Mad Monday: Lessons Learnt

As we make our way to the completion of the AFL Dream Team season, it’s important to take time to reflect on the season that has just been. A closing chapter if you will. For some, it was a year of highs, for others, it’s been a year to forget. Dream Team preliminary finals are just around the corner, and the final show down is here. Where ever you stand, it’s never too early to reflect on where you are, how you got here, and what you will never ever do again.

Today, I look at the top ten lessons learnt from 2012. Welcome to MadMonday.


Lesson One
I will not draft Ross Lyon defenders

It’s a big call, but I think I will live out a happy Dream Team existence if I never again draft, or trade in, a defender who plays under Ross Lyon. Remember when Sam Gilbert had a breakout season rebounding off half back for the Saints? That was sweet! Remember the following year how Ross decided that Mr Happy Snap would be better off as a forward? Yeah…

This year the Lyon Effect hit Paul The Late Withdrawal’ Duffield and Gregthey hate him so much they named a diagonal after him’ Broughton. Not only did these two defenders have their worst seasons for a long time, somehow Ross Lyon managed to shift their scoring prowess to Michael Johnson. Oh yeah, and he gave Zac ‘Lurch’ Dawson another home!


Lesson Two
I will not trust club doctors

From Scotland to Franklin, Pendlebury and Fyfe, no one had any idea how long players were injured for this year. Or if they did, they sure as hell didn’t give it to us straight.

Next year, when I hear that one of my players get an injury, I’m going to book myself a doctor, walk in with a limp, tell them the injury and that I couldn’t see my regular doctor, and ask how long I’ll be out for. Thanks to a Medicare rebate, it’ll be the best $37.50 I’ll spend all year.


Lesson Three
I will not have a bye-round strategy

Byes suck, okay? They just do! Unless there are some dramatic changes to the amount of trades and depth of benches next year, I will take every donut I have coming my way, if it means I don’t have to carry Brendan ‘is he even out there’ Whitecross or ‘Soft as a’ Daisy Thomas just because they suit my bye structure.

Nobody likes a donut! Actually, lots of people like donuts, they’re delicious; and just look at the average BMI of this country… Hold up, let’s try this again.

Nobody likes not scoring, or worse, getting a dud score, especially when it is from someone you don’t even find yourself attracted to. If you have to face byes, face them with those players you like. When riding those torrent seas, set yourself up with a dreamboat like Matthew Pavlich instead of driftwood like Travis Cloke.


Lesson Four
Though shall not make a DPP player captain

Everyone remember that funny occasion back in round ten; Ablett was a tad out of form, Swan was missing and Boyd was coming up against Sydney? It was as though as a collective we thought: this is it! This is our chance to roll the dice. Pick Beams, Sidebottom, Deledio or Goddard as our captain and reap the rewards! Well… We were idiots.

Goddard (111) and Deledio (102) made respectable scores, beating out Boyd’s (106) score; just. Beams (98) struggled to make an impact but still (figuratively) limped home. Sidebottom (68) on the other hand, well, we just ruined everybody’s weekend didn’t he? Granted Pendlebury (literally) limped off and into the red vest after half time, as a precaution on 59, but Ablett managed to make everyone cry (either sad or happy tears) as he racked up 53 possessions, and 186 points.

From now on, if Swan is not playing I go Ablett. If Ablett is not playing, I go Swan. If neither are playing I go Boyd, and if none of them are playing; it’s probably a bye week, so who gives a stuff anyway?


Lesson Five
I will only draft rookies named to play rnd1



Lesson Six
Walk the walk before I believe the talk

How about that Bryce Gibbs! Best preseason ever. Hot form! Going to have a bigger year than Marc Murphy! And what about that Jason Porplyzia feller? More midfield time, likely key play maker in the Crows, he’ll have a ripper start to the year. What’s that you say? Dayne Beams is likely to play forward pocket most of the year and Steele Sidebottom is going to be miles ahead of him? Put it this way; if you picked your team based on preseason roles and coaches talk, you’d have started the year with Chris Masten and Tyrone Vickery.

