Dream Team Stock Market – R14

It’s back! Bigger and better than ever. The #DTSM (Dream Team Stock Market), is your one stop shop, for pretty much, well, everything! Dream Team might have the Assistant Coach (for $19.95), but the Assistant Coach doesn’t have me (free of course) or twitter (also free) or have a crystal ball (umm, working on that part).


It’s fair to say, the Multi-Bye rounds took it’s toll on many of us. I’m not just referring to our teams output, but our general interest in DreamTeam and the game itself. Missing 6 teams for 3 consecutive weeks, is a bit of a joke really. Why not split it up into just 2 weeks? Or everyone takes a week off in June, wouldn’t that be more even as well? Speaking from an AFL lover and not just a DT nut, I didn’t really care at all what happened over the past 3 weeks, because to me it felt i was only being given 50% of what I wanted anyways and that I was being robbed of what I was being given for the previous 10 rounds.


From a Dream Team side of things, it’s even worse. Why even bother playing and putting a team in to see our sides struggle to make 1400? How is that even fun? I started writing my article for the first week of the byes after looking at the teams and thought to myself, “no matter what I write, I don’t actually believe it is of any value whatsoever”. That lasted a month. Why suggest a trade when there is SO much incertainty in the weeks to come? It’s bad enough as it is let alone take out 6 teams on rotation.


Please AFL and VirtualSports, think of an alternative option for next year. Get rid of this negative buzz that I felt the last 3 weeks and give the fans a bit more than what was given this year.

Extra trades? Loan players? Bigger benches? Full week off? Drugs? Something!


Anyways, let’s get to it….



SET IN STONE (Mid-Field)



The mid-field, isn’t it about time? Well, it’s fair to say, you have already filled your boots in this area and i will list the top 5 mid-fielders this year to date so you can compare. Also, I’ll throw in some premiums that are cheap as chips at the moment and should be considered as your 6th mid.


1. Gary Ablett (MID) $560,600 AVG: 126.20 POINTS: 1262 PLAYED: 10

Whilst a lot critize Gary for the choices he made, I’d like to take my hat off to him. No other player in this competition would be able to do what Gary is doing at Gold Coast. You would be crazy not to have him in your side, even if you did trade him out when he went down with a leg injury, just get him back in.

Games Left (Top 8 in Bold): West Coast, Geelong, Richmond, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, GWS Giants, Hawthorn, Carlton, Adelaide


2. Dane Swan (MID) $573,100 AVG: 126.10 POINTS: 1261 PLAYED: 10

Same amount of games as Gary, 1 less point, can’t get much closer than that. Swanny looks set for a big 2nd half of the year after a few weeks off with a sore hammy. Another player that is a no brainer to have in your side come DT finals time.

Games Left (Top 8 in Bold): Fremantle, Carlton, Geelong, Hawthorn, GWS Giants, St Kilda, Sydney, North Melb, West Coast, Essendon


3. Brent Stanton (MID) $506,900 AVG: 122.75 POINTS: 1473 PLAYED: 12

Mr Stanton isn’t for everyone. Myself included. Looking at his production this year, I wish my mindset was different. Has had some MASSIVE games and even held the DT record for a brief peroid of time. On the other side of the coin, he does have a few crappers too. But all in all, if you have Stanton already, you are already a step of many others.

Games Left (Top 8 in Bold): Western Bulldogs, St Kilda, Port Adelaide, Geelong, Hawthorn, Adelaide, North Melb, Carlton, Richmond, Collingwood


4. Matthew Boyd (MID) $520,100 AVG: 115.83 POINTS: 1390 PLAYED: 12

Mr Reliable-Back-Up. Stanton isn’t for everyone. Doesn’t get spoken about often, just slots in as our number 3 pick pretty much year after year and is left there to just, do his thing. Has had another great year thus far in what has been a disaster really for the Bulldogs. Hopefully for there sake its a big 2nd half coming up and Matty can keep smashing out some big scores to ride us home.

