Trade Talk Tuesday: Semi Finals

Hey there. Warne Dawg here chucking something up for you to chat about with your trades. This week we are without our Geelong players and those who are playing for the Semi Finals in Dream Team will probably be looking to offload one or two of your Geelong boys to make sure you get a win.

This is good news for those with the week off as you can relax and hold your trades for the last two games of the season. But if you’re gunning for national ranking, this is a big week that can keep you up there.

So, what are your plans with your Cats? Jimmy Bartel, Corey Enright, Steve Johnson and Paul Chapman are the most popular dudes kicking around in teams. What are your hot tips in sideways trading them out?

Hmm… this will create some massive discussion on the Live Show this week! Seeya then!


  • Trading Bartel this week, can afford anyone and alreay have Swan, Pendlebury, Boyd, Mitchell and Rockliff.

    Should i go Ablett, Priddis or Thompson considering they have the easier draws of the guns?

  • Which is the best Option?

    Option 1: Lower > Stefan Martin (Has a very easy draw with its next 3 games – Richmond, GCS, Port)

    Option 2: Gibbs > ANY DEFENDER then Lower > ANY DEFENDER

    Option 3: Chapman > Rioli then Lower > ANY DEFENDER

  • Malthouse says he won’t use Didak as a sub again as he wants to see over the next three weeks if he can get back to his best while playing full games

  • Which 2 should I select out of Didak, Riewoldt, Mzungu, and Sylvia for a place in my forward line?

    And who should I put on out of Puopolo, Lower and Duffeild in the backs (all spuds, lets be honest…)?

    • I would play Gu and Sylvia (playing Tigers)

      and I would play Lower (He is averaging 88 when Freo play away)

  • What do you guys think of Lower >> Rawlings? Worth the trade or not?

    Only got 2 trades left, one is for Gibbsy next week and the other could be used this week for Stevie J, although I’m thinking I’ll just sub Mzungu on for him.

  • Which (2) of the following do I play?

    Knights (vs GCS – got 116 last time) – Last 3: 73, 114, 100 (not including sub affected 23)

    Mzungu (vs North Melbourne) – Last 3: 84, 114, 105

    I.Smith (vs Carlton) – Last 3: 90. 95, 115

  • Which is the best option (1 trade and 107k remaining)

    1) D.Swallow>Thomas, Ablett, Deledio, Priddis, Barlow or any midfielder(please recommend)

    2)Puopolo>Fisher, Birchall or any defender(please recommend)

    3)Dahlhaus> Hall, Rioli or Podsiadly or any forward(please recommend)

    4)Curnow>O’Keefe, Griffen, Simpson, Higgins, Embley or any midfielder(please recommend)

  • Totally off topic, but it’s better than denigrating a promising young player for breaking a very dodgy ‘code of honour’ that protects gutless snipers.

    I made my first EPL fantasy team ever last week. Jagged a 72 in gameweek 1 which is 616 in Australia and 19K out of 2 fricken million worldwide.

    Gotta love beginner’s luck. I have no clue about soccer at all (Rooney’s good, right?)

  • I have 3 trades left and playing a semi in my main league.
    My team is set but have Gibbs and Heppel with stanley on bench.
    Should i use 2 trades to upgrade someone like hodge to mitchell Or upgrade Voldt/Silvia
    Or take a chance and use no trades and risk going out in straight sets???

    • Trade Heppel

      • not much cash left but 3 trades…would probably have to double trade to upgrade heppel…..and would u get…i already have gibbs goddard suckling broughton delideo…..dont have birchall but

    • use yr 2 trades to get someone for stanley – then he can cover gibbs/heppel

  • Which players to field?
    Have to field one of these out of sorts defenders…
    -Duffield (vs Kang, Scored 53 last time) Form: 51, 71, 60
    -Rawlings (vs Freo, Scored 54 last time) Form: 37, 41, 74

    And (2) of….
    -Sylvia (vs Rich, scored 74 last time) Form: 69, 72, 74
    -Mzungu (vs Kang) Form: 84, 114, 105
    -N.Riewoldt (vs Syd, scored 108 last time) Form: 134, 91, 62
    -Knights (vs Gcs, scored 116 last time) Form: 114, 23, 100

  • This is gonna sound ridiculous, but who knows it may become an innovation ! Ive booked a spot in my preliminary final, but need to take the next step, as I have been regulary scoring 2200-2300s, and to win the premiership, Im going to need to bump that up to 2400-2500 territory. Problem is ive exhausted all my ideas on how to take that next step, still have 7 trades left aswell.

