Dream Team (un)Stocked Market – RD11

For those of you new to the Dream Team Stock Market, quite simply, it’s the bees neez when it comes to working out and deciding how to make money for your Dream Team and help speed up the process in which you raise your salary cap to create the competitions ultimate side! Remember, at the start of the year, players (besides LTI’s, rookies or players returning from Ireland) are valued at how they performed last season. You spend the money, you are banking on that player to perform to that value. The more money you have to spend, the more money you have to spend on players that are essentially, performing



Firstly, apologies for no Dream Team Stock Market for the past two weeks. I’ve been too busy, for once, to scratch myself. Also, with the bye rounds upon us, there are too many scenario’s to play out with players missing. Plus, having a little birthday this weekend has made this week a little pre-occupied as my family seems to be very nicely spread out to make birthday’s/christmas seem like easter egg hunts. So to the issue at hand…


With the first multi-bye round about to be thrusted upon us like a dentist, it’s time we make a very conscience decision. What the hell to do this week? There has been plenty of talk on strategys, scenarios, will I/won’t I. But I’d like to quickly discuss my own views on the matter in order to hopefully make you, make a decision.


For me luckily, I am in reasonably good shape. In the Top 8 for all of my leagues and ranked 1,637 overall (thanks Pendles last week). I was knocked out of Eliminator last week, guy nailed me a beauty. Other than that, I’ve got 12 trades left and my team, for me, seems to be nearly set in stone.


I have the following players unavailable:

Beau Waters (WCE), Ryan Hargrave (WB), Thomas Bugg (GWS)

Scott Pendlebury (COLL), Scott Thompson (ADEL), Matthew Boyd (WB), James McDonald (GWS).

Dean Cox (WCE), Jonathon Giles (GWS)

Adam Goodes (SYD), Patrick Dangerfield (ADEL), Dayne Zorko (BRIS)

– With the outs I will be looking at 4 donuts, possibly 5 with doubtful Redden in ruck.

– I want all of these players to remain in my side till the end of the year.


My issue is if I trade say, 1-3 players out this week, that’s 1-3 players that wont play in the next two weeks. Especially with most of these players being fit, in form and keepers. That’s more trades on top of the one’s who will also be out that are already in your team.


So this week, I think I will tank it. Save 3 trades, wear the donuts like a man and for Round 12 when we get back Adelaide, Brisbane, GWS, North Melbourne, West Coast, Western Bulldogs, I’ll feel a lot happier knowing i’ve saved some trades for the ride home. A lot of people are going to be in the same boat. In all honesty, we all really want to win our leagues, we can brag all summer about it! I can take a loss this week, bounce back with a big week in the next 2 bye rounds whilst hopefully others find them a lot harder.


Next week we will be missing the following teams: Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney. I believe there are less keepers in Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney. Also for eg. Marty Clarke from Collingwood or any number of rookie Geelong players, there are far more guys in our teams to be cut for the home straight that week. Burning 2-3 trades that week could just about set you up for the year. Barring any injuries/suspensions/earthquakes.


But I ponder this question to all of you….


Why don’t we ALL tank this week? Let’s all take our donuts. Go sit in a park somewhere and get absolutely shit faced on mediocrity? It’ll be a huge laugh! “Hey Shane, how’s your team looking?” “Yeah, got 7 donuts haha might not crack 1k this week as my Captain just impaled himself on the behind post”. We then poke fun at Shane, he has a laugh, we all move on to Round 12.


Next week #DTSM will be back. I’ll go through the players that are returning from the bye. The one’s that will be missing that week and look likely to be getting the chop. I’ll also be discussing Round 13 scenario’s.


Also a quick shout out to Alex Williamson for this meme last week. Probably the only bloke in Australia who tipped Melbourne against Essendon. Pays to be a loose $@#*!





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  • Alex’s videos were funny as hell

  • Good stuff Aki!
    Happy birthday buddy….so it looks like Pies, Donuts & Bithday cake for you this weekend! :)

    I’ll be trading hard this week & next- no trades for rnd 13, 7 left thereafter.