Games Left (Top 8 in Bold): Essendon, Fremantle, Hawthorn, Carlton, St Kilda, North Melb, Richmond, Sydney, Geelong, Brisbane


5. Jobe Watson (MID) $523,700 AVG: 115 POINTS: 1380 PLAYED: 12

Flying under the radar of many of us. Surprisingly, Jobe is averaging just about the same as Boyd! Has only dipped under 100 twice this year (94,91). So in all fairness, has probably been even more consistant than the majority! Not going to be a Captains choice for me, but if you have him, he is kind of a unique option to roll with.

Games Left (Top 8 in Bold): Western Bulldogs, St Kilda, Port Adelaide, Geelong, Hawthorn, Adelaide, North Melb, Carlton, Richmond, Collingwood




Scott Thompson $479,000 ($59,500) AVG: 111.17 POINTS: 1334 PLAYED: 12

Another solid year for Scott and with no other lock and load Adelaide mid, plus they have a pretty soft draw. Two reasons he was included early into my side early on.

Joel Selwood (MID) $451,300 ($59,500) AVG: 104.27 POINTS: 1147 PLAYED: 11

The pick of the Mid-Fielders at Geelong. With Bartel having a very quiet year by his standards, you would be safe with having Selwood in any DT.

Trent Cotchin (MID) $473,000 ($9,600) AVG: 103.67 POINTS: 1244 PLAYED: 12

The new super dooper mid field premo? Well, he is heading that way. Has had an amazing year so far and can build on that to push for a Richmond finals berth. Easier run home.

Tom Rockliff (MID) $447,700 ($106,500) AVG: 103.08 POINTS: 1237 PLAYED: 12

Patchy, but still averaging over 100. Tom could do anything on any given day. His partner in crime is catching though.

Jack Redden (MID) $504,900 ($35,200) AVG: 102.92 POINTS: 1235 PLAYED: 12

What a month Jack has had. Only scored 2 less than the Rock of the RedRock combo. Could be a smokie for your DT.



RUCK ME (Rucks)

Possibly the worst year for Rucks that I can remember in DreamTeam. Heard a few that went: Leunberger to Mumford to Sandilands to team deletion. Here are the top 2 rucks and some other options to fill your boots.


1. The Mullet (RUC) $485,500 AVG: 101.50 POINTS: 1218 PLAYED: 12

Ivan Maric. No-one would have predicted come mid-year that the new recruit at Tigerland from the Crows would be sitting on top of the Ruck standings for DreamTeam. Well, he is and for good reason too. He has made a world of difference for the Tigers, not just his ruck work but his attitude and contest around the ground. Do you have him in your side? Apparently 35,000 do. Did I mention Richmond only play 2 more teams in the top 8 for remainder of year?

Games Left (Top 8 in Bold): Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, North Melb, Carlton, Brisbane, Western Bulldogs, Fremantle, Essendon, Port Adelaide


2. The Cox (MID) $449,600 AVG: 97.33 POINTS: 1168 PLAYED: 12

Dean Cox. Whilst has not lit the world on fire so far this year, has been consistent enough and healthy enough to make it into the top 2. Is really the only lock and load ruck running around atm.

Games Left (Top 8 in Bold): Gold Coast, North Melb, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Geelong, Port Adelaide, Collingwood, Hawthorn




Patrick Ryder (RUC) $402,400 ($8000) AVG: 91.83 POINTS: 1102 PLAYED: 12

If you got Paddy, you have picked well. Feels like he is always on the verge of exploding into something massive but just does enough to be good. Could be a go to ruck next year.

Sam Jacobs (RUC) $353,900 ($80,300) AVG: 81.55 POINTS: 975 PLAYED: 12

Big sauce was tipped to be the Heinz pick of the rucks this year, but so far hasn’t moved off the homebrand shelf yet. Whilst 80 avg isn’t crash hot, it’s not that bad either considering the year of the rucks.


