Multi-Bye Madness 4: Round 16 Discussion

We get an extra hour before lockout tonight with the first game over in Perth starting at 8:40pm AEST. Hopefully we know all before then, but there looks to still be doubt over a few of our players this weekend and we’ll all be ready to say FMDT when final teams are announced before the games. Discuss the round as it unfolds here!


  • Anyone have any idea how long Gaz is out for? Or is it still unknown?

  • Heppell for the rising star I reckon

  • Brett Deledio, Corey Enright, Fricken Adcock – tad underwhelmed I must say. Enright forgivable – has been good for last few – but Adcock? Think he has lost nearly $100K since I forked out for him. Only one worse is Jimmy Bartel (wrt to $ lost – though fingers crossed he may be on the up and up now…? please). Didak would be a close second…wow has he been a disappointment.

    • Yeah…… dare Jimmy get knocked out!!!!

    • I understand bitching about a 20 or 30…but players getting 70s? *face palm*

      Go to anger management if that riles you up, you got issues

  • I don’t understand why people continue to play dream team when every week they find something to complain about… ‘Ablett you weak shit’, ‘Minuscock’, ‘F U Sandi’ etc. Accept that you’ve copped some shit luck and move on.

    • agre agree – but gotta have a whinge every now and then – I’d be sad if I had brought in GAJ expecting 350 points this week too.

  • Lynch, Ablett C, Adcock, Delidio, Suckling arrgh
    Had a gut feeling to go with Swanny C but didn’t
    Looked good for 2100+
    Will be lucky to get 2000 now

  • I understand ablett’s injury is heartbreaking for some, but I must say…


    I was kicking myself that I didn’t get ablett earlier, and then all my players get injured or suk

    ryder, rioli, grimes, adcock, curnow, sylvia, montagna!

    I’m just happy I don’t have to worry about injuries! (so far)

    p.s bad luck for all the good dream teamers in the world that had this champion, and good luck to choosing your next premium! I advise mitchell, thompson, montagna or selwood (if not worried about bye)

    • He shouldn’t be out for long. After all, he was in the forward line for a few minutes, before deciding to call it a day.

      • Did a medial will be 4 to 6

        • Strained the medial!!!!
          Word is only 1-2 if minor and 4 to 6 if bad……..would be guessing its minor given the fact he came back on for a while!!!
          Won’t really know til mid week i reckon.

  • Why is everyone assuming that Ablett will be gone for a while and need to be traded? I know it looks bad but without any confirmation yet unless u have performed scans on Gary yourself then how can u comment. I’m trying to stay optimistic here, lol. With only 4 trades left and after having only just traded in Ablett and captaining him I really don’t want to trade him. Is there any hope that it may be 0-2 weeks or something like that??

    Anyway, it has been quite a bad night so far but was made better by the bombers running over the top of the tigers quite easily in the end. Sitting on 1013/13 with captain GAJ, adcock, hibberd, lids helping lowering the score quite a bit. Can’t complain with 70’s from rookie-fill ins Isaac Smith and Prestia. With quite a few guns to come I may be able to scrape a low 2000 but most probably 1900s.

    • 4 – 6 weeks buddy

      nuff said (2 at ABSOULUTE minimum)

      p.s miracles not included

      • How do u know 4 sure?? Guessing u have done the scans yourself already. Or maybe u have contacted GAJ or the club doctor himself. I understand it is looking bad but scans could come back and not be as bad as everyones thinking. Oh well if it is 3+ at least I can go straight to another gun whilst making a little $$ in the process. Will most probably be looking at Redden, Daisy, Shiels or Mitchell.

        • oh yeah, shiels or mitchell will do just as good as ablett, be like he had never left…

          who am I kidding, no one can replace him!

          my midfield next year… GAJ, swan, murphy, boyd, hayes, pendles (one upgrade)

          lookin forward to it!

          p.s no I didn’t scan him, but I know its hard to take in but it has been told to be (by more than one proffesional) to be a medial strain taking him out from MOST LIKELY 4 -6 weeks.

          hey, if it was my choice I’d still want him back next week! GC need him!

      • Oh ok.. Apologies mate, I just read above that u heard it on 5th quarter. Well hopefully scans are not as bad as every1 thinks or it will be welcome to the team Jack Redden I reckon.

    • I think ablett tweeted that it wasn’t too serious

    • Do you think GC want to risk the million dollar man for no reason and potentially ruin next season?

      That’s the reason most of us didn’t get him in. GC were more likely than not to give hima holiday come the back end of the season.

  • hey, ‘always look on the bright side of life’

    abletts lower average will make him cheaper next year!

  • I can’t work it out. Somehow Dream Team has subbed Ablett out of my team for Simon Prestigiacomo. What will they think of next?

  • I have just found a video of the colonel. Apparently not only was he unhappy about being asked about the secret recipe, he also fired up when questioned about his attempts at dream team this year…..

  • I will take 1500 this week

  • Congratulations Ablett capitano’s. Sweet dreams to all you piece’s of shit! When my captain pendles pops a 155 tomorrow think of me smiling as I climb climb climb!

    • haha. all those flogs have 1 or 2 trades left.

