The Monday knee-jerk. Round 7 edition.

The (Monday) knee-jerk. Round 7 edition

I copped a bit of twitter heat last week over my comment of DT being a ‘sh*tty game’. OK let’s just get one thing straight… I still love DT, it Buggs the sh*t out of me constantly but I love it. It’s like a child, you created them, put so much work into them and in the end no matter what they do to you …you will always love them. You know when you were driving to a fun park… mucking around in the back seat and your dad said the famous…”if you don’t stop I’ll turn this car around?” I thought that was the idlest threat of all time… well actually it’s the second… The first being …”if I don’t score a 2000 this week i’ll hit the delete team button. Will never happen. I need this game like a crack whore needs… well crack.  OK with all that being said i didnt get time to do a knee-jerk on the weekend, was moving house but i thought i’d throw together a brief edition! 

The Legend.

This weeks legend for me was Matthew Boyd (162) Possibly because he happened to be my captain. This guy is the heart and soul of that club at the moment, when he pays well the doggies win. He was everywhere on the weekend , pretty mucn dragging them over the line…. He has been a little down of late, being hard tagged but this weekend was a welcome return to form. Special mentions go to the rampand Stanton (140) and Dane Swan (143) who continued playing in a vain that has them in ‘must have’ category.

The Sunday chop.

I’m going to give the entire Melbourne fooball club the chop this week. they just can’t get the ball… so obviously that makes them a horrible DT side. I held onto Magner (76) Who continues to be their best performer as a first year player. Hellooo does this give you any ideas? One Tom Couch is riotting in the 2’s killing it every week.. give the kid a go! Syliva (24) manages 6 possessions for the game.. not good enough. Until Couch gets a run… MFC.. you are chopped.

The Clown.

Not that 71 is a terrible score but i’m going to give a sneaky clown call to Travis Cloke. I’m not a fan of players who put their contract talks on hold.. it shows a greedy attitude and a lack of loyatly or love for their club. Ever since he has been mentioned as a target for a few clubs around the league he has been less that awesome on the field… its like he has been reading his own publicity. His old man is shopping him around the place looking for the most money… which he knows Collingwood will have to end up paying. Poor form.. sign up mate and show some ticker in the process.

The this game sh*ts me.

Did’t see enough football on the weekend for much to sh*t me… I saw the dons smash the Westcoast which had a smile on my dail on night… How many flag favorites do you have to defeat before you become favorite youreslf? …and saw the GWS have their first win.. How could i be sh*tty with any of that? Well i’ll find a way. I did the ‘ol switcheroo again on my rucks, put Giles (107) on the bench in favour of Kreuzer. This is yet to be a stuff up as the K man hasnt played yet but i feel pending disaster here. This is the last time i will toggle between these two, i keep gettinmg it wronmg.. and thats why DT sh*ts me.

The other bits and pieces.

When the world goes bad the first thing people do is look up to the skies and wonder what they did to offend the gods.. Or why the gods are smiting them. All throughout history people have feared the gods and did crazy things in their name. With the continued DT carnage this year DT players have been looking to the DT gods a lot for answers. I thought it best time to look at the oft ignored history of the DT gods…. It’s a little known fact that the movie ‘clash of the titans’ was based on the story of the DT gods. Here’s the history lesson; in ancient times the gods… led by the ruck god Tappius, the backline god Spoilius, the midfield god Workhorsus and the forward line god Goalus betrayed their parents ‘virtual sports’ and banished them to the underworld. They divided the DT landscape into 4 sections, one of each they controlled… The gods then created the mortals…. DT players whose faith assured them immortality, however as time passed the players began to question the gods. It is now that the gods are fighting back against us mere mortals… The ruck god Tappius…. The most vengeful of all gods has gone to town so far this year, he has cast down McEvoy, Luenberger, Mumford, Hille, Sandilands, Vardy, Bailey, Brogan, BigO, Redden to name but a few. But just remember… before you start getting all superstitious and trying to appease these gods to get yourself a functioning ruck set up…people only look to the gods to explain things that can’t be explained.. It’s a weak way out! These gods only exist if we believe in them. All we need to do is stop referring to the DT gods and they will cease to exist…. Then there is only one real person to blame for our stupid selections… ourselves.

So that’s about it for this brief  knee-jerk. I’m sitting on about 2000 with 3 players to come… 2300 should be attainable which is lucky because my poor last week gave me a strong eliminator opponent and it’s going to the wire! What knee-jerk thoughts do you have about the round just passed? Any nominations for Legend, Chop, Clown or why this game sh*ts you? Get it down now before we get rational again in time for Tbettas bullets!