Sandilands / McIntosh / Leunberger / Mumford – wounded premium. Even though Mumford is back playing, there is no trust there whatsoever. Pass.

Jonathon Giles – needs no introduction. He should be still in your side.

Stephenson/Redden – one of these should be in your side till the end of year, simple.


Next week I will be doing Defenders and Forwards, so expect to see Beams and Sidebottom in that list. Things are starting to slow up now we have used quite a few trades. So i’ll be focusing on best options to finish up our teams, replacements for any players that may suffer LTI and looking at any sneaky rooks to bring us home.




  • First

  • I like the new format, good to see most of my mids and rucks mentioned!

  • When are updated teams out?

  • Nice Article!

    Chasing hard to get the Mullet in but struggling to find the cash for it. Backline a priority thanks to d**kface Duffield not pulling his finger out. Hoping Giles can get get the job done for the next few weeks without losing too much value.

    • same position, the mullet seeming too pricey for his scores, many other positions that can still be filled with greater reward.

  • Great article Aki! With Carrots coming in next week to finish my team with 6 trades and $120,000 in the bank (according to plan) I am fighting every temptation to trade Giles to Ryder… Only because its the flavour of the week…

    $120,000 and 6 trades is much better than $50,000 and 5 trades +10ppg… Someone please convince me!

    • hold out – i had the same thought.

      not worth it for 10-20 more per game.. LTI’s no doubt will occur.

    • I agree to not trade. Sticking with Cox and Giles for the season.
      They’ve been good when all other ruckman have been falling over. I’ve wasted some trades this season but not in the ruck division.

  • I’ve just backed Goldy to take over from Giles (have a rest little fella) for the rest of the year. Could define the rest of my season!

  • i’m too mentally weak and have done the giles > griffin trade, anyone in the same boat as me?
    and someone please convince me not to if you think i’m making a huge mistake.

    leaves me with 6 trades 175,000 however i need to do 3 more trades to have a full premo team.

    • I’m not in your boat, but consider Mumford (even though he’s not mentioned in good light here). Nearly the same price as Griffin (and will dip some more) and doesn’t have Sandi looming as a spanner in the finals works.

      If you really think you need the three other trades to complete the rest of your team, then I’d hold off. 4 trades for LTI/Finals is a little low, and you’d have only 3 if you go ahead with this ruck change. It’s a tough situation, especially if Giles spend much more time forward (and scoring little) with Brogan in the team.

      • you sure Mumford will dip more? 96 b/e. Gettable you’d think. I’m getting him in for Giles.

        • I think he’s a chance to dip a little more. That BE is 30+ points over his 3 round average (his scores since coming back) and still higher than the two scores he had when still fit. He’s certainly been getting better after a slow start back from injury, and he is playing the GWS Giants so he may obtain.

          Either way, I held onto him throughout his injury period – so I certainly hope I’m wrong and he smashes out some huge scores straight away. I think it’s like the Carrots situation, either this week or next to get him in otherwise you may miss the boat.

          • i also looked at the mumford trade, but was scared about his injury recurring.
            impossible for you lads to say, but what are his chances of seeing out the season with some healthy scores?
            at the moment i’ve still got the giles > griffin trade simply because of the low BE for a high end of season price if sandi comes back and i’m forced to trade, but also because he seems to average a solid 80-100 range, with some proven big scores last year.

  • Will disagree with one thing… Sam Mitchell is a player whom warrants respect….OK hasn’t been on fire BUT long way to go yet and he will improve out of sight, way to talented to not look at… As well as Sam i have Stanton Boyd JB Kennedy Judd Hayes [Sexton Pfeiffer].. Hey and i support Sydney..

    • A very unique midfield. But also looks quite weak to me.
      Judd and Hayes are nowhere near the best mid premos and Kennedy is really slowing…

      • +1

        You need some Super Premo’s in there mate, at least 1 of Swan or Ablett.