    P.s Calvin tipped Melbourne too!

    Good luck matey!

    • If everyone tanks this week, then isn’t it smart for me to trade this week to gain points over everyone else?

      If I save my trades it just means I get my donuts this round instead of the next 2 rounds so whats the difference?

      For me as long as I’m improving my side and not sideways trading healthy premos, it doesn’t matter which rounds you trade

      Next week I won’t be hit as hard by donuts so this is the week to trade for me, then next week no trades, last week another 2 -3

      I still have 14 trades left after making my 3 for the week.

      This week:

      McDonald -> Brad Ebert
      T Adams -> Crozier
      Scotland -> Suckling

      • You dont gain points, you defer them to another bye round.

      • Yep I agree, esp. for league win, why not bank a win now!

        I don’t see any downgrades I like this week, so my 3 trades will be-

        McEvoy -> Chappy, Roughead to Ruck.
        Pendles -> Beams.
        Horsley -> D.Martin/JRoo/NRoo/Cotchin

        Next week I’m hoping Sam Shaw plays, but Reid -> Pattison will enable Barlow -> Boyd.

  • “im only gona take two puffers cos im off the rails khunt, i dont give a fuck. Actually i better take one.”

    Anyway i’m strongly considering Pendles to Ablett for a few reasons.

    a)I am not sure I believe a cracked tibia is only a two week injury, i’m not a doctor but it’s probably one bone that absorbs the most force, and it’s Pendles surely they won’t risk him even if they have the Eagles after their bye, the big picture is the flag, not one match.

    b)Best chance to get Ablett, I originally planned to upgrade Treloar to Ablett once he maxes out, but by the time that happens, Pendles (if he even returns on time) will be 100k(+) less than Ablett.

    c) (not so important) it evens up my rd 12 and rd 13 matches as my opponents have Ablett.

    Despite these pluses, im somewhat hesitant but I actually think it’s probably the right thing to do here.

    Anybody else in the same/a similar boat?

  • Interesting to see that despite being ‘rested’ Horsley is an emergency.

    Also, I have my fingers crossed for Smedts as he was originally an emergency last game, plus I’m pretty sure he was brought in another game when he is an emergency. It seems he is thier go to guy when someone pulls out.

    Redden I think will play because on the extended bench he seems to be the only ruckman. Also the guy he replaced, Daniel Stewart, is still out of the team, so I dont see anyone taking Redden’s place.

    • I’m in two minds about whether I want Horsely to play. He’s only one of two donuts for me this week (touch wood) so if he does make it into the final side, he’ll probably drop a lot of cash. Plan at this stage is to sell him in round thirteen to fund the injection of Stevie J and Shaw/Heppell/Grimes so I won’t mind tooooo much if he gets a week off.

      I’ll be even happier if he busts out a hundred, though!

    • i dont think em. are allowed to play in reserves. therefore it will be a week off.

  • who has the better job security out of Williams and Elliot, will probably need them to play this round and round 13

    • not sure… but i traded williams in

      would be nice to downgrade to both and have 500k+ sitting in the bank..

      at the moment i have 330k in bank

  • horse was an emergency last week… he ended up playing… and ended up losing in value…

    can we risk another loss with him again?

  • I Feel like “Spectrum – I’ll Be Gone”

  • alot of people are talking about downgrading horse…

    im more on downgrading oldmac and then upgrading the horse… as with the horses value you use less money to get a decent premo..

    just a thought.

    • Assuming that you are doing this upgrade in R13, it all depends on their respective rate of price change in R12.

  • I am considering Pendles luxury trade for Stanton/swan. Leaning towards swan.

