Collingwood-Essendon-Bulldogs NAB Round 1 Review



Just like my article debut for 2013, Round 1 is underway in the 2013 AFL NAB Cup.

Now, let’s all just a take a deep breathe and not get carried away with some of the performances over the next few weeks. Especially this first round of games. If you watched tonight, you would have seen the theme that runs through the AFL this time of year, RUST. Excuse any rust on my behalf as I look to kick off my own game this year.

But isn’t it bloody fantastic to see some footy again after a long off-season of watching some great and also some very mediocre cricket. I am sure one team is even more glad to get it underway after a very public and mentally challenging two weeks. So let’s get to it.

Here are the results from last night:


Game 1: Essendon 1.5.6 45 d Western Bulldogs 1.1.4 19

Game 2: Collingwood 1.6.2 47 d Western Bulldogs 0.4.5 29

Game 3:  Collingwood 1.2.10 31 d Essendon 0.4.5 29


I won’t be going over every single players performance, it is very easily to over analyse things and even undermined your ability to pick the best team you thought you can. So I’ll go over the players most of us are keeping an eye on, have locked in or are considering deleting from their memory.


Western Bulldogs:

They will be disappointed with their effort in the first game against the Bombers. Not so much because they were rustier than the Titanic, or sloppier than Hasselhoff on the booze, but more so the effort at the ball. While the Bombers obviously wanted to come out and put the past two weeks behind them in a physical sense. Showed a lot more against Collingwood and should feel a little better. Much work ahead!

Next Game: vs Hawthorn Friday 1st March @ Etihad Stadium


Matthew Boyd – Top scored with 58 against the Bombers, which to me was a surprise. If he can pump that out, whilst being barely visible or effective, than he is to be considered again for 2013. Didn’t play against Collingwood.

Nick Lower – Had a fair bit of feedback regarding the ex-Docker. Only 1 point less than Boyd with 57 against the Bombers. Followed it up with a reasonable 23 against the Pies. Personally, I believe there will be plenty better options than the mid priced midfielder. Though, if he continues this form into the real stuff, more questions will be asked.

Brett Goodes – Lock. Him. In. 32 points v Bombers, 31 v Magpies. Surely going to be a hotly picked defender this year. Was very solid across half back for the Dogs and pushed up the ground as well. Keep an eye on him!

Adam Cooney – Will Cooney reach his old Brownlow form? I rated his 29 against Essendon, looks fresh and raring to go. Sat out the 2nd game.

Shaun Higgins20 and 27 in the two games for “never pick again” Higgins. The kid has so much ability, if only he was trustworthy enough to back in. Could do anything this season.

Tom Young –  DNP first game and made his Doggie debut against his old club Collingwood. Nothing to be ashamed about with his 27. I thought he looked alright. Another to keep an eye on.

Jackson Macrae16 in the opening game and sat out the 2nd. Didn’t see enough of him to get an indicator.

Scores for the Western Bulldogs: (v Essendon) Boyd 58, Lower 57, Goodes 32, Cooney 29, Liberatore 24, Minson 22, Murphy 22, Wood 21, Higgins 20, Griffen 19, Johannisen 19, Markovic 18, Wallis 18, Macrae 16, Jones 16, Pearce 14, Dahlhaus 12, Addison 12, Morris 11, Dickson 11, Cordy 9, Austin 5, Howard 3, Picken 1.

Scores for the Western Bulldogs: (v Collingwood) Smith 49, Giansiracusa 44, Picken 40, Griffen 36, Liberatore 32, Goodes 31, Jong 28, Higgins 27, Young 27, Cross 24, Dahlhaus 23, Grant 23, Lower 23, Campbell 22, Wallis 20, Redpath 15, Tutt 14, Howard 13, Johannisen 13, Dickson 12, Markovic 8, Talia 8, Cordy 0, Austin -3.



Played 2 solid games last night. I thought they looked the more sharp of the 3 teams. Not a bad effort with the media focus surrounding the Bombers of late. They look sharp and in shape. As the broadcasters liked to point out about a bazillion times the bodies of the Bombers. Thought I was watching ManPower for a second, well, Bruce at home surely did. Unlucky to get pipped at the post by the Pies in the last game. Have the potential to be top 8. Stay tuned.

Next Game: vs Richmond Saturday 2nd March @ Norm Minns Oval


Dyson Heppell – It pains me to write this, as I wish I was the only bloke sticking with him for 3 years straight. If you don’t have him in your side, you must not be alive. 50 v Dogs, 36 v the Pies. Looks fantastic and will spend a lot of time through the mid-field this season.

Brendon Goddard46 in Game 1 and 55 in Game 2. Very solid scores even though I personally thought he was below average. Which speaks volumes for how 2013 is going to be for Goddard. Must be considered as your number 1 defender.

David Myers42 and 41 and was consistent not just on the scoreboard. Looks to have stepped up his game after the potential he has shown so far. A smokie perhaps?

Nick Kommer – Was fantastic against the Dogs with 44. Plenty of the ball and got into good positions. But disappeared against the Pies with 6. Another one to keep an eye on as he could be a prized pick in your DT.  Cheap.

