The Sunday eve knee-jerk. Round 2 edition


The Sunday eve knee-jerk. Round 2 edition

 It’s always easy to knee-jerk after one round and say ‘he’s going’, ‘he’s gone’, ‘I’m getting him in!’ But what’s the point? If you have done any maths whatsoever in school you would have done a graph…. And to make a line on the graph you need at least 2 dot points. Can’t have any trends from only one piece of data… but now round 2 has been (mostly) played… We have 2 points! We can rationally knee-jerk somebody out of our team and have stats to back it up! Round 2 is one of my favorite rounds, because I know I’ve got 2 trades to spend on fixing any little stuff up or any missed rookie I want. I’m like a kid in a candy store and I know it’s acceptable to trade twice this early so I don’t have to feel guilty about it.

So, who’s biting the dust? Who’s joining the team? Let’s knee-jerk.

The Legend.

This rounds legend is undoubtedly James Magner but I can hardly wax lyrical about him for another week can I? He is on track for a Barlow like debut season, so let’s just sit back and bask in the 85k glory while I nominate somebody else. I’ll also add Jon Giles to this week’s legend list, again he is another budget priced pick who is delivering the goods. What makes him a legend this week is the fact a lot would have been using him as an emergency for the late withdrawal of Mummy, so cracking the ton was just the tonic. Personally I still want to see him perform alongside Brogan but to date he has delivered with the scalps of Mummy and Goldstien…and that’s good form in anyone’s books.

The Sunday chop.

OK last week the chopping block was an idle threat, no decent DT’er trades after week one but this week my axe is actually sharp and ready. I have been like the bull in the Bug’s Bunny cartoons sharpening his horns on the grinder to the tune of the menacing music. Squarely on the knee-jerk chopping block this week is Mitch Golby. Me and loads of others were fooled by NAB cup form. An expansive NAB cup Golby now looks to be lockdown player Golby in the Lions defence and that means suicide for our Dream Teams. I guess a little depends on what you actually expected from him, was he a cheap keeper or an expensive cash cow? For me… seeing the likes of Mohr and Clarke scoring the same or more than Golby for half the price pretty much seals his fate. GONE! The other obvious chop candidate is Greg ‘Midfield’ Broughton, it’s now obvious that Lyon is going to use him all over the shop. He will score some big scores but he will frustrate us all year with little ones in-between. We do not need this kind of player in our Dreamteam’s… GONE!

 P.S; we all know the week after we chop him he will score 140…. So if you manage to hold firm on this one, good luck to you!

The Clown.

This week I am going change the name of the clown award to The Honorary Mifsud Award in light of Jason Mifsud’s clown like behavior lately. This week I am going to give the Mifsud award to anybody who traded after round one that didn’t have an injury. How do these little nuggets sound for you? Lake turns a 29 into an 87, Callinan turns a 99 into a 21, Morris turns a 27 into a 77, Adcock turned a 125 into a 52… I could go on and on, but it’s needless to say that you can’t learn much from just one game, so to trade is a knee jerk act in the biggest sense of the word! What have we actually learnt from round two then? We have learnt that there is no rhyme or reason to this game, other than the fact that if a player has scored rubbish twice.. he can now justifiably go! …but if you traded last week… Clown. To be honest i would also like to nominate Beau Waters and Jack Redden for silly incidents that could see them get weeks but we will have to wait and see what the match review panel has to say about things.. so until then they are pending clowns.

The this game sh*ts me.

This week Dream team doesn’t really sh*t me that much. To be honest when I see the grief that a lot of other people are going through at the moment I can hardly complain. The thing about DT that kinda gives me the sh*ts is that it never spreads the pain….. The pain and turmoil always seems to be centered on one area… this year it’s the backs. We have under performers like Shaw, Broughton, Golby, Injuries or potential injuries to Duffield, Hargrave, Grimes, Potential suspensions to Waters, uncertain roles for the likes of Hanley, Adcock, Enright and dicky rookies that we have no faith in at all. So the simple answer would be to load up on Hawk and Carlton defenders right? Wrong…the byes will kill you… this is why Dreamteam sh*ts me.