    Anyway, I want to hire a Director of Coaching for my team, for the remainder of the season and perhaps for the next season aswell if the role is right, will communicate via facebook or email or skype or some other communication device. It sounds ridiculous, and i might even cop some ridicule for it, but worth a shot, will consider payments etc aswell (although obviously wont be a huge amount).
    Contact on

  • you think hodge to ablett is a good move? i still have 4 trades and my team is pretty much all finalised.

    • I think there are better options than Ablett at the moment, hasn’t cracked a massive ton in quite a while.

  • That is ridiculous Jimmy..gotta do this yourself. Take on board all the wise words here and make the judgment call. You are the coach..otherwise no fun with all the ups and downs mate.

  • lolol jimmy

  • Actually Jimmy…Dean Primus has coached my side this year, let us know if you find a good one.

  • having the week off this week, im thinking of getting rid of gibbs now freeing up the possibility of two trades for next week in the off chance of injuries, resting, general soreness, etc.

    only problem is that i already have goddard, deledio, broughton, suckling, birchall and fisher in my back line leaving me with slim pickings to replace gibbs with.

    • enright is about the only one you dnt have, seeing as you miss this week perfect pick, only other is mr ad (consistently inconsistent) cock, so ye they are your really all you got, may as well leave it this week and see if any uniques take your fancy, daniel pratt is coming back for north possibly (racked up 30 disposals in the vfl) but yeah cant really rate anyone else atm, good luck anyway

  • 3 trades left… Chappy my only Geelong player on the ground, I can sub him for Petrie. Or I can trade him to Rioli, Pav, Fyfe. Would make my team a bit stronger this week since Petrie could swing into ruck for Lobbe, but about the same every other week when Chappy would come back.

    Maybe I should leave him and work on my weak backline. Lower and Heppell are still in the team every week, both need to go. Gibbs will also ned to go next week. Lack of decent defenders is a problem though; I already have Goddard, Deledio, Birchall, Fisher.

    This week I can just afford to go Heppell to Suckling. Then next week, Gibbs to whoever I want and with the spare cash, Lower to whoever I want. Its risky to leave Lower on the field after last week though.


    • lower should be ok… he had a bad day… i think he should bounce back this week… im giving him a go this week…

  • Hey guys, posted this earlier but didnt really get a response
    Who do you guys reckon?
    Duigan > Suckling this week
    Otten > Deledio next week.
    Defence is: Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Adcock, Lower, Puopolo, Otten (Enright, Duigan, Toy)
    $114k left.
    Have to do the Duigan > Suckling trade this week coz i wont have enough cash next week with their projected price rises

    • duigan to suckling. duigan will miss next week and is not good cover anyway. suck has gold coast on GF weekend so will probably get a lot and might score against the dogs in rd 23. Not sure how he’ll do this week against the blues but he’s likely to score more than duigan

  • does anyone know when calvins captains comes out?

    • He said on Twitter it is up on Assistant Coach but won’t be on DT Talk til Thurs night.

  • 2 trades left. $77k in bank. 4 Geelong players. Have planned to cover 3 of them well and make 1 trade (Bartel).

    Current mids: Boyd, Pendlebury, Redden, Thompson, Mitchell

    Considering: Rockliff, Thomas, Priddis, Shiels, Ablett, Barlow….who gets the gig?!

  • thoughts:

    got 2 trades and 115,300 in bank

    DEF: Gibbs, Deledio, Fisher, Suckling, Adcock, Lower, Duigan (Pedersen, hibberd, howard)
    Mid: Swan, Boyd, Mitchell, Hodge, Bartel, Mzungu (Prestia, callinan, irons)
    Ruck: Cox, Sandi (Smith, Bailey)
    FWD: Stevie J, Fyfe, Pav, Goods, Chappy, Sylvia, N.Riewoldt (Howe, Richardson, Gordon)

    I won last week so am straight into Prelim Finals.

    I was thinking next week trades:
    Mzungu – Ablett
    Gibbs – God

    Thoughts and other suggestions please?

    • dont immediatley jump on ablett, both montagna and thomas are cheaper than him atm and would also free up some money for a even better defender

  • I have Heppell and D.Swallow as my 6 and 7th Midfielders
    I want to trade out Heppell to either Ablett, Thomas or Montagna.
    Which way should I go???

  • Ok, so looking at playing I. Smith, Mzungu and Sylvia forward this week (as I’ve thrown Petrie into the ruck due to Zmith’s recent form slump). I have 1 trade left and if I was looking to upgrade one of those 3, who do you think it should be….leaning towards Sylvia, and who should I pick up….looking at Rioli, Higgins, Milne, LeCras or is there someone else I should look at….?

    Cheers guys