AFL Dream Team Preliminary Finals Discussion

Maxy v Chook and Roy v Harf - Battles for the Ages!


  • Hands up who had Bartel as their emergency midfield, and also if you started Mitchell. YEAH! See you in the GF bitches!

  • I had Mitchell captain, and Rockliff vice captain.

    I’m glad Mitchell didn’t play, Rockliff picked up 302 points!!!

    But I am versing the BYE :(

  • Far out, I finish top of my league without losing a game all year then lose my qualifying final now my opponent is in the box seat in the prelim:

    Thompson x2

    +487 points

    Assistant coach is predicting him to win by 21 which is including the prediction for Toy and Nicholson on my team cause i have two donuts so really it’s 125 points.

    It’d be nice if Nicholson and Toy were late inclusion and not subs then I’d have a little bit of hope.

  • How the hell can you be ranked 11,405 with a team like this (my opponent).

    DEF: Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Fisher, Suckling, Broughton, Stanley (Gram, Lower, Tutt)

    MID: Swan, Pendles, Mitchell, Ablett, Boyd, Montagna (Mzungu, Smith, Dyson)

    RUC: Sandi, Cox (Petrie, Bailey)

    FWD: Fyfe, Johnson, Goodes, Franklin, Chapman, Riewoldt, Higgins (Yarran, Lobbe, Richardson)

    • your point? do you think they should be ranked higher or lower?

    • They probably saved the trades for as late as they could, considering they had Tutt and didn’t care about multibye rounds.

  • Main League
    259 + Prestia

    Abblett – Stanley – Howe

    I think I’ve got this one, if Howe is the sub then I reckon i’ve got it in the bag

  • I’m versing Dr dt and need thompson to outscore otten by 10 points!

    I bet you with my luck it won’t happen……

  • Great career luke power

  • It’s going to be close battle between my opponent, for you guys who are intrested watch this! If you want… Do you have a channel then I will sub to ya:) Hey Guys this is totally of topic but I put heaps of time into making videos for utube but don;t get the views, if your a fanf of COD, or Blackops and wan’t a good Emblem watch this,

  • Me – Scott Thompson + Gablett Vs Him – Heppell + Stanley + 22 points

    I think I should win but Stanley and Heppell are capable of some good scores…Im up against a mate in the prelim, hes a Docker so victory would be sweet, I already have Nick Maxwell beat, even though he is a cheat, so now Ill take a seat, put up my feet and remain upbeat

  • Rockliffe is a member for life in any of my dream teams! Had him this year and the only time I’ve been disappointed was when he got a 59 and was subbed with an injury.

  • If someone has two emergencies and one of them gets a zero do you count the lower emergency score or the one that played?

  • I think the emergnecy rule needs to be altered, im going to get knocked out because of this sitaution:
    he has J.toy on the field, with W.Andreoli and S.Tape both as emergencies.
    Toy and Andreoli dont play hence a donut should be received (it’s not my fault he emergices blokes who get donuts) yet it’s stated in the rules that a non playing emergency is NOT considered the lowest scoring emergency and hence wont count.
    So now S.tape will play and knock me outta finals!!!

    Not happy…

    • Have I missed something here?? is that not the whole point in having emergencies?

      • +1 if you set an emergency that doest not play but you have 2 emergencies set in the same line.. ie forwards of course your going to get the score of the emergency that scores if the other one doesnt.. part of the risk of setting 2 emergencys in one area.

    • Not Happy? That’s exactly how emergencies are supposed to work you clown.

    • If you were in the opposite situation you’d have no problem with the rule. Suck it up buddy.

    • im sorry but im with this clown. If you have 2 emergencies set (1 scores 150 and 1 scores 50 the lowest is taken) So the 50 is taken over the 150 for example

      Whats the difference between someone having an emergency set at 100 and one set at 0. The lower score should be taken and in this case it would be a 0.

      taking the won that scores higher is hardly consitent.

      • If a player is on the field and scores zero it is counted. If he does not play then it reverts to the emergency. The treatment of emergencies in this case is consistent (the non playing emergency is disregarded).

        I do agree that if you set two emergencies, the rule should be it takes the higher score rather than the lower one.

        I also agree with others on this site that you should be allowed 4 emergencies rather than 3. Otherwise you are likely to never cover your ruckmen (only covers 2 players where mids/fwds covers 6/7).

        The only time you cover rucks is when you listen to noise on this site that Cox was not going to play this weekend. You are not going to fly a guy to brisbane and make him a late withdrawl unless there is good reason.

  • i think im about 50/50..

    me 344 points vs s thompson heppel and stanley.

    will i get up?

  • Any chance Heppell or Delidio are late withdrawals? We both have these players but I have Poo emergency (129) while he has Talia…

    • who do you happen to be versing chuck?

    • Lids no, all late mail is in.

      Think I will win ….

      Me v Him

      Lids, Heppell + 233 v Thompson and Ablett (i have him too but he has him captain).

      • you easily

        • great work green street. Your contribution to this site over the course of the year has been excellent. You are an absolute gun keep up the good work and keep dominating them scrubs.

  • Melbourne v Gold Coast at the MCG, 2.10pm
    Melbourne: Brent Moloney, Liam Jurrah, Tom McNamara
    Substitute: Jeremy Howe
    Gold Coast: Maverick Weller, Sam Iles, Harley Bennell
    Substitute: Josh Caddy

    Adelaide v Richmond at AAMI Stadium, 12.40pm
    Adelaide: Michael Doughty (illness) replaced in selected side by Brodie Martin
    Richmond: Nil
    Adelaide: Rory Sloane, Richard Douglas, Matt Wright
    Substitute: Brodie Martin
    Richmond: Mitch Farmer, Mitch Morton, Nathan Foley
    Substitute: Jeromey Webberley

  • 138 Points V Stanton to get in the “DT Talk Gibbsy” (Ranked about 70ish) Grand final

    Cmon Hirdy, give Stanton the vest will ya! :)

  • Me: 114

    Dr Dream Team: Ryder

    I’m pretty confident I’ve got it

  • hahah grand final im ther!

  • Turns out the jewing I got from Sam “Shit Bitch” Mitchell might make no difference. Lost one prelim by more than what my would have been scored, and my other prelim I might scrape over the line.

    Learned a valuable lesson for next season.

  • I’m in 5 GFs. Getting Murphy, Scotland and Gibbs back. Game on!

  • Unless Boak and Lobbe combine for a 150 point second half I am through.

    In the other prelim, my mate knocked Nick Maxwell out. The guy I beat this week beat Dr DT last week. So not a bad league at the top end.

    Need some luck with ins/outs re Thomas, Lower, Pavlich, Cox, etc or next week will be tough

  • FMDT

    • Mitchell late out…. yeah thats f**ked cause my opponent had montanga who got 125 odd…

      Not so bad 1v 1 today

      up by 23 points + Ablett v Van Berlo ,

      End up losing by 30 FUCK THIS

  • If you are out there Nishy, I was totally wrong about Dyson Heppell. I wish I had kept him.

    Lower did get 116 this week, but Heppell has been more consistent and was easily one of the best seven defenders for the year.

    • Haha I’m indeed out here and I appreciate the credit :)

      To be honest I can completely understand why you had the opinion you did, Heppell has been one of a kind and it was tough to see how he could just keep it going.

      Anyway best of luck if you’re in any GFs and if not, catch you next season!