Don’t pick him…. he’s rubbish!

It’s that time again, the time when we all move from being a friendly helpful part of the DT community into a snarling dog protecting his food bowl. He’s my Smokey..… All mine, you can’t have him!

Each day now every little task is a stressful exercise.  Wake up, open the paper…. Please don’t unearth my Smokey; please don’t do a story on my unique…. Phew. Another day passes, only a few weeks to go.

Log onto the websites… Another article is up on DT Talk… slowly work the mouse down… hasn’t mentioned him yet, nothing yet…Yes! Another day passes and my Smokey stays Smokey.

Next day article, please don’t mention him, ple….. F%*k!  He’s been mentioned!… OK, just wait, hopefully nobody takes any notice. There’s a reply, two, three… This is getting risky; the band wagon is leaving the station… He will be at 20% ownership soon!  OK spin machine, time to kick into gear! I reply with “nah he’s injury prone as! I wouldn’t touch him… didn’t you see him last year? The other guy is going to take his spot…not even best 22…actually I want you to pick him, makes my job of winning the car easier”

First reply comes in…. “Oh yer, he’s rubbish that guy”. Phew, my self-preservation is ensured for another day. I feel like a pirate trying to protect the hidden treasure from all the savages, sending them all on bum chases for coconuts and rocks. The prospectus is the treasure map but do they know how to read it? …and all this treachery for what? Obviously he’s a Smokey for a reason, I mean if he was guaranteed to be a gun he would be in everyone’s team already.  The truth is I’m stubborn, I want the glory! I wanna be the guy that picked the Smokey break out gun from the start! Even though I know at years end everybody is going to say they picked him anyway…..everyone’s a hindsight genius. But if this guy bombs and uses a burnt trade for a 100k loss he was mine and mine only.

Before you look down at me… I know you all do it, I know you all lie and cheat and manoeuvre around situations to keep your interests intact! Sometimes it’s worse than watching politicians… watching us lot trying to hustle and scam when a particular player gets mentioned.

Next weekend will be another round of NAB games and another chance for our Smokey’s to be smoked out for all to see. Can we possibly down grade a player’s great performances in a full length game? I mean the tried and true excuses from the short games like ‘pfft 40 mins of football ‘ or ‘mickey mouse rules’ won’t work this weekend, need another set of excuses to explain why my Smokey wasn’t as good as he looked.

So remember with a month to go… don’t trust anyone! Chook, Warnie, Roy, Calvin and co’ excepted… Or are they?


  • okay… Interesting article

  • What up

  • Hahahahaha…….I have 2 of these types players :-)

    Ive seen them mentioned once or twice in peoples teams(one team even had both *shakes fist*) but Im yet to see them get much attention.

    Only a couple more weeks to go before I can relax :-)

  • Gary Ablett sucks camel dick

  • Just don’t put a cookie cutter team up again….My 3 smokies will get through.

  • I’ve got two or maybe three that ahven’t been mentioned

  • Chris Masten is in for a big year. He is one helluva Smokey. Get on board (if you want to lose all your league games)

  • What makes matters even worse if when your smokies that you’ve had locked in all year DOMINATE in the first game of the year. Smokie no more :( There are 2 of you, yes I’m talking about Simon Prestigiacomo and Israel Folau! DAMN IT!

  • I hear Sloane meantioned alot lately as a potential mid on the rise. He has all the criteria, is playing in a struggling side with only a couple of other guns. See how the rest of his pre-season goes. Hartlett for Power is another who will go bang soon, just hope his body holds up, has a history of soft-tissue injuries.

  • Bring a touch of falafel flavour to your team…

  • I think there should be some differentiation between a basement priced smokey and a mid priced smokey. Maybe we could call the pricey ones “CUBANS”. With that in mind here are a few cubans worthy of a discussion

    PETRENKO — Adelaide —- Mid — 0.4% ownership
    HAWKSLEY — Brisbane —- Def — 0.9% ownership
    GEARY — Saints —- Def — 0.5% ownership

  • wont say mine
    thers a red head demon and a gun lion
    anyone know??

    • I’ll wait with BATEd breath until you tell all even if my BROWN eyes turn blue?

      • haha got the ranga mate
        the lion is SUPERPREMO only in 3% of team

        • More like if your eyes REDDEN.

        • Rocky has been way under-loved at this stage. Bet a few big pre-season scores will change that. Tbetta showed the other day that Glass from WC is getting more picks. WTF?

          • I hate to say it, but there is a reason that Rockliff is fairly unique, and Redden even more so. They are both priced at close to 110 off the back of one good year. Are they more likely to top 120 or dip under 100? Not that I don’t love them, but its very hard to pick one over Pendles or Swan.

    • As long as you don’t blab about the red head lion

  • Think your smokeys can cut the mustard. Join league code 914591 and find out how your boys shape up in the big smoke.

