Partial Lockout 2: In Effect

The Richmond v Carlton game is underway so Partial Lockout #2 is in effect!

After all of that scrambling and waiting for subs, making sure our team is in position, etc… we can breathe our next sigh of relief. We only have the full lockout on Friday (at 7:50pm) ahead of us and all of our pre-season work will be over.

Alright – so who do you have locked in (and where) from the Tigers and the Blues ? Are you attempting any form of the loophole?

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  • 911 from 10, not bad.

  • Petrie, Sidebottom, Rioli or Lecras?

  • Happy with Gibbs and Carrots, pass mark just for Robbo.

    900/10, 10 Premos incl captain to play plus 2 mid pricers.

    • You could hit 2200, *awkward support for rainman shown*

    • Rapt for ya!!!
      So what colour? Keeping or selling? Personalized plates?
      Seriously tho,the statistical research you have done, & so generously shared with the best DT Community on the Planet has been phenomenal and you deserve every kick, hball, tackle, hit out…..
      your band of merry rainmen get!

  • 724 from 9 players so far. Probably below par. All my 5 premiums so far have either just done enough for an okay score or just been plain rubbish. So that hurts abit.

  • scotland piece of shit. 500k prem

    • could of been worse, was sitting on 51 in the 4th at some stage if i remember correctly

  • Pretty happy
    Have Deledio, Martin and Ivan Maric (yes, he’s my premium ruckman with three rookies)
    And Ellis on the bench

  • happy with Carrazzo and Lids. Dusty went missing then piled on 10-15 points and then went missing again.

    568/7 :)

  • I can’t see Ellis or Morris making cash for me so should I keep Hargrave as a smokie or pick up Marty Clarke as a cash cow?

    • It’s one game, stick to your plans. Morris and Ellis just played their FIRST games of AFL, Jono Brown didnt get a touch in his first. They will still be solid cash cows.

      • Just to add to that, they were playing on some of the best small forwards in the league. Still managed 20 in the last. Stick with them.

    • Ease up mate…..what happens next week when Bugg scores 25 and Ellis/Morris pile on the runs!?!?
      Go with your gut Chuck, but it’s only Round 1.
      Resist that scissor-kick from a knee-jerk! ;)

      • bugg won’t get 25 next week..
        ball is in gws defence too often.

        • If Bugg gets 97 again next week, i’ll eat my hat…..Giants will go well against Nth. Melb. next round. Sheed’s will work hard with them on penatrating their half-forward line much better!
          Brogan will come back and Giles will go forward for starters!

          • can i watch u eat ur hat if he does it? and what kind of hat are we talking here

    • Cheers lads, yeah I’ll stick to Hargrave then

      Thanks for knocking some sense in me! (although Marty does look tasty playing in the centres might I add)

  • 466 from 6

    1. Malceski, Nick
    2. Mumford, Shane
    3. Coniglio, Stephen
    4. Smith, Devon
    5. Martin, Dustin
    6. Deledio, Brett

    Annoyed I have Bugg & Kennedy on the bench.

    At least they are playing and scoring well.

  • Groan…. 747 from 9/23.

    10 premos, 3 smokies and 1 rook to come.

    Please let me get to 2100!

    Probably 2000-2050 on the cards now.

  • 11/899

    six GWS rookies but well done to Carrots, Martin and Delids

  • Played 4 premos so far and the top 2 scorers are still Bugg and Kennedy.

  • TitsCrew has 508 off 7 with Scottland letting me down ;(

    Tits Out!!

  • 528/7, EXTREME mid-price approach, & 2 premo ruck combo.

  • Couch or Zorko to get kennedy’s score?
    Couch listed emerg.
    Zorko has massive wraps and shud be fit “very very soon”

    • that too is my dilemma, atm have Couch coz at least he was named E, hopefully Zorko will wait a few weeks and get some 2s fitness then we can d/g to him

  • Played both Morris and Ellis….

    It stings…

  • U win some u lose some played macca over shiel and played Ellis over bugg..

  • Hargrave or Lake? The old guy has so much potential but so difficult to trust him to perform after last year.

  • Ellis you scared piece of shit! It’s just a a f#@%ing game of football for fs. No one would decry you the impetus to demand the ball at any stage! You make me want to f#@&ing puke! You’re the first spud out of my team! #asshole@you

  • 11/893 with hargrave and all premos to follow. Predicted 2100+ score woul be a good start to the season.

  • lol.

  • 3 premiums played 4 rookies and 2 mid pricers for 9/773

  • just 524/7 had shiel and ellis on the ground=74 pints, only 2 premos murphy and lids