Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 4

Mighty Gaz (I’m not 100% sold just yet)

Yes, the mighty Gaz. What an absolute legend and even more of a legend to those clever cats who followed my #1 pick last week and took his 160pts. Ew! If you didn’t take my #1 pick you might have run with Matthew Boyd (#2 pick) who was also brilliant with 146pts. At the end of the day all three of us walked away with the title of a legend after the weekend… so what about this week.

Gary Ablett this week will be selected by nearly all dream teams, but I do have my concerns… and before you jump on your high horse and carry on like a tool…. Read this.

Things I like about Gaz this week – Firstly, it has to his form. He is averaging 147 so far this year and is coming off a mammoth 160 last week. He is simply on fire. Another thing I like is that fact that Fremantle players scored 5×100+ scores on the Lions last week and you’d think Gaz is a sure thing to get amongst that!

Things I don’t like about Gaz this week – Ok… He only averages 105 on the Lions with scores of 106 (28d) and 84 (20d) on them in 2011. In both games he was tagged by Raines who actually does a good job on him. Last week, Raines tagged Hill and held him to just 42pts. Raines is a pure tagger, meaning he sacrifices his DT points to shut down the points of others (unlike Carrz etc…). Add to this, the game is at the GABBA where Gaz has averaged just 95 in his last 3 games there, all in 2011.

Verdict – As so many people will be going with Gaz, it’s hard to turn your back on him, especially after his 160 last week and his smashing form. For me, he’s locked and loaded and despite the above information, he should kill the Lions… but it’s worth knowing all the facts!

Why Don’t You Just Pick Ablett Every Week?

You can if you want … will you do that every single week? Even when we have premium guns against the Giants, Port, Demons or the Suns? If Gaz’s form drops? If you still answer ‘yes’ why are you in here reading this? C’mon… you are kidding yourself. Garry Ablett will not outscore everyone this week . Mark my words, and at the end of the day HE IS A SAFE OPTION CAUSE EVERYONE WILL GO HIM, but if you can pick who will beat him… you’ve got one up on about 48% of the competition. This might help…

After A ‘New Direction’ This Week?

Ah look at that, Calvin at his best in the Paint Shop work place. I’d like to welcome you to a new band I have put together… “NEW DIRECTION” and they’d like you to consider them this week if you are looking at a different or new direction away from Garry (if you dare).

Matthew Boyd – Great back up vocalist and a great DT player who is coming off a nice 146 last week. His record Vs the Demons is surprisingly poor with scores of 93 and 86 on them in his last 2. But after Richmond had 8×100+ scores on the Dees last week with Tuck (151) and Grigg (142) running a muck, you’d think Boyd will be awesome.

Sam Mitchell – Lead tambourinist and Western Australian specialist. Averages 129 at Patersons Stadium in his last 3 with scores of 100, 147 and 141. Then with an average against the Eagles of 139 in his last 3… he will be a ripper.

Scott Pendlebury – Not actually in the band this week, but a part of the back stage crew. After just 62 last week, he will bounce back in style against the Power this week. Had 120 and 121 on them in 2011 and will be around that mark again. Not bad for a guy behind the scenes.

Scott Thompson – Back-up Pianist (when Cox isn’t there) and has never played the Giants, but loves killing the dud teams. Had 135 on the Suns earlier this year with scores of 151 and 135 on them last year. He will be awesome against them this week despite only having a top score of 109 from his last 6 games at AAMI.

Dane Swan – Lead singer and the New Direction pin up boy for this week. Was labelled as being ‘heavy’ during the week and will have a very heavy score this week. With previous scores of 155, 137, 141 and 154 in his last 4 against Port he will go bananas this week. Plus, the game is Etihad where Swan averaged 133 there in 2011 (MCG avg. 114) with 3 of his 4 games being 128+. I’d nearly have Swan as my number 1 if his form was better… need those big numbers Dane.

Yeah.. those guys are worth a thought, but don’t get too cute. People last week ‘chased’ Watson and Stanton against the Suns or Cox against the Giants and it didn’t come off. Stick to what we know and to what the crowd will do… GAZZA all the way!

