Lockout Chat: Round 3

Ah, finally… a new round and a normal one at that! We have just the one lockout and it’s a full one at 7:50pm tonight for the Carlton v Collingwood game. It is also the round that marks the start of the head to head competition in our leagues! Discuss the goings on of the round here.

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • Looking like taking away 2090 for this week, not bad after wearing Luey’s 7 & Pendles, Dusty and a few lower than expected scores from my rooks.

    Fortunately it looks like I’m tracking along better than a few people so hopfully don’t slip down too far thanks mainly to Ablett.

  • 2056

    Spewing, could have been on for something sweet but it wasn’t to be, below avg for some of my GWS and WCE players. Looks like Fyfe is gonski too. :'(

  • 2125 with a half from McIntosh to go.

    Looks like a win in all 5 leagues, nice.

  • The worst possible round from me. Injuries to Fyfe, Dempsey and Luey, shockers from Zaha, Martin, Pendles and Cloke, and sub par scores from everyone bar Ablett (who was not captain), Goddard, Deledio and Franklin gave me a 1674, shit. Thats 505 points LESS than last week. FMDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That sucks mate, makes my pain a lot less

      • Thank god I’m here to make everyone feel better, but yeah, unlucky I guess for this week. I’m gonna trade out Luey and Fyfe but I’ll comeback

    • I feel your pain with Luey mate. Fyfe as well, although that affects most. Two trades await…

      A lot of players were under par this round. Apart from most of the mighty blues players, Ablett, Boyd and Sidebottom to name a few others, most were average.

  • Won’t crack 2000 this week, currently on 1898 with Selwood in play. Could’ve have been 2000 if I’d played Bugg over Ellis and Smith over Kennedy. Very disappointed with only four 100+ scores this week. Any guesses on my weekly ranking? Should score around 1960 so I’ll say 30,000?

  • And so the Dylan Shiel train has left the station. His scores are only going to get better and better. Gun in the making.

  • thoughts on Dickson to Treloar

    • Do it. Was going to do it myself, although I traded in Cameron last week rather. Wish I waited, but thats DT for you.

  • Scored 2060 this week which will win me all of my leagues but you may as well rename my team swiss cheese with all the holes in it!

  • 1969 with fyfe zaha martin porps and magner doing crap fyfe an exeption put watson as captain over ablett so if i played my cards right wouldve got 2100+ but still happy with my score

    fyfe to robison then mzungu to barlow? for trades this week

  • lowest score on my bench was 52 with stephenson still in play but over that already. had 4 scores on my field under 50. still got 2112 no complaining

  • should I keep chappy? he is going to cost me money, though he’s scoring ok, not today though!

  • Need Selwood and HMac to finish on 201 between them and I win 4 out of 5 leagues.

  • 1967 all done. Had some shockers – fyfe, porps, magnet, kennedy. Had some injury disasters – fyfe and the Berger. But I had some performers who saved me from total disaster and gave me league wins- captain ablett, Boyd, buddy, lids, goddard, swan and my semi unique shuey.

  • Come on Joel selwood! 10 more points and I’ve won my first league match!

  • looking for a good forward have about 300k