        Judd’s DT days are over in my opinion, better out there for the money.

  • I have Jarryd roughhead and the mullet as my rucks now. Just need peddles to get back on the park for a done midfield. Carrots next week.

  • Went Gravy —> Suckling

  • I have a dilemma. Who should I pick as my last midfielder? Barlow or Zorko?

    • Long term – Barlow
      This week – Zorko (only because of vs Melb)

    • Barlow..

    • Barlow for sure, you should be picking players for your final team now. Sure Zorko is scoring well at them moment, but the chances of that continuing for the next 8 or so weeks (Finals) is not good.

      Although i am sure there are better options than Barlow

    • Zork on current form imho

    • You should have got Zorko when he was 110k like everyone else. I wouldnt be getting either of them into my team at this time of the year. You need to be getting the cream of the crop not the half arsed premos.

      • I have had Barlow since the start and got Zorko a few weeks back. Apologies for not being clearer. Looking at which one should be my M6 and who should be on the pine

  • DT is screwing with my head this week. Clarke to carrots next week is a no brainier but my rucks need work. Currently have Hale and Giles (big O as back up) and 11 trades left.


    Orro – Campbell and Giles – cox. Fall short of coin needed for mullett.


    Orro to campbell and hale to Maric.

    Giles avg is higher than hale but he seems to be tapering. Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

    • Anybody? Seriously, I must have hit reverse trades at least 20 times!

    • Tough one here.

      Hale is also a DPP, though just not a very handy one (Roughead is the only other one I can think of). I’d probably ditch him and grab Maric and keep Giles. Can’t really give you a logical reason why, but just a feeling this will be the better duo.

      The alternative is to wait a week more to see how Giles plays with Brogan in the team against Sydney. He hasn’t been scoring that well with Brogan in, because he’s been playing up forward more. Relative inexperience + Forward Line + GWS = Probable disappointment. If he doesn’t bounce back or play well again, then ditch him for Cox instead of Hale for Maric.

      • Thank you. I’m going to adopt my mantra of if in doubt, wait it out. I’ll see how they go. Thanks again.

  • Third option is trade porps and Cameron out, slip hale to fwd, bring in Maric and downgrade forward to ????

  • Hey guys,

    Quick trade question. I’ve already jumped on the Clakre > Carrazzo bandwagon.

    Which of these two trades would you prefer:

    A) Pendles to Swan
    B) Giles to Maric

    Cannot decide whether Pendlebury is worth keeping, given that his injury seems to be dragging on and I only have Spurr to cover him.

    I will be making the Giles to Maric trade in the next few weeks if I don’t pull the trigger this week.


    • Giles to Maric. If you’ve held Pendles this long why would you consider trading now when he is a good chance to be back next week?

    • go plan b Maric is on fire, but on the other hand so is swan.. but pendles can wait, id be bringing in maric

  • Third Option is trade out porps and Cameron, move hale to fwd. Get Maric and downgrade to a fwd – but who?

  • Great Article Aki.
    Got Carrots in this week and the team is complete…

  • Great article Aki

    Currently have HARGRAVE who i want to trade out for CARRAZZO. I am in no rush, just trying to save a little money.

    both break evens are quite high this week

    Hargrave – 112 (Avg. 77.8)
    Carrazzo – 141 (Avg. 82.6) <- however this is (103) is you take away his score of 1.

    Both are going to go down in price but i was wondering if anyone could tell me by how much.
    This is to save myself the maximum amount of money.

  • just did:
    clarke – waters
    giles – ryder

    team is:
    lids, god, birchal, hep, lake, waters, adcock (darley, spurr)
    boyd, stanton (c), hayes, rocky, priddis, gazza (old mac, williams)
    ryder, goldy (big o, redden)
    buddy, stevie j, robbo, zaha (inj), martin, sidey, zorko (dickson, sexton)

    4 trades left – 25,900 in bank.

    this team should get me to finals. if no LTI’s…


  • Breaking news – Chapman out this week

  • Breaking news – Chapman out, reported as a groin

  • Third time lucky.
    Apologies if this eventually comes up 3 times.

