Dane Swan suspended for two weeks

Terrible news for AFL Dream Team coaches (especially those without trades) this afternoon is that champion midfielder Dane Swan has been suspended by the club for two matches after a night out on the piss and consequently missing team curfew. So now… what are we going to do?

Click here to read “The Talking Point” for some ideas on what to do with Swanny.


  • Swan owner but strangely might work in my favour.

    Opponent has the Pig too and I suspect 0 trades. Has no DPP and Neale / Clifton on his mid Bench !!!

    Meanwhile my decision to hold Devon Smith before he went on this recent tear is looking better by the day! Chioce of Martin / Smith or Gibson to cover. Even if Robbo & Buddy miss I’ll be fielding a ful team.

    • +1 Goodes into the mids from the forward bench or Gibson on. Was bringing in Boyd for Horse this week andyway.

  • now begs the question, boyd or pendles?

  • All I can say is…


  • Most important player in everybodies team….Gibson.

  • finally, justice is done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XZGHOxnCto <- to all swan lovers

  • Have Goodes and Martin on the bench for either one to come in, so the blow won’t be as hard on me. But Swanny is irreplaceable.

  • Thank god for Gibson.

  • Gibson your in mate, dig deep, this is your moment to shine. I would love an actual news reporter to interview Gibbo this week and convey the DT gravity of his next two matches andsee his reaction.

  • top 4 in 4/5 leagues…. but if stants doesn’t play he’s gone for fyfe…….

    if I lose too many of them…. swannys gone for cotchin next week….

  • everyone is saying ‘thank god for Gibson’ but the teams havent been named yet, May be rested against Bombers. Who knows….stranger things have happened in DT.

  • Ablett will be captain for everyone now. Even less points of difference for teams in week 1 of the finals.

  • Was going Horse to Boyd this week anyway. Looks like Gibson or Goodes will get an extra two weeks on the ground. Not the end of the world, I’m in the top 4 and doubt that my opponent will have cover as good as mine. Looking on the bright side :)

    Got 5 trades left, so after I do Horse to Boyd so I will probably cash out Porps and use my last 3 trades to upgrade my ruck and bring in Beams for Boomer, Martin or Goodes.

  • i dont have swan, thank god. unluckily only 3/5 opponents have him this week :(

  • I need to decide between Gibbo and Zorko. Thinking Zorks but is a tough call… is anyone trading him out?

  • I haven’t got Swan and I have 6 trades remaining. Luckily I held them hey!!!!

    • Holy f**k, are you saving trades so that you can stack them on for next year, or are you saving them for the pre season?

      • 2 per final. I thought I had it covered but quite a few teams in my league dont even have Swan!

  • The positive of this situation, because Swan’s price is so high it means I can go Swan to Boyd, and go Lake to Waters

    Before this I was looking at guys like Johnson and Birchall who have had form slumps and possibly wouldn’t be much of an improvement on Lake.

  • Sadly I am not surprised that this sort of shite has happened.

    If you don’t like your hair. DT is the best way to get rid of it.

  • does anyone know if jordan murdoch will get a game this week. if thats the case, then next week i can go horsley to docherty (for the link), then murdoch to fyfe. would you guys recommend that i trade to someone cheaper than docherty now as i have swan?

  • Have got a tough decision. I was thinking of gettin fyfe for trealor, and then having fyfe to cover robbo or franklin or on the field instead of martin. But now i could put fyfe in the mids for sexton and cover swan. But should i have Gibson or Fyfe on the field???

  • if there was anything i could wish for this week it would be to have swan out

    and what happen Swany you legend

  • gibbo… this is your time to have a bad week! :)

  • Bright side is that’s 40 possessions to be split between Pendles, Sidey and Beams. Glad I planned to have another premo in the mids for cover now, saves me a trade.

  • should i a) wait for jordan murdoch to get a game so i can go horsley to docherty (for the dpp link) and then murdoch to fyfe
    or b) get some other def/mid in so i can get rid of murdoch and put in fyfe this week as i have swan

    i am 30k short of doing the trade and these are my 2 last trades but will mean i have decent cover as there is a fwd and def dpp in the midfield

  • 3 trades left.
    Sitting 5-8 in all my leagues.
    Swan to Murphy/Harvey.
    Darley to Scotland.
    Next week.
    Hanley to Waters.

