Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 13

The Round 13 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.




  • Freako – again you have delivered the goodes – thank you

  • Once again a great Rave, keep up the awesome work Freako!

  • Yes! There goes my Wednesday afternoon boredom… cheers Freako :)

  • lovin it freako! with bartel possibly out for a while (and i’ll have to trade him come finals anyway) i have come up with my trade plans that i’ll carry out over the coming weeks.

    this week: heppell > golby and darling > didak
    next week: lower > fisher and bartel > scott thompson

    then with 3 trades to go my team will be:

    goddard, delidio, shaw, scotland, gibbs, adcock, fisher (hibberd, puopolo, golby)
    swan, pendlebury, redden, boyd. ablett, thompson (mzungu, i.smith, jacobs)
    sandilands, cox (j.tipp, mccauley)
    chappy, n.voldt, sylvia, petrie, goodes, fyfe, buddy (didak, prestia, howe)

    then in round 21 dids can cover petrie, in round 22 dids can cover chappy, in round 23 hibberd can cover gibbs (ill trade out scotland) and in round 24 i’ll have no premo bombers anyway. then i can use the other 2 trades for LTI’s, and if i get struck with more than 2 LTI’s ive got dids who can come in and cover anyway.

    thoughts guys? :)

  • Higgins looks a good buy. Seriously considering it. I know he’s injury prone but I want to buy!

  • Always look forward to Freako’s email every Wednesday and Calvin’s Captains on the Assistant Coach in the morning, great work guys.

  • Interesting comment about PAv possibly missing. Anybody else heard that?

  • You said A. krackouer only got 1 goal and 3 touches against adelaide he actually got 3 goals