    1) Swans a bit cheaper than usual
    2) saves a donut this round and over bye 13 (unless Pendles plays which I doubt)
    3) Pendles could be out for awhile
    4) I have eliminator game to win.
    5) I have tough opponent in league this week and walkovers rd 12 rd 13
    6) Swan will likely smash it this week.
    7) I kept Ablett
    8) was looking to get swan/stanton in after round 12 anyway
    9) saves me getting a dodgy downgrade over byes

    I consider this trade a win if I win eliminator, league and if Pendles doesnt come back until earliest rd 14.

    • Going Pendles to Swan will cost you a trade and 90k.
      Seems abit wasteful considering Pendles will only miss one game…

      • If he has enough trades left over after, and if he places importance on eliminator, I don’t see why not.

        I would say no though if he was low on trades, or going for a league win (when a loss wouldn’t cost him)

        • I have 13 trades. I have missed a lot of carnage, havent needed to make 1 trade on rucks for instance. If someone can be pretty sure hes back round 13 then of course this trade is silly.

          • Back your judgement in and commit.to it as there is definetely logic there
            Pendles missing you two games through the byes = potentially the loss of 250 points. This equals 4/5 weeks worth of lost points if he was to miss during the regular season, considering you would have cover

            Its all about the points

          • You have 13 trades left… what is there to worry about? Do it

    • I could downgrade horse to sexton, upgrade jmac to swan.

    • swan has a relatively high BE so i’m getting beams instead of him this week.

  • Good Stuff Aki
    Personally will be keeping Pendles but the Horse has to go for mine.
    No point getting Williams or Elliot IMO as they are no where near Collingwoods best 22…

  • Just something I`ve been wondering about. Maybe some other opinions could clear it up for me. I have read a lot about dont trade or only trade LTI`s and so on but was wondering if as some have said they are going to do, bend over and take up to 7 donuts. In that circumstance I see it as possibly being beaten by up to 700 points. This plan would be fine if you were playing the same opponent for each of the 3 weeks but the next 2 weeks the opponents may have had their donuts in the first week as well and your percentage could go throught the floor and if you were in a tight go to make the finals it could cost you. Anyway good luck to all.

  • How much cash does everyone have?

    • Ive currently got 133,000 and thinking of going horsley to priddis next round? But thats not really enough cash for other upgrades?

  • Sexton better not let me down, got him in for Horse this week.

  • I’m looking to trade out Coniglio and only have $50k in the bank. 13 trades, mainly going for a league win and it will be close this week. To make some money to upgrade him to Mitchell this week should I trade:

    1. Devon Smith
    2. The Horse
    3. J-Mac and to Sexton or Williams? Thinking Smith to Sexton and Coniglio to Mitchell.

    4. Or just cop 6 donuts and join everyone else in the park long neck in paper bag..

  • Made 3 trades this week, midfield set with a smokie who I think will explode starting tonight, could make or break my team….

    Have 2 donuts this round
    Pendles – Ablett
    Bugg – Bootsma (Looking good for games in coming weeks, staying in the team ahead of Bower and Curnow can only be a good sign)
    And my smokey Horsley – BRYCE GIBBS

    Team at full strength

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Heppell, Birchall, Hargrave, Bootsma (Ellis, Spurr)
    MID: Ablett, Boyd, Mitchell, Watson, Kennedy, Gibbs (Greene, Treloar)
    RUC: Kreuzer, Giles (Stephenson, Redden)
    FWD: Sidebottom, Franklin, Beams, Chapman, Robinson, Martin, Zorko (Adams, Milera)

    Have 8 trades left and am looking to bring in Carrazzo round 14/15 when back from injury and upgrade either Giles or Kreuzer to Sandilands soonish

  • Been struggling to come up with a downgrade option this week so that I can get Ablett in for Horsely, have come up a few dollars short. Considered S.Shaw, Sexton but both seem to be high risk propositions – although I am likely to get in Shaw if named next week.

    So I’m trading in D.Smith for Patton this week, who Sheedy has declared will play R12. Seems like my best option to downgrade if Sheedy is good to his word, and has no bye impact for my team. Or should I go Shaw and take a punt on him being named next week… any thoughts?

