Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 22

Firstly, sorry for the last post, but this Pirate has been a busy little beaver… scrubbing decks, feeding the parrot, but it’s finally here. So let’s get straight into it this week and see what we have for Rd. 22.

Turf Lovers and Haters

Marc Murphy has had a great year in the land of Dream Team but his form lately hasn’t been great. He’s averaged just 98 in his last 3 games this year and this week finds himself at Etihad Stadium against the Hawks on Friday night. The thing here is… he averages a massive 118 there this year compared to the 103 he averages at the MCG. With that said, in his career against the Hawks (6 games) he only has a highest score of 112 making the Hawks his worst team to score DT points on. Chris Judd is the opposite to Marc and would much prefer this game to be at the MCG where he averages 114 there this year compared to Ethiad where he averages 99 for 2011. Judd has previous scores of 124, 104, 125, 100 and 122 against the Hawks but since he is at Etihad… I’ll pass.  Another one to be wary of is Matthew Boyd. He has 0x100+ score at AAMI in his last 3 games there but lets face it, he only plays Port, a team he had 133 on in 2010. Boyd is going for his 6th straight 100+ score Vs the Power this week and after averaging 120 in his last 3 games this year, he’s certainly a great option.

It’s Black and White

Keep it simple my captain hunters…it’s finals time. Scott Pendlebury had 119 on the Lions in 2010 and racked up 129 and 135 on them in 2009. He averages 124 in his last 3 games at the MCG and is coming off a great 141 in his last game there. If you are after a solid captain then this guy is your man. He’s going for his 13th straight 100+ score this week and you’d think he’d get it easy peasy against Brisbane.

Did you know that Brisbane are Dane Swan’s worst team to play over his career of 10 games where he averages just 81? You worried? Ha ha ha, don’t be. He has scored 125 and 122 in his last 2 against them and averages 140 at the MCG in his last 3 there with 171 in his last game. But based on form alone, Swan must be your man. 137, 155 and 171 are his latest scores and I’m tipping a huge 140+ from him again this week. After we met up with Swanny on Friday night, it became clear to me that he is fully aware of his dream team responsibilities to us all. Roy asked him if he’s a chance to rest… “No way, too many dream teams relying on me” he replied. Watch out… cause he has himself in his team to now since arriving back from Arizona and look how things have gone since then.

History Says “No”

Gary Ablett scored a huge 156 (41d, 4g) last time he played against the Crows (Rd. 8, 2011) and averages 114 at Metricon this year, if you exclude that dirty 23pts a few games back. The thing here is this… Ablett has played the Crows 14 times in his career and has only managed to crack the 100+ mark twice. In both those games he scored over 150! Meaning 86% of the time Gary plays the Crows he has scored <100, but the upside here is he is scoring 150+ Vs them a nice 100% of the time he has been wearing a GC top.  History says ‘no’, I’m still saying ‘yep’. Oh and while I’m chatting GC Vs Crows… Scott Thompson had 135 (34d, 9m) on the Suns earlier this year and was one of 9 Crows to crack the 100+ mark that day and should be great again… let’s move on.

Sam Mitchell has only 1×100+ against Carlton in his career of 9 games against them and that was in 2009. He has only played at Etihad once this year for a solid 103 and has scored 128 and 129 in his last 2 games this year, but he may just start your weekend off on the wrong foot if history is telling the truth.

Nick Dal Santo hates playing the Swans. They are clearly his worst team to play over his career (14 games) and has a highest score against them of just 115 (2009). This 100+ score is his only triple figure effort against them and if you are considering him this week, think again. Oh and the game is at ANZ stadium too where he averages just 70 there from the 2 games he’s played.

Be a Toughie, Go a Roughie

So your opponent this week is going Swan… and you’re team sucks so you’re after a ‘roughie’ then Bryce Gibbs is your man…or anyone else listen under Swan. But Gibbsy averages 108 against the Hawks in his last 3 games and has been in hot form averaging 129 in his last 3 games this year. In fact he is going for his 7th straight 100+ this week and you’d think he’d get that.