Hitler’s Birthday Lunch


  • Sorta Funny. Seen lots of these tho. they dont get any better

    • Yeah I’ve seen a lot of pointless posts like yours too. Next time could you just say I’ve got nothing to say and I’m saying it. Want to know what I don’t like…bitumen. Can you tell me who would be fucking interested in the things that I don’t like?

    • hey whobe..i know they been done to death..but not for DT!

    • Shutup you pirate fuck!

      • +1

        LMAO to that

        • I smiled even though I am shagged from work and have been starting at my DT and SC teams like a zombie.
          Love the references to Calvin and fanfooty. Shit hot.

  • lol well done

  • love it.

    was never a Himmler fan myself.

  • loved it

  • I love these Adzman…I laugh out loud every time and for their duration. I empathise with our old mate this time particularly because in the last few weeks I haven’t had time for Dream Team and my team’s failure has become a crisis too. I love how the shitness of Hitler’s team causes him to nod knowingly and the freakish good luck of his opponents causes him to lose it.

    • at least he got a little chuckle out of peake getting the spud….poor old hitler – he never wins.

  • Hmmmm…

    16th anniversary this Friday — but the Hawks are playing the bombers … I feel your pain Adolf.

  • Good work keep them coming.

  • That helped me start my tuesday morning… very good!

  • Adzy

    My question is Hitler related if not quite DT related: did you make the video of Hitler’s reaction to his beloved Saints ’09 GF loss? I recall it being posted on this site.

    I like all the Hitler vids. I can’t bring myself to watch Downfall itself however. Almost as depressing as looking at my own dream team.

    Keep up the good work – I wonder if Alf Stewart has a dream team?


    • hey mate, i didnt do that stkilda one..just the DTones, its too easy!…dt just makes you so mad, his ranting and raving fits every time.

      the best one i saw was the one where he was watiing for his pizza from third reich pizza, they delivered it to the wrong hitler…gold!

      i watched downfall, was pretty good (but depressing) , i reckon that seceretary is a hottie! – ive seen a few movies since with her in it (after searching) – quality lass.

  • Ps. Nice little irony of Hitler’s favourite player being the Aryan Nick Voldt.

  • Hahaha! This is really good. XD

  • Mate, that was gold and I know funnies. Especially the scores being brought in in a box, bwahahahaha.

    Heil Himmler!

  • Thanks for doing these Adzy, they’re sensational and make my day every time!

    ‘I cant even defend myself in the coaches chat box!’ lol

  • Hey Adz, can you do a hitlet video reacting the Dwayne Russells pathetic commentary.
    Include these lines:
    “Bring out the hundreds and thousands..IT”S PARTY TIME!!!”
    “Shorts it”
    That’s Crazy good!
    “He played for the free”
    That’s a firestarter!
    “He goes and gets it”

  • that’s the first one i’ve watched
    (yes been living under a rock the last few years)

    was pretty funny

  • Sooo good. Cracks me up every time!!! Mainly becasue its so true.