Who are you going to NAB?

OK it’s almost time… all this rubbish posturing is nearly over. People posting their teams and saying “This is it! Final team!!” …are you mental?  At least after this week we will have an actual reason to tinker, an actual reason to like rookies, I mean every single player in the league is flying right now, they are having the best pre-season ever… right? Well after this weekend we will know…. well we will know a little bit more about who we want.

So what am I looking for in this first round of NAB games?

Richmond v Nth Melbourne v Hawthorn

Fair bit going on with the tiges that I want cleared up a little bit. Who plays the better DT game, Ellis or Morris? I hear Ellis is already taking the kick-ins, that’s a good start son! Is Newman playing on a wing? How about Riewoldt, is he camped in the 50 or is he roaming up the ground getting stats? Is Big Derickx looking good for a game in the ruck or forward or not at all? How’s Maric looking?… better than the guy that Craig David berated in front of the world? …. Is Dusty Martin busting out of the middle and doing DT god like things? And lastly how are they preparing for their 9th place finish?

A few tidbits at Arden St that need clearing up also… Is McIntosh getting much middle time or is it being hogged by Goldstein? I hear HMac was the dominant big man in the intra club scratch match…. That’s a good start for a bargain! I also want to see if Sierakowski can do what he couldn’t at the hawks… nail down a running back spot. Sam Gibson dominated the scratch match…. Is he barlow 2.0? And the big one…. is ziebell about to break out?, ill be watching like a err hawk.

Not much at the hawks, if anything I just want to see who ends up playing further up the ground out of Suckers or Birch now that the regular defence has returned. Small watch on Amos Frank and Woodward to see what the fuss is all about also. While we are looking, is gunston the real forward deal? 5 goals last week is a nice start….

 GWS v Bulldogs v Collingwood

Obviously my Foxtel will have paid for itself this month if only for watching the first GWS game. This is where DT gold comes from. Who are we looking at? The whole Friggin team!  Really want to see Miles, Treloar, Macdonald and Giles in particular but I’m sure somebody will play out of their skin and thrust themselves onto everybody’s radar. By the way if you believe Sheedys round one team you are a fool, remember the windy hill flu? The Martians? The tied down windsock? He couldn’t lie straight in bed. He has put that team up in the clubrooms and said to all the others…. prove me wrong! Classic Sheedy tactic that one…

Not a lot of interest at the kennel for me, I’ll be looking to see which injury Higgins comes off with and I’ll be keen to see if Dickson will a: get a run and b: do well….he is on the radar. Word has it the dogs are really happy with Clay Smith also, might see what he’s all about. Roughead could be a bargain ruck this year, how much time is he getting from minson? The other interesting thing will be to see what the new coach has changed, word has it he has turned the dogs feral and they are right into the rough stuff and high pressure. Ching ching tackle count!

The obvious question that needs answering at the pies is will Marty Clarke slot into the running back role vacated by Davis? He has had a faultless pre-season, but has just torn a muscle… we still wait…. I don’t expect the pies to be going too hard, so the big guns may be mothballed. Will be interesting to see the young rucks…If they can stand on two legs they are close to being better than Wood… so there may be some currency in Witts, McNamara or Ceglar as a bench player.

West Coast v Essendon v Fremantle

What answers am I looking for at the eagles? Will Stevens get a game and if so can he play? Will NicNat take over more of the rucking duties this year as planned…. Leaving cox to flounder up forward? Will Gaff shed the vest and boost that average to where it should be? i.e. 85ish… Will the flashy Newman and Dick get enough of it to steal a spot in the 22? Will the perennial LeCras midfield talk finally materialise? Will hill even give a shit?

The poor old bombers draw the short straw and have to go to their own personal world of pain….. I can’t remember the last time they won anything there… may have been the cheer squad raffle in 1989… What are we looking for? Are they all as tank like as the pictures have shown? There has been bugger all news coming out of windy hill this summer other than muscle pictures. Will Kavanagh show something? Word has it he will play a lot of games this year, is Zaharakis a permanent midfielder yet? The dons have 2 LTI’s so there are some rookie spots to fill, all eyes will be on Lee and Dell’ollio on their home track to see if they can stake a claim, word has it that Lee is flying! Not much else at bomber land really, most players are at an awkward price. All we know is don’t panic if they lose… that’s what they do at Subi.

