Collingwood Magpies: AFL Dream Team Picks

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2012 season.

Aki’s five from the Pies.

1. Scott Pendlebury (MID), $576,900.

Pendles has been a favourite in my household since the get-go, I have picked him in every team I have ever had. I always said to myself, one day he will average more than Ablett and he proved me right last year. I’ve even been fortunate enough to sit down with the bloke and talk about footy, he is a pure professional. With all that being said, and with maybe a little bit of bromance getting in the way, he is the first picked in my Dream Team: “anNEALEiation”. The Magpies are set-up so Pendles can have maximum impact with his disposals and game sense. He will be in positions to have an impact on the game as much as possible and this year it’s going to be no different. You can’t tackle him, so don’t worry about the tag. They are too busy trying to keep up with Swanny. Lock this guy in now.

2. Dane Swan (MID), $598,300.

Dane Swan is the heart and soul of Calvin’s Captains. Why? Because he is the biggest ball magnet the DT land has ever seen and you are stupid if you don’t consider him with the magical “C” each and every week. The brownlow medalist hasn’t had much of the footy during the NAB Cup. Do we really read into that? After the 1st round win over GWS in the NAB, Swanny was interviewed and didn’t even know they Pies won. Last year in the NAB he averaged about 20 possessions a game. Then between rounds 1-4 he averaged over 30. Dane Swan does not care about the NAB Cup. The dilemma I have come across is what most probably have. You are going to find it tough to pick Pendles and Swan from Round 1, as the bye is going to hurt a lot. Plus Swanny is very pricey. Do we try and get him in after the Pies bye in Round 12? Or do we go with the DT Gold from the start? If I can upgrade a rookie well before the bye and get Swanny cheap, that’s my ideal scenario. The dice is ready to be rolled.

3. Steele Sidebottom (MID/FWD), $428,00.

Rusty Frontbum has had a lot of DT Talk coverage this year, so it is only fitting I put my two bobs worth in when it comes to the Iron Backside. Buckley loves him and he is in the Pies best 10 players. He has been training with the midfield group, has had a very solid preseason and was the best performer on Friday night in the NAB Cup loss to Adelaide. Is he going to pump out 100+ weekly? I doubt it strongly. What he will do this year, is besides adding flexibility to our DT side’s with his DPP. He will bust out some big scores and be a regular contributor. If he was around $300k, he would be considered a lock in mid-pricer. $428k is a bit of risk, but I think this year, Steele will reach another level and Gettt Upppp.

4. Heath Shaw (DEF), $454,000.

A lot of people will cringe at his name and curse him for letting us down at the end of most years. For me, I am thanking him for getting the “shaw rule” put into DT this year. The rule of course being the ability to undo the trades you use during the week if you need to. I am not going to harp on about his misdemeanours, that’s been done to death. Heath Shaw will predominantly play off the wing and float across the half-back line setting up the Pies in attack. They will play a lot more direct footy this year, so expect Heath to be fed a lot of handballs and burst forward. He is a fantastic player and I am predicting he will have a much more consistent year this year. I’d put money on it. I do worry about his lack of  have any achilles when he runs or the thought his lower back will compact down turning him into a dwarf, but I am sure the medicos at Collingwood will keep him in good order.

5. Alan Didak (FWD/MID), $363,700.

If it was not for injury, Dids would easily be my number 2 selection. He is a marvellous player and had a bad run with injury the majority of last year as he had a very disrupted preseason in 2011 due to having the old Pec reattached to his chest. Remember this guy is a lot tougher than people think. He plays through a lot of niggling injuries that keep a lot of players out. Didak’s pre-season this year was flying along and his form of 2010 was looking like returning. Yes he has had a minor set-back hurting his adductor during training, but he is back out on the track and a Round 1 starts does look possible. He will hit his straps and dominate at some stage. I always want to start the season with 30 fit players that are ready to go. But even sometimes if does pay to grab someone you are going to bring in Round 2 or 3 if he comes in and looks the goods.

