NBL Dream Team – Round 5

Looking Back (Round 4 Review)

Studs and Duds

Clutch-shooting guard Ben Madgen may have kick-started Sydney’s season by lifting the Kings to two nail-biting road wins in round four but, more importantly in these parts, he also shifted his NBL Dream Team bandwagon into top gear with his stand-out performances.

Madgen pocketed a season-best 82 Dream Team points, or 164 if you were prophetic enough to make him captain, as he put both Townsville and Cairns to the sword with 45 points over the weekend.

The Kings’ winning margins may have been narrow, but there was nothing close about the gap between Madgen and the next highest scorer in NBL Dream Team circles, backcourt teammate Corin Henry, who grabbed 60 points over the two games.

That was only just enough to edge out fellow import guards Cedric Jackson and Adris Deleon, who each chalked up a handsome 58 points from just the one outing. Jackson cashed in on Melbourne’s problems with full-court pressure to record a handful of “+6 plays” (a steal, worth four points, followed by an uncontested lay-up, worth two), while former Gold Coast speedster Deleon proved he’s truly settled into his impact role at Wollongong with a 23-point, seven-assist showing.

It’s worrying to think just how far behind the pack winless Melbourne would be without import forward Seth Scott and ex-Adelaide recruit Adam Ballinger, with those two combining for 92 Dream Team points against New Zealand while their Tiger teammates could muster only 22 between them.

That’s where we’ll start the search for this week’s duds, then, with three Melbourne players recording totals of -8. The worst offender, due to his high ownership, was forward/centre Matt Burston, who’s unlikely to maintain his place in a third of all Dream Team squads if he keeps that up.

Big men dominated the dud list in round four, with expensive Adelaide centre Daniel Johnson earning a place for his 12-point effort against Wollongong, misfiring Hawks forward Oscar Forman nominated for his doughnut in the same game and Sydney power forward Darnell Lazare featuring after his 38 points disappointed the hordes of coaches who captained him over the Kings’ double-game week.

Looking Forward (Round 5 Preview)

Pick Me, Pick Me!

Another two-game round this weekend keeps Sydney players in focus, although it’s a tougher trip this time around, with the Kings having to travel across the Tasman to face off against the reigning champion New Zealand Breakers before returning home to host Melbourne. Madgen is a great buy, of course, but also add “Townsville Crocodile” to your shopping list, with Paul Woolpert’s men welcoming Cairns to The Swamp before taking on the league’s only other winless team, the Tigers, in Melbourne.

Townsville young gun Todd Blanchfield (guard/forward) had 66 Dream Team points when the Crocs doubled-up in round three and scored 36 last week, while teammate Gary Ervin (guard) had 60 and 30 over the same period. Either would be great addition to your team for round five.

Melbourne doesn’t have a double-game week on the horizon, but a Tiger worth considering is fit –again forward Adam Ballinger, who amassed 42 points against New Zealand. His price will shoot up after this week’s game against Townsville, so this is your last chance to snap him up at his current price of just $69,300.

Double-Points Decision

Townsville centre Ben Allen may have been the top-scoring Croc with 40 Dream Team points in round four, but don’t go handing him the all-important captaincy just yet – he was only averaging 10.5 points a game before that. Blanchfield and Ervin present as strong options, but your best bet is to captain Madgen and hope lightning strikes twice.


  • Looking for a huge score this week. My trades this week are Trigger to Ballinger and Williams to Madgen, i don’t think i need to upgrade hire or hinder to a premo this week because i think Hinder should score a 40+ this week as in Rnd 1 when he played the Taipans he scored 38. My teams line up for this week looks like this:

    Lazare x2, Hinder x2 (Ballinger, Hire)

    Crosswhite(vc) x2 (Allen x2)

    Madgen(c) x2 Henry x2 (Jackson, Cadee)

    56k left

    If things go to plan i think i can score 400+, i need these things to happen:

    Lazare: 50 Hinder: 40 (Ballinger: 15, Hire 10)
    Crosswhite: 50 (Allen: 12)
    Madgen: 140 Henry: 60 (Jackson 15,Cadee 10)

    Total: 402

  • Looks very possible. Likely, even. Like the inclusion of Ballinger – should make some decent coin. Handy having Jackson and Cadee ready to go for their double next week, too.