Lesson Seven
I will learn to commentate my own games

Not exactly a lesson directly related to AFL Dream Team, but more the state of AFL television broadcasting as a whole. As we enter the second year of Channel Seven’s five year deal, I shall spend my preseason in counselling, forgetting meaningless phrases and instead I will learn to correctly pronounce players names, look up their actual nicknames and refer to the game at hand, and not what I think I am watching.

For instance, if the Swans are playing the Giants, I will talk about Dylan Shiel, not Dylan Shiels. I will not explain that Devon ‘Fritz’ Smith is from the Geelong Falcons Footy Factory whilst rhetorically asking viewers ‘did they see that’ whilst directing them to Fango. I will not explain that the Swans love playing shut down, low scoring footy, as they haven’t done that for about three years. Instead I will entertain my friends on my knowledge of the game at hand.

If I fail to achieve this commentary skill, I will just mute the TV and we can all watch the football to the soundtrack of the Benny Hill Show. At least that way some of the umpiring and Match Review Panel decisions will seem at home.


Lesson Eight
Team Selection lodgements mean nothing

As if Thursday nights weren’t bad enough with having to sit through twenty-two minutes of tabloid news to find out teams wasn’t bad enough, it’s becoming more and more evident that the thirty seconds of team news produced by channel seven, and supplied by the clubs are about as inaccurate as Tony Shaw’s commentary.

Clubs are now openly listing players they don’t think will play or are heavily under an injury cloud. Instead of listing them as emergencies or just omitting them when the travel department hasn’t even purchased a plane ticket for them, the clubs name these players on the ball, or at full forward. Not only is this useless and opposition always prepare to take on the best opposition likely, but it essentially spits in the face of the members and fans who go to games to see these players in action.

In the world of Dream Team, it destroys scoring and trust within an official AFL sanctioned game, and although within the rules, I would not be surprised to see the AFL look into some form of review of the current system in the off-season. Oh, and just because they are named on the ball, doesn’t mean they’ll avoid the green vest.

Lesson Nine
Key forwards are a thing of the past

Much like dropping the ball or rewarding the player who goes in hard after the ball, key position forwards will be a distant memory in Dream Team in years going forward. Cloke, Franklin, Walker, Riewoldt (x2) and Petrie may reach some massive highs, but nobody will want to select Dream Team players who have to rely on midfielders getting them the ball.

Reminiscent in the evolution to the Brownlow Medal, Dream Team is fast becoming a Midfielders paradise, where unless a player has midfield time or DPP status, like the umpires, coaches will not be giving them three votes. They just rank too high on the Greg Broughton Diagonal.

Lesson Ten
You play the cards you’ve been dealt

It’s a game of luck. We all know it, but sometimes we need to be reminded of it. Griffin as a late out hurt, and helped many. Some got Giles emergency 115, other faced a donut. Franklin’s late out gave some people Adam Goodes emergency score, others got Mitch Robinson’s. We play this game due to the combination of skill, and luck. It’s all about finding the right balance. The day this game becomes more about luck than skill, is the day coaches can truly say: FMDT.



Public Forum



What lessons have you learnt this year? What do you hope to change next year in your own approach to the game? Let me know via twitter or in the comments below. And as always…


Keep Dreaming!


  • The only thing I have to say this morning is a big F U to Allistair Clarkson!!

    • And with that off my chest… good article. I like your insightfult thoughts Griff.

      My lesson is do not pick Hawthorn players if you plan on still having them in the squad at DT Finals time. They have clearly established themselves as the No. 1 team for “resting” players at this stage of the season.

      Which I could live with if the F’n told us they were going to rest them!!!

      • Cheers mate. Yeah we all feel the same way at the moment regarding Hawks, although it’s almost a given it won’t stop anyone again next year, and then when finals do come around, no one will have trades and we’ll be saying the exact same thing.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Virtual Sports look at a ‘lockbox’ type scenario next year for finals, where the total trades available only exist until the first round of finals, and then you get a bonus trade for each round of finals after that. I don’t think it will happen, but I’m sure it will be looked at.