Patrick Ryder – Scored more points for the Bulldogs than he did the Bombers in Game 1 (-5). 28 against the Pies was a lot better. Lacks touch and I am sure he will find that over next few weeks.

Courtenay Dempsey – One of the top performers out of all teams this evening in my eyes. 57 and 55. Ran well, contested well and spread the ground when needed. His price and position probably rule him out of being a viable option though.

Michael Hibberd – Another player who looks to have raised his game to a new level, with scores of 48 and 44. Mid-priced, but could you afford 3 Bombers in your back-line? Roll the dice.

Scores for Essendon: (v Western Bulldogs) Dempsey 57, Fletcher 53, Heppell 50, Hibberd 48, Goddard 46, Hooker 46, Kommer 44, Carlisle 43, Myers 42, Lovett-Murray 41, Davey 38, Baguley 38, Crameri 36, Browne 34, Stanton 32, Bellchambers 31, Hurley 27, Hocking 17, Hille 13, Jetta 13, Dell’Olio 11, O’Brien 8, Hardingham 5, Ryder -5.

Scores for Essendon: (v Collingwood) Dempsey 55, Goddard 55, Pears 52, Hibberd 44, Myers 41, Bellchambers 38, Stanton 38, Heppell 36, Carlisle 32, Hocking 29, Davis 29, Ryder 28, Baguley 28, Jetta 27, Kavanagh 21, Browne 19, Hooker 18, Hardingham 15, Gleeson 15, Merrett 12, Dell’Olio 9, Crameri 7, Kommer 6, Hurley 3.



Last of the 3 are the Magpies. They got two wins tonight and will no doubt be better for the run, even though they still cannot kick for goal. Were clinical around the ball when the game was up for grabs against both teams. Should push hard this year again for top 4 and there new recruits were all solid throughout tonight’s games.

Next Game: vs West Coast Eagles Sunday March 3rd @ Patersons Stadium


Swan/Pendlebury – Both only played one game with Swan looking very sharp in patches for 23 against the Dogs. Whilst Pendlebury’s contribution seemed a lot less he managed to score more than the Swan with 29 against the Bombers. Both players good to go Round 1.

Brent Macaffer – It was great to see Macaffer running around in the number 3 jersey after a horrific 2012. Looks set to be running around in my DT this season as well. 28

Dayne Beams – The 2012 Copeland Trophy winner was quiet from his own standards, but I have no doubt he is in for a massive year. Still managed to contribute 29 and 20 and once he gets his touch back, he’ll be set.

Kyle Martin – The mature age recruit played a brilliant opening game with 36. Could be a steal and a half if he manages to sneak into the Pies best 21. Sat out the 2nd game.

Sam Dwyer – Another mature age recruit, this guy has been on my radar over the pre-season. Been training with mid-field group and he is too can cement himself a spot in the Pies best I reckon he will be dynamite. 18 and 9 isn’t the greatest but he will get up to speed soon.

Jarrod Witts11 in the first game and looked a little behind the pace, but 25 in the 2nd game and seemed to find his feet a lot better. Took a strong pack mark vs the Bombers only to scuff the kick straight out of bounds. Will be one to watch over the NAB with Grundy out injured.

Scores for Collingwood: (v Western Bulldogs) Blair 43, Cloke 42, Young 37, Martin 36, Jolly 35, Shaw 30, Elliot 29, Macaffer 28, O’Brien 26, Krakouer 24, Sidebottom 24, Swan 23, Clarke 22, Seedsman 21, Maxwell 21, Beams 20, Russell 19, Lynch 18, Dwyer 18, Yagmoor 18, Frost 16, Williams 14, Witts 11.

Scores for Collingwood: (v Essendon) Russell 34, Young 32, Macaffer 30, Beams 29, Pendlebury 29, Johnson 29, Cloke 28, Hudson 26, Elliott 25, Witts 25, Sinclair 20, Lynch 20, O’Brien 17, Sidebottom 16, Yagmoor 15, Reid 14, Frost 11, Krakouer 11, Mooney 10, Williams 9, Dwyer 9, Seedsman 7, Clarke 6, Maxwell 2.


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  • Great read, thanks mate! But what about Clokey? Was he back to his 2011 best?

    • Wouldn’t say he was going around just monstering opponents at will, but he seemed to be where the action was throughout the night and that was reflected by a good score against the Dogs and a decent score against the Dons.

      • Alright thanks mate. He’s still in my side for now, but he’s got Sylvia, Martin and Riewoldt right at his heels!

  • Nice summary mate. Don’t think Swan’s goal counted to his score so presumably he scored 29 as well, but even so you can’t gauge premiums during the NAB. Goddard got given a license he will struggle to find during the season. Heppell the eye-catcher for me.

  • Good write up, cheers Aki!!

  • WOW that must have taken a while, well done!

    Now i have a question completely unrelated, but i’m hoping an expert (aki) is still up to help out.