OTHERS ON THE WATCHLIST: A few players I must quickly throw in there. Dale Thomas (MID) $509,200 would be a lock if he was a FWD. Dayne Beams (MID/FWD) $502,800 has been mentioned with Sidebottom this year with his DPP and improvement but purely missed out on my top 5 due to him not training with the midfield group and being a little more pricey this year (and more expensive than Steele). Rookie Jarrod Witts (RUC) $98,700 has been all the rage down at Collingwood, but he may not be a regular as of yet. Another rookie Peter Yagmoor (DEF) $98,700 has looked great and been spoken of highly so far this pre-season and might sneak in the the Pies 22 a fair bit. Last but not least, is the Irishman, Marty Clarke (DEF) $141,500 who might take a little bit of time to get back into the system, but once he does, he will be a very important player down at the Pies.


Magpies DT TALK League: 518390


  • What is Pendles / Swan break even to retain their value after 3 rounds???

    • Dane Swan needs to average 123 over first 3 rounds.
      Scott Pendlebury needs to average 117 over first 3 rounds.

      The rest is too hard to predict with the “predicted scores” and how much changes over the first 3 rounds.

      First 3 games for the Pies are Hawthorn, Richmond, Carlton where Swan averages 102, 103 and 110.
      Pendlebury averages 95, 90, 100.

      Take outta that what you will!

      • My thoughts are these two are elite guns who’ll look after you all year. Even if they drop a little, the trading required to bring them in will be substantial and I would rather use those trades on u/g other positions and for injuries/finals times. This is why I am starting with Swandlebury.

        • thx Aki – JCPP agree with the increased values of the premos and the need this year to play more rookies than have them on the pine me thinks you can only afford 1 of them

  • Good picks Aki. Pendles and Sidebottom for me this year.

  • Finally managed to join a DT Talk league!

  • Are you saying Marty Clarke wont play round 1?

    • There is a fair chance he might not start Round 1 with his current hamstring complaint. Hasn’t had enough gametime in the NAB/Practice Matches yet.

      • Thought he went ok last week and is being ramped up for R1. Might be an early kermit until he gets full fitness is my concern, but can’t see him not playing. Am thinking that he would have a pretty low b/e.

      • Hey Aki, Good write up mate. Just a quick question.

        What do you mean by ” who might take a little bit of time to get back into the system” In regards to Marty Clarke.

        • System being, the regular grind of the AFL. He might be used as a sub, might get a break here and there from games. But once he is ready for full 4 quarters he will be picked every week.

    • I hope that Yagmoor might get a guernsey for round 1.
      I also have Pendles, Heater and Sidebottom.

  • go pendles for No.1
    he was a brilliant alternate capt towards end of last season.

  • Great stuff, I was wondering where you were about Aki. You doing your regular trade discussion this year?

    • Hey Ace. Yes I am looking like taking the reigns again of the Stock Market. I have a few different ideas I am currently going over as there are so many brilliant writers on here, I like to have my own edge.

  • Got Swan and Sidebottom at the moment, Swan vs Pendles….Pendles vs Swan its still a tough one. The only thing Swan has done to impress this pre season is score 61 in a half in round 3, hopefully he might put 80% effort in this week to show us something at least to show why we should pick him at close to $600k

  • Great write up mate. I currently have Swan, Sidebottom, Shaw and Clarke.
    I have put together a side which I think will be close to the team we will pick for round one..
    Thats if Didak, Johnson and Beams all miss through injury which I think they might (hope I’m wrong!).
    With all the injuries we have I am pretty sure Clarke will play (unless he has injured himself again and I don’t know about it??).

    B: Toovey, Tarrant, Maxwell
    HB: Shaw, Reid, O’Brien
    C: Thomas, Swan, Wellingham
    HF: Clarke, Dawes, Sidebottom
    F: Blair, Cloke, Fasolo
    R: Jolly, Pendlebury, Ball
    INT: Goldsack, Wood, Yagmoor
    SUB: Sinclair

    • Hey mate, How confident are you that Yagmoor will get games? Will he go round one you reckon? Or is it best to stick with Clarke? I don’t quite know what Aki means in the article by “who might take a little bit of time to get back into the system, ”

      Thoughts would be highly appreciated.