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  • thought going swannie might be unique but it seems a fair few are on board. Go jarhead!

  • It says dylan shiel has got 116 disposals in his first three games on……..

  • Can’t take it off GAJ until he convinces me to.

  • Fyfe will play if the surgeon gives him the all clear on Thusday in Melbourne .

    So hold that trade finger , he played most of last year with same problem .

    • hhhmmmm I remember Fyfe sitting on my bench when it came to my GF last year…………….

      I hope it doesn’t happen again but if I trade well then I will live with burning a trade……if I don’t and he is injured again…….I will be cursing all year long. Good luck with the decision…….its a tough one.

  • Anyone else having problems with DT and SC websites? Can’t substitute players?

  • not sure on the whole fyfe thing. He is playing this week I dont see any reason to trade him yet. I have him on the field. If his given the all clear to play why would they vest him against a strong opponent.
    At worst youd have to say put him on the bench this week and see how he goes. Its round 4 no reason to waste a trade.

    captains ranking should be:

    1. G. Ablett
    2. G. Ablett
    3. G. Ablett
    4. G. Ablett
    5. G. Ablett

  • Top article as always Calvinator..

    Very hard to not pick Ablett, having said that Andrew does have a history of upsetting DT coaches..

    On another note thinking of prematurely trading Dylan shiel along with Fyfe for Treloar and Mitchell/Pendles, my only concern would be having an extra fwd rook, however I will still have the same number on the field so it’s probably not going to make any difference. Also I’m not completely sold on any of the forwards premiums. Is anyone else making a similar move.

    Will be hard to trade fyfe if he’s named though.

  • Great article BUT whats wrong with Murphy? He only scored 139 last week, isn’t that good enough?

  • If Swan doesn’t go epic soon, it will have been a mistake to have started with him.

    I don’t want it to have been a mistake.

    If he cracks 140 this week, and beats GAJ by at least 20, then having him as captain will get me back some of the 50 points I lost by having him captain last week.

    If I was a glass half empty guy, I’d go GAJ and cut my losses.

    But I’m a glass half full guy, so I’m going Swan.

    Swan 175 x 2 + Gaj 150 = 500 yes please

    • Swan is never a mistake. I’m keeping a close eye on his price and BE so I can get him in ASAP.

  • Fantastic article Vin.

    Thommo was very poor last week and I almost foolishly traded him out but thank god for the reverse trades button which makes life easier :)

    Thommo will smash out 130+ against the GIANTS and if Swan doesn’t do well v Port, I’ll be banging on my keyboard in frustration. Might be time to jump of Swanny after two dud weeks. Fingers cross this is the week he goes BANG BANG BANG

  • fyfe to gibbs and martin to hawkins??/?

    • yep get Fyfe out of ya time

      • Ya tool Fyfe is a class act DPP,??

        • A class act who dislocated his shoulder, set to drop big money if he doesnt get a ton and the chances of that happening are slim. Trade him

          • So what if he drops, he is a keeper and within three weeks he will be right on track to getting back to his starting price. Only risk is that he will get re-injured but from what the Dockers are saying is that it is the same injury he played with all last year.

  • this isn’t relevant to this article but if fyfe doesn’t play who should I get?
    my forward line is Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Porpyzia and D Smith

  • who here is keeping fyfe and if so who are you trading in??

  • GAJ.. Captain until he retires.

    I want someone to be Ballsy enough to make Fyfe captain this week…. Go on… Shoud get triple points for having the aggots.

  • im taking a risk going with boyd but i think he will do well against melbourne.

  • outside the square? A Swallow

    • yep , you’re definitely Swallowing something !

    • Why not? Look at some of last weeks top ten scorers – Conca, Tuck, Grigg, S.Selwood, Gibson, Ward and Ziebell! Anything is possible.

  • next week who is better option to trade in?? barlow, ziebell, hayes or ebert??

  • easy solution for Fyfe this week. Put him on the field and make sure you have an emergency you know is going to play in place ready to get some points for you? Can’t be any worse than the 22 we all got for Fyfe last week could it? If you’ve got him in you forward line maybe move him to the mids if needed so you’ve got the coverage in place. Worst comes to worse this week and he reinjures it trade him out next week along with a rookie maybe who’s made you some decent money? Just an idea.

