Deck of Dream Team 2012: Sam Jacobs

Name: Sam Jacobs
Club: Adelaide
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $434,200
Position: Ruck
Bye Round: 11
2011 Average: 87
2011 Games Played: 19
Predicted Average: 95

Why should I pick him? Adelaide have been looking for a consistent big man for a while and the form of Maric just wasn’t enough to get them to play him on a regular basis.  They have also tried Tippett in ruck but he is more suited up forward.  However, the trade that brought Jacobs to Adelaide just seems to have solved their issues.  With Maric out of the picture in 2012 this leaves Jacobs as their number 1 option.

Whilst he missed 3 games, these were all at the start of the year and once he made his debut for the year in rd 5 (which was also his worst game for the year at 45) he didn’t look back playing right through to the end of the season.  This is a vast improvement on previous years where he had played 12 and 4 respectively.  His average in 2010 was only 69 so once again he has improved dramatically there.

His 2011 form saw him hit the hundred on 6 occasions with his best being 146 in rd 22 against the Gold Coast.  As the main man getting the majority of the minutes in 2012 after building his form in 2011 we should see him crack a ton in more than half of his appearances.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?  Whilst he had 6 tons in 2011, when he didn’t get there he did tend to struggle.  Discounting his first up 45 he had 5 scores in the 60’s and a further 2 in the 70’s which is not what you would be looking for in a starting ruckman.  That is 8 scores below 80 vs 6 above 100.  This may not be a part of his game next season as the main guy, and with another year under his belt, but it is a concern.

He averaged 12 possessions a game, but there were slightly more handballs than kicks in that lot, so once again this does hinder his scoring, he also isn’t a big scorer only scoring 3 goals 8 behinds for the season last year.

There are two other variables that would concern us about him.  Firstly is that he has a new coach.  You can never tell what is going to happen in a new system, the main risk here is that Sanderson tries to use Tippett as the No 1 man in the middle.  Seconldy there is the form of the Crows in general.  They had a  poor season and this obviously has an effect on the scoring of their players.  If they lift their performance, he should be able to lift his scoring to the next level.

The Bye isn’t kind to him either, he shares it with Big Cox, Leuenberger, Natanui, Goldstein.  This really limits your ability to load him up with three of the top four ruckmen in the comp this year.

Deck of DT Rating: Queen.  For this sort of price he is an awkward pick.  For only another $35K you can get your hands on the big 211 so it is going to be a hard sell to pick up Jacobs, on the other hand, his youth, durability and seemingly solid position in the team may mean you can use that 35k elsewhere to better advantage.  I am not sure yet whether I will be picking him up, I think he definitely warrants a look in the preseason to see how his form is and how he is going to be used by new coach Sanderson.  I think his average will be up, but consistency is the main issue that I have with him.

Have a great NYE and a great 2012.  Hit me up on twitter @pkd73.


  • not for me! if i knew that he’d be a lot more consistent and raise his average to at least 100 then i’d consider him but as dunny said, for only another 35k you can get the big 211! i know where my money’s going.

  • Good write up Dunny but it’s the McBerger for me!
    As a die hard crows fan I can see him improving but the price is far too awkward imo

  • Man there are a lot of ruck options this year with some decent predicted averages, I almost wish I could have a midfield packed with ruckmen if their averages all come to pass. They’d beat Bartel and Montagna who I started with last year.

    • Bartel & Montagna – the forgotten premiums.

      • Although thinking about it Montagna could be a bit of a smokey to regain his lofty heights of previous years. With the absence of Hayes and the generally stinking form of the saints last year we saw Montagna’s scoring become more erratic than normal and not nearly as high as the previous few years. He did injure his knee and scored a 50 and took a few weeks to regain his form (the week I traded him in) which effected his average.

        But with a new coach, Hayes back in there doing the grunt work and spitting the ball out to Montagna, who may I add is one of the biggest outside players in the league, I reckon his scores will shoot back up about 110. Thoughts?

        • Not sure Sloth, I hate him with every fibre of my being.

          Tin Man would definately seem to be an outside player though.

      • I am staggered that Bartel wasn’t given dpp status for this year.

        • Yeah it is staggering. Also, I reckon Ablett warranted DPP last year on the back of 40 odd goals in 2010 and being parked up forward for big periods.

  • Its Burger or Mcevoy for me…

  • Great write-up as usual Dunny, but PASS for me.

