The Sunday evening knee-jerk. Round 15 edition

The DT world works in mysterious ways. All week we were dreading the Thursday night teams,  we had finally passed all the carnage during the byes and we finally had a full squad to pick from but we thought we would be needing every little bit of that bench coverage to get us through this week. We had Goddard out, Martin out and the very real spectre of Buddy and Boyd being outs also but as the teams were read out on Thursday we were given respite! Not only were Buddy and Boyd named but everybody’s bench covers were named also… your Darleys, Shaws, Treloars, Gibsons… Even Kruezers main ruck enemy Warnock was dropped. Could it have been any better? Well Friday struck and our joy was short lived… out came Darley and Hargrave. Then Saturday comes, Waters is a late out, But Hargrave flies with the team. How are we supposed to keep up??? Best not to try….. Just worry about the things you can control, like knee-jerking, lets do it!

The Legend

Those of you who follow me on Twitter would know i was in a corporate box last night. As the Bomber horror picture show was unfolding in front of me I felt compelled to drink.. a lot. When I woke up this morning  I did the.. Hmmm am I hungover? My eyes are open, I feel OK…WooHoo! I think I’ve escaped it! Then I stood up and every drink  immediately rushed straight back to my head, BOOM ahh there it is, hungover like a bitch. I got back into bed and checked last night scores… I thought i remembered Zorko having a big score but I May have been seeing the phone funny, better check. 140! I reckon that’s enough to make him legend this week. There was a slight doubt that he would fade off a bit after last weeks score but he did cop a head knock which may explain it, other than that he has done nothing but score tons for us. At a time when we need coverage for Martin, Zorko is not only delivering, but is staking a claim for his spot for good! Zorkos story is a good one, he was a bricklayer who got seen by a Lions scout while they were there to watch McKeever (42). Zorko pretty much won the game off his own boot that day and the scouts were advised to watch every one of his games after that…. the rest is history I guess. One week a bricklayer, the next a legend. Special mentions to Cox (148) and Goodes (137) for legend worthy scores and Priddis for handballing his way to 141. 24 handballs! That’s more than Bartlett, Lucas, Daicos and Ablett Snr made in their careers combined. We would run out of space if we wanted to start mentioning Hawthorn players decent scores, 11 of them topped the ton which must be close to a record, (12 if the buddy mercy rule wasn’t called) the best of them Cyril Rioli (158) would have his 25 000 owners rapt.

The Sunday Chop

First chop has to be the Essendon ‘Clash’ Strip. I know  I was drunk but seriously it made it HARDER to see between the two sides! It was more of a clash! Not only were either side wearing white shorts but both sides had white numbers, its one big cock up really. Then you had Leroy Jetta (68) wearing the grey long sleeves.. it looked like a wetsuit! Which was handy really, for the way the saints flooded back into the bomber forward line, and for the Flood gates opening after the saints umpteenth goal in a row. Smart thinking Leroy. As far as real chops go if you are still hanging on to Magner (13) he has to go, he bled another $18k to $261k.  Jack Reddens (66) on again off again season continued but still averages a tick over 100. Stanton (74) continues to slide from his early season highs but you could hardly chop him now, he’s there til the end one would think. Wellingham (89) deserves a chop for his dirty bump on Kade Simpson (46) He lined him up good and proper and could get any number of week.. 4? 5? more? In the end though, not a lot of chops this week.

The Clown

I don’t often quote people verbatim in this column, its usually just a series of ad hock ranting’s but I heard an interview this week that really worried me. This is a transcript of what Scott Watters (Clown?) said; “One of the things we’ve really tried to challenge Brendon (Goddard) with is not to be a player that wins the ball across half back, and play that sweeping role, I think over three or four years a lot of players these days have the plus one role, that players sweep into, we want to get him out of that” Hang on…. hold up a bit there Scotty… so let me get this straight, you want him to be a worse DT’er? To not get free and mooch cheap ball for us? He continues; “He’s played wing, he’s played as a defender, he’s played as a high forward and he’s played as an inside mid because I want to challenge him to win contested ball and balance his game out.” So you want to turn a player who has a great knack of getting loose and distributing the ball 30+ times onto team mates chests into a player that has to scratch and scrape and work hard for every single possession? I can see that you are trying to build the perfect AFL player here but what about our perfect DT’er? If I had have known you wanted to re-build our DT star from the ground up like some kind of Frankenstein I wouldn’t have touched him with a ten foot pole! Which leads me on to why this game shits me…….