    • Plays on Friday night
      So we will know if will play or be vested

    • im gonna risk it, had traded him to Barlow in the mids but i might see how he goes, ive got extra $ in the bank if he goes down. My heart will be in my mouth watching the game though. Barlow has a BE of 95 so he may not get that this week, we’ll see

    • But chances are he won’t make his breakeven. If he scores a 40 then gets subbed off, it makes it harder to bring in a Robbo/Sidey type…

  • Great stuff Calvin
    New Direction pic is gold
    Just flicking through AFL memes and there are a few classics
    Jack Grimes after being KO’d “What happened?”
    Trainer: Jim Stynes died
    Liam Jurrah’s a criminal
    Mark Neeld’s a racist
    You’re the captain
    We lost all our sponsors
    And we won’t beat GWS

  • Right, so Fyfe’s right to go. I’m at a loss in wondering what the hell to do. the guy is still a premo.

    • Agreed Megatron, really wish they had just sent him for surgery……would have been so much easier.

    • Just think about all the people who traded him out, he’s now that little bit more unique now..haha.

      • whatever the figure is that traded Fyfe out…thanks to the new Heath Shaw rule, how many will trade him back in?

      • Yep exactly. Im leaning towards keeping him, but barely.

        FMDT. FMDT. FMDT

      • Don’t forget about the reverse button mate…

  • Great article Calvin – always a good read! With Gary abletts form lately you would be a tool not to take him as your captain. With his form and swans good record againsed PA it wouldn’t be much difference I think either will bring it home. As for the fyfe situation I have traded Toby Greene out for Marc Murphy and Nathan fyfe out for Adam Treleor as I already have Hall, Kennedy and Smith. This gives me Murphy,Boyd,Ablett,Swan and Pendlebury in my midfield which I’m happy with (jimmy magner) making up M6 – with Goodes out I’ve bought Aaron Hall on the field with Hall and Treleor fighting for F7 in the coming weeks when Goodes comes back in- I also have Birchall in the backline which I’m not sure about as I’ve heard multiple different stories about him in saying that Ellis and Morris are ready to take that spot, again thanks Calvin you guys are doing a great job for the DT community and putting good old Tassie on the map! :)

  • Any thoughts on Selwood at home to Richmond down at Kardinia Park, averages 126 down there or something ridiculous apparently

    • 126 isn’t that impressive considering Ablett is averaging 147 for the year.

    • I’m thinking along the same lines re selwood. Call it a hunch or just plain madness but my gut says no to Gaz this week (especially after hearing calvins stats). I very well might go with selwood. Considered murphy but his recent stats vs dons at the G aren’t great either. Selwoods due for a biggy, and Gaz is due for a fall. The great man can’t possibly sustain these freakish scores every week surely!

  • As for me, unless his arm is zapped off,(please see Dillon in the first Predator film) he is in.

  • FIRST!

  • fyfe is killing me…
    playing or not… to trade or not?
    have him out for now along with heppel to bring in goddard and whitecross. am i stupid? tell me to hit reverse arrrgghhh

    • Mate, I’m doing something similar. Heppell to Goddard & Fyfe to Sidebottom. If you keep Fyfe you’re gonna have to for the whole year. His BE is huge so his price will come down even more if he plays.

      • why do you have to keep after this week… put your brain into gear or have magicly burnt 24 trades already… LOL !

      • I’d gladly keep Fyfe in my team for the rest of the year if he plays. I’m not going to make a premature, speculative trade on a guy who can average over 100

        • Dead right! I can’t believe all this talk about trading out Fyfe even if he plays! Should we trade out Waters because he might do his elbow or Malceski because he might do his knee!
          I hope he gets traded out of a lot of teams and becomes slightly unique.
          There is no way Freo would risk him, so I’m hanging on until I have to trade.

          • Bit of a difference in that Fyfe actually hurt himself last game and needs surger to fix at some point – where the others you mentioned have previously had the injuries and have already has the corrective surgery… apples v. oranges.