    • It’s good to have the old tkol back. “Wonderful” this and “well done” that was far too civil…

    • Well…I’m retrospective about it all. Sure, I had Pav as captain last week and sure, I had Gaz this week, but hey – I went inside the top 2000 for the first time ever, I have 5 trades left and who can predict the injuries which will occur to other DT guns today?

      Now…when is Mitchell’s bye again?

    • pendles will get sub 100


  • Ha Ha Ha Ha All you Scablett backers. Only down side he is worth some good coin so sideways an easy choice. And too all those out of trades already – like myself, and that have him, even more Ha Ha Ha Ha. Have to say it as i do know someone like that.LOL

    By the way 1103/12-Swan.

    • I bet u wouldn’t have been acting like this last week when u missed out on the 350??

  • To Gary Ablett owners, in the wise words of Justin Timberlake: CRY ME A RIVER!


  • For what it’s worth, I had a medial strain early in the season and missed the first 5 games of the season. Now although I like to think I’m a pristine specimen of an athlete like Gazz, my missus and the fella’s who run the club bar and bbq would probably beg to differ. I missed 5 with a solid recovery regime of scotch on ice baths, and steak and chips hot packs, so Gazz owners (I’m not one unfortunately) shouldn’t fear because if the said injury is a medial strain he should be out for 1-2 at max.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • From what I can tell on the news this morning they’re thinking he’ll be out for up to a month with similar injuries falling into the 3-6 week timeframe.

    Either way I think Gold Coast will put him on ice as they’re not playing for a spot in the finals, Bluey probably wants to see the kids exposed to life without GAJ for awhile and they wouldn’t risk rushing him back and have him do a ‘Sandilands’.

    I don’t have him but highlights the importance of holding back trades for LTI’s.

  • Can everyone please stop speculating about the GAJ injury and just wait for the scans tommorrow??


    “The early prognosis is medial ligament damage but coach Guy McKenna suspects it might not be as bad as expected since that Ablett was at least able to try and run off his injury in vain”.

    “We think structurally it’s better than expected but he certainly didn’t feel too comfortable on it,” McKenna said.

    “I think it’s a good thing he went back out and tried it. If it was a bad one he wouldn’t have gotten out there.”

    “He’ll get scanned, I would think he would be doubtful for at least one or two (weeks) but I’d only be guessing.”

  • Normally this site is full of score updates… not many around so far….. I guess everyones scores must suck…

    reasonably happy with my 1000/10 start with my pupose built team to win roun 16….

    • Haha. That is what I was thinking mate. Hardly anyone is posting their scores so I’m guessing there is a lot of GAJ captains. I know my score sucks because of this as well as Adcock, Hibberd, Lids and a few more. 1013/13 for me so I would say it looks like u are going well mate :)

  • I am thinking of getting Malceski into my backline…he is picking up in form what are your thoughts?

    • Been keeping an eye on him, but others are more appealing at this stage… Broughton, Birchall and probably Shaw are ahead of him. He’s got a bye to come, too.

  • Would j brown be a decent 8th forward allowing players like goodes rok and chappy to swing into the mids and petrie to swing into the rucks if anyone had a bye. Do you think he’ll average 90+ because that’s what i’d want from him if I were to pick him up

    • Also what are peoples thoughts on X Ellis

    • I got Brown in this week, straight swap for Knights.
      Will probably be a bit up and down but i reckon he’s worth the risk at that price.

  • If Garry is gone for 3+ then it looks like Daisy is going to be my replacement. He is chopping once again.

    • *Gary. Just made sure I corrected that becaue I know there is some co**heads on here that will correct it :D

  • It’s funny coz I didn’t see Petrie (Sherrin Allergy) on the injury list this week so I’m not sure what is going on ;)

  • Looking good. Go Swanny :D

  • What the hell is going on with Petrie?

  • Gonna be some utter stinker scores this week with all the donuts, sub par scores, GAJ and Petrie.

    • hit the nail on the head with that comment Jungle!

      • And the week that everyone else goes to shit, and I score a decent mid 2100, it’s a bye round in league :/

        Needed this to happen next week D:

  • Is Sammy Fisher injured? On 33 in the last quarter…

  • Anyone think Dal Santo would be a good trade for GAJ? I’ve had him all year and he has three 120+ scores in a row (133, 120 and 134). He’s under $400 k and playing with a rejuvenated Saints team with no byes and playing against Adelaide and the Suns in their run home

  • On track to crack 2100
    …have GAJ and a donut…wtf!?

  • Wow, thought I’d struggle with the handful of premiums already out, but I had GAJ (C), Adcock, Fisher, Lobbe and Petrie. I guess I’m not alone there…but this week is the first since one of the first couple of rounds since I’ve been sub 2000!

  • I’m on track for 2050+ with GAJ captain and Petrie. Pretty happy.

    Par score will be hard to guess with a fair bit of fluctuation due to GAJ and Petrie I reckon, what do you all think?

  • I’m on track for 2120

    whats everyone else looking at?

  • sitting on 2087 with gibbs, scotland, boyd each to play the last quarter

    that includes petrie, ablett and lynch combining for a grand total of 73 and missing and bench comprising rioli, pav, fyfe, lower and mzungu

    will go through to top 25 in the eliminator and may improve from ~200ish overall