Freo Freo Freo, loads to learn here…..Where to start? Will Lyon turn them accountable ruining DT sluts in the process? Will Barlow continue to rack them up or will he now watch a man as well? Can Fyfe continue like last year or even get more middle time still? Can Lyons love for Neale get him a game and get us a bargain? Will Broughton or Duffield play backline slut? Or will they both chop and change as lock down ruining them both equally? Could Suban sneak the gig? Will Spurr actually get it? Or a wing or anything at all? Will Pav have a final DT swansong? Deep forward or some midfield time? And little Balla, Does he get any time in the middle or does he stay forward cum blowfly? Finally is Morabito ready? Word has it he will begin in the WAFL. This is an important game for us all…… C’mon Ross Lyon, don’t ruin a profitable source….

So that’s our first weekend of footy done in 2012!! Lots of questions will be answered and no doubt lots more questions will be asked….. What are you looking for this weekend?

Look out for Edition 2 of ‘Who are you going to NAB’ next Friday.


  • first

  • a full season barlow 2.0, sign me up!

    • I have a bad feeling about Barlow, I just keep thinking about N Brown’s comeback…..

      I have gone for Lenny.

      Also what are everyone else’s thought’s on Zeibel’s potential to have a massive year?

      • barlow has a sore leg. check thewest.com.au. there’s an early dt spanner in the works

        • Thats what I was banking on King. I just dont think he will be back to the Barlow that we all know and love.

        • I don’t think Barlow will be like he was when he first hit the AFL world, confidence and different playing styles, the club will be looking to keep his career going for as long as possible so accountability will be his style this year. A no for me.

        • Saw michael barlow at my GP yesterday who is also the doctor for fremantle and he was holding an envolope with what could only be believed as X-Rays or scans. I dont think nothing serious because there was no hobble whatsoever and he look very VERY fit. Most likely a check up. Nothing serious to worry about

      • With Barlow, two pieces of news have brought his stocks down a bit. First: he cautioned people against expecting what they saw in 2010. Second: it was reported he could miss up to three weeks of NAB Cup.


    • I’m not taking Barlow. Yet. Too many unknowns until the end of nab and no concrete decisions will be made until then. If you read the article you’ll see the reference was to finding a barlow like rookie bargain

  • Goodes or fyfe

    JBrown or N Riewoldt

  • Created a WCE League – 742402

  • Nice adz – looks like you’re keeping an eye on the same bunch of blokes as me. Can’t wait for the backlash coming out of this weekend!

    Also, a couple of corrections with the Eagles… Obviously LeCras has just injured his knee so he won’t be playing (I’m guessing this was written beforehand!), and Brad Dick is injured until midyear – better off looking at whether Josh Hill can claim a forward spot.

    • tbetta- McRath would you be so kind as to advise how one can transfer their AFL DT shield to their avatar? I tried the old copy and post from DT site but can’t do it… would appreciate your assistance.

      tried to get the info from McRath but haven’t heard back yet.

      • I might do a “DT101” thing on how to do that… would be cool if people used their shields! They look cool as your avatar!

        • fantastic warnie – thanks for that and agree it promotes your team on this site as well. looking forward to the post.

        • yes that would be genius. would be nice to be able to search ranking of people that post in here when considering their ‘expert’ advice. if you show us how I’ll be sticking mine on here

        • Great idea

      • Why don’t you just go into “edit shield”, take a screencap of the larger image, crop it to only include the shield and upload it as your avatar?

        • random i had to consult one of the office girls to open it/save it in the correct program but as you can see to the upper left of this post i have been able to follow your instructions and make the magic happen!

  • Newman, Riewoldt and Martin aren’t Playing

  • Sorry guys, I wrote this a few days ago before squads were announced, could be some out of date questions already been answered

    • You have nothing to be sorry about mate. Great write up with heaps of usefull info.

      Keep up the good work.

  • Good write up, mostly same as who I will be watching. Except Everett rucking for the Dogs, I guess you mean Roughead? Gonna be a long 5 hours at work!

  • This Lecras news will make me reconsidered Shuey dammit!
    A guaranteed 105+ before the Lecras injury…. now he’s back to 90odd… :(

    • what is your reasoning for the estimated scoring average change? what is the correlation between these two players out of the entire team?

      • He was probably thinking along the lines of LeCras playing in the middle meaning Shuey doesn’t get a tag. 15 points is a little bit drastic though. I’m not even sure LeCras would have been playing midfield full time.

        • i would be surprised if a shuey tag would have gone to lecras just because he is in the midfield… now who gets the game time – hill, hams, stevens etc???

