The Sunday evening knee-jerk. Round 12 edition

The Sunday evening knee-jerk. Round 12 edition

Meh…. Seriously, what was the point in planning? There is only one way in which you could have gotten through the MBR’s damage free. Luck. To be honest, I dodged most of the bullets this week and last week…. I’ve taken a total of 6 Donuts so far but I’m not going to lie and say it was because of good planning… it was pure luck. I could just as easily have taken 15 donuts. This whole time has been one big fat lucky dip. I hope you have picked a good one! Realistically asking somebody how many donuts they have is worthless…… really the question we should ask is how many premiums do you have this week? Who cares if you have only 2 donuts but are playing 8 kids on the park for a total of 100 points! A donut is a definite zero… but copping a 20 from a player can hurt just as much… maybe more because you expect more! Anyway I’d imagine this will be short and sweet, most people are jack of talking about how they are being reamed these past few weeks.. But here goes… Let’s knee jerk!

The Legend

Timing is everything in this game and this week’s legend was timed to perfection. Scott Thompson (141) had a couple of lean weeks before the bye forcing his price down to affordable levels around 500k. This was perfectly timed for people to bring him in after the Rd 11 bye as a part of the upgrade bye plan. If you were one of these people you would not be disappointed! Thompson showed why he averages 109 with a tireless performance. In truth he has been a fantasy star ever since crossing over from Melbourne.. He is fit as a bull, runs all day and puts himself in so many contests. Even after such a huge score his price still dropped thanks to a B.E of 180 so if you’re still keen, he has bottomed out to 488k. Personally my midfield is just about finished and don’t have to room to bring him in…… part of me wishes I did… he still plays GWS and GC again. Doh! Special mention needs to be made to the other legend Zorko (140). The nuggety little unit was made for wet weather football as his score suggests. Most probably expected Zorko to slowly fade into 60s as the weeks go by so this was a bit of a surprise, but as I mentioned earlier timing is everything! He has earnt a special place in our DT hearts with this score.

The Sunday Chop

As mentioned last week chopping right now is rather pointless. The player in question would want to have done something pretty bad or be a pretty fat cow to be even considered for a chop. Enter Adam Treloar (21) It’s kind of mean to berate a first year player too harshly… considering he has done quite well for us so far but I’ll just add these little nuggets of info; first gamer Whiley (37) and 3Qtr time sub Shultz (26) both eclipsed our mate Treloar in what would have to be one of the worst DT performances of the year. His B.E is now over 110 and he’s about to leak money. I reckon if he was there to make you coin that’s job done…. But if like me you were considering using his dual position ability to have him as a yearlong bench cover it makes the choice harder. Of course I’ll keep…. Trades are getting tight! But you’re on notice Mr Treloar! A couple more of those and I’ll keep Couch (0) over you.

The Clown

This week’s clown is any DT coach who thought Champion Gary Ablett (148) wouldn’t bounce back after last week’s aberration. Personally I was never in any doubt. Gold Coast will win a game this year….. This weekend’s fixture seemed to be the one looking at the fixtures from a distance. Playing a team off a bye, a team not in great form, it just felt ripe for Ablett to run amok and win the game off his own boot.  A feat he very nearly accomplished! 19 kicks, 23 handballs and 4 goals barely does his game justice. He was an assistant coach out there, talking team mates through the game, bringing players into the game and being an all-round champion sort of player with a jumper half ripped looking all Tarzan like. Whatever they paid for him up there.. it was worth it! I did half consider Boyd (133) as my cap early in the week but I thought Cornes was doing some good tagging work.

The this game shits me

Ryan Hargrave.

Your papers are stamped, hello Carazzo (118) in 2 weeks.

That is all.

The other bits and pieces

At the moment I’m thinking of my team as a part renovated house. I’ve gone through all the hard months…. I’ve had no bathroom, holes in the walls and missing floorboards but all the foundations have now been laid and I just need to finish everything off. Over these MBR’s  I’ve done nothing but beautification works, Painting and arranging things… all culminating in my finished team come round 14.  It’s been a long haul… a painful haul but finally I can see the fruits of my labour. Confucius once said ‘I’ve never seen a finished team with 1 or more trades left’ and he has a good point, Even when I think I’m finished I’m sure some players will annoy me into a sideways trade….But… Must…Stay…Strong. Post Rd 14 trades are for injuries… Not musical chairs. Anyway the big reveal will be here next week!  Stay tuned and get your insults ready.

That’s about it for a brief knee-jerk this week. I know people are just about jack of reliving the pain of these MBR’s in gory detail so I thought I’d skim over it a bit this week and just knee-jerk on the main points. Feel free to vent or add your own legends or chops. Personally my score is around 1800,  I’m relatively happy as (fingers crossed) I’ll take one donut into next week with a mostly finished team. I’d like to keep the green arrows coming.

Good luck for the final mbr!

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  • Current team is as follows, got 84k, going for league win
    DEF- Broughton, Birchall, Lake, Hargrave, Shaw, Delidio, Goddard (Darley, Spurr)

    MIDS- Boyd, Thompson, Pendlebury, Selwood, Mcdonald, Ablett (Williams, Pfeiffer)

    RUC- Jacobs, Giles (Stephenson, Redden)

    FWD- Franklin, Sidebottom, Beams, Robinson, Johnson, Dangerfield, Martin (Treloar, Zorko)

    Thinking I am going to trade Treloar — Crozier (handy for dpp)
    Then I’ll use the cash and go McDonald — Swan

    Feel free to say any other ideas or general thoughts

  • All I can say is “those who have Hargrave knew what they would be getting”.
    Traded in Boomer so happy.

    Any one know if Giles will be out for long?

  • Ill be dirty as hell if Pendles is another two weeks… especially after trading out GAJ (2), Swan (2) and Scotland (1)… pinning my hopes on Collingwood is always dangerous…

  • My Team

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Waters, Birchall, Hargrave, Darley Shaw, K Hunt
    MID: Boyd, Ablett, Mitchell, Pendlebury, J Selwood, Zorko, J Mac, Shiel
    RUC: Cox, Giles, Redden, Stephenson
    FWD: Beams, Sidebottom, S Johnson, Franklin, Robinson, D Martin, Porps, D Smith, Treloar

    12 trades left.

    Thinking of trading out JMac, D Smith and Treloar all this week. Then bring in Swan and 2 downgrades. What do people think?

    Gonna wait until Carazzo drops before i bring him in. Prob for Karmichael. Although I am pleased I got him for 145K at the start of the year. He is a solid backup as he plays every game and gets a solid 50 to 70 each week.