Beasts Of The East – Round 1 & 2

The first ever: East v West DT Talk League Challenge has commenced in 2012. I’ve put together a side from the East while the marvel that is Tbetta has put together a side from the West. Hopefully both sides can manage to pull off a few miracles this year! Feel free to follow the contest on Twitter: #BeastsOfTheEast vs #WestIsBest. How does your league compare?

The 2012 Beasts Of The East:

Round 1:

This is the perfect reason you shouldn’t beat yourself up to much! Whilst we had some brilliant scores, we also had a few sad efforts, myself included! Last years SuperCoach winner Jay pulled up very short with an 1889 while I nearly staggered over 2k but finally short on 1990 (a great omen for me being a Pies supporter). Great work to Stu for busting out a 2199 in Rd 1.

League Ranking: 245th

League Average: 2075

Team of the week: Stu (@StueyDen) 2199, Rob (@RainmanDT) 2195, Nathan (@hairybeard) 2193 and Sam (@sam_magpies) 2193

Needs to lift: Jay (@ImpromptuSC) 1889, myself (@Aki_DT) 1990.


Round 2:

Another lacklustre week by the #BeastsOfTheEast, but just goes to show how long a week in football can actually be! 4 teams were not quite able to crack the 2k mark whilst 5 teams managed to go over the 2100 line. I personally pulled my finger out (2196) from last weeks terrible 50/50 calls as well as Jay who was back in fine form with a 2138. Great work to Shaun who top scored with 2211. I won’t mention any names to the lowest scorer this week, Stu, but he did deliver the goods the week prior! Bring on Round 3 and the Head-to-Head matches.

League Ranking: 497th of 23769.

League Average: 2069

Teams of the Week: Shaun (@stkildathund) 2211, myself (@Aki_DT) 2196 and Sam (@sam_magpies) 2153.

Needs to Lift: Stu (@StueyDen) 1938, Rob (@RainmanDT) 1947 and Amanda (@amandamayall) 1957

Highest Ranked Team: Sam (@sam_magpies) and his team “BUCKS PREMIERSHIP!” is currently 2,231.

Highest Score Season 2012: Shaun’s (@stkildathunda) “Big Test Icicles” Round 2: 2211

Lowest Score Season 2012: Jay’s (@impromptuSC) “Impromptu SCE” Round 1: 1889.

Hopefully with the head-to-head’s this week, that will lift a few teams up as their competitive instincts come to the fore. Also, a bit of luck too! A special mention to Dunny and Mike for rubbing it in that the West are currently on top. Should back it up with an article! haha. Best of luck to everyone for Round 3.


Over to you @Tbetta9!




  • Nice Job guys.

  • Love the write up Neale. I love even more that johnny didnt take it upon himself to say “first” like a first class noob.

    Secondly I also love the fact that #WestIsBest is comfortably sitting on top of the table!!

    • Haha thanks Mike. Yes hats off to Johnny for not being a douche! Get the man a beer.

      Also, you wouldn’t want to fall behind over on the West, you might disappear!

      • At least if we fall over mate we can swim to South Africa, the best you can hope for is NZ….. Baaaaaa Baaaaaa Baaaaaaa Baaaaaa

        On a side note im not even in the league but im still going to do what I can to make sure that #WestIsBest is sitting pretty on top all year long.

        Looking forward to some good old fashioned sledging all year long.

  • Is this the first time the West has been in front in anything? Apart from specy mining stocks, and failed entrepreneurs that is.

  • Carn the mighty sandgropers!!!

  • You’ll have to do well to catch-up with our DT talk league

    after round 2, dreamteamtalk.comG are ranked 29th overall