Looks like I’ll be without internet for a little while so the knee-jerk will return in a week or two, until then good luck!

 Hit me up with any thoughts or nominations on twitter @adzman78



  • A bit frustrated with selling Coniglio before Shiel to get in Horsley and putting the C on Ablett ahead of Boyd. Those decisions cost me close to 100 pts (40 + 58 respecitvely). Still managed 2114/21 with Robinson and Goddard to go so on track for 2300 :)

    On track for 2500 in Supercoach :D

    • GAJ has a pretty significant record of being merely mortal on return from injury. I was rapt with his 106. You must have had a better captain option.

      • A question on Ablett and rolling averages.

        Will have value and BE be based on the last 3 rounds or his last 3 scores

        Round 3: 162
        Round 4: 97
        Round 5: DNP
        Round 6: DNP
        Round 7: 106

        Would you expect his value to take the 97 and 162 into account or just the 106?
        Would be nice to buy him back in at 500k…

        • yeah I’m a bit curious about his price change, but I might wait until after next weekend and hope he has an average game

        • Scores enter the rolling average when the player plays.

          So Ablett’s price fall this week will be based on a rolling average of 162, 97 and 106/3 = 122 approx.

          His B/E is huge because the 162 is about to drop out.

          A couple 140s and his price will steady

      • It was a risk and given Boyd and Selwoods poor (by their standards) form, it was worth it at the time.

        All coulda woulda shoulda right now, but still a great round score :)

  • Brilliant article Adzman, keept it up!

    Just a quick word for thought, for all those dream teamers out there who are itching for lockout to end so that they can knee-jerk the f*ck out of an under performing premo, only to realise later on in the week that trading out this so called ‘premo’ (cloke, barlow, gibbs, nds, mitchell) will actually benefit their team…. Chill out and for the love of go do NOT trade them out, even if they have scored consecutive 60’s for three games in a row…

    Only a couple of weeks ago my unique premium midfielder in Jack Redden was on the verge of getting the f*ck out of my team after dishing up three 60-80’s in a row. However, I resisted the temptation for a straight swap to Murphy and in turn, have enjoyed two 120+ scores in a row against quality opposition in Collingwood and Essendon.

    Lesson learnt, do not trade out a premium ever (unless they have an LTI)

    • three weeks ago I went Pav > Sidebottom. Pav had averaged about 75 for the first month.

      Since I got off him he has had three tons.

      Thank Christ Sidey has beaten him every week, but still…


    • I went Jack Spedden to Stanton 3 or 4 weeks ago.

      I no complaaaaaaain

    • I learnt the hard way have traded out redden, van berlo and cornes who all posted 100+ scores this week, sheeeeit. Whats LTI?

      • Cornes and Van Berlo are an interesting argument as premiums.

        LTI = Long Term Injury

  • Ok jury wahts the verdict?

    HIM +452 ME murphy, waite, gibbs, kreuzer, goddard Who wins?

    Him -147 murphy(c), robinson, bower ME- Murphy, gibbs, waite Who wins?

    • You WILL lose both mate. Bad luck!!

      • yep you’re done

        • I disagree murphy, gibbs and goddard are good for 100+, which leaves kreuzer and waite to score 153 between them which is quite achievable in game 1.

          Game 2- say murphy scores 120, he;s still 27 behind me with my gibbs and waite vs his robinson and bower

          Will be close but I rate my chances of winning both 60/40

          • ha ha, dools doesn’t get it ;)

          • You are totally kidding yourself.

            Your chances of winning the first are about 26%.

            Your chances of winning the second are about 5%.

          • dools doesn’t get what?? surely not a late withdrawal please!!

    • You need Waite to ton and Kreuz to crack 75.

      If so I think you can win the first one.

      The other one is gone…

      • bs!! I rate gibbs and waite to outscore robinson and bower anyday, and if murphy, gibbs and goddard tonne it up, kreuzer and waite only need to get 76 each. 26% and 5% my ass!!! you’ll see at the end of the game pesimists :)

        • I’m seeing it right now mate. Robbo’s staying down for you but not as much as Goddard and MURPHY are.

          You were always having a lend of yourself…

        • And Bower is double Waite ATM – 38 vs. 19.

          LOL (I have Bower – on the bench – 2nd week in a row!)