So that’s about it for this Sunday night. I look to be heading for another 2100ish score depending on the game tomorrow, how about you? What knee-jerk thoughts do you have so far about the round just passed? Any nominations for Legend, Chop, Clown or why this game sh*ts you? Get it down now before we get rational again in time for Tbettas bullets!

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  • I thought I could, but I don’t have the stomach for the Broughton roller coaster.

    The two trades I’m looking at:

    Broughton to Clarke (or similar); and

    Hall to Chadwick

    Chad has averaged over 100 in 2007 and over 90 in 4 other years. His last few years were poor but that was because he wasn’t being utilised as the free man in defence. if Sheedy is going to use him for this role, then I reckon a 90+ average is on the cards for Chad.

    • I would love to do a similar trade but with Shaw instead of Broughton. However, I have Golby who I’m more keen to get rid of so I won’t have enough cash. Also I think Shaw can bounce back.

      They sound like very good trades to me. A lot of ball down back for GWS and 2 110+ scores from the Chad.

  • Well it’s quite evident that the main talks surrounding trades involve
    a) Golby
    b) Broughton
    c) Coniglio

    I have all 3 players, and am DEFINITELY trading out Broughton.

    However on the flip side, I currently have M. Clarke on the bench for the backs, as well as J. Magner on the bench in the mids, covering both players average performances. My dilemma is who else should i trade out, or should I not trade?

    My options: Coniglio –> Greene
    Golby —> C. Dempsey?

    Any comments more than welcome :)

    • golbys BE is still about 40 .. trading to dempsey seems a bit of a waste unless your considering him as a keeper? .. in which case go for it .. but Im not convinced

      definately convinced of conigs to greene tho .. Ive budgeted my trades so that I can use 2 just before round 3 to do some tweaks ..

    • Broughton’s potential is still quite high though, I got him last year when he was 291k and guess what happened? He increased his average back to 90odd before a poor finish to the year. I want to keep him in case he has a patch of form like that

      • @howler48 that’s also what i was leaning towards, just keeping golby and trading the other 2. Do you think it would be wise to play clarke over him for now?

        @deez go, i’m also hoping that broughton has these patches, however i’m just not willing to get 60-75s on a weekly basis when he has his average games. Also hoping to offload him due to the fact that he will drop so much in value. If he does improve, I may pick him up later in the season :/

        • yeah .. do the conigs and broughts trade .. nothing lost by keepin golby another week or 2 .. or if we get lucky .. maybe more than that!

  • No Big O for the Cats, only just realised, glad I didn’t pick him.

  • I’d expect West to start smashing out some decent scores now

  • Anyone think booting Shaw for Lids is worth it, almost a straight swap price wise and Lids is the better performer so far… ( famous last words)

    • why didn’t you have lids at the start of the year. Great trade anyway, lids is starting to play in the guts.

  • I hope Buddy punches someone out today and gets 5 weeks, I should have enough cash to get him in by then.

  • trade or keep golby?

  • If people love burning trades so much I think they should consider trading out mcdonald for greene. Your team will keep going up in value and then if still nothing from cogs you can trade him out in two week taking his first two (smallish) price rises to get mcdonald back in.

    Would I do this? Hell No, to me a trade is like gold and will be too vital later in the year to go and burn two.

  • would these trades be good for my team or bad?

    Who should i trade in 4 Broughton I already have bugg and ellis i want to have some1 cheap. (im not satisfied with morris yet)

    Also with one trade left and heaps of spare cash should i trade out Neale for Stanton?

  • Any news on when Trealor is gonna play
    Should I trade him to greene

  • Greene is no guarantee to be consistent. I would stick with Coniglio for now. At some point you just know Cogs and Shiel are gonna have a breakout score.

  • alrighty hale to kreuz

    he made it easy for me :)

  • Not happy with enright, a 38 followed by just 27 today at half time. Lewis is doing great though, 56 at half time.

    • Enright = awesome trade up target for Golby or Lake in half a dozen rounds when he hits his straps… obviously will need a little coin to do it.

  • I see quite a few people are considering the Coniglio -> Greene trade. But what if you had Wingard?

    I’m leaning towards trading Coniglio, despite his scores being greater than Wingard. If I trade out Wingard I will perhaps have too many mids with round 11 bye.

    So Wingard or Coniglio out? Or stay put? Is Greene not worth the trade?