The this game shits me

I hate false advertising. Like when you put on an ‘adult’ movie and they have a girl in pigtails and cheerleader skirt who is supposed to be a college girl… but turns out to be about 35 and wider than the Sydney Harbour tunnel. In a DT sense the false advertising that has shat me is the faux premium. This week there were quite a few examples but i’ll focus on one guy in particular who didn’t even get on the park….. Brendan Goddard. I like many didn’t start with him; I had a feeling that he was going to wane this year. In reality he hasn’t been the same player since the drawn grand final, he seems angry and distracted. More to the point he is showing that demeanor that players have shown when they have a handshake deal somewhere else the next season. Anyway after he started the year with a few good scores I got spooked and bought him in….. Since then I have received nothing like the premium scores that were advertised.. In fact I’m getting zero in the next two weeks on account of a behind the play act. Is Goddard finished as a fantasy prospect? Is he too easily tagged? Is he too angry? Or is it the retraining from Watters? Whatever it is it wasn’t advertised when I bought him (or maybe it was and I chose to ignore it) either way that’s what shits me about dream team.

So anyway that’s about it then for this set of  hungover affected post round musings. Bit of a dodgy week with a few high scoring players but a lot of middle range scores. I’ve got captain Boyd still chopping away and closing in on 2200 with the Waters donut. How about you, happy with your score? Any legends, clowns, chops or angry thoughts to get out? Do it now before we get serious again in time for the bullets.

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  • Thanks Adz great little Sunday article.

  • Broughton has cost me big time! How could I be so stupid?

    • Feel the same way with Heath Shaw.

      I even traded him out already at the start of the year. Looked liked he was turning out to be gold, trade him back in, and then BAM, back to shit scoring…

      • Think I am dumber as I unfortunately own both. ::Cheers to a year of dream team mistakes::

  • Cheers Adzman. :)

    FU Scotty Waters! Could have mentioned that pre-season you tool!

  • Team Name: Bombers Legends
    Round 15 Score: 1852
    League Results: WWLWL
    Eliminator Status: out years ago
    DT Studs: Zorko the Magnificent, Devon Smith, Birchall, Dempsey, Boyd, carratz
    DT Duds: Cameron (Mr. Inconsistency), Petrie, Darling, unfortunatly Old Mac
    On the Chopping Block: Thomas Bugg or Brent Stanton
    Trades this week: Maybe Stanton to Jobe, Gablett, Jelwood, Swan or Howlett
    Im happy i won my main game in my competitvie league, also happy this rounds finally over after some terrible scores from experienced players.

    • Cheers Leetrevor. Bit of a worry, so I really NEED darley to play next week! After getting thrashed by the hawks maybe Sheed’s will make changes?

  • Great article Adzman.

    Totally agree with your thoughts on BJ. He doesn’t look interested and is way too sulky and aggressive when tagged, would free up a lot of room in the Saint’s salary cap which they surely need to do.

  • Team Name: FeathertopDT
    Round 15 Score: 2176
    League Results: LLWWW
    Eliminator Status: out ages ago
    DT Studs: Kreuzer Priddis Cox Suckling Chappy Carrazzo and Zork
    On the Chopping Block: Sloane (Want a proper premo) Ellis, Darley, Martin (Though I’ll probably keep him)
    Trades this week: Upgrading Ellis or Darley
    Vent: Elbeau “Wet-tissue-paper” Waters costing me. Jobe fair enough to have a bad game BUT NOT THIS WEEK!
    Brag: Gotta love Zorko, Priddis, Cox and Chappy were great. And I should go up in ranks even though it’s league wins i care about
    Whatever: ummm…FU HARGRAVE AND GODDARD! For forcing me to trade you bastards! Wanted to get Swan and Carrazzo in, ended up getting Carrazzo but Ryan “Couldn’t hit the side of the barn from infront of it” Hargrave….Ugh

  • Absolutely dirty with the Hargrave and Stevie J crap, and Darley not stepping up just added fuel to the fire. These 3 players have cost me 8 games since round 11, most likely missing out on finals in 2/4 leagues now.

  • I thought it was going to be a horrible week with Waters adding to both Goddard and Martin out. Well it was considering the earlier projections of over 2400. But it seems that 2219 isn’t that bad. As per usual I’ll be waiting for lockout to end and get stuck into planning next weeks huge score! Only to have it crushed again by Friday! Ah well if it was easy everyone would be winning cars! Haha.
    Thanks Adzman! Love the KneeJerk!

  • To any Geelong supporters out there:

    What is Murdoch’s JS like? Going to downgrade Hall, it would out of either Murdoch or McIntyre.
    As a Crows supporter, I would love nothing better than to bring “Mad Dog” in. Played well to score 2 goals on debut but apparently Callinan will be right for next week he’ll probably slot straight back in at the expense of McIntyre.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but I thought he showed good signs early but faded out of the game.

