up a lot of his score late.

  • Kennedy another goal. 30 Point 3rd Quarter.

  • I need 72 from Cox this final quarter :(

    • Make that 63 now.

      + need 15 from cox+JJK in my other game i’m behind in

  • I got laughed at on Bigfooty when I said Scott Selwood would be the best mid in the comp within 2 years.


  • And this game tightens even more….

    1 quarter to go

    58 point lead

    me K Stevens, them Cox and JJK

    • that will be close. stevens giving away a couple of FA and Cox and JJK dominating.

  • Marc Murphy or Shuey in for JPK this week?

    • i’ve got JPK but surely theres bigger issues than him…

      • Plan is Heath -> Vlastuin leaving me with 800K then a sneaky upgrade of JPK before he leaks too much more cash.

        • I’ve given up, im letting him leak as long as he can punch in consistent 80 – 100

        • How the hell you get 800,000 left i got 115000 and thought that was heaps

    • Murphy, more of a proven gun and has a good draw coming up

  • I need Kennedy to score 48 points in the last quarter to beat my opponent :s

  • What a disaster. Will just crack 1600 after getting over 2150 last week. Only ones to make 100 ablett, Goddard and bartel, can’t count jones who was on the bench. Maybe cox will add to that. Pretty sure I scored better in the bye rounds last year with half a dozens or more players out!

  • scraped a league win by 14 but not sure if it includes my opponent’s emergency O’Brien (Goodes on field)
    What sort of idiot that does not follow footy puts o’brien on emergency and goodes in emergency

  • Hah, umps give Kennedy a free kick on the goalsquare for his 4th!

  • JJK is absolutely junking it. 60 pts in 2 qtrs

  • Shiiiit negro, might make 1700!!!!

  • Top it off JJK!!

  • So glad I decided to back my decision to bring in Scott Selwood rather than Hartlett. Got me over the line in league. 1900 is ok I guess, probably decent considering the carnage. Scotland was a great trade in too

  • 1864.

    Would have cracked 1900 had I played Evans over Viney.

  • Lost by 13 points!!!! FMDT

  • 1930. Survived the carnage compared to my opposition; easy wins.

    How’d you rate your trades?

    Gibbs>Birchall. 6/10, Should rate similar at the end of the year, had a poor game.

    Westhoff>Scotland. 7/10, pretty much bang on the kind of scores I expect from Scotland. If I had realised that Vlastuin was def/mid, I would have got him in instead.

  • Lost my league game by 6 points