    It relates to squad size in DT Elite. Our league has chosen the 22 player setting. But how does it work? I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve played Ultimate Footy last year (and won the premiership) so iknow what i’m doing, but in the DT version, i cant for the life of me see the following questions answered anywhere…
    #1 How many selections do you get in the LIVE DRAFT in total? It mentions a ‘floating bench’ but do we have a squad of say..35 players and you pick your best 22? Where does it say this?
    #2 Do all 22 players score or is it just the 18 on the field and the EMG work like DT??
    #3 How is the Draft Order determined? Is it all auto-picked one the league is filled?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as the ca$h league i’m ins ‘Commissioner’ has been rather fleeting about these Questions and i can’t find the answers either.


    • Brilliant questions, and the only real one I can answer is the 3rd!
      The person running the league I believe can set the draft order or it can be random. You can also choose whether to repeat order for each round or reverse it for 2nd and 3rd rounds, then back to same for 4th and then cycle.
      I will try and suss it all out for you, hope we can get a post up regarding this topic!

    • Hey bud!
      Your squad will only be 22 players. So you will have 22 picks in the draft, of which you will field your best team of 18 players with 4 on the bench.
      Floating bench means that your bench players will fill in for any position on the ground, not just fwd for fwd ect.
      The Draft order will be determined an hour before your draft by a random process from AFL elite. But the draft process, for example, linear, snake or bonzaii is up to you.
      Otherwise you can do a manual draft (not online) if you’d like to determine your own draft order and just enter everyone’s picks as commissioner.

      Hope that helps :)

      • Sounds like DT Elite might just end up sucking balls this year then.
        Our league is 10 players, so that means only 220 players will be drafted, and they rest are in the waiver pool…ridiculous.

        Last year in Ultimate even with a 35 man squad it was hard to keep up with injuries, and late withdrawals.

        I understand you have unlimited trades and a rolling lockout so you can make changes, but it sound like it’s going to have a heap of weekly headaches.

        Trading will be frantic, players will be waiting on approvals and waivers, rookies won’t even get a look in.

        It won’t feel like a ‘real’ squad, and if you get a 1-2 weeks injury to your star players, you will have to get rid of them or get a donut, rather than nurse them through it on your extended list and use your deep bench.

        I may be wrong but this is how i’m interpreting it.

        As for not actually being able to set the draft order yourself (such as in a sculling comp, or some other shenannigans) we have to accept a random order…YUK

        • AFL Elite is good for beginners or people who just want to give a draft style a go but if your serious about it then you have to use Ultimate Footy. So much more custom options including the ability to skip the MBR’s and write your own fixtures. Tbetta covered all this in his Elite vs UF article. UF finished head and shoulders above (once again, just my opinion)
          Hopefully Elite will catch up in the years to come but in the mean time, yeah, use ultimate footy.

        • As was mentioned above, in private leagues you can set the draft order to whatever you want.

  • Thank you sir. From the top drawer, as always.

  • Awesome write up Aki!

  • Maybe just me but Goddard looked skinnier than most of his teammates, beams still looked very solid through the mid liked swanny and pendles ‘efforts’

  • What are people’s thoughts on hibberd?? Got plenty of it and his kick to handball ratio is amazing. Nearly $100k cheaper then Heppell.

  • Nice summary Aki. Firms up a few positions.

  • Will Jordan Russell get a game for the Pies? Why did the Blues get rid of him? I am not sold on him.

    • Russell was inconsistent at Carlton and with Scotland, Yarran and Gibbs with Tuohy getting better there was no spot for him

    • Look at the team not the player, Pies wouldnt of taken him unless they had a role for him in the Senior side. I think you will gets 65s to 75s out of him and could play most games.

      Good Luck

      • From what I hear he has a dodgy hip. The Blues wouldn’t get rid og him for no reason. Surely he’d be better than Touhy if he was any good.

    • Fell out of favour, lost confidence. It happens.

      In 2010 he averaged 80 and cracked 150 in one game.

      I expect him to be given a spot in the 21 and a chance to stake a claim to keep it. If the selection committee shows some faith in him, his confidence will return and he’ll be every bit as good as he was when he runnered-up the Blues’ B and F in 2010.

      He may suffer some ill effects in the first few games from all of the Dettol we had to apply to get the Carlton off him, though ;)

  • Good stuff Aki. I also was very happy with Heppell’s performance i am not throwing away the key on him just yet until i see how the midfield works with Jobe back and also Zaka.

  • Great stuff Aki!

    Goodes and Macaffer were both very promising and I’m sure a lot of us are banking on those 2 playing early games this year. Heppell is firming as a starter in my side for sure.

    Saw Swan fumble a couple of times, he’s obviously past his best and not worth his price tag – forget him ;)

    • Spot on, the retard fumbled the ball whilst trying to bounce it. Oh yeah, he then regathered it and kicked a Super Goal ;)

  • Stanton will be a good smoky come the start of the season :)

  • Thanks Aki, good for us who couldn’t watch the game.
    One question, is the maximum allowed trades up to 44 this year – that’s what I read it as on the website? I think this means we can take more risks with our starting squads, and then we can just trade out players after a few weeks if they don’t perform e.g. Heppell

  • Goodes is rookie listed … anyone got info of a LTI at the Dogs so he can be elevated to the senior list?