The Sunday eve knee-jerk. (Soft Lockout edition)

The knee-jerk is back for another year, this time in a slightly different format. We will be running Sunday evening just after the round has finished… when the juices of emotion are still fresh and our knee-jerk tendencies are exposed for all to see. I’m sure after this first game most would be happy, the kids showed enough so not much knee-jerking to do I’d assume.

The Legend.

This rounds legend is36 year old James McDonald.  As we discussed during the pre-season the magical 30 year old barrier is a stigma but I reckon it’s all a bit of a furphy. Old Mac Donald shows no signs of slowing up just yet and looks to be the perfect sub 100k buy. Let’s take Ricky Ponting as an example of an old man hounded out of his job early. People think punter dropped off because of old age but I reckon it was something else. Ever since he started taking that wild krill oil he hasn’t made a run, I’d be blaming that sh*t first and foremost. Whales love that stuff and they are hardly known for anything but being lethargic… infact the last whale I saw to make a ton was Greg Ritchie and that was decades ago. So Old Mac just a small word of advice from your DT coach; if you start to feel tired or stressed, lay off the swisse mate.

The Sunday chop.

This section will be reserved for the player I most want to chop knee-jerk style at the end of the round. Obviously after only one game my chopping axe has not yet been wielded….. But beware spuds, I’ll take no prisoners.

The Clown.

This section will be reserved for the clown of the week. This rounds clown is myself. Seriously a personwho went to clown college and trained in the art of being a clown for 4 years, then graduated to a work at the circus supplemented by a weekend gig swallowing swords in the city mall……. Would still probably be less of a clown than me this week. I had Kennedy all pre-season then swapped him for Shiel at the last minute. One gets a ton, the other a scratchy 36. I know that Shiel may turn out to be a gun but it doesn’t make me feel any happier about it, in fact that’s what knee-jerking is all about, it’s not rational. It just what comes out.

The why this game shi*s me.

Why Dreamteam shi*s me will also be a regular topic on the knee-jerk this year because there will no doubt be countless reasons why DT shi*s me, but right now there isn’t a lot….. There are not many things unlimited trades can’t fix. However there is one little nagging thing that is Bugg-ing me. The AFL in their wisdom gave us the GWS and in the process gave as a plentiful bounty of cheap talent that all have job security, they can be used to fill any holes in our team. But they have added a nasty little caveat…… In their wisdom the AFL has fixtured GWS an entire week before any other team. So when we get the bad news of our rookie players not being named next week we will be frozen out from touching our GWS rookie bounty because they were locked into (or out of) our team a week earlier. This shi*s me.

So that’s about it for the first of our weekly Sunday eve knee-jerks. What knee-jerk thoughts do you have about the game just passed? Any nominations for Legend, Chop, Clown or why this game shi*s you? Are you contemplating butchering your team just to get a few 100’s off the bench? Get you knee-jerks down now before we get rational again in time for Tbettas bullets!

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  • Was very happy to see Giles score well against Mummy. Have Giles on bench at the moment (2 prems with $100k). Will be interesting to work out when to bring into R2. Should be a quick mid upgrade.

    327/4 rookies. Good start to the season. Hope it holds up!!

  • This is like a love-in…it’s freaking me out. After months of secrecy and conniving, suddenly everyone is…”open”…patting each other on the back and saying There, there.

    Here’s a huddle observation: When Sheedy was hosing down his players and they were all nodding profusely, JMac stood there stone-faced like a Christmas Island statue looking seriously pissed off…JMac for the big C with 30 possies and 10 tackles whenever he plays next!

  • TWO SPOTS LEFT 670555

  • Strongly considering picking a up a definite donut in my forward line in order to get Kennedy off my bench for this week.

    • Zorko, tweeted he’s pretty close to returning…might be round 2-3 :)

  • my bench is KILLING it -__-

  • My mate said to me that his assistant coach banner said… “Old Mac is playing Sydney next round, historically he doesn’t score as well against them”… So I ended up thinking I will put him on the bench and I did put him as an emergency! Not my mates fault, its me…The clown! Glad I have him in my team though!

    • Yeah, I noticed that too, but one has to remember, Old-Mac has been out of the game for a year and no longer playing for the ever low scoring Demons. Assistant coach is useful, not you need to read between the lines with it too sometimes.

      No doubt Assistant Coach will state “Scott Pendlebury traditionally scores well against the Bombers” what it will fail to state is: “If it’s ANZAC Day Captain Pendles and put money on him to win the Medal because he always rips it up on the ANZAC Day Clash!”

      There’s a reason why the Assistant Coach is still your assistant coach…
      Because it’s you’re DT!

  • Kennedy and mac as emergencies, smith and giles on the field, and shiel on the bench.

    All up i’m happy, but I missed Bugg! Doh.

    I’ll get him if he cracks 80 next round.

    Swans were terrible. I’ll be reserving my judgement on the giants’ competitiveness until they’ve played a few more games against decent oppo

  • Traded out Boyd & Porp for Ward & Gray
    – Win so far.

    Traded out Cameron for Kennedy
    – Win.

    Had Bugg, Old Mc and Kennedy on the pine and Sheil on the field (rookie mistake), and no emergencies
    – Dohh.