The Sunday evening knee-jerk. Round 16 edition

We have finally reached ‘that’ point in the year. You know…. For the first half of the year we are always talking about how good our team will be, how much we will score with a finished team, how many grand plans we have for our teams…but then you reach a certain point in the year and all you talk about is regrets. If only I didn’t bring him in… I could really use another trade, why did I make that move? It’s not all bad though, for all those adrenaline junkies out there who love to live on the edge its great! You run your trades down to nothing and dodge and weave as the injuries come. How bad is it right now! Every day you open the AFL website and hope like crazy the picture that comes up isn’t your player… for every one that comes up injured that you don’t have… you breathe another day. Phew. There have been too many names to mention lately, if anybody has gotten off without a single injury they either have the worst side in history or are the worst liars in history. Anyway, how did you go this week? Take any donuts? Good score? Lets knee-jerk.

The Legend

OK lets gets the preliminaries out of the way… Carazzo (123) continues his awesome come back, Watson (124) kept up the good work, Ablett (128), Deledio (141), Ward (130), Vince (126) and Cotchin (137) were good and Zorko (113) continues on his merry way. Beams (139) and SJ (137) pumped out regulation bigguns and we never wanted the Boyd (131) & Mitchell (125) show to end but for all these guys combined skills and attributes they can’t make it as legend this week. This week’s legend can only be one player Karmichael hunt (74). Let’s start by saying every single AFL kid dreams of kicking the winning goal after the siren in a game…. Which is kind of annoying in this instance because Big K never would have dreampt of this, I hope he appreciates what he has done!!! Fulfilled a dream that we all have. In truth he may have had a little help…If Richmond are any chance of finishing 9th they had to lose this one, so it’s one that had to happen. The poor old Tiges have given the suns their first bunny….. The Tiges are to the suns what Darryl Cullinan was to Shane Warne! Anyway well done Big K… you have had your critics but have had a cracking second year and just won a game off your own boot. Making the switch would have taken big swingers but you have proven yourself to be a real athlete and great all round sportsman. Kudos Legend! The money man finally shows why he makes the big dough.

The Sunday Chop

This Sunday chop really disappoints me. I’m like a father whose son promised him he wouldn’t do something… but went on and did it anyway… It hurts!! I have given Travis Cloke (41) infinite chances and opportunities to get it right but he keeps throwing it back in my face. It looks even worse for him now that Tarrant is taking even more ball away from him. Granted Lonergan did a great job but poor old Cloke just seems out of it! I’m starting to think he must be injured… a contract saga couldn’t cause this much grief. Lucky for us Martin is back this week… so the flying Zorko can stay on the ground and Cloke can sit on the bench and have a good hard think about himself and his future. We all know what happens next… he gets a ton from my bench. If this happens and you have him on the ground, I’ll take payment in cash or card.

The Clown

(any Chris Judd fan should look away now)

There can only really be one clown this week and he played on Friday night. Chris Judd (147) could have scored 200 points for all I care, but that one dog like act was all that I saw and confirmed what many have suspected about him…. He’s not a very nice type of guy. While all Bruce, Dennis and the rest of the Channel 7 circle jerk could do was sing Judd’s praises the rest of the football community was dumbfounded at how they couldn’t be mentioning the elephant in the room… Bruce… CHRIS  JUDD  JUST  CHICKEN  WINGED  PATCH  ADAMS  AND  DISLOCATED  HIS  SHOULDER!!! Not to mention the fact that Carlton were being smashed… didn’t matter to Bruce, it was champion Judd this, Legend Judd that. In fact I counted more camera shots on Twigley and co in the crowd than I counted replays of the incident. So while Perfect Twigley goes home with perfect Judd to their perfect home lets analyse Mr Perfect a little bit. He shot through on his parent club and sold himself off mercenary style to the highest bidder… who turned out to be the biggest crook in Australian business history…The new full walleted Visy ambassador then went on to show his true colours, His first job as captain was to oversee his new 18 year old rookies being chained to a chair and force fed alcohol til they passed out… welcome to Carlton! Then in no particular order he has been found eye gouging, using pressure point tactics and now chicken winging… with a repertoire like that he should be going for a job at Crown Casino security! What next Juddy? Hair pulling? Squirrel gripping? Anus poking? The AFL has a decision to make… their golden boy has priors and needs to be made an example off, if he gets any less than Wellingham this week it’s a farce, At least Wellingham sought out Simpson after the match and apologised! It’s your move AFL…this guy needs to be remembered for his dastardly dog like acts, not his champion like football skills. End rant.

The this game shits me

For the first time in a long time DT dosent shit me! I had the same outs as everybody else but they were well covered by kids, I missed all the late outs, chose an OK captain and most of my squad performed. (barring Cloke) I’m sure there are loads of you out there that have been shit by DT this week so feel free to vent!

So that’s about it then for this set of immediate post round musings. I’ve scored 2360 which im pretty happy with considering the class of player sitting on the bench. How about you, happy with your score? Any legends, clowns, chops or angry thoughts to get out? Do it now before we get serious again in time for the bullets.

