DT TALK Live: Round 19


  • calvin buying green shirts, classic work boys.

    • He’s on there now… not getting green shirts… just ones that won’t clash with the vest!!

      • haha, wet myself at that point. Is there likely to be a secondary sale. Got no way of purchasing before deadline.

  • cheers fellas always a quality watch the big questions i was hopin to get answered was who outta SUCKLING or BROUGHTON would u choose, i need to upgrade rawlings cheers

  • Hey Warnie, great show as usual! Just quickly, by what time should I post my twitter question up so you can put it into the show? My question was gonna be Fyfe, Goodes, Voldt or Le Cras.

  • 2 trades left with Higgins, Bartel, Chappy, Heppell and Gibbs up for trading before any injuries happen.

    Where are the trades probably best spent keeping in mind i’ve got $130k?

  • Just finished the DT Talk double header!

    Stuffed if I know what i was doing last night that distracted me but hey good show(s) guys!

    Warnie good to hear you’re up and about, I had a shocking mid season and for memory you were up against it too! I have great news after averaging above 2280 over the last 5 rounds I have gone from 18k to mid 4k to Im wrapped!

    Anyway Im done gloating, good show

  • Boys,

    I need to get rid of Daniel Harris for some cash, but i need a rookie at a rookie price or just up of a rookie price.

    Who would you say is the best go. None of my mids have any byes to end the season and i have Mzungu in the mids but i need some cash!


  • So i’m pretty set on getting fisher in this week… the only question being which rookie to trade out? The two i have available to trade out are A.Otten and Puopolo. I don’t plan on trading the remaining rookie out of my side as I don’t have that many trades to spare so as they are around about the same price the real question is who would you rather keep in your team? The fact that Hawthorn have such a good finals run makes me look toward Puopolo a little more favourably but as of late A.Otten has been doing quite consistently and Puops 45 against Melbourne in a run over victory was a little worrying.

  • alive in the eliminator, and looking like i’m going to need to trade. 2 options:

    out duigan, in fisher


    out iles, in s.thompson / m.priddis / any other mid under $402k.

    my backline is weaker, and i have less dpp coverage there. makes sense to trade in fisher, but leaves me naked back there for this round. i think the fact that fisher is playing GC is the clincher

  • Who thinks drew petrie could be worth a roll of the dice for captain
    he is unstoppable and carlton have no good defenders