The (nearly) Mid-season Knee-Jerk

A bit of a different knee-jerk this week. After what has been a torrid first half of the season I think its time to sit back on the rocking chair grab a beverage and reflect upon what has happened so far (I guess that is the complete opposite of a knee-jerk). So anyway who has starred? Who has bombed? Who has frustrated? Well its time to find out. Obviously this is from my own personal point of view, feel free to add your own or slate mine, just like you would flame Mike Shehan after his poxy top 50.

The players will be listed in three categories like a traffic light;

GREEN: These guys are all systems go; they have exceeded all expectations whether it be break out players or players who have upped their output in some way to make them worth buying.

AMBER: These guys have stayed just the same, whether they be super stars or utter rubbish they have confirmed they were just what we thought before round 1….it’s as you were for these guys.

RED: It’s been code red for these guys; they have been stopped in their tracks for one reason or another. If you have them you’d love to sell them, if you don’t have them you wouldn’t be buying them; they have been a major disappointment. Can they come back?

So what does the traffic light tell us?

Nat Fyfe: Green

Fyfe has been a solid gold break out player this year. He has so far averaged a shade over 100 per game and has made just under 100k from his starting price of around $280. As a bomber fan I can see loads of a young James Hird in this guy and as a second year player the potential is limitless! A small worry is the shoulder injuries he frequently gets and whether a 2nd year player can keep this kind of form up. I’d expect him to finish at about a 90 average.

Dean Cox: Green

Big Coxy has stepped it back up again after a poor couple of seasons. Most people thought he was shot and on his way down the averages but he has made us all sit up and take notice with an average of 113 from a starting price around 350k. He is as fit as ever skulking around a kick behind the play getting kicks at will.

Marc Murphy: Green

Murphy has always been a good dt’er but this year he just seemed fitter and more mature as a footballer pre-season. The Carlton coaches said he was ready to break out and he has done that this year averaging a healthy 113. He will be a midfield premium for years to come; Judd getting number one tag helps him even more also.

Liam Shiels: Green

He has flown under everybody’s radar along with his mate Suckling. He has averaged 105 and raised a massive 178k from his original 220k price. As we know the midfield real estate is a competitive market and he may not find a spot in yours but he is one to watch.

Jack Redden: Green

Redden has broken out this year with an average of 103 from a starting price of around 330k. He gets a lot of his points from tackles which means he isn’t going to get tagged and the points should keep coming. Another to keep an eye on for the future.

Chris Knights: Green

Picking this guy had an element of risk because he has a poor record of soft tissue injuries but he has proved us all wrong so far with a sparkling season. He seems to have a knack of collecting junk in the final term even after a poor game and scoring well in the end. He averages 84 so far which is awesome for the price he started. Not quite a keeper but doing a great job keeping the seat warm in the mean time

Heppell, Z.Smith, Darling, Curnow: Green

These guys seem to be the pick of the first year bunch; they will obviously have ups and downs for the rest of the year but will be the players we look to bring in in the coming years when the older generation of DTers falls away. All have made loads of cash but it’s pretty easy to do that when you start at 100k!

Matthew Boyd: Amber

Every team needs in anchor, its captain option, the player that you shell out top dollar for that won’t let you down. This is that man. Averaging a shade under 117 so far and not looking like slowing up even though his team is. Boyd seems to be one of those un taggable players.

Lance Franklin: Amber

You know exactly what you are going to get with buddy. He will give away free kicks, he will miss shots for goal but he will have games when he explodes and does the freakish. He has slow games of football but explodes for a quarter and redeems himself; it’s a ride you just have to take. Averaging 104 which is a shade above what I expected but I’m not complaining.

Brett Deledio: (who is lids?) Amber

Again with Deledio you know he will frustrate you. He will be played out of position and scrape a score up until 3 quarter time then he will be released into the middle and pile on the points. It will have you thinking why can’t he be there all game? Lids will be in the top 3 highest scoring backs this year and that’s all you needed to know before you bought. Averaging 93 which is about right.

Bryce Gibbs: Amber

Gibbs is another amber. He will frustrate us with potential; he can laze around at times doing not a lot but at other times can rack them up so quickly your head spins. Coaches are obviously trying to use him in a tag to get him working but its not great for our scores – but we knew this coming in. Average is 102 which reflects that he has some great games and some low games.

Heath Scotland: Amber

Another Carlton player who does what it says on the tin. Every year it’s the same with him, just racks up kicks across half back in a most consistent fashion. Averaging 98 which you’ll take all day long from a defender.

Joel Selwood: Amber

Joel is fast becoming my favourite non Essendon player in the league; he just gives everything every time he steps out on the park. He gets beaten from pillar to post, never complains and more importantly scores DT points a will. Pick him and relax knowing its 100+ every week.

Shaun Higgins: Amber

Ok, if there was ever an amber it’s Higgins, you know every year he will score a few good scores but spend most of the time recovering from injuries and that’s how it has transpired again. He averages 84 which doesn’t sound like a train smash but it is when he has been sat on your bench rotting every other week.

Grant Birchall: Amber

Birchall does the same thing every year and does it well, and that thing is consistency. He will always score you between 80 and 110. He won’t blast out a 150 nor will he make you cry with a 50 either so if you are short of a buck and want a constant scorer he is your man. With the hawks starting to warm up he may even bump that average up past 90 where it is now.

Alan Didak: Red

Nobody knows why but dids has been on the nose this year. It has been a huge surprise because the pies are flying. He has shown a few signs recently of being back and maybe the sub will give him the rocket he needs. Averaging 75 is not good enough for a premium and the only thing a 130k loss is good for is bargain hunters looking to upgrade their cows.