      • Lecras is so important to the structure of the WCE. Pound for pound he’s as dangerous as any other player in the competition and demands the extra attention. With him out of the side, that extra attention goes onto Luke Shuey. Shuey is an absolute star, and will be the best player in the comp one day! This year, he was the next Rockliff… I have to work out now if he’s still capable of reaching whereI thought he’d reach!

  • Is there a way of accessing previous year’s dream team scores and results for my team? A dream team archive of some sort on AFL.com? I have the same login/profile as the past few years.

    • I want to campaign a ‘history’ thing for our DTs. Kinda like a ‘trophy cabinet’ which can tell you what league premierships you have won, rankings over the years… all linked back to the email address. I have used the same email for 8 years, so hopefully that info is there in the archives somewhere/somehow!

  • Great write up Adz. Just wondering, have you heard much about Baguley? I just thought he might be inline for one of the LTI spots at the Bombers … Apparently his VFL form was quite strong last year and has the makings of Hibberd minus the indiscretions … Any info would be greatly appreciated … As you have said, the Bombers have been very secretive …

    • There is a guy from Frankston who gets around my work now and then….. his son plays for Franga and he is pretty close with both Hibberd and Baguley.

      He reckons that Hibberd has been getting in trouble all his life, he has been told he is on last chance…(but still a risk i’d reckon) he also reckons that Baguley is a far better kick than Hibberd, he can hit anyone up from distance…. he has better skills all round but is still just as competitive in every contest.

      If that’s true he could be playing for Hibbs spot maybe? Can’t wait to see what he brings on Sunday.

      I’d still reckon Lee will be upgraded… and the other spot between dell’ollio and bags. It just seems a small forward is whats lacking at windy hill more than another bags type…..

      • Cheers for the info Adz … I have had Baguley in my team for the past month hoping he will get the LTI upgrade … I guess I will wait and see what happens, he just seems to be a very likely type … And the Bombers need as many hard nuts as they can get … I will be interested to see how they play. :-)

        • With Dempsey & Winders back I doubt that Hibbrerd would be in the best 22

          • winders was playing defensive forward when he went down, reckon the backs could be..

            hardingham – pears – fletcher
            hibberd – hooker – dempsey

            hardingham or hibberd to try lock down the small forwards…

  • Thoughts on Stevens getting the Gaff treatment if he breaks into the team?

    • very possible unfortunately – could be a roation thing with whoever fills in for lecras as well

  • Just a heads up to the people who don’t have Foxtel: AFL.com.au’s touting full replays of tonight’s games 12 hours after the fact. Hell, that’s probably super useful to people who DO have Foxtel and want to really watch certain players.

  • Add Ben McGlynn and Brad Green to the list of players said to be playing more in the midfield this year ;) I’m not brave enough myself =p

  • Hi

    NEED HELP!!!!

    I am trying to access the monthly live AFL pass on my Iphone 3GS and I am also a Telstra customer.

    When I go onto m.afl.com.au and click on the monthly pass on my iPhone or iPad it comes up with a message saying that this deal is only available for telstra customers with compatible 3g devices and to call a number for further information.

    Any help anyone???????

  • Try; http://www.telstra.com.au/help/contact/

    This is DT talk, not Telstra support.

    Kidding, good luck getting through to the ‘Sydney call centre’ based in Mumbai.

    Just a thought, you aren’t connected to a wireless network are you? If you, turn your Wi-Fi off and try using just your 3G sim as it won’t be able to recognise you otherwise.

  • Is Sam Gibson goes anything like North Melbourne’s Barlow 2.0 last year (Cam Richardson) its going to be another painful year :)

    • North has a pretty strong midfield. I’d LOL if he works his way into the team and then is dropped when Ziebell comes back in Round 3.

  • Tkol and Lecras injury has definately got me thinking about Shuey now. Priddis is untaggable so no point tagging him and Kerr-ie always attracts a tag so the second tag will most likely go to the Shoeman.

    Should I get a fourth premium midfielder instead? Or save the extra 100k+ and see how Shuey goes. Or downgrade one of backs to a rookie and have both Shuey and premium in the midfield. This would allow me with 4 premiums in each position (except rucks of course where I will have 2)

  • grima is gone 4 to 6 weeks

  • What are people’s thoughts on Waters??

    Do u think he will be worth the pick??

  • Hey all,just wondering if anyone wants to join my team..

    Im kinda new and its just me in my league at the moment.

    If anyone has a league i can join that would be great too

    Thanks guys

  • Was on the Lions BigFooty page they said Dayne Zorko will be out for 4 weeks with a hip injury should be back for the final nab cup game or round 1.