Dream Team Stock Market – R15


It’s back! Bigger and better than ever. The #DTSM (Dream Team Stock Market), is your one stop shop, for pretty much, well, everything! Dream Team might have the Assistant Coach (for $19.95), but the Assistant Coach doesn’t have me (free of course) or twitter (also free) or have a crystal ball (umm, working on that part).


Another multi-bye round this week has gotten me salivating at the thought, of punching myself in the face. Ok, so it’s not an “official” MBR, but in my coaches box, i am treating it as such. Just in the forward half alone: Dustin Martin needed a nap, and got 2 weeks.  Taylor Walker tried his best at turning Steven Morris into a tent peg, and will miss 3 weeks. Plus around the rest of the ground: Goddard getting 2 weeks for just being sh*t. Guerra got 3 weeks for not stopping Betts kicking that goal. It goes on and on and on and on…


Let’s get to it….



DPP – how great have the FWD/MID DPP’s been this year? Don’t stick them in the middle, EVER! Just sit them in the FWD line and let them do their thing for a year. This list is nearly full of them. Anyways, your mid-field should be set in stone now, so it’s time to move forward and, well, lock the forward line in!


Dayne Beams (FWD/MID) $544,200 (+$41,400) AVG: 112.25 PTS: 1347 PLD: 12

The other half of the DoubleDa(y)ne Combo. He is an absolute DT pig. If you don’t have at least 1 of Beams or Sidebottom, you are behind the 8 ball. Find a way to get this bloke in!!!

Games Left: Carlton, Geelong, Hawthorn, GWS, St Kilda, Sydney, North Melb, West Coast, Essendon


Steele Sidebottom (FWD/MID) $498,100 (+$69,300) AVG: 108.62 PTS: 1412 PLD: 13

Same deal with this bloke. If you don’t have him in, get him!! One of only 4 players in the FWD line that is averaging over 100. The other being Beamer! Tougher run home for the Pies but I think that’s irrelevant.

Games Left: Carlton, Geelong, Hawthorn, GWS, St Kilda, Sydney, North Melb, West Coast, Essendon


Lance Franklin (FWD) $531,600 (+$28,600) AVG: 108.00 PTS: 1404 PLD: 13

Warning: Is in doubt this week. Named but I really doubt they will risk, their best player against the leagues equal worst team. Having a solid year without tearing it to shreds. Does own the DT record now, so he has potential (like we knew) to do anything.

Games Left: GWS, Western Bulldogs, Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, Port Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney, West Coast


Paul Chapman (FWD/MID) $502,700 (-$2,600) AVG: 104.25 PTS: 1251 PLD: 12

Just keeps on keeping on. This bloke will go down in the DT Hall of Fame one day. If you haven’t considered him this year base on age, you are a fool (that includes me).

Games Left: Gold Coast, Collingwood, Essendon, Adelaide, Hawthorn, West Coast, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs, Sydney


Mitch Robinson (FWD/MID) $416,200 (-$40,000) AVG: 98.54 PTS: 1281 PLD: 13

I am slowly coming around with the thought that Mitch should be looked at for my DT. Being a mad Collingwood supporter, it’s been hard to get my head around him. But, I cannot deny his value to Carlton, his attack on the football and the approach he has to each and every game. I rate him now. Shit, might have even considered getting him in after writing this. Maybe next week after the rivalry game… :)

Games Left: Collingwood, North Melb, Western Bulldogs, Richmond, Sydney, Brisbane, Essendon, Gold Coast, St Kilda




Steve Johnson (FWD) $452,500 (-$77,500) AVG: 98.31 PTS: 1278 PLD: 13

Games Left: Gold Coast, Collingwood, Essendon, Adelaide, Hawthorn, West Coast, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs, Sydney


Patrick Dangerfield (FWD/MID) $422,300 (+$72,500) AVG: 94.77 PTS: 1232 PLD: 13

Games Left: Port Adelaide, GWS, West Coast, Geelong, Essendon, Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast


Adam Goodes (FWD/MID) $382,400 (-$108,600) AVG: 77.86 PTS: 545 PLD: 7

Games Left: Brisbane, West Coast, St Kilda, Gold Coast, Carlton, Collingwood, Western Bulldogs, Hawthorn, Geelong


Travis Cloke (FWD) $346,500 (-$127,000) AVG: 76.69 PTS: 997 PLD: 13

Games Left: Carlton, Geelong, Hawthorn, GWS, St Kilda, Sydney, North Melb, West Coast, Essendon


Dayne Zorko (FWD/MID) $402,900 (+$298,700) AVG: 92.43 PTS: 647 PLD: 7

Games Left: Sydney, St Kilda, Gold Coast, West Coast, Richmond, Carlton, Adelaide, Port Adelaide, Western Bulldogs



David Zaharakis (FWD/MID) $429,100 (-$14,100) AVG: 91.10 PTS: 911 PLD: 10

Assessment: QUAD – TBA.