      • Yagmoor will play round one but only because of injuries mate. I wouldn’t pick him, he will be in and out of the side all year. Clarke is a much safer bet. Bucks loves him and he did everything he could to get him back to Australia. He is 24 so he is mature aged. He will smash out 80s an 90s every now and again but he will probably be more of a 70s scorer. Still good for a guy at 141k!

        Saying all that my only worry about Marty is his JS. Once Dids, Johnno and Beams come back the three guys I would take out of that side would be Sinclair, Yagmoor and one of Clarke, Blair or Goldsack…. At this point probably Clarke. But the good thing is he will have a few weeks to prove himself. Hope that helps mate.

        • I agree with everything tis fine fellow pies supporter says (including the predicted team) except the predictions of Clarke’s likely scoring and JS. By the back half of the season he will clearly be in our best 15 players IMHO. Give him a month to find his feet and he’ll score over 80 for the rest of the year.

          • I hope you’re right mate! If Clarke can fire, average 80 and become a top 15 player at the club Buckley will be a genius :) but I can’t really see Clarke doing that. I guess time will tell though.

    • No love for Nathan Brown??

      • He is another one who hasn’t played a game in the NAB Cup yet.
        Nobody loves Brownie more than I do.
        I will never forget those two great Grand Finals when he slaughtered Riewoldt.

        But lets face it, even if he is fit for round one I don’t see how you can fit Reid, Taz and Brown along with Maxy and Goldy in the side. Too many tall defenders. Reid and Tarrant would be ahead of him.

        • Don’t think Buckley will let Tarrant keep Brown out of the team. Brown and Reid are the spine of our backline for the next 7-8 years. I could see Taz being redeployed in the forward line…

          • Can’t really see Taz going back up forward. There was a reason why Mark Harvey chucked him down back, he wasn’t getting a game at Freo as a forward and it looked like his career was over. He is such a soild defender now. Buddy says he is the toughest opponent he has played on. That the greatest compliment anyone could have. I agree that Reid and Brown will hold down our backline for years to come but our premiership window is now and we need to pick our current best 22 and I believe Reid and Tarrant down back is the way to go.

        • i believe that both brown and taz can play in the same team moving reid to a more loose role giving further ability to utilize his elite kicking skills (would have to say he is prob top two kicks at the pies). Maxwell was down late last year and will never get kicked out of the team as long as hes captain n we need his leadership skills and goldsacks an interesting player as he can play a utility roles filling in where there are weaknesses or injuries.

          • Hmmm maybe. Like I said about Clarke, only time will tell.

          • Interesting with the ‘buddy says Taz is the hardest opponent’ cause Judd and Ablett both rater Robert Shirley the hardest tagger in the game and at the end of that same year they made those comments Adelaide delisted him. Never could work that one out.

  • Couple of Pies will be lining up for me just decisions….

  • Thoughts on Sharrod Wellingham? Is he destined to be a bit player, or will he breakout and become a star?

    • Wellingham will probs get 150 the week that two of Swan, Pendles and Thomas are having a rest, possibly in Arizona. Other than that he will get 90s, and 70s. There just isn’t enough footy left after those three, Ball, Beams and Sidebottom have had their fill

  • Anyone got a pies league that works, the one in the article didn’t work for me.

    • Hey SH, I think if it doesnt work it means its full already. I really wanted in on this one, I just hope all the guys who joined are true Pie supporters!

      Great write up on a great team too Aki :) GO THE PIES!!

  • Conceptually, why is having both Pendles and Swan a bigger problem in R12 than having Pendles and J.Selwood, who also has a bye that week? Most of us will have 4+ premiums in the midfield by the time R11 rolls around, so at least two premiums are going to share a bye in the mids.

  • any swans supporters who finished in the top half join my league!!!

  • Thoughts on Thomas?

  • Don’t currently have any Pies. Heater might make the team, not really convinced about anybody else.

    • You can debate Swan v. Pendles pretty much forever, but having neither is…umm…an interesting ploy.

      • I don’t think either of them is essential. I’d go as far as to say that because of Collingwood’s planned resting policy I don’t think either will be the highest scoring player this year. For that kind of money I want 22 games at 120ppg, and I doubt either of them will deliver.