        • My problem though was not lack of trades, as I made two this week. Extra trades wouldn’t have helped me a lick in that situation

          If however I’d known at team selection that Mitchell & Buddy woultdn’t play though my two trades would have been very different…

          Even if you believe the hawks and Buddy legitimately got sick Sat night I still probably would have won this week had they told us of mitchell missing the game. What frustrates me the most is that it’s not like they needed to keep it a secret, GCS were not a threat they had to play cat & mouse with !!! So why the need to bullshit the whole AFL community….

  • The biggest one for me Griff is the expected time off for injuries. I’ve lost 4 trades this year on the wrong prognosis. Ablett > Rockliff, Scotland > Bootsma > Shaw, Waters > Birchall.

    Then I cost my self about 400 points by keeping Pendlebury on my bench during the bye rounds. Holding is better than sideways trading in Hindsight.

    Also, thanks for following me on Twitter Griff.

    • Yeah this is a big issue. But on the flip side of ‘holding is better’, many people did this with Franklin, and he has now missed six weeks, including two weeks of Dream Team finals.

      I would love to see an ‘extra’ bench spot reserved for Long Term Injuries, where you can put a player into it, but you then can’t access that player for four rounds. In return you can bring in a player worth half his value to cover, and only for those four weeks. It would bring a sense of excitement around injuries, like a time out in Water Polo/Hockey. Just waiting for lockout to bring that player back on the park.

      But again, this is getting outside the realm of reality, and wouldn’t happen.

      • Other than this week where I copped a donut, holding Franklin has been positive!

        Its forced me to play Treloar/Gibson, who have been awesome for more than a month!

    • Yep, when Beau Waters was out 3-4 I traded him to Michael Johnson, Spurr was on my bench, and saturday morning he was a late IN. Next week Waters was back.

      Johnson has spudded immensely ever since, and I wasted a trade. FMDT

  • Lesson 11.
    Do not trade in players you just “think” will do well.
    Oh josh drummond and Chris Yarran you have screwed me over…

    • Of course you trade these players in. That’s why so many people started the year with Dangerfield and Maric. It sucks when it doesn’t come off (Hargrave/Lake/Most Defenders Really), but when it does pay out: hello!

      • There’s a key difference between starting with a speculative which costs you only 1 trade to get them out if it’s a mistake and trading them in later which costs you a trade getting them in and another to fix up if it goes wrong…

    • I’m with you here.

      Having reviewed every move I made this season there is only 1 trade I look at now and cannot understand what the hell I was thinking at the time.

      Spurr –> Yarran.

      Others trades have failed due to form/injury/supsension but at least, even retrospectively, they looked like sound calls AT THE TIME.

      Spurr to Yarran was just DUMB.

  • Good read Griff

    Lesson 11 we are all suckers & addicts,
    No matter how many late withdrawals we have, players being subbed or the old FMDT.
    We will be back next year doing the same thing, why? Because we love our Footy & DT gives us that chance to get involved more in the game we love, It aslo allows us to picking players from teams we dislike/ or would love in the teams we follow.

    cheers [_])


  • Another ripper Mad Monday. My #1 lesson. Always allow two trades at the end of Round 2 to trade out disappointing rooks. I started the year with Wingard and Bouman. At the end of Round 2 I traded Wingard to Greene, which gave me exactly enough money to go Bouman-Clarke. I never looked back.

    I agree with your comments about club doctors. If I were considering a club membership and they did things like that, I wouid not go near it.

    I think it is disappointing that there are no longer too many DT relevant sole forwards. Maybe, less Dual-Position Premos and more Dual-Position Rookies would hep rectify this.

    Once again, Great article.

    • Agreed that less players with DPP status would help bring in more primary forwards, defenders, etc, but as Virtual Sports (game designers) don’t assign this status, Champion Data (the statistical guys) do, it’s hard to change.