    • Hopefully its possible, and yes im quite pleased having Cadee and Jackson, i’m looking at going Crosswhite to Pledger, as well has maybe a Lazare or Hire depending on money to a Abercrombie or Weigh

  • I’ve got a few issues with my team. Here it is:
    FOR: Tragardh, Ballinger (Garlepp, Hire)
    CEN: Pledger (Allen)
    GRD: Jackson, Ervin (Madgen, Cadee)

    I’m not too sure on who to start out of:
    *Forwards-Ballinger or Garlepp(x2)
    *Centres-Pledger or Allen(x2)
    *Guards- 2 out of Jackson, Madgen(x2) or Ervin(x2)

    Some help would be awesome! Thanks in advance.

    • I’d go Garlepp, Pledger and Madgen/Ervin

      • Hey sam whats your overall ranking? Im just curious because i know were both first year NBL dream teamers :)

  • Thanks for the help.

    I’m 846. Would’ve been a lot higher if it wasn’t for my stupid decision. I forgot to confirm the Madgen and Weigh trades. Would’ve got 382. Got 260 instead.

    What’s urs? Probably in the high 300s I suspect.

  • It says Alex Pledger has an injured ankle and will have to pass a fitness test. Should I play it safe and Play Allen infront of Pledger?

    • Pledger had the ankle injury heading into last week but he still played and scored a 30ish, where as last time allen played cairns he scored a 22, plus he has a game against the tigers, so its up to you, its a tough call, but Pledger is capable of scoring in the high 50’s, so i’d go him

  • Sam i have one question for you, i’m thinking of using one of my trades to upgrade Williams. My two options are Blanchfield and Madgen.

    If i pick Blanchfield it saves me 18k instead oven picking Madgen. I think almost every team will pick Madgen this week so im thinking of picking Blanchfiled as a unique and hope he scores more than Madgen. Madgen scored 90 DT points last week just from 45 points across 2 games, there is no way the breakers and 36er’s will let him get anymore open shots, therefore resulting in much lower DT scores. IMO opinion i think Blanchfield will score a 65+ and Madgen will score 40+ what do you thin?

    • Over not oven*

    • Shit. That makes me reconsider my decision to include Madgen.

      I like the Blanchfield trade, and u have good reasoning. It’s boom or bust.

      I went Madgen because he has lots of double-game rounds coming up so it makes sense to have a week in week out score of 50+ from him. U should look at ur team structure and have a closer look at the fixture.

      But it seems u have many sydney players aswell as Townsville. Hmm

      Verdict: Go with Blanchfield as a POD or if u want a safe bet, go Madgen.

    • But then again, u gotta ask urself, can u put the C on Blanchfield whenever u want?
      Like u said in ur earlier post, Madgen was ur captain and u predicted him for 140. Blanchfield IMO will get 120-130. So it won’t pose a threat this time.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a deeper knowledge of Madgen and Blanchfield like I might with an AFL player. But with my understanding, Blanchfield is a bigger risk.

      Maybe u should think about it.

      • Thanks for ur input! much appreciated! :D

        • I think i’m going to go for Blanchy as a POD and use him as captain because he comes up against Wilson/Gliddon/Braswell and Goulding whereas Madgen comes up against a much tougher Jackson/Abercrombie/Gibson and Cadee

        • No worries mate. Anytime!

        • Good Luck for round 5. Hope u crack the 400 mark!

    • Lol, thought he was gonna get 40+, he got 60 and with one game to go, oooh your choice looks kinda shaky there.

  • Third time this year I haven’t gotten in before lockout. Was gonna change quite a bit of things actually.