    But breaking news – Chappy is out with a groin

  • Will be a wet and sloppy game tonight!!! Weather not looking good in Richmond. : /

  • marley williams v sam gibson for m6 position this week!!! which one to field???

    • Exact same problem. Gibson seems a better scorer but I am worried about the vest, however Matt Campbell coming in hopefully means that he will snag the vest

    • Ive put marley in. Gibson will probably get the vest and even if he doesnt, i dont think there will be too much between them this week. marley the safer bet imo!

  • Can anyone suggest a cheap dpp back/mid downgrade option to free up cash and allow me to get Deledio back into my backline. He’s currently stuck in the mids and I need the dpp to make the moves.Have Sam shaw, Ellis, darley and Hargraves as options. Have 11 trades and $111600 in bank. Is it stupid to bring in a dpp rookie at $85000 just to get the dpp option even though they might not even get a game ???

    • Why dont you just trade out one of those players, then sub Deledio into the backline, then buy yourself a premium midfielder or a rookie, like gibson

    • if your in desperate need for a dpp link then I would suggest luke brown from adelaide.
      was named as an emergency and hopefully might get a gig sometime this year.
      wouldnt recommend doing it though.

  • Thinking of getting Goodes in, am i crazy?

    • Yes. At least for now.

      Wait a few weeks. His price will drop, and perhaps by that time you might need to spend that trade somewhere else more urgently.

    • At this current time YES, he has a B/E of 156, and the 24 is still in there for 2 more weeks.

      If you want to get him wait, hes going to drop below $400,000, surley

  • This is doing my head in!
    Can Mumford be trusted….?

    • i think so, yes. ive just traded giles out for him. i back him to outscore giles for the rest of the season with brogan back. only $15000 difference… easy trade.

      • I was going to do exactly the same thing mate. But I’m not sure whether to go with him or Ryder…

        • I was thinking Griffin but decieded to wait and see how giles goes I just cant trust the rucks this year

          • if you want to bring griffin in, like me, time to bring him in now as he is sure to break his BE.
            risk it to get the biscuit, only way DT is enjoyable :)

  • CHRISTENSEN named in the centre!!!!




  • Rockliff, Thompson, Watson, Stanton, Mitchell or wait for Pendles?

    I can take any two of those named right now, who do you guys reckon?

    Was leaning towards Rockliff and Thompson only because of their draw and the 80,000k left over, but their ability to get low scores every now and then worries me a little. You guys think the Rock has found his form?

    Please help cause I’m doing my head in with this decision!

  • Dahlhaus or tory dickson on field://

  • Hey my fwds and def are complete but my mids are a little weak

    Swan Abelt Jelwood Redden Pridis and Shuey

    6trades left should I upgrade now or save trades???

    Have 269k was thinking Shuey to Watson or Thompson or ???????

    Also im keeping Giles for now as second ruck as I dont like the other options atm agree/disagree ???

  • Thanks for the input fellas.

    I decided to go Thompson and the Rock before their price rise so I can upgrade Clarke to Carrots or the like next round with the left over cash. That will leave me with 7 trades and my team:

    Goddard, Dids, Hepp, Adcock, Scotland, Broughton, Carrots? – Darley, Mohr

    Ablett, Swan, Boyd, Thompson, Rock, Zorko – Hayes, Gibson

    Cox, Giles – Steph O, Redden

    Sidearse, Franklin, Beams, Robbo, Dangermouse, Chapman, Martin – Hall, Walsh

    That should keep me in good stead til finals when I’ll look at putting Zorks upfront for Hall and Hopefully Hall for another mid premo. That will leave me with Zork or Martin on the bench upfront, and Hayes and Gibson on the bench in the mids as cover. Then possibly look at upgarding Giles to an in form ruck. What you think? Sound like a plan?