      Plus, correct me if I’m wrong but both of his goals were from free kicks? Without those goals his score is horrible.

      If he gets another game he may improve now that he has had a taste in the AFL, but I’m not convinced for the moment.

      I would love him to have a big game this week and cement his spot though, Smedts price is rising again, so downgrading Smedts to McIntyre would make some great cash for one last upgrade.

      I will definately be waiting till he has played another game though

  • missing 4 and managed to scrape into 2000, well next time ill remember to do my team :/

  • Great Article!
    Anyone think Malceski will hold a spot or be dropped again after a good display against the Lions

    • Never trade someone in based on one good score, see if he can do it consistently over a few games then consider it.

      You don’t wanna be in the finals and see one of your premium defenders dropped

  • Is anyone considering Sam Fisher? he’s super cheap, obviously not a super back premo but should be fairly consistent here on out with good JS? Trades are tight & so is the cash.

    • also great article there adz

      • Hasnt looked in great form since return from injury but will only get better. Should lift his scores as the Saints mount some sort of second half challenge. On current form he is struggling but js is great and will improve. You could do worse

  • Lockout’s taking its sweet ass time tonight

  • Just went Sexton —> Tim Mcintyre & Treloar —> Goodes

    Don’t care really if Mcintyre doesn’t get picked. I have Dustin Martin, Adam Kennedy who are dual position sitting on the pine. Its a luxury trade really.

    The fwd line now looks like:
    FWD: S Sidebottom (94), L Franklin (72), M Robinson (109), P Chapman (132), P Dangerfield (89), D Zorko (140), A Goodes (137), D Martin (0), A Kennedy (45)

    Still have 6 trades to go and no upgrading left, except maybe a ruckman

    • Mcintyre part of my Midfield bench btw with Gibson.

    • No Beams?……or is he in ur mids

      • na don’t have beams unfortunately. Will try and get him in eventually as a sideways trades in the fwd line. Have far too many trades left

  • OMFG!!!!!!!

    my weekend just got so much better!!!!!

    I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford jenkins>mcevoy but it turns out I made it by $800!!!!!

    my team is finished with two trades! (and $800)

    HERE IT IS!!!!!!

    BAC: Goddard, delidio, scotland, carazzo, birchall, waters, grimes,
    (lake, shaw)

    MID: watson, stanton, swan, pendles, boyd, ablett (martin, baguely)

    RUC: roughy, mcevoy (giles, campbell)

    FWD:sidey, beams, danger, rok, buddy, zorko, robbo (treloar, pattison)

    oh yeah!!! :D

    • 2 trades…ouch

      Nice looking team though, so hopefully luck goes your way…

      Question marks over Waters, hence why having more than 2 trades for LTI’s is preferred

    • Lovely looking team. This is my main problem with dream team. This is the team that everyone wants, and ends up with 90% of at the end of the year. I think there needs to be a lower starting budget, or more realistically priced rookies at the start of the year to avoid this game becoming (dare I say it) boring.

  • heppell or adcock?

  • Sausagedoggers need some help – team is solid, but nothing spectacular.

    5 trades left and $11,400 cash.

    Lids, Suckling, Birchall, Enright, H Shaw, Broughton, Goddard (S shaw, Spurr)
    Ablett, Boyd, Mitchell, Beams, Shuey, Martin (Gibson, Neale)
    Maric, Ryder (Giles, Redden)
    Franklin, Petrie, Harvey, Johnson, O’Keefe, Cloke, Zorko (Pfeiffer, Sexton)

    Thinking of getting rid of Petrie for Goodes via cash grab from Redden. Or upgrade Shuey/Martin?

    Any ideas?

    • i would downgrade redden to derikcx (ruck for tigers), gives you 100K to spend on an upgrade, maybe get an under priced Thompson or Mitchell, or even a Pendlebury (as he has a ridiculous breakeven atm, might get below 480K IMO).
      I would probably trade out harvey and bring beams or martin down, this would allow you to get a midfield player.

    • I think your right. Chop Petrie. He’s turned to shit this year and looks to be the weakest link in your team. Plus Goodes represents excellent value for a player of his calibre.
      Your defense and ruck are good. Your midfield is questionable but functional but your forwards are the weakest part (to many hit and miss players). With not much cash and few trades you have to fix your weakest area IMO.
      Good luck

      • Petrie has GWS in the Grand Final, but Freo, Ess and Collingwood in the other three which he may struggle against.

  • just remembered i won my league game by 13 points…:)

  • aaron young? yes or no, i need a down grade devon smith who is $285,600 and sitting on my bench. then i can up grade clrark to suckling or another star defender.