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  • Thanks a lot Mathew Suckling. Great trade you were with Spurr on the pine!


    • PS. First

    • Agreed, I have had him since the start but still poor form. I’ll also add chappy to that list..

      Honourable mention to Ellis with 103, perfect cover for Waters this week!

    • Had him since the start and has been a handy unique-ish pick, and the one day he really lets me down my opponent had him as well. Can’t complain

      • Unique.. how so? I would consider all the times he scored below 70/80 this season letting me down, 31 is cold. Anyway I am sure he will bounce back next week. Still picked up the wins with two donuts too, all good.

    • Traded out Waters.

      Good news: Didn’t trade in Suckling (31)
      Bad news: Traded in Michael Johnson who didn’t do much better (51)

  • R.I.P richmond tigers :'(
    oh and i think i did the worst trade of the week: franklin -> chapman, and i was thinking of getting SJ instead.

  • 2346. Thompson as c. Ablett swan mitchell beams sj ellis (103) wtf?? Few others killed it!!

    Dahlhaus, lake 60s and danger could of capitalised on gws but pretty good week considering…

  • Cracking read!

    Can you believe I watched the first three quarters of the GC v Richmond game then had to go out for tea!

    Will be looking to bring in Couchy this week or next as my final downgrade and looking to upgrade one of Giles/Smedts/BROUGHTON to ‘complete’ my team. Honestly, is Broughton’s JS that good heading into this week? Caused a turnover that resulted in a goal and was subbed off straight away – looks to have fallen out of favour big time.

    • Regardless of whether he plays or not, Broughton will be sitting on my bench this week.

      He will be gone next week, and will sit on top of my never again list ahead of Higgins, Waters and Josh Drummond.

  • if Mackie and Cloke did something, and Giles played, I would’ve gotten 2400 points, but no, something ALWAYS has to go wrong.

    My wish is to have a round of DT with no bullshit

  • bit of a disappointing week with only 2100. had a few duds

  • Good read, but personally I think peeps are wrong about Judd. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Dons supporter and I hate Judd, but I think he was just stopping him from being able to remove the ball. I mean Adams was only off for like 10 minutes so it wasn’t that bad. I think this is just being blown out of the water cause it’s Judd.. That’s my 2 cents (insert abuse below)

    • Nah, theres holding his arm and then theres lifting it at right angles to the ground, he knew what he was doing. He didnt even need to do anything Carrazzo was on top of him after a tackle anyway pinning him there’s no way the ball would of come out

    • No way Adams could’ve removed that ball or handballed it. Judd’s got enough games under this belt to know that. Whatever he was thinking it was stupid to do. There’s holding onto someone’s arm and then there’s pulling on someone’s arm.

    • In MMA thats called a kimura, he knew exactly what he was doing… STEVEN SEAGAL

  • Judd is a piece of shit, thats the worst thing i have seen in AFL for a lot of years, Like Racism this shit should not be tolerated, i hope he gets multiple weeks.

    • You are so right!

      Twisting someones arm is just as bad a racism.


      • So your saying kicking someone (in this case ripping his arm backwards) when they’re down and cant retaliate is ok then?. Racism isnt tolerated in this sport and any sport so why should acts like this be any different. No sportsmanship at all

      • Most racism on the field is just a bit of one upmanship in the heat of the moment to try and unsettle your opponent, but in the end it is all just words. The publicity it receives is actually quite pathetic sometimes and should be reserved for deliberate ‘acts’ of racism not a bit of name calling.

        This was a seemingly deliberate act by Judd to try and dislocate a guys shoulder and he did actually have to leave the field to get it put back in place. It’s far worse in my opinion.

    • Agreed. All signs point to average bloke, hope he goes for a holiday.

    • i concur.

    • I still think this is being blown out of the water simply because it is Judd. Without a doubt

      • Well being a dual brownlow medalist you’d expect a bit more from Judd, thats why it is a massive story. Goodes went through the same thing when he slid into someone earlier in the year.

  • Someone had to say what you said about Judd, i agree 100%……WTF is he doing???

  • Judd the dudd. He’s been on the angry pills lately

  • I think that we should leave all the anus poking to the NRL

    • The chicken wing tackle started n the NRL also. Judd has brought that to the AFL. Next he may just Hopoate someone – for those not familiar with NRL, Hopoate brought anus poking to the NRL.

