Calvin’s Captains – Rd 6 UPDATE

Arghhh, me-hearties. Chook here. You might¬†remember me from my cheeky cameo on animated movie Chicken Run back in 2000, or more recently as the resident rook-watching rooster right here on DT Talk. Today, though, I’m cast as everyone’s favourite Irish pirate’s sidekick, handing out a bit of captain advice.

Calvin has asked me to update his top five for the week, having forgotten before lockout that Greg Broughton – not Dane Swan – is, of course, the best candidate for your captaincy this week! Argghh, you know he’s right! Averaging 149 points against the Gold Coast from his, er,¬†one game against them, Broughton will also benefit from increased time on ground and more midfield exposure with Nathan Fyfe now in cotton wool for the forseeable future.

Righteooo, I’m off to move house then, because Calvin knows where I live!


  • Trololololololol

  • Bwahaha…..VERY funny stuff Chook!!!

    I hope you can run fast!!!

  • Reckon Broughts can smash out a big score tonight; still think he was a bad pick though (but I can’t talk I have Shaw!)

  • If Broughton gets 60, chook will never hear the end of it :D

  • I hope he’s right and all those that abanded the Broughton ship get that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach

  • I think it’s safe to say that those of us (myself included) who traded Broughton out early made a bad call. That said, ever putting the captaincy on him is not a great call either.

    I hope he gets a job on Bennell and scores about 60.

  • Not the worst call you’ve made. That my friend was talking up Drummond!

  • Haha, hope your right Chooka, Broughts is my POD in almost all my league games this week!

    Just need Lyon to actually give him a decent TOG and he should smash it!

    Awesome photo-shop effort btw.. flawless! :D

  • Too late, I locked in Murphy. If only you had said so earlier Chook, I would have gone Broughts for sure.

  • Well it won’t be Joel selwood knocking out a huge score! Late withdrawal!

  • So is Selwood still third? Quick quick lock out………..oh yeah that was yesterday.

  • I may have wasted a trade on Broughton but those of us who traded to Heppell can’t be too unhappy :)

  • Calvin should have had stanton somewhere in that top 5!!!

  • Back yourself in Chook, BroughTON against a mug team, should go OK.

    I wen’t for Barlow myself.

    • Chook looking like a visionary compaired to me :(

      Barlow 18 in the first, 10 in the second, Ouch.

  • noob detected

  • Good call Chook.

  • good call chook you dickhead

  • Well… better than goddard?

  • still did better than when you told us to choose *Goddard* last week!!
    Once again thanks for that……..

  • Lol
    Broughton: 75
    Murphy: 94
    Selwood: 0
    Rockliff: 76
    Boyd: 94

    Glad I went Pendles.

  • Trollololol?