    The way I see it the Berger is locked in as my no. 1 ruck and Giles (GWS) on my bench who both share a rd 11 bye. This rules out other rucks who have rd 11 byes (Jacobs, Goldy, Cox etc.)This really only leaves Sandi or McEvoy with Mummy being an outside pick.

    Who do you guys think should partner Berger in the ruck: SANDI, McEVOY OR MUMMY?

    • I have that same problem!, I have Luenberger as 1st ruck and Giles + Stephenson on the bench. For me it’s really out of Sandi or McEvoy. Not sure on Mummy yet.

    • Yeah I’m gonna go the sandiberger, sounds like it’s a burger that’s got grit! I reckon that sandi’s left a bit of a bad taste in people’s mouth after stuffing a few teams up last year, but surely his toe is completely healed after such a long break and if he’s back to his usual form then he’s a bloody bargain!

  • Lol at all the people with expensive rucks, I’m, going McIntosh, Giles, Stephenson and Jenkins lol.

    • Good luck with that! Rucks is something everyone always tries to cheaps out on, you end up burning 2 trades minimum and most likely 3 to get the premium set up, I say minimum thats if you don’t get any injuries either.

      You, with that set up, will burn at least 4 trades on downgrading a rookie to get some cash and then upgrading that mediocre at best como you are suggesting there to get something that will try to compete.

  • I can only see Jacobs getting better and better. He will be no.1 ruck all year with Tippett as a back-up
    option. Sanderson has said he wants the Crows to be hard at the ball and the man, which Jacobs is so this can only help his job security. As a Crows fan I liked what I saw of Sam last season and will
    be starting with him this year, he will improve under Sando as will the entire team. My big problem is trying to find him the right partner.

  • for that price with that many question marks and that much indifferent form… no freakin way

  • Nope, mcevoy and Berger are locked for me in the rucks

  • considering

    leunberger, jacobs?
    Leunberger, mumford?
    jacobs, Mumford?

    any help lads

    • 1. Berger/Jacobs: NO, they both share a bye in rd 11 which means you have to rely on your back up rucks.

      2. Berger/Mummy: YES, they are both great ruckmen who had strong finishes to the season and have byes in separate weeks.

      3. Jacobs/Mummy: MAYBE, the upsides to this combo is that they have separate bye weeks, it’s cheaper and will be very unique; however it’s risky if Jacobs doesn’t perform.

      Overall, I think you should go for option to as it is the most reliable and likely to get you the most points. But if you want a cheaper or unique option go for 3. Jacobs is at a handy price for a possible premium ruck. One more bit of advice, look onto Sandilands. He’s cheaper than Mummy and unless you’re worried about his toe, he is great value. A Jacobs/Sandi combo will be cheap and give you cash to upgrade elsewhere in your team. Hope this helped!

      • thanks pal, great bit of insight. think i’ll go with number 2. although sandi is very tempting

  • Have Sandi and Berger locked at this stage however I am really going to watch Jacobs in Rd 2 of the Nab cup when Crows play Brisbane. If he does really well against Berger I reckon he’ll be my 2nd ruck instead, he has no comp at Crows (just pinch hitters) yet Hudson will get some game time for the Lions..

  • Have really thought about Jacobs but I think I’ll go with

    Mumford – the next Sandilands

    McEvoy – the next Cox

  • Cox and Sandi for me. Strange to say that it sounds pretty unique!

    Cox isn’t injured, he is fit, and I hear you all howling that ‘Nic Nat will steal his points’ ‘he’s too old’ ppfffttt thats bullshit, I agree that Nic Nat may assume a bigger role in the ruck, but cox can run like a motherfucker all day long and has never been scared to run 150 metres off his opponent to get that cheap mark – kick combo across half back, he will drift forward and boot some goals, they will be both used in the center as a ruck/ruck rover combo, he will be one of the top 3 rucks in 2012.

    And I dont need to explain about Sandi, with a fit toe he will rack up his 40 – 50 hit outs per game, throw in a couple of tackles, a few kicks and handballs, maybe a goal and bang there you have a 100.

    Set and forget.

    • I agree that they will both do very well as a combo yet again.

      However for me cox is very expensive and I can get the sandiburger combo for a tasty price!

  • I agree with sloth.

    Rucks has been my biggest issue for setting up my team but i think you cant go wrong with SandiCox – i think cox will still be more consistant than LBurger and McEvoy.

    I’d like to see Roughead in the Deck as i think him and his DDP status could help somewhere in the whole ruck byes situation!?

    Does anyone know his price?