Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 2

The weekly Fantasy Freako Rave from the team at Champion Data is available for download. The rave includes Dream Team scores and Time on Ground percentage which gives us the all important points per minute stats. The Freako also gives us some hot tips for each team as well a bit of info from the round just gone.

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DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Rd2.pdf


  • I love the Fantasy Freko Rave!

  • Great!

  • love your work.. but no BE’s this year??

    • Yeah where are the BE’s??? Maybe freako is going to charge a premium?? Seems many are now trying to make a buck out of the popularity of the game we love… and power to em! If anyone can provide a link to BE info for both DT and SC that would be great!

      • Answered my own questions – TS is the answer for BE’s… Don’t kill me DTT boys, I am still loyal to you!!

        • could be that Freako only does them after 3 rounds, as in only after the first price change…

  • Hay guys, i know this isn’t the write place but ii need some opinions
    What do you think of these trades:

    Tory Dickson -> Terry Milera
    Stephen Coniglio/Dylan Shiel -> Toby Greene

    • not sold on the Dickson – Milera trade everyone is talking up. Milera has played soft opposition so his numbers could be inflated and Dickson came on late and racked up some quick numbers…

      Coniglio to Greene could be worthwhile but depends how much you value a trade. Keep Shiel, he is only going to increase his output as he gets fit.

  • broughton to waters, good trade or bad trade??

    • It’s an ok trade. I wouldn’t say it’s a must and it really depends on how much stronger you think Waters will be over Broughton in the entire season. Personally as an Eagles fan, I like Waters but come seasons end I think Broughton will have sorted his average out.

      Remember if you put Waters in for Broughton, that means Waters has to be a keeper. You can’t touch that spot again. There are not enough trades.

  • Shaw – Lids
    Enright – Carrots

    Yay or nay?

    • only if you have the best rookies going around? If u have magner, bugg, kennedy and greene go for it. If you dont have at least 3 of them, use ur trades to secure your cash for further trades

  • Which player out of Toby Greene and James McDonald would be the best replacement for Luke Parker?

  • What do I do?

    Broughton -> carrazzo
    Coniglio -> Greene


    Broughton -> M Clarke
    Dickosn -> C Cornes

  • no break evens? or am i asking for to much

  • Need some help with trading. This is what I am proposing:

    This week – Out Shaw, In Waters
    Next week – Out C. Smith, In Barlow


    • barlows got a BE of 160, so you’d be better off leaving him out for a week or 2 more. Maybe Sloane or Scott Selwood instead?

  • Parker sell is a bit surprising. Considering his Pts per min is higher than Goodes with only 61% game time due to that injury.

    He was on track for a ton the first week. I’ve got Parker and I’m in no rush to sell.

  • Pretty stoked that only 1 of my mid pricers has flopped, yes Luke Parker, I’m looking at you. Question is though, rather than following the trend and downgrading to Greene (already have Magner, Coniglio and Shiel) what are peoples thoughts on De Boer from Freo, 2 90+ scores so far at 310k and have just enough cash in the bank for the upgrade.

    • Like I said above, I’d like to see 1 more game from Parker before burning a trade. His BE is fine, I already have Magner and Kennedy as back up in midfield.

      I’m holding for now. Only trade this week for me is Hall to Milera.

      IF parker shows no signs of improving , the smart move for me is to McDonald in game week 4 who looks just as good and is cheaper. Even if I miss the Greene boat it’s a solid option.

      • Im in the same boat with Parker – 1 more week to prove himself against the Power – if not down to Ole Mac

        2 trades this week im looking at Broughts to Waters & Golby to a Johnson. Lost all confidence in Golby

      • Problem is with waiting on Parker goes the option of bringing in De Boer.

        • I don’t think missing out on De boar is a big deal. I doubt he’d become a keeper anyway.

          Better to wait on Barlow.

          • agreed. price will drop and will be a nice upgrade target which you can sit with for the rest of the season. Burning trades getting rid of Parker with his low BE score this week. He has a lot of potential if you are patient i think

    • Smokey

  • Got 193k left.
    Broughton is SOOO gone its not funny. Swapping him for Lids.
    1.Get rid of Golsby for Waters ? or
    2.Clarke to make more $$$ once all settles down ?
    3. (lesser option) dump Dickson for a Cash cow with more JS ?

    • id say if you dont have adam kennedy get him in for dickson…if no I really like clarke

  • Great read freako, love how each team is broken up and all the raw stats are there. Insightfull information too.

    It is bitter-sweet though. Watching some players who let you down last year when you took a punt on them, start off so strong in 12 with roughly the same upside as previous. Ryder, Kennedy (syd) and Bartel were all players in my ’11 mid-price and they fizzed. Will be good to see them pump it, even though I haven’t got them this time around, they could be good uniques to build a team with, especially ‘bart, how hungry did he look against the hawks?

    Keep up the great work man.

  • Awesome an informative read every week!! Cheers Freako!

  • Should I trade shaw for goddard? Goddard is going up in value and shaw plummeting. Plus it seems smedts and c smith might be injured. Anyone hear about that?

  • Is it worth persevering with Kane Lucas & Dickson and save my trades???
    Freako says sell.

  • I luv it!!!!

  • So Guys what do you think

    Should i trade Enright to Deledio i know its a sideways trade but could be worht a few points in the bag