      I also agree on the two ‘fix’ trades. I’ll be looking at putting something together preseason to help out newbies to the game, things we all know but nobody tells you, and that’s the sort of thing that I’ll be looking at.

      Cheers for the comments!

      • Would be easily fixed by VS putting a simple rule in place regardless of how many players Champion Data give the DPP status to:

        “No more than 3 DPP players may be held on on any one line”

        My team would have been unrecogniseable in the face of a rule like that and it would bring the true forwards back into the game.

        Choose Beams, Sidey & Dangerfield then I have to find others to replace Robinson, Chapman, Martin & Smith (D) from my final line-up.

        • I really like this idea.

          Essentially VS could create a full-forward/full-back and half-forward/half-back line. Having only true forwards and backs in the full forward/back lines and DPP’s in the half forward/back lines.

          This is in line with VS desire to keep DT as close to the real game as possible. It would also allow for extra emergency positions which could be a way around the bye rounds.

        • Something needs to be done to fix this issue. Currently most finals teams are made up of 80% DPPs, simply because their return is that much better than a player stuck at one end of the ground.

          I like the idea of introducing the half-back and half-forward lines. At the same time, I’d like to see a reduction in the number of DPPs. A mid-fielder who runs into the forward line occassionally and kicks a few goals is not a DPP.

          The only other approach I can think of is to specifically reward non-DPPs above current levels for role-specific actions (e.g. forwards to get more per goal than a DPP, defenders to score more for spoils/rebound 50s). This would actually align scores to on-field performance much better than rewarding Beams and Swan for handballing back and forth to each other. Maybe a player who tags should get a +20 bonus if his opponent is held to <XYZ points… I could keep going but I'll stop there.

          Lesson #11 for me was don't pick players you don't know anything about when they are at their price peak just because they are on a roll (Adcock).

  • Great article Griff.

    I hear you on the luck part. Fyfe tripping over his suitcase (after my emergencies were already tied up covering the likes of Swan and Chappy) lost me all of my 5 leagues last week. But this week Franklin’s “illness” ensured I won all 4 semi finals (everyone except me had him). Two freak late withdrawals that could have easily determined people’s entire seasons.

    Isn’t the whole point of saving trades for finals so you can avoid this? Extra trades wouldn’t have made a smidge of difference in either of these situations.

    • Reason behind that ‘extra trades’ comment was as much looking at 2013 with the bye structure in place than anything. VS may be able to create their own loophole in not increasing trades too much and extending benches, if they can tag some trades on at the end of the year. Means coaches can sideways out players like Sexton, Broughton et al come finals, and regain some cover on the run home.

  • I must say trading out Franklin after 2 weeks is looking like a Goodes trade now ;)

    I feel for those who had Franklin and Mitchell on the field, like my opponents this week! Feels good having some luck swing my way, otherwise I would have been obliterated!

    • My opponent had Mitchell and Franklin on the field.

      It won him the match.

      We both had Franklin, I got Dusty’s 66 instead, he got Levi Casboult’s 81.

      Only he had Mitchell, but guess who he had as his mid emergency?

      Adam fricken Goodes…

      • You can only laugh mate… Really bad luck!

        • Yeah you are right – laughing is the way to go unless you want to go stark raving mad!

          If I win a prelim this week, I might have a chance to exact revenge in a grannie against the same bloke in another league – here’s hoping

  • MBR strategy was to load team with R13 players and cop massive donuts in only that one week, it worked, top 4 in all leagues and in 5 prelims. Saves trades and stress! WIll surely do it again next year.

  • Mine is a lesson I should have learned by now:

    Don’t trade out premos unless they are LTI!

    Prior to Round 5, I used one of my first two trades for the year to go Pav(Who averaged about 73 over the first four rounds) for Sidebottom. Now Sidey was a good pickup, but I should have got him the traditional way and waited another couple of weeks for cows to ripen. Because Pav killed me so many times for the rest of the year.