  • Sam Mitchell or Jobe Watson ?

  • Considering quite a few scenarios this week. I’ve decided that Horse and Pendles must go (they are actually my only 2 players not named this week), but I have not finalised their replacements. I have $102,600 in the bank.

    Option 1
    Horsley/Pendles > Ebert/Robinson

    Both Ebert and Robbo are at a good price for their average so far. Not having Robbo has really hurt me a lot of weeks, but I’m not sold on Ebert’s scoring potential. I know he will average 100, but I think he will leak points compared to Watson or Pendles (when fit again).

    Option 2
    Horsley/Pendles > Watson/JRiewoldt

    I certainly don’t love Jack as a DTer, but with a BE of -35 and a bye in 2 weeks, he has to be an option. Even with modest scores of 80ish against Freo and GWS he could go up $70k before his bye when he could then be traded for Beams or a premium mid. Watson is quality.

    Option 3
    Horsley/Pendles > Beams/Roughead

    This gives me a R/F link (with Pattinson) which effectively means that Treloar, Smith and Zorko can cover my rucks if they miss which is very handy. Roughead is probably scoring well enough to hold down F7, so it makes sense. This would give me 8 premium forwards, 4 premium mids and 3 M/F links. If I pass on Roughead this week then I am forced to run the gauntlet with my 2 rucks all year (only cover is Stephenson).

    Any ideas?

    • Just thought of another choice, perhaps the most radical:

      Option 4
      Pendles/Horsley > Roughead/Riewoldt + $136k

      This would give me the cover of Roughead and the price rise of Jack, obviously to the detriment of some points this week. With some wrangling I would look at something like Riewoldt/Martin/Milera to Stanton/SThompson/Goodes (unique much) after Round 12.

      • Just had a brain fade with that one. Obviously I would get Beams instead of Goodes. So it would be Martin/Riewold/Milera to Stanton/SThompson/Beams if I can afford it otherwise just Riewoldt/Martin to Stanton/Beams and then upgrade DSmith to Thompson or someone else the week after.

    • Robbo and sam mitchell?

    • hmmm probably Ebert/Robinson as I don’t like key fwds like Jroo who is just as likely to get a 50 as a 150 and not sold on Roughy either but he has been going allright.

      • JRoo would not be a keeper for me, but a 2 week cash grab that saves donuts as well. With his 2 monster scores in the last 2 weeks he will go up a lot, even without having a great one. As for Roughy, well he is like a 3rd ruck for me as I don’t trust Sandi’s body to play every game or the Big O to get games for the rest of the year. If he can keep averaging 90ish then that should be fine for an F7.

    • Option 2

  • had a dream last night that the mullet absolutely killed freo and scored 150+

  • Scotland>HeppD a good option?

    Also considering

    Pendles>Stanton has there been any news on pendles injury tocay?


  • Team needs advice please.

    Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Waters, Hargrave, Clarke, Darley ( Ellis, Townsend )

    Mids: Ablett, Swan, Boyd, Mitchell, Jelwood, Thompson ( J Mac, Treloar )

    Rucks: Sandi , Giles ( Big O, redden )

    Fwds: Buddy, Chappy, Danger, Sidebottom, Martin, Pearce, Zorko ( Hall, Smith )

    Donuts: 5 2 trades left to use this week 62k in bank. . just short birchall from hargrave maybe enright

  • Would it be baffling to trade Christensen to Murphy this week? Any one know when Allan is expected back?

  • Thoughts on these trades
    Horsley –> Williams
    Cameron –> Cloke

  • sextons j.s?

    • I am hoping its solid seeing as I am most likely gonna trade him in at the expense of the Horse… He has played 3 in a row and will play another this week and that is without GC having too man injuries

  • any thoughts on corey enright thinking of trading him in for hargrave

  • Might just start up a team from scratch this week in my sons name, just so i can look at 24 trades and feel like a millionaire