DT Writers League Review



DT Writers League Review

Welcome to week 3 of the Writer’s League review. This is where you’ll get to see exactly how your favourite DT writers teams are travelling and how you would stack up compared to them. There is no where for our writers to hide here!


Congratulations and Commiserations 

Our top scorer this week was ‘Jeppa’s Boys’ who dominated this with a massive 2291 which has seen him shoot to the top of our ladder, his inclusion of Kane Cornes being timed to perfection.

Our lowest scorer this week was ‘Griff’s Fury’ with an unfortunate 1932 which has seen him slide to the bottom of our ladder. Working with an imbalanced trades versus injury ratio, Griff went into this round plugging the issues he could but knowing he’d still be taking hits. Considering this his score wasn’t too bad and shows there is plenty of positives to come for the embattled coach!

Here is how our overall standings look after round 4. I’ve (dodgily) included last weeks positions so we can see if a team has risenfallen or not moved.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.00.45 AM



Our Head to Head league continues to throw some surprising results out, especially when you compare where some writers are now finding themselves on the ladder in relation to their overall positions. We are only 2 rounds in though, so there are so many things that can change! With two teams yet to lose a game playing each other and two teams yet to win a game playing each other, we’re guaranteed to see plenty more movement on this ladder next week.

But on to last week’s results.


anNEALEiation 1999 Def By Jeppa’s Boys 2291
Justin Westhoff Matthew Kreuzer Matthew Leuenberger  Stephen Martin
Dean Terlich Jed Anderson Kane Cornes Dayne Zorko


Warne Dawgs 1967 Def By Rockstars 2046
Matthew Leuenberger Matthew Kreuzer Luke Hodge Gary Ablett Jnr
Sam Rowe Kane Mitchell Dean Terlich Lachie Plowman


Adzmans Aces 1940 Def By Calvinator 2127
Luke Hodge Nicholas Kommer Jack Hutchins Jasper Pittard
Sam Rowe Matthew Kreuzer Justin Westhoff Travis Varcoe


destROY 2090 Def  Tbetta than you 2060
Todd Goldstein Dayne Zorko Brad Crouch Nicholas Kommer
Justin Westhoff Toby Greene Callum Sinclair Patrick Karnezis


Dunny’s Destroyers 2044 Def By  The Running Man 2092
Sam Rowe Koby Stevens Steven Motlop Kane Mitchell
Brad Crouch Nicholas Kommer Callum Sinclair Patrick Karnezis


JedAnderson’s Army 2067 Def By  Wrath of McWrath 2085
Sam Rowe Travis Varcoe Sam Rowe Matthew Kreuzer
Brad Crouch Kane Mitchell Justin Westhoff Dayne Zorko


Griff’s Fury 1932 Def By  Cousins Coke n Ice 1947
Andrew Swallow Dayne Beams Brad Crouch Gary Ablett Jnr
Todd Goldstein Jonathon Patton Luke Hodge Koby Stevens


Merv Gray Autos 2135 Def   The Fear Boners 1949
Grant Birchall Jack Watts Justin Westhoff Gary Ablett Jnr
Brad Crouch Andrew Embley Brad Crouch Nicholas Kommer


Delerium TeeTees 1966 Def By  The Rainman Cometh 1976
Luke Hodge Gary Ablett Jnr
Justin Westhoff Patrick Karnezis

So with that round out of the way, here is how our Head to Head ladder now looks.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.00.11 AM

Round 3 Fixtures

Jeppa’s Boys VS Rockstars

anNEALEiation VS Calvinator

Warne Dawgs VS Tbetta Than You

Adzmans Aces VS The Running Man

destROY VS Wrath of McRath

Dunny’s Destroyers VS Cousins Coke n Ice

JedAnderson’s Army VS  The Fear Boners

Griff’s Fury VS The Rainmen Cometh

Merv Gray Autos VS  Delerium TeeTees 


So where do you rank compared to our overall ladder? Who do you think will be tasting victory or defeat this weekend? (On a personal note, I’m completely terrified to be coming up against Jeppa after his massive week!) Maybe some of our trades made no sense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or follow us on twitter to ask us anything or even join in on our league ‘smack talk’.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

…(except Jeppa)

Twitter Links
Roy – @RoyDT – destROY
Warnie – @WarnieDT – Warne Dawgs
Calvin – @CalvinDT – Calvinator
Chook – @ChookDT – Merv Gray Autos
Tbetta – @Tbetta9 – Tbetta Than You
Rainman – @RainmanDT – The Rainmen Cometh
RLGriffin – @RLGriffin85 – Griff’s Fury
Jeppa – @JeppaDT – Jeppa’s Boys
McRath – @McRathDT – Wrath of McRath
TeeTee – @TeeTeeDT – Delerium TeeTees
Adzman – @adzman78 – Adzmans Aces
Dunny – @pkd73 – Dunny’s Destroyers
JimmyBob – @jimbobholder – The Running Man
Aki – @Aki_DT – anNEALEiation
Tom C – @tomcraigie – JedAnderson’s Army
Leigh – @Douthteez – Cousins Coke n Ice
Crutton – @CruttonHutton – The Fear Boners
Anthony – @AnthonyDSmith86 – Rockstars


  • got 91st this week with 2271 went up 15181 to now 3558

  • Great stuff Anthony!
    It is always good to compare ourselves to the writers.
    May I ask why griff held beams for so long?

    • Holding Beams was essentially collateral damage to my starting team. The original diagnosis was 1 to 2 weeks, so I used that time to fix up other areas of my team which was failing (Smith, Watts, Zorko, Patton etc). Finally got rid of him last week, as I will get rid of Ryder and Karnezis this week. Although it put my on the back foot for the first few rounds I’ve finally got my structure right, and have gone from a project average of 1950 to 2150 this week. Now let’s never speak of Beams again.

      • Feel for u you griff! I was in the exact same situation with my team and just like u I am on the rise, well I hope anyways #touchwood haha. All I can say is at least it is a marathon and not a sprint.

  • Unlucky for Warnie to be near the bottom even though he is 8th in overall points

  • Nice work – might be an interesting touch to also include team values…just to see how people are using their trades and how the current value can impact on future scores :)

  • Would have beaten everyone except for Jeppa. Makes me happy :-). 63 pretty good league rating.

  • Sitting on the same total points as Chook, while my last round score of 2084 would have beat 12 of 18. Think that’s not too shabby.

  • Need Help!!!

    2 trades

    1. Kommer to Evans

    2. Zorko to Mayes

    3. Stevenson to Birchall (will leave me with 200k with option 2)

  • do 1 and 2. Get evans and mayes price rise. Get birch next week. stevenson and birch will likely increase by around same price so nothing lost!

    • Thanks mate, thats what i decided too will make around 120k n birchall will rise roughly 15-20 so def worth it also leaves me 571k in the bank

  • Love your work guys!
    What do you think about trading Dusty Martin to Stevie J?

  • Whats everyones thoughts on Josh P Kennedy (swans) do i keep him or give him the chop????

    • I have him and I’m keeping and using my trades to get in Mayes and Rowe for Blicavs and Karnezis, but if you aren’t looking to chase rooks then it could be a good week to swap JPK over to perhaps a Scott selwood or Kane Cornes and gain a nice price rise and then look to get in GAJ the week after (if you don’t have him). For me though chasing good rookies is more important right now.