    Then, after Hayes looked like scoring 80s for the rest of the year and made my mids look suspect, I traded him for Rockliff. Cost me points and a trade.

    And if you want to win your leagues, don’t hand out reams of free advice to your opponents! Or they’ll get lucky in a semi-final and KNOCK YOU OUT!

  • I will never start my midfield with 3 premiums and 5 rooks again.

    Rooks did not earn enough money to upgrade mids to premiums before or during byes….probably mainly due to GWS’s rest policy.

    Lost a lot of ground over byes !!

  • As a result of #8, a further lesson is to have good bench cover. With so many injuries/restings/late withdrawals you want reliable backup. There’ll be no glut of GWS rookies to provide cheap decent cover next season and having a good bench will be essential. It’s saved me a number of times.

    • could not agree more with you KGB. having premo like bench cover has been a goal of mine since the byes this year.

      this week i had late outs with Mitchell, Griffin and Buddy.

      had Gibson (118) and Goodes (118) to cover the hawks, didnt have anyone for Griffin. also had Sam shaw with a very pleasing 87 on the DEf bench (as Broughton is now bench fodder but was meant to take that spot)

      scored 2216 with a Griffin donut. unsure to be happy or sad

  • I’m not going near another player coached by Ross Lyon – regardless of position

  • Lesson #13

    Don’t trade in players because “They have an easy DT finals draw”. You will end up tearing your hair out all week waiting for the general to appear when the teams are announced. Even when you sigh in relief when they do get named, they will get rested anyeay. Looking at you Suckling and Mitchell.

    Might be my imagination, but it seemed as soon as I traded in players like SThompson and Birchall because they had easy draws everyone starts saying they will be rested.

    Pick players with hard games to finish, they may not score massive but at least they will be on the park.

    • The same goes for picking players from teams that are likely to be out of finals contention. If Saints were still a chance at finals then they would be tempted to play an underdone Riewoldt, but doubt they will risk it now. With finals out of the equation, injuries to key players from GC, GWS, Port, Melb, Brissy and Richmond likely to see those players cotton-wooled for the remaining games or sent off early for surgery. Imagine if Lids picked up a niggle this week – would they risk him the week after with nothing to play for?

    • best players to trade in = players versing quality opposition but not dt restricting.

      e.g. collingwood, hawthorn, essendon, richmond, NM etc….

  • Love your work Griff.

    lessons 1,2,4,5,6,8,9 and 10 have all been learnt this season :(

  • Who is benching or trading out Robbo?? Think trading in Waite! Seems back in form andshould have a feast against GC!

  • Lesson #14

    Never blame injuries for a poor season. This relates to both DT and actual footy. There may be 1 or 2 weeks throughout a season where injuries can be a viable excuse for losing but really over an entire season the bad luck seems to even out across most teams (sometimes its not bad luck, its just poor management e.g Essendon)

    In terms of DT i planned to use 4 trades for LTI’s.

    In round 4 I traded Mummy and Fyfe to HMac and M.Murphy. Then had to trade HMac and Murph a little while later. I could have easily got Maric and Swanny instead.
    Could of saved two trades.

    Round 5 traded Carrazzo to Waters. Good trade.

    Round 6 traded Ablett – Swan.
    Wasted trade

    Round 7 traded Goodes to Beams. Good trade

    So I used 7 trades on LTI’s. I’ve also held Buddy and Pendles through long ansences.
    So i’ve had bad luck but then again i held Scotland and Waters through their miss-calculated injuires.

    So at the end of the day you win some, you lose some. Alot of people have complained (including me) but we all go through the same sort of coverage. Like the real world, the teams with the most depth and back up seem to pull through.

    • Sorry for the continued repeat of the word “so”. Just re-read it myself and found it quite annoying myself.

  • “Lesson Five
    I will only draft rookies named to play rnd1
    T.Couch.” *

    * Relton Roberts!!!!! :0

    • Nah I wouldn’t get him either.

