Bombers v Lions NAB Cup Review

I took the 5 minute walk round the corner to Visy Park to see Essendon Play Brisbane; it was a brilliant day for football, no wind, clear skies and perfect surface. Rather worryingly the line for hot dogs was longer than the line for beers so I just took the easy way out and drank myself full.

Just as the first quarter started I saw Rockliff walking the boundary in a red vest, I was close enough to hear him say to the doctor “it just hit me” I didn’t know what he meant but later I read he had a migraine. You didn’t need to see him again anyway, you know what he brings! For the bombers Colyer had a vest on and dell olio was kitted up as a sub also.

In the first quarter Brisbane were dominating possession but were just fiddling with the ball, they would have it for extended periods just chipping it around but Essendon would sweep out of defence and score a goal with more direct play. Golby and Hanley were getting loads of it for the Lions in their chipping play while for the bombers Watson was orchestrating everything in the middle and Dempsey was awesome carving out of defence. Hurley swapped his concrete hands from last week into sticky hands this week; he was strong at the contest and kicked a couple in the first quarter. Score was about 27-7 at quarter time.

In the second quarter the lions were noticeably tighter, the game turned into an arm wrestle between the 50s. Adcock was spending most of the time in the middle and along with Redden were tackling hard. Myers was strong at the stoppages for the bombers. Heppell seemed to have a roaming role starting on a wing.  I know Merrett was just getting miles into his legs but he looks really good as a forward! While Hurley was dominating I had to check myself and remember that he was only playing on goose but in the real season he would have Merret on him. Stanton was everywhere this quarter just loitering outside the contests getting easy ball.

The game begins to get hazy now, my beer cup stack was getting higher, Longer took several strong grabs in front of goal but kicking was lacking. He looks ready to play right away though. As the game progressed I was watching less of the game and recalling more drunk anecdotes with my mates however I did notice that Essendon’s game style didn’t change… they were sweeping out of defence in numbers and going direct to Hurley or Crameri. Conversely the lions kept possession slowly chipping it around.. But would inevitably lose possession with a poor disposal along the line.

Essendon went onto win by 50+ points.

What did I learn?

Brisbane will play a DT friendly game this year

Longer is ready to play

Golby and Hanley will be great rebounders

Dempsey should be considered for the bombers

Ryder still looks hungry

Adcock and Heppell were playing mostly in the middle so could be handy OOP picks

Hurley is a monster but I still wouldn’t pick him for dt

Zaharakis scored 100 but I didn’t see him once!

Luenberger is a monster and will go well this year

Disappointed Dell olio didn’t get a run.

Beer + hot dogs + football make the best day!

That’s about it for this semi half arsed review, if you have any particular questions ask in the comments or tweet me!


I’m off to play golf today rounding off the perfect weekend…



  • Im seriously considering Golby and Dempsey for the sake of not just having Saints, Tigers, Dogs and Giants in there!! What are the wraps on Golby like?

    • Golby has been a massive surprise for everyone and I think most people are too skeptical to pick him up. “Its only NAB CUP” you’ll hear them say. I was at the Lions and Crows game and really regret not watching him.

      His biggest threat is Voss getting sacked and a new game play coming into the team. Smaller threat is a tagging forward.

      ….I just dont know. Whilst writing this reply i have gone back and forth a dozen times. Someone else try and clarify….

  • Hanley reported, but didn’t look to be too much in it?

    Not sure if I want him to get cleared, or rubbed out.

    Was going to be my unique, but now is in a bunch of defenders that I’m struggling to pick from.

  • I’ve been scared off Rocky as I wanted to see how he played against a full strength team, going over to Scotty Thompson after that brilliant performance last night.

    • can’t go wrong with scotty thompson ronaldo but dont discount rocky after yesterday. the next dane swan of DT!

      • Not often I disagree with the King but I reckon S Thompson is a great option and if it means there is no room for Rocky then so be it.

  • Hey what happened to Rocky? Was he just rested? Or was he injured pregame?

  • Migrane or something else?

  • nice work adz, nothing like a boozy day at the footy! Did Watson look like he was moving freely the whole game? He pulled up a bit short last week as if he’d hurt his hammy a little after a shot at goal, definitely cause for concern with him…

  • Ryder would probably make my team if he was dual-position. It’s kinda strange that he isn’t, considering he’s one of the most versatile players around.

    Golby’s job security I would worry about when (if?) Drummond is fit to return.

    Heppell’s played the last two matches in the midfield, but he hasn’t been able to rack up a big score in either game, which is a bit disappointing.

    Did you happen to notice Beams much?

    Cheers for the write-up.

  • So is anyone taking a punt on Golby?