  • juddy ya dickhead

    Great article adz (:

  • broughton absoulty gives me the shits he has a shit start to the season i keep him and then he starts scoring tons or 90’s then goes back to a lower standard of fuking 30-50s also adcock is a clown i cant belive i picked him over hanley a few weeks ago fucking worst decision ever!

    special thanks to my backup defender ellis (103) and shaw who got 84 and missed all the 3rd quarter apart from 30 seconds also special thanks to toby greene so glad didnt uprage him to thompson (125,121 last 2 weeks) stevie j, lids, abblet, beams, carrazo, zorko are all jems and boyd, watson, cotchin, ward in a losing team are all absououte super stars

    my 5 people for golden stuby this week would be

    stevie J

    cotchin, ellis, spurr, zorko, watson, carrazo, mitchell, whitecross, ryan o keefe, all unlucky to miss out

    • correction shaw missed 2nd quarter and deldio would slot into the golden study ahead of abblet

    • correction shaw missed 2nd quarter and deldio would go in ahead of abblet in golden stuby

    • Ellis and Mitchell for repaid faith and return to stellar form IMO – Very deserving

  • lockout over

  • JUDD, JUDD, JUDD!! He one of the best footballs in the AFL and he is a legend and its prettyy funny what he did!! He was a little bit dirty..who gives a crap this is a contact sport if you all gave forgotten!!!! Go cry all the haters your just jealous!!! GOOD ON YA JUDDY YOU RIPPER!! BLUES PREMIERS 2013!!

  • Should i Trade out Waters this when i only have two trades left?

  • Thinking Zorko Captain VS gold goast vs week?

  • Haha! Went up 19 spots to 10,659….Wow…massive…

    Sucks I didn’t go in to the top 10,000 but better than going down in rankings?

  • Any else having issues using the trade wizard – player list just blank… using chrome browser…

    • 2331 this week – win margin of 300pts and i still drop a spot in my league…lol

  • I need to pick 2 of these guys but who

  • rank 22 for the week!!!!!!!

  • Finally got back into the top 5000 with a rank of 4654.

    Dropped outside the top 8000 after the bye carnage but now will be hoping to get into the top 1000

  • Is Maric worth the extra $80k over McEvoy?
    I am trading one them in this week.

    The negatives I see with Maric is that he only scored 88 with his only game with 2nd ruck Derickx and was against a Melbourne side without Jamar. The $80k is pretty much half a trade as well. The positive with Maric is that he is fresh off a rest and could possibly dominate the rest of the year and won’t be given another rest this year.

    McEvoy seems pretty good value for a guy who is averaging 100 in his last 3. Those 3 scores were against pretty decent teams/ruckmen too: 113 v NM (Goldy), 91 v Ess (Ryder/Hille) and 100 v BL (Hudson)

    • If you need the cash for other upgrades, get McEvoy, if you don’t need the extra cash get Maric.

      The week off might do Maric good too.

      Depends on your priorities I guess. I’d be surprised if Maric doesn’t score enough ton for the rest of the year.

    • Maric wasn’t rested, he has some problems with his calf. McEvoy is more reliable imo with the sole ruckman role meaning more T.O.G and in the midfield.

      • if maric is back this week, then i would say that the calf was a load of bs.
        I have trouble believing a word that the selection monkeys say this year.
        So many teams have superstars come down with the general or a 1 week “injury” when they face GCC or GWS.

  • Boys, Ben McEvoy, Sam Jacobs or Ivan Maric?

    • Jacobs, i may be boast as a crows supporter but he has just been so solid and has played every game. To add to that he is rewarding us with putting up with a lower average (in return for playing every game) with a couple tons

  • Classic DT law. Trade out the under-performing Ward for Ablett. Happy with GAJ but then Ward pumps out 130. EeeeepAAAAA!

  • Originally had Jacobs over Goldstein but then reverse traded at the final moment on my gut instinct. Fair to say it didn’t work out for me

  • i traded Waters for Sam Fisher this week…… his 18 points single handedly cost me the win.

    gotta stop living in the past.. what was i thinking.

  • Main clowns are Kreuzer (supposed cover for Ryder), Suckling & Cloke (I hate this man). Fortunately I scraped over the line in my main League, and Cloke is now to the bench for Martin. (I reckon Marty will rip the game a part on return). I’ve got 4 trades left and $160,600 in the vault. Not sure I need to trade, but I need to be bold to get back into the Top 8 of our cash League. Any suggestions please? (Apologies if this is the wrong forum!).

    DEF: Dids, Scotland, Suckers, God, HepD, Shaw, Carrots (Conca, Smedts)
    MID: Boyd, Ablett, Mitchell, Rockster, Selwood, Pendles (Gibson, McIntyre)
    RCK: Ryder, Griff (Kreuze, Campbell)
    FWD: Sidebottoms, StevieJ, Danger, Higgins, Martin, MightyZORKO, Goodes (Cloke, Tomlinson)

    My opponent this week has a very strong side. I’m happy to provide feedback to any other team-lists.

    Cheers lads!

  • Only trade if your over 50% sure of a loss I reckon. If league finals are that important to you then I think you can make an exception on holding trades if you expect to lose. Trades I would consider would be Ryder to jacobs (since Ryder is out for a while anyway) or Higgins to Beams

  • My school of thought now is stack up enough cash (~$200,000) with 3-5 trades left you can just upgrade the shyte of your team come finals. Money isnt an issue… But trades are!

  • need some help, trade in ablett or swan??