      • I think his point is that you should be wary of picking rookies just because they are named in Round 1.

        E.g. this year Yagmoor and Paine attracted buyers though they were never going to get enough games to be good purchases.

        Definitely DON’T pick a rookie if they aren’t named in Round 1

  • My lesson: If you don’t rate the coach, don’t pick the player.
    i.e: Voss — Rockliff anyone?

    I’m putting Franklin on the never again list. Sick of him getting suspended or injured all the time, giving away 6 free kicks a game, scoring more points than goals. And after all that crap… he will get rested during DT finals!

  • How many people will be getting on Nat Fyfe next year. Is he too injury prone or will he be dirt cheap for a player of his quality??

    I picked up big Roughnut in the rucks in Round 12 as a sort of uniqueish pick. Best trade I’ve made this year. Although he missed last week, he has served me brilliantly with a low score of 87. Is it right that I consider him a lock for next season just because he’s served me so well over the second half of this year??

    • With Fyfe, yeah he is a bit injury prone, but if we get another mid/fwd/def bench I’m going to make it a LTI spot.

      With Roughhead, if him and Cox get R/F both are locks for me

    • I reckon Fyfe will be MID only next year, which means I won’t be getting him. If he keeps DPP then it’s a definite yes.

  • My opponent had 1 player left and was 100 points up on me – but his player was Buddy (and no emergency) – I had Gablett.

    I need a defender this week and was thinking of Duffield, until I read Rule No 1.

    Great read as always.

  • my lesson is not to burn too many trades on my rucks…

    mummy – hmac – ryder – jacobs.

  • Key lesson for me, particularly for 2013, is that when a decent-looking rookie (esp a mature one) is getting ready for their 3rd game, you get them in your team no matter what.

    I made a lot of trading errors this year, and like everyone else got hit by injuries, but the thing I did right was realise that players like Greene, Gibson, Zorko and Horsley are (a) rare and (b) worth their weight in gold. And next year, without a GWS, even more so. So when one comes up, get them in your team and don’t look back.

    I used to obsess about premiums who had dropped in value. But when you look at the total list at any given time, finding proven-talent premiums at a bargain price is easy – Pendles and Boyd at the moment for instance. But at best these fallen champions will accrue $100k in value. what’s hard is finding a talented mature rookie who at WORST going to make a $150k profit and at best give you a genuine premium option (Gibson, Zorko). So when you think you’ve spotted one, get them in. Then take a view and sell them when they hit $300k+ for whichever premium is at a good price (there will ALWAYS be some).

    As I said I made plenty of stupid early errors, left my run far too late and finished outside of the top 4. I got knocked out of my first round of finals thanks to having Fyfe (and Porps, Franklin, Chappy and Swan…). But my team is worth more than anyone else in my league, and given a bit of luck that means you usually expect to win. So next year, my entire season will be based around finding and flipping good mature rookies!

  • I learnt to buy the DT TALK boys cheat sheet to get a good idea of who to pick as a reliable starting rookie – even if they have played every game in the preseason cup (Thank you Gerrick Weedon).

    I learn’t that Pavlich should not be traded out if you think you made the wrong choice between him and Nathan Fyfe.

    I learnt that Barlow is a gun and should not be traded out for Joel Selwood after 2 consecutive low scores where he looked like an under 10 chasing the ball.

    I learnt not to get sucked into the hype around rookie ruckmen unless they are the starting ruck in a new franchise.

    I learnt that TKOL will disappear from forums once his team starts performing poorly.

  • lesson number 2:
    never bring in a player planning on retiring at season end. (Ryan Hargrave)

  • I went for too many edges this year with mid price mayhem. Golby and Mcarthy :'(

    Also bought into the Broughton hype line from the incredibly unreliable source, namely HIS COACH!!!!!!!!!!!! …..

  • Lessons Learnt

    Rucks are injury prone – need good back up and consistent performers.

    New coaches can change DT scoring – Ross, I am looking at you mate.