  • argghh…. birchal!!! get the ball!!!

    this wet day is killing my score! people overtaking me and powering in front of me left right and centre.

    need a big second half.

  • after today’s performance, i’m thinking carazzo instead of birchall?

    • nah probs micheal doughty swap to him bloody gun

    • I would go Birchall still. Carrazzo has played Richmond and Melbourne, Birchall has played Collingwood and Geelong. And Birchall is picking up in second half of this match.

  • thoughts on who will average more out of waters and hargrave??

  • thoughts on who will average more out of hargrave or waters??

    • probably heath scotland out of those two

    • I think Waters will average slightly more. But Hargrave is cheaper and, with exception of last year, has proven to be much more durable than Waters.

      • yeah sorry about the double post, phone internet – thought it didn’t post

  • what happened to Stevie J? Left the room for about 10 minutes and see him hobbling on the bench? Get back on the field son!

  • Geez the points that Buddy would be on if he could take a mark and not give away frees!!!!!

  • Jack Redden for Josh P. Kennedy???

    Dylan Shiel for Toby Greene???

    • Honestly , If your swapping one GWS rookie for another GWS Rookie , you have already lost the game.

      Utter madness. Go ahead though.

      • unless its conigs to greene i’d say

        • nope, that’s the exact trade I’m talking about.

          A similar player playing in the same team 2 games into the season? Far too risky.

          What do you loose by holding out another week or 2?? You can make that same trade at round 4 or 5.

    • Dylan Shiel will get a ton this year & there’s been nothing wrong with him so far

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!


    5 shots that should have been goals in that last quarter, if they got even on they would have won!


  • I have goodes as a premo but after two below par scores im think of trading for zaharakis…. Especially with the Dons Vsin GWS this week thought please?

  • Went Cogs > Greene and Shaw > Goddard. Made $28, 800

    DEF: B Goddard, B Deledio, A Carrazzo, D Heppell, T Bugg, M Clarke, B Lake, B Ellis, S Darley

    MID: G Ablett, S Thompson, M Boyd, D Swan, J Magner, T Greene, C Smith, D Shiel

    RUCK: J Giles, S Mumford, J Redden, O Stephenson

    FWD: L Franklin, A Kennedy, T Cloke, S Sidebottom, A Goodes, D Martin, D Smith, A Hall, T Dickson

    My team before the head-to-head leagues.

    What do you think?

    • Nice team Very similar 2 mine. I have goodes 2 im gonna trade him out next round had a bad start 2 the seasson.

  • should i make these trades?

    Who should i trade in 4 Broughton I already have bugg and ellis i want to have some1 cheap. (im not satisfied with morris yet)

    Also with one trade left and heaps of spare cash should i trade out Neale for Stanton?

  • I don’t know what to do with my rookies. should i keep the following:

    Colignio, gibson, kobe stevens, buntine, blee, winderlich and hall

  • I don’t know what to do with my rookies. Who should i keep and who should i trade out and in:

    Colignio, gibson, kobe stevens, buntine, blee, winderlich and hall

    I would really appreciate help

  • whats everyone think of these trades:

    Dawes ———-> Kennedy
    Howard————> Suckling

  • Is Rockliff worrying anyone else as much as me, the fact that he is spending so much time in the forward line is a worry and sure he got 120 round one but that was playing forward against a hopeless Melbourne team. Having a muppet of a coach in Voss doesnt inspire me either. Im reluctant to trade but he is meant to be a premium midfeilder and Im not sure if he can do that playing from the forward line. (Ps With brown coming back in it ould change this but with Voss as coach who knows)

  • Where is all this talk about trading in Dempsey coming from? We are talking DT no? Dempsey is clearly a SC scorer. BE SC -43 with a 104 ave.. DT BE is 22 with an ave of 78??? So if you are looking for a DT backman look elswhere…Also why isn’t anyone looking at the DPP option of trading out Dickson for Greene??? just switch your midfield rooky. DPP like Kennedy,D. Smith,C Hampton,Treloar,Clifton,Couch etc to your FWD line and then trade out Dickson for Greene.. no Milera to worry about job security etc etc???
    . Just a something to think about..
    PS Patrick. Goodes has a bad start to every season… so he should never be in your starting squad unless you decide to keek him for every game..

  • How long does it take for the comment you make appear?