  • Apparently Nahas has a long shlong.. Get on board?

  • Nice write up Adz.

    Damn you Rory Sloane.. We had a deal…you were meant to stink it up in NAB.

    That is all!

  • Does anyone know if Skinner will get some early games with the dogs?

  • how many people will be changing there side on thursday nite and friday when there is 8 games on not many rookies will play round 1 outside gws

  • Will you be my Ballantyne ?

  • Beam or M.Robinson ?

  • How do you see the % of selections ??

    • By getting the Assistant Coach!! Well worth your $20 for the season! ;) …plus you get articles all through the week from us!

      • as soon as i can steal my credit card back from the wifes purse im all over the assistant coach bandwagon.

  • Note to self: Check out all the players Adzman has been rubbishing.

  • warnie !!! i have brought assistant coach …….

  • fantastic ……….. thank you and keep up the great work been following this site for past 3 years :)

  • double, triple, quadruple bluff maybe?

  • I don’t know about “it’s that time again”. I’ve been defending even my slightly uniquish locks since December. Mwahahaa

  • Nice article Adzman…..very appropriate indeed, lol.
    I think that most peeps that contribute to the site aren’t too fussed with seeing Smokies in other teams.
    For me, it’s kind of reassuring that I MAY have nailed it! (Unlikely tho!)
    Sure there will always be the ultra competitve types that wan’t every edge they can get, but in reality, how many “smokies,” do you need to pick to get that advantage- more than 1 or 2 imo.
    Then you’ve got to be spot on with rooks and players that provide value for your buck!
    But yeah, I do find it most amusing when I read stuff like….”F@#K,” now everyone will have him!….”

    Way toooo many other factors in this great game of DT to worry about how popular a player I consider a smokey, pops up in other teams. :-)

  • is that a picture of Heath Shaw with the local TAB manager up the top of the article??

  • This is true. For example the teams list with the highlighted players. Didn’t see some of my smokies highlighted so rather then some saying “no love for such and such” I just left it and smiled quietly to myself.

    I think we are happy to help with the regulation picks but any advice in rookies or mid priced players my lips are sealed.

    • Haha. Exactly…. firstly, can’t highlight everyone… but as well, there are some who are on our radar that we didn’t highlight deliberately. But at the end of the day, if a player is on our radar as a smokie… and they do well, we will certainly be reporting it on here or over on DT Assistant Coach!

  • I’ve never done this. I have no idea what you are talking about. Must be all those other dishonest scum you see around these parts. Me? No sir!

  • Do you think M. Murphy is a lock?

  • I have seen many teams put up in the “my team” section and bang, there they are one, two or sometimes all three of the smokies I am watching and the know alls that know nothing (you know the ones I am talking about) bag the phuck out of them and the poor punter goes back to the cookie cutter team, thinking he is a moron, which is good for the Magpie Mayhem and his smokies :-)
    Let me tell you the perfect cookie cutter team all over this site will get you a good start but the right rookies and a few uniques/smokies as well as the premiums will give you the edge.
    Oh yeh I forgot the part about a lot of luck……

  • This site should go offline from the beginning of R4 of the NAB cup until Round 1 Lockout is over.

    People would go nuts having to work out their final teams themselves lol.

  • Analysis and its big brother, over analysis, are just good for everyone. There’s mention of a guy who racked up big numbers, someone says No job security. A player has a very good game, someone else says He’s too expensive. A third of most people’s team is composed of risk whether they know it or not. I’m still trying to get my head around how three of the rook priced players I liked most have barely been mentioned so keep it up people!

  • Birchall not in many teams, more people have Burgoyne over him. Defenders looking very interesting. Hogan looks solid @ 23, only owned by 2.3% of teams. Mitch robinson in 4.4% of teams!? Zaha and sidey both on 9ish while martin looks the most prefered upcoming mid/fwd with 30%.

  • Wellingham is my personal Smokie, owned by less than 1% of teams, MORE PEOPLE HAVE FRKN LRT OVER HIM. Btw – less than 1% have Stanton.

    • You’d think with the number of Pies players going down that some opportunities could present themselves!

  • Defenders are gunna make and break DT teams this season, I have 2-3 smokies in defence who are still in covert opps, and one fwds, if you can’t get a good midfield or ruck with whats on offer this year, go and play golf….

  • Dane swan has got ink and leather poisoning. stay away fellas

  • Why is the no mention of j.watson this year?

  • Sshhh. Old hammy Joe is no good :)

  • Get around Jobe watson! if it wasnt for him being injured half the season he would br 550PLUS! he’s set for a massive year and will finish in the mid 500 region!!

    • Much clearer if you talk in terms of average points scored then finishing price my man.
      But in my opinion theres many more obvious choices who will score better!