  • no offense but i love the “what if” i had selected that player over another and putting the C on blah blah blah

    We all look over our team friday befor lock out and toss up who is on the pine and who is playing.
    we all reverse our changes 50 times a week and try look for the best scoring long term combo for our teams.

    IF i had selected tory dickerson and magnet over shiel OR what if i traded in horsly like every one else, i would have busted 2600 points this week but i did not, but sure as shit after tonights game ill be happy to take 2450-2500 points for the week……..

    But then again hayes and goddard could be epic fails

    thats dt for you

  • Hey fellas! I’ll tell you why DT Sh*ts me – getting your dixon’s and your dickson’s mixed up! I heard the boy from Bendigo was playing, so naturally I was excited: missed out on 75 points as a result…

    1925 with Goddard, Robinson and Murphy to go… should crack 2200, but it would have been nice to ride the 2300 train with everyone else… FMDT!

    For the record, Golby > Michael Johnson and Kennedy > Clancee for me next week and my team will be set for the MBR’s…

  • follow rugby most of my life converted about 7 years ago to afl never looked back mate.
    Never had a club of my own just like players,When the GCS came to queensland that became my team and i dont follow clubs based on there position.

    GCS have a long and rocky road ahead of them and there will be more bad then good,

    What i get out of it is the small moments of brilliance from players in the team i follow,How good they played without abblet over the last few weeks.

    The only player i dislike is brennen,He always looks like hes just out for a stroll in the park,
    When he wants to play football he is awsome to watch.

    Fair comment you made tho.

    • I fear I’ll have more pain than you mate…

      FM Demons…

    • yeah the suns and giants will have a few more years of pain before they become truly competitive, but feel safe in the knowledge that they will probably win a flag before the dockers do.
      By the way, good to see a canetoad see the light and switch to Australia’s truly national footy code.

  • Nope no horsly for me
    I dumped ellis and goods for um erm lake and beams,Paided off for now and i did not want to miss the boat on either.
    And this week because i did not trade out shiel for horsly i can dump him for a premo mid

    Only so many trades for the year im making mine count

    • I had lake from start. d:

      I’ll give you an extended $50k if you win cause without horsely I doubt you’ll have any chance.

      youv’e just blown your season.

      p.s. I’m not serious about the cash. d:

      • So not taking horsly is a season breaker?


        Never new dream team can rest on the back of 1 rookie

    • although reading above your still heading for a good score….

      nice man.

      but I still feel in the situation you could of left ellis(no one knew he’d get 6) and get in horse cause hes gonna make craploads of cash and will be a real help with upgrades/downgrades later on.

      Also considering you go for gc it’s just madness!

      with players like redden at start of year I just jumped at the oppurtunity being a port supporter!

  • Great read Adz!

    You aren’t the only one that is struggling with choices. This week played Shiel instead of Horse (lol I know but wanted to be slightly different which cost me 30 points haha) and Smith over Treloar (which I was seriously selecting due to having a rest and coming back fresh). HMac out this week potentially means that if Big O or Redden don’t get a gig then it will be my first donut (although the Redden to Jenkins + $45,000 might be looked at a little closer).

    Gotta love DT!!!

    • I too made some dodgy choices in regards to the gws rookies playing or sitting on the bench, but hey they were nothing in comparison to the pain ellis inflicted upon me

      • I do feel everyone’s pain about Ellis. That’s DT summed up in a heartbeat unfortunately. At any time a green vest or the general or even an injury can cause major chaos!

        The best thing is there is always next week for that luck to become good again lol

  • yeah get your facts right “the sandgroper”

    • what are you on about mate ?

      • I think he is referring to the Redden comment above but you just don’t know with kids these days!

        @ Jimmy 09 – if you are going to reply to a comment you have read just press the grey reply button under the comment then type your message otherwise you really look a bit crazy with random comments from nowhere ;-0

        • oh ok, it was a rushed comment and i think I said something about my theory being flawed, anyway I admitted to the mistake.

  • Kade Simpson, you will be entering The Blackanui’s as soon as lockout ends.

    That is all.

  • happy not to have anyone from this terrible dt game….

    • I’ve got Goddard and whilst he isn’t the worst bloke out there he ain’t covering himself in glory either!
      Anybody that went GAJ to Murphy would be hurting right now!

  • MURPHY HAS RUINED A 2300 aim as captain.

  • do you guys reckon pfeiffer has had it? looking like a silly trade, what do you reckon upgrade to beams while i still have enough cash?