    Leaves me no trades but a finished side with bench coverage on all lines.
    Good trades/bad trades??

  • I tell you what there is seriously a large bunch of Knobs on this site.

    “Derr I’m so cool I don’t have Swan”

    Where were you all when he was pumping out the 150+’s?

    I’ll tell you where…biting the pillow.

    • But now we are at an advantage and not trading. Ahhh so relaxed, finals time

      • “Don’t have Swan, now its time for me to surge from the depths of ranks sub 70,000.”

        If you didnt have Swan, you are an idiot. But if you do have Swan without trades or cover, you’re an idiot.

  • ‎3 trades left.
    Sitting 5-8 in all my leagues.
    This week Swan to Murphy/Harvey, Darley to Scotland.
    Next week Hanley to Waters.
    Leaves me with no trades left but a full side with ok bench coverage. Ellis, S Shaw, Gibson, couch, N Riewoldt, T Adams. Good trades/bad trades??

  • Brilliant news for those (like myself) who have been stupid enough not to have the champ!

  • Team as it stands is:

    DEF: Deledio; scotland; goddard; birchall; heppel; H shaw carrots (s Shaw; Darley)

    Mid: Boyd; SWAN; Ablett; Thompson; Mitchell; Pendles; (gibson, A Kennedy (LOL))

    Ruck: Cox, Maric (redden, campbell)

    FWDs Beams; sidebottom; dangerfield; johnson; Whitecross Franklin; Zorko (martin, Hall)

    2 trades; $146,500

    Instead of trading Swan out this week; I was thinking of going hall –> fyfe; leaving me with fyfe to cover while swan is out.

    However, if Franklin comes back I can cover swan with martin; but this leaves me with only kennedy and hall as emgs (unless i play gibbo over martin).
    Normally I wouldn’t trade, but being able to do hall to fyfe as cover will put me in good stead; but then if i have a full fwd line I would have to bench two out of whitex, zorko, martin, danger, fyfe and I dont trust myself to make the correct call each week, and may end up being a waste of a precious trade.

    I have $900 left after trading to fyfe this week, so won’t be able to after this round.

    I would love some feedback on this fellows. Is there anything I haven’t considered?

    PS I’m going for ranking mainly; but league win(s) would be nice too!

  • Got the new tagline boys…….

    No Trades?

    No Swan?

    No Worries…….

  • Porps to Fyfe, Fyfe to mid field, Swan to bench…

    Swan to Beams

    Swan to bench..play Gibson

    Will Buddy/Robinson play…

  • This is ridiculous. Not playing this next year if they don’t make some changes

  • Anyone who doesn’t have swanny by this stage of the year quite simply shouldn’t be playing the game! The fact that all you plebs are boasting about not having him like you’ve pulled off some statistical stroke of genius accentuates your idiocy.
    Remember the aussie speed skater who won gold because all the far more skillful skaters all slipped over, well that dude ain’t a champions backside! and you guys should consider yourself lucky YES but skillful… not for sh*t!!

    • Excuse me! I dont think that attitude is necessary. I dont have swan. HOW LUCKY AM I LOL!!! while u have to waste a trade, I get to go: PORPS>STEVIE J….. LEGENDARY!

      • you don’t have swan and you still have porps playing in your forward line… point proven :P

  • gibson or goodes

    • I have the same dilemma pcuz. I think I will be playing Gibson over Goodes. Goodes has been struggling a little since returning from injury. Gibson has shown he has the ability to pump out some decent numbers.

      • Would very interested in peoples thoughts.

        Gibson or Dustin Martin on the field?

        Martin playing against WB should score well… though he has only broke 100 three times this year…gibson 3 times in 8 games and appears to be in good DT form.

        • I reckon you would have to give Gibson a crack over Martin. So annoyed i have to play Gibson in place of Swanny this weekend. Gibson has shown he can pump out a 130. The few times Martin has racked up 100 point scores, they have only been just over the 100 mark.