        • I can see your point however if you weigh up how many games they will be rested in (which is unsure and shouldn’t be that many) with the points they pump out, surely they will both finish in the top 5 mids on points and averages, barring injury? In believing that they will both finish in the top 5 mids I reckon they would be both be essential. Well at least one of them…You raise a good talking point though giants!

          • For 600k I don’t want top 5, I want number one by a country mile, and if the Pies are going to rest players like they suggest they will, neither will produce that.

            If a player plays 20 games at an average of 120, that’s 2400 points. 2400 over 22 weeks is 109ppg. Granted that doesn’t account for cover (assuming you have any), but that’s a pretty heavy loss. And considering Collingwood’s bye, what’s the chance Swan is soaking up rays in Arizona when you need him most?

          • So there are 6 midfield spots to fill, all with the elite guns by years end. Surely then if you traded them in and out and back in again at certain stages you could essentially benefit. I reckon at some stages they are essential. For example swan at the start of the year before soaking up rays in Arizona. And Pendles most of the year I reckon he will challenge for the elite position.

      • Starting with Swan and trading him out mid-year is actually a pretty interesting idea.

        I don’t think either is essential though.

  • My five would be (in order of lockedness):

    1. Marty Clarke

    2. Scott Pendlebury

    3. Dale Thomas

    4. Travis Cloke

    5. Steele Sidebottom

    Swan is essential in your side – at some stage. I started without him last year, saved 100K plus made some cash with Nathan Foley who I had instead. I missed those big scores at the start – but I also missed the rot. I know folk who started with him, sold him and then bought him again lol. See you in Round 13 Swanny.

    Franklin and Cloke will be the two top ranked forwards at the end of the year. One is apparently compulsory, the other is decidedly unique. I’ll have both thanks.

    Thomas is my DT pet. For the last two years he’s been in my side from Week 1 and been a nice point of difference until the planet catches on and every bastard buys him. Then over the offseason everyone forgets. He’s 100K cheaper than Swan but I bet their scores don’t bear that out…

    • Cloke is a gun… he is unique because he isnt a FWD/MID Dpp. I agree with you though that he will be up there with a high average at the end of the season. Also agree Daisy is flying under the radar!

  • Just created a league for DT punters with black and white blood running through their veins, its called DT Pie-men ……please only COLLINGWOOD supporters that treat DT like a religion.

    Code ………… 856108

  • The letter ‘I’ is has been abused in this article :)

    Smokey: Jarryd Blair to average 80+

  • I have shaw in, pendlebury/swan will be up grades later. Yagmoor would be good as my 4th rookie.

  • Just not able to fit in Swan or Pendles yet. Had Pendles from the start last year instead of Swan and regretted it early but faith was repaid!

    Clarke is in and out of my side and would also like to have Thomas in but not likely atm :(

  • Have Heater, Sidebum & Yag.

    Was going for the Swan/Pendles double but have decided to wait for round 13.

    Daisy a favorite and would take him as a fwd lock, but just can’t fit him in the mids.

  • Funny you sayin that “taz was the hardest opponent” for Buddy.
    I remember Buddy sayin the same thing about Glass not that long ago.

    Anyway, what’s the word on Chris Dawes?
    Last season his average was huge ffor quite a while – until he got injured and it dropped like a rock.
    Is he worth a pick?

  • You guys are crazy not having swanny,

    I hope he craves it now..

    I have them both and very very happy

  • Good news for Giles………..

    Greater Western Sydney coach KEVIN SHEEDY says his side will be
    without five or six of their most experienced players in the
    round-one AFL clash with Sydney.
    Among the absentees will be midfielder LUKE POWER, ruckman DEAN
    BROGAN (both hamstring) and forward SETANTA O’HAILPIN (cork).
    SHEEDY has confirmed rugby league convert ISRAEL FOLAU will
    definitely face the Swans.

  • there’s one spot in the DT TALK PENDELBURY league

  • im going pendles over swan and bagging the 20k, hard decission though :/

  • Thanks for the info, is Clarke likely to play the first round?