  • Okay, I’m still split over the Fyfe Decision, heres my thinking:

    So if Fyfe is named(if hes not it would be such an easier choice) my plan is keeping him this week, as Lyon and Fremantle wouldn’t play him unless he was 100% fit. If things don’t end well during the game and lets say he scores 60-70 i will still be able to afford Stevey J next week. But trades are so valuable this year. And if hes named with the vest we will know before the game :)

    If everything goes well, then next week i may be looking at:

    Dickson – Treloar
    Coniglio/Shiel – McDonald

    or even if things go badly:
    Coniglio – Treloar
    Fyfe swapped into the Middle to bring in someone like Ziebell or Barlow


    • Why would you trade out Cogs or Shiel for?
      They’re both starting hit their straps and should produce fairly consistent scores in the 70s.
      Like you said, trades are valuable this year – unless a rook is going to leak cash (Dickson), a sideways rookie trade is a waste.

    • Man no offence but your thinking is just bizarre. Why trade out your cows just when they’re starting to fatten?? Shiels getting better every week. I would have loved to have greene in my team for example but I certainly wasn’t going to burn a trade on it, and after last weeks 55 I feel a lot better about the call. I think over time he’ll come right back to the pack and will average similar to d.smith, shiel etc.. (maybe even less!) plus his JS isn’t as sure as those 2. Thats just an example. Yes McDonald looks to be a good pick up but you can’t have em all or come rounds 11-13 you’re gonna be in serious trouble if you don’t have plenty of trades to spare. This year more than any other is the year to guard your trades bigtime!

  • ok ross lyon is playing a mind game over everyone he isnt going to play fyfe so everyone should just trade fyfe anyway.

    and whats the point of keeping him one knock to the shoulder in the 1st quarter and hes out for 6 points has to go under the knife and you couldve trade him out this week and got more points but was stupid and was wrong.

    those are my 2 cents

  • When all you people trading out Fyfe reverse that trade when he gets named I don’t want to hear you crying about how “WTF It changed my captain, I really did have Gazza” again this week, and it cost me 70pts!

  • i’m hot

  • I only have Gaz out of Calvins top 5 so this week I’m rolling the dice and backing murphy against an undermanned essendon. You’ve gotta risk it to win the biscuit. Anyone got any stats on murphs vs dons or his record at the G? Thanks in advance

    • 78 in Round 3 2010, 86 in Rd4 2011, 118 in Round 18. All MCG. BE of 102 FYI

    • Hey Dools, if you have Gaz I would put the C on him over Murph ….Who BTW wil get his 110-125 but unless gaz gets injured I believe he will beat Murph by at least 25.
      Of course I am still sooking over captain pendles (made me lose every league match)and Collingwoods Ar$e reaming….so I will have Gaz as my Capt for ever…

      • Thanks heaps Tok for those stats, and mayhem you’re probably right. Those stats of Gaz are just a bit concerning, but then again so are Murphs! Possibly even thinking of going selwood but his start to the years been pretty slow. Can’t quite understand how Calvin put Gaz at number 1 given those recent numbers. Might have a little something to do with the fact he hasn’t scored under 40 posessions all year! Has me worried though, history has a habit of repeating.

  • hey guys,

    I was wondering for you opinion of Adam Treloars job security?

    Cheers in advance for the help!

  • Will be going Mitchell , Has a great DT score @ Paddie stadium / Western Oz teams & with Hodge back I see a tag going on him not Sammy.

  • Thoughts on Wilkes to Trelor using Smedts going Back

  • Thoughts on Wilkes to Trelor and puting Smedts down back
    Also who is a better pick to trade in for Fyfe – Zieball or Ward
    Cheers in advance

  • My concern with fyfe isnt actually about tonight. it’s more to do with the fact that if i dont trade him this week, he must stay in my side all year because he’s going to drop significantly in value for the next few weeks. He may get through tonight, he may even get a ton…but what about if next week and the week after he gets that bump on the shoulder we have been dreading and then that’s the end of him? then we have to trade him and for less then what he’s worth now! Ahhhhh so hard!