DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 18


  • to all the teenagers that wanna be number 1 !

  • Robinson not named as an out but not named at all either. WTF?

    • Since he was a late withdrawel, he was classified as an out in last weeks team. Since he’s not playing this week he can’t be classed as an in either

  • Funny sh*t Warnie. I think they’ve deleted the delete my team button this year.


    • It’s there mate!
      Click on profile, top right hand corner, “remove my entry from competition.”

  • Great episode boys, but what’s with the complaining about the green vest??? Surely this week of all you would have copped it warnie, making school boy errors :)

    Calvin you’re the man, wear all those 7 vests with pride!!

  • Last couple upgrades, what’s a better combo. Pendles/Pav or Beames/Murph? Any thoughts appreciated

    • Thas a hard one…l i would go Beams Murphy….

      Pendles can be low, and so can Pav depending on The style of game they are playing and also whom of course.

  • That was very very funny! I know exactly how you feel Warnie. I wasn’t pissed but press the reversal button and didn’t have enough time to fix up all the subs. What made it worse that it was round 13 so I had Chappy and Sidebottom on the bench. I was on holidays up at the gold coast got nervous about bring Watson in and with ten minute left hit reverse. Problem was we didn’t have a very good signal in the concrete jungle motel and I only had my phone!
    Bottom line if I left it I would have been 250 points better off!
    You should have seen me throw the phone when I saw the time click over and lock me out! Like you I had the shakes! Never again! Now every week after DT is open I add my 250 points to see where I would have been ranked! I’m officially ranked 424 but I’ll add my 250 points! Haha
    Anyway I feel your pain Warnie!

  • Calvin, you have mentioned a couple of times that the guy who won 2011 SC had no trades left very early on. I’m not sure if you mean DT, or another year, or something else entirely, but ImpromptuSCE used his final trade in round 23 last year (he did a ‘season retrospective’ including his trading at the end of last year on TS)…