Analysis – Once he returns, he could potentially be a game changer for many sides. DPP, averaging over 90 and needs to have a big last part of the year to help cement Bombers in Top 4.


Jarrad Waite (FWD) $384,000 (+$27,900) AVG: 83.67 PTS: 502 PLD: 6

Assessment: BACK – Round 16-17

Analysis – Is proving to be a very costly out for the Blues with their lack of options up forward. Is he DT relevant? At his price, he could be a great F7 to run you home. Not for me though.


Nathan Fyfe (FWD/MID) $412,300 (-$74,300) AVG: 80.50 PTS: 322 PLD: 4

Assessment: SHOULDER – Round 18

Analysis – The biggest DT loss of the year in my eyes. Will he be able to return this year and have an impact for the Dockers? Will the season be over for Fremantle by then and they will put him on the shelf? A lot of risk, but damn I miss him running around.


Hope that helps!



  • Great Article Aki

  • nice article…

    • with zaha… read on afl.com.au that hird said they not going to rush home back.. looks like he will be out for 4-5 more weeks..

      should we keep him on the bench or is it too much money to have just sitting there…

      and once he comes back who says he wont be a goodes return… we dont want 24 or 60 point scors from a gun…

      im thinking of side trading him to



      • jeez you have some real patience holding onto him for this long already, i think zaha is a must trade seeing as he is another 4-6, with probably an absolute minimum of 3.
        if i was you i would trade him to dangerfield.

      • I was patient and have hung on to Zaha but with today’s news, coupled with Dusty’s nap and Buddy’s dodgy hammy, I’ve sideways traded him out. Was gonna keep him but 4 more weeks is way to long at this stage of the season. Buggers up some other planned trades this week but you always have to use a few trades for LTIs…

      • I’d go ROK out of those 3. I dont rate Danger as he’s too inconsistant. What about Goodes?

  • Nice one Aki. Would love to get Beams in, but unless he has a bad run and comes down in price I will be watching his massive scores from the sidelines.

    • similar position but with me trying to get swanny in, the DT pig doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon, and so i’m losing a captain selection and some awesome scores FMDT.

  • Thanks for the article.
    Who will come home the strongest? Chapman, S Johnson, Robinson, or Danger? Last forward to lock in…

    • I’d go Robbo or Danger. Chappy is a higher injury risk and both Chappy and Johnson are more likely to be rested before the finals.

  • Hi folks keen to get people’s views on Sam Gibson’s JS as an ongoing bench player.

    He has had one rise so this is the last week he would be affordable.

    I lost Sexton and Crozier this week so I’ll need at least one more bench player at some stage.

    Wondering whether to take Sexton >> Gibson now or wait for another mid downgrade to come along.

    • You missed the boat I fear.

    • If Gibson keeps playing well and Nth keep playing his JS must be pretty solid. North only have Thompson and HMac out injured.

      I would get him in, especially now Sexton is gone.

  • anyone else got all 5 of those guys?

  • Who would you cover out of Buddy and Boyd with just the 1 lonesome Zorko as an Emergency? Does anyone know when we should find out if Boyd does travel to Perth?

    • Franklin has a better chance of missing, Nothing has been said about Boyd not making the trip to the west so he’s still a good chance

  • What does everyone think about Murdoch from Geelong? In the run home Geelong always rests players so he should play a few games and I need him this week for the Franklin/Martin combo.
    It also allows me to go
    Bugg —> Carrazzo this week then
    Treloar —> Goodes the week after

  • Held Zaha all these weeks then this happens. Traded for Sidey. Also upgraded a back to Carrazzo.

    Team done. Just as well. I now have …. *drum roll* … zero trades.

  • geez i love the idea of going straight swap zorko or martin to fyfe in round 19 or 20.
    could be a serious POD for finals.

  • FU HARGRAVE, DARLEY AND GODDARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Unnecessary trade now………
    Means I can’t get Swan :,(

  • zaharakis is out for 4-6 weeks :(