DT Semi Finals – Lockout Chat

It is Semi Final week in AFL Dream Team. We said goodbye to a few teams last week and some are enjoying a week off. If you’re playing this week, it’s all about survival… win and you’re in a Preliminary Final, lose and it’s time to start a Mad Monday session! Keep us updated with your progress over the weekend!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.

Come back on Sunday night to post your scores and chat about the round and moving into next week as we all wait for lockout to end.


  • If I a win all my league semis, then I am either versing Nick Maxwell or Dr Dream Team (FMDT).

  • Dammit. Why did I think it was a good idea 20m before lockout to put Clarke on the field instead of Sam Shaw. Knew Clarke is not in form but decided to do it anyway and it’s probably gonna cost me a prelim spot.

    Not for the first time something like this has happened. Really gotta start trusting my first instinct more often.

    • I know that feeling

      So far, I feilded Ryder (68) over Giles (115). Should have expected Ryder to be sloppy in his first game back

      I also fielded Robbo (39) over Clancee Pearce (99), however I was more so tossing up Martin (66) before lockout.

      And currently, Sam Shaw (87) is my highest scoring defender ahead of Carrotz (48), Scotty (57) and even Deledio (78) so those 87 points will go nowhere on the bench…..I wouldn’t have played Shaw over these guys anyway

      To top it off, I played Stanton (72) over Priddis and I reckon there is a good chance Priddis will beat that tomorrow. However, I also have Mitchell who is a late out whatever Priddis gets will count anyway

      In summary, with all the big names back in, it’s just been that kind of week where we have to make decisions rather than take what we can get

      i’m just fortunate enough to have Murphy (163) who has finally showed me something after i traded Gibson out 4 weeks ago :( as well as a handy 131 from my POD in Simpson :)

  • Me: Waters + 102
    Him: Lake + Boyd

    How am I looking?

    • You 8 times out of 10

      Waters should carve it against Port

      Bulldogs are atrocious against the Swans, particularly Lake

    • Ha, you EASY!!!
      no battle unless waters gets another 50 odd and boyd goes 130+ and lake does what he did last weeks.
      But i still think you

      • The scenario you mentioned is what I’m dreading…could happen.

        Thanks for the confidence guys!

  • Me: Lake, Boyd and Birchall vs Opponent: Franklin, Horsely (Thanks to the Mitchell late withdrawl) + 59 points.

    I think I am the favorite but its gonna be tight, thoughts?

    If I played gibson instead of stanton i would only be losing by about 14 points and just about have it in the bag!

  • Final 1: Priddis, Mumford, Lake, Franklin + 24 vs. Cox, Birchall, Waters, Boyd

    Final 2: Priddis and Mumford + 44 vs. Cox and Goodes

    If Mummy beats Cox and Priddis is solid I think i can win both.

    Whattya ya’s reckon?

    • don’t count on the fat and lazy mummy to get you a good score

      • Well clearly I’m having to count on him, aren’t I? :)

        He’s cracked 90 the last two weeks. His average away from the SCG is 87.

        More to the point, I’m hoping Cox gets 73.

  • Fucking Robbo, carrots killed me.

    He has Mitchell with Gibson (118) emergency. That gives him a 139pt lead with:

    Me, Cox, Birch, Boyd


    Him, Suckling, Waters

    Who wins?

    Fingers crossed.

  • Scotty Selwood is on fire!

    • no shit! The week I trade him out for Cotchin and he decides it’s a good week to start pumping a big score out… so far. Really hope he cools off:)

      • Haha yeah he is very up and down but trading him to Cochin was probably the right idea. Need a big score from him though!

    • And ive got him!


  • Is it true Franklin’s out? Source?

    If true it might help me win my game with Zorko on the pine and my opponent has Saad. Need a bit of luck after Carlton’s DT performance.

  • is it wrong of me to hope Ablett is a late out, get Beams VC as my captain and take Gibson’s 118 in place of GAJ? lol

  • Am I missing something……wasn’t Sam Mitchell suppose to miss this week?

    He better not miss next week now

  • that akward moment when u went buddy as cpt and mitchell as vice

  • will i win?


  • Will i win?

    Boyd + 142

    We both have gaz as C and mitchell with no mid back up


  • Buddy out, I get Martin 66, opponent gets Levi fricken Casboult 81.

    There is no justice in this game

  • If Suckling get 96, opponent wins. Can’t help but curse the fact that it’s gold coast that hawthorn are playing, also would be in a better position if hawthorn hadn’t been so wrong about franklin’s injury.

    What annoys me the most is I lost last round from the top 4 to a player without swan – it’s when coaches are rewarded for not having good players that dt shits me…. but made decision not to trade because other leagues are more important to me and I’m in the prelims for them, so I’ll have to wear whatever happens in this league.

  • After thinkin my season was over i find buddy late out. Now i get Goodes 137 and he gets Couch 25.

    And Mitchell not playing means Couch comes on for me and he has no cover.

    Who would have thought 2 late withdrawals has actually helped me.

    • It’s helped me as well. I got 84 from Priddis which was ok, but my opponent had no mid cover. in the forward, Buddy’s late out meant I got Clancee Pearce’s 99 where my opponent got Jamie Elliot’s 18

  • Has Suckling been subbed? Anyone know?