DT TALK 2012: Preseason Episode 1

The first episode of DT TALK for 2012 has Roy, Calvin and Warnie looking at the game and it’s changes for the new year as well as look at some rookies we should have on our “Rookie Radar” (say it like Calvin). The boys were invited to the AFL Players Association “Draftee Induction” at Etihad Stadium. Hear from draftees Brandon Ellis (Richmond), Stephen Coniglio (GWS) and Orren Stephensen (Geelong) about their preseason and why you should pick them. Tim Mohr (GWS) also chats to Roy and Warnie about how the Giants are looking in their debut season… make sure you take notes!

The next episode ‘should’ be out on February 1 with all of the stuff you need to know as AFL Dream Team opens for the 2012 season. Stay tuned for more rookie talk, an interview with Andrew Swallow and much, much more!





  • Ending was hilarious! Great stuff lads, always a laugh and the info is GOLD!
    Keep it up!

  • really good info, keep it up lads. Interesting to see that james mcdonald is doing well.

  • Hey guys, great vid, getting more excited as days draw near. I met Steve Alessio a couple of years ago and he’s a ripping bloke.

    Just on a separate note, did any of you boys get the Prospectus this morning?

  • Ahhhh its good to see you guys on here again.

    A lot to think about from that episode. Didnt really like how Brandon Ellis described his role in the team saying “play down back and shutdown the small forwards” just made me think of broughton last year when i heard that.

  • Good job lads – great to see the episodes back so early in 2012. Lot of good rookie options there – will be tough to choose between all of the options for round 1. Bring on Feb 1.

  • Excellent episode Roy, Calvin and Warnie… Got the DT mind thinking again!! When the byes come this year they’re gunna cause alot of people to scream FMDT!!!

  • great work guys keep it up.

  • Special guest on today’s show: Irish Murphy’s finest beer pourer

  • Great video boys.

    Love how Warney has an iPad and about 4 pieces of papers, Roy has a full sheet while Calvin only has a scrap bit of paper as his notes! :P

  • so many rooks thereabouts this year. Thanks for the info guys, was hesitant about mcdonald but he’s definately popped back into my radar now as has rowe

  • Nice show boys. I feel the footy season approaching. Getting excited.

  • Oh yeah! Footy is back peoples! The boys are back on line and I just got my prospectus!
    THe DT’s are gone and have been replaced with excitement shakes! You know I used to hate studying at school all those years ago. Finally a subject that I like – Dream Team!!! Yeah baby!!

  • Go the Wart Hogs :lol: , onya Warnie.

  • Walked in the door from work to find my shiny new prospectus has arrived.

    That bad boy is the ticket to taking my DT game to the next level this year.

    • Haha – My Missus has said it arrived today and I’m stuck here waiting for a 3:30 (WA time)appointment that I just know is gonna go on forever!!!

  • Nice work fellas!

  • Good stuff fellas

  • Nice work lads. Given me a few more blokes to keep an eye on and a few of the dpp players that i am now considering.

  • Absolutely smashing it boys!

  • Interesting comment on Rowe’s dual-position link there Warnie, hadn’t really thought about that too much.

  • Warnie I love the WarneDogs T shirt! You could sell those easy!

    • Haha. We were in Melb last week for the rookie thing and went to General Pants and it was on display. Calvin made me buy it. Wouldn’t have normally, but was funny!

  • For those that don’t follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, the next ep will be out Feb 1 and will feature more rookies, Andrew Swallow… and the big one, Nathan Buckley! Big get!

  • Is anyone else getting this annoying clicking or is it my bad earphones?

    • The sound quality wasn’t great.

      • It was crystal clear for me both on my laptop & iPhone.
        Just tried again with earphones on both, & no clicking whatsoever!
        What did surprise me, was the boys were shooting in a pub, but there were no beers on the table!

    • There were a couple of issues when I uploaded. Big files in HD didn’t work (prick) so had to cut down quality. The sound was all good on that file, but upload wasn’t perfect on YouTube. That sort of shit annoys me, but it was a lot of hours and I just wanted it up there. It isn’t awful and unwatchable, but yea… a bit annoying!

  • back with a bang! fuck yeeaaarsh

  • Super start Lads, bring on the NAB Cup Woot.

  • Any update on the Fan Show lads?