    When to Trade Out a Gun – Any thoughts of an acceptable “expected out” timeframe? I worked on a 4 week rule. So I traded out Ablett -> Swan Rnd 6 (GAJ was a 4 week proposition, but only missed 2), then Swan->GAJ round 9 (Pig 4 week proposition, but only missed 2 – note traded back in rnd 11). Held Pendles (missed 4 after initially being diagnosed for 2 or 3?) and Buddy (need we say more).

    Careful milking the right cows – Rnd 9 out Greene (ok was to Zorko) Rnd 14 out Treloar (in Crozier and the kissing disease).

    JS is most important with Rooks (Couch)

    Trades are like hens teeth

    You never remember the context at the time – As they say, hindsight is 20:20 vision. We are all Monday experts after the fact, but we always forget that critical matchup we had to win in our H2H comps (now I am in 4 I have to beat someone every damn week). We forget the strategy at the start of the year was to burn through upgrading at least the mids to be all guns by Rnd XX to give a solid structure for scoring some solid scores early

    More Ar$e than class – LTI’s, the General, Lyon are just 3 examples

    There is always next year

    Hashtags are the new black #FMDT

  • 2 things I did that I think I stuffed up this year, I traded Redden for Barlow early on after redden was spudding it… and redden been good since, mind you, so has Barlow, but it was a wasted trade.

    Also when I lost my eliminator I went into my shell and conserved trades. I would have had Beams in Earlier, and gibson had I have kept trading agressively, instead I ended up getting couch instead …sigh.

  • Ok, I am in the prelims, I have 2 trades left. $36.5k

    My team line up is currently

    Lids, Waters, Suckling, Heater, Goddard, Carrots (S.Shaw, Darley)

    Abblett, Swan, Boyd, Jelwood, Barlow, Beams (Robbo, Baguley)

    Giles, Cox (Redden, Big O)

    Sidebum, Danger, Chappy, Stevie J, Zorko, Buddy, Fyfe, (Martin, Couch)

    Assuming I dont have any injuries (which will change my plans completely) are there any weaknesses you guys think i should cover with a luxury trade?

    I was thinking of getting Watson into my mids via Robbo (2 trades), or shoring up my defence with another premo (2 trades), or maybe suckling -> Grimes (2 trades).

    or should I just hope my premos perform, and save the 2 luxury trades for the grand final?

    This is all speculation, as no doubts there will be an out that I will have to use my trades on anyway.

  • Next year I will have a team of “Nude nuts” and “Blood nuts”.

    A qualified nude nut will be bald (Ablett, Chappy) or semi nude (a decent crew cut like Franklin)

    Blood nuts – ideally full blooded ginge but I will accept a ginge tinge. I find the gingers are tough as nails and they will give you the week in week out performance while the nude scones for some reason know how to score big bananas.

    I will be interested to see if I can field a decent team with such a formula.

    Other formulas I will consider are “Tough stamps” and “Street tramps”

    Tough stamps – tattoos on display (Ex: Swan, Beams)
    Street tramps – players who have an active social life (Ex: They have an awesome looking girlfriend(s) (ie: cannot be married) or they hit the newspaper(s) during the off season or preseason for some form of indiscretion)

  • only thing I learnt from this week was that I should never havet Scott Selwood who I’ve had since day 1! Trade out one Selwood who knocks out a big score the week I get rid of him and his stupid brother Joel loses me my Quater-Final!!! F-U Selwood brothers!!!

  • #32 rule- picking ‘uniques’ or ‘POD’ players is only a good trade if they will get you the most points for the price. Most points wins.

  • Grif, as always a great article. I was particularly taken with last week’s article on selecting players who are expected to play 22 games.
    Was wondering who is going to do the article next year as to the “value” picks as a result of first quarter injuries. Those who scored 10 or less due to an injury which has therefore greatly reduced their overall average.
    Some of the ones that readily come to mind are Carrazzo, Stevie J and way back in round 3, Luenberger.