Brendan Goddard: Red

BJ looks depressed. He looks so upset that he was so close to a flag and let it slip through his fingers. He looks like that guy at work who is sh*tty and angry all the time- a real sourpuss. It is reflecting in his game and in his numbers. Luckily for us he saw the light a few weeks ago and went back to basics and from this he scored like the Goddard of old. At an average of 82 you obviously want more but being a defender you can wear that kind of thing for a little while – no point trading at a 130k loss.

Nick Riewoldt: Red

Voldt is in the same boat as BJ but unfortunately can’t just skulk around half back alone to get back into form. He will always have a gorilla on him whose prime objective is to stop him. He is too good a player to stay at an 85 average so I’d back him to boost it as the year progresses and the saint’s work into their season.

Dane Swan: Red

Seems ridiculous putting a player with an average of 116 in the reds but when you pay over 500k you want results. Once he was a player who looked fat and unco but willed himself to every contest, now he just looks fat and lazy loitering around the edge of the contest waiting for a cheap one. We are all hoping he can refind form before his price makes him affordable to every tom dick and harry.

Rhys Palmer: Red

Whatever has happened to this guy you’d better hope it’s not contagious! He has gone from NAB rising star to chump in two years, some may say he has already signed for g.w.s, if that’s the case it could explain a little but if not his average of 68 is pitiful and not worthy of consideration – I can’t believe I started with him!

Greg Broughton: Red

Could he have been a flash in the pan? One good year doesn’t make a great player – or DTer; just ask Rawlings. The Brough is averaging 73 after being selected by a lot of coaches this year. If you held you would be shattered by now. He is showing signs of getting better but it’s not enough!

Brian Lake: Red

The golden rule is never pick a player who hasn’t done a pre-season. Luke Hodge is only now starting to come good and Brain Lake? Well it’s anyone’s guess when he will get back to his Bowden imitation. He has averaged 53 so far and has been in and out of the side. He was a hefty price to being with – if you own him you don’t deserve to be reading these pages, get off DT talk and find another hobby.

That’s about all ive got (or all I can get away with typing while I’m at work) anyone else got any mid season greens ambers or reds? Any smokies you picked from the start and want to gloat about? Or shockers you stuck with that you are ashamed of?

Let’s hear it!


  • hi

  • Here is a Knee Jerk for ya

    Last week brought chappy in, this week brought sylvia in, Combined this week from those 2 premiums 21… WOW franklin out aswell what is going on with my forward line.

    The positives are that i had mckenize on instead of chappy thx to dpp and he got 102 :D my rucks almost 400 points between 2 of them (cox c and zmith) and then steve J just seems to have his mojo rocking atm.

    • With you on that, Selwood C for me Bartel stinking on my bench, have plans on fixing my backs with his cash to help me after Stkildas/Swan bye.

      I wanted sureity of brinning in Murphy and finishing off my side with 5 trades maybe 6 most.

      I have Chappy and Franklin missing this week too.

      I might even loose my eliminator to someone ranked terribly it will now be touch and go. He had Stevie J and le cras!!!

      He has Pendelles, Duigan, A.Swallow, Mitchell, Knights, Rioli, 77points


      Me Suckling, Puopolo, Goddard, Pav, Goodes, Montagna, Swan, M.Murphy

      I reckon it is flip a coin. I hope I win, was hoping to go better in Eliminator this year.

  • biggest knee jerk this round, not including stanley’s dismal performance, would have to be the muppets who got selwood in, then made him captain and ruined it for the rest of us.

  • does anyone know how long swallow and darling look to be out for? According to fanfooty they have both been reported.

    • 1 each, perhaps? Not much in them, but no one gets off at the tribunal these days… except the MRP. They jizz in their pants every time someone lays a good tackle!

    • Darlings report was soft, he should get off, Swallow should get a week though

      • i dunno, but either way perfect timing coz i was going to get rid of both this week, just makes my mind up for me!!!

    • Swallow will get one minimum, Darling should get off…….stuff all contact with open hand.

  • Maybe I am just a nuffy, but as a Bomber fan, I expected big things from Paddy Ryder this year… Fail! If we are grading based on traffic light colours, I think Paddy in 2011 is one of those intersections where the lights are out and everyone is cursing and beeping horns.

    Bring on 2012.

    • what the end of the world?

      • Not just DT, but also based on watching him play – looking lost most of the time

    • Yeah, agree with you on that one INH… Paddy was set for stardom, but like a few Anzac Day medalists before him (remember Mark McGough, anyone?), has failed to live up to their potential.

    • He’s performing so badly, and dropped so much cash, it’s not even worth trading him out. I got Vardy in for Vickery this week, and even he performed better in his third game.

    • flashing amber lights…… broken.

    • Would you be starting Zac Smith or Ryder? I think Zac Smith will be in my team next year as a premium.

      • Think the lights have all gone out with Paddy……..a disaster this year. Mind you with Hirdy leaving him forward so much not likely to turn it around in a hurry. They can’t afford to leave him forward like they have!!!

        @flying high
        Start Smith ahead of Ryder this week………then he will start knocking up 100’s and you can trade him out to Sandi when he’s gone up in $$$. :-)

  • Geen light goes to Gold Coast.
    All those cows….and they just keep comming.
    Also for them paying $7 to win over Lions certainly fattened up my wallet, after a last minute heart attack.

    Green light to sub rule…Not great for fantasy but great for footy. Would like to see 3 on bench + 2 subs though.

    Green to the Giants so we dont have a flowering bye next year.

    • Gold Coast killed me last night at the TAB. $30 on WC to kick the first goal of the game netted us $84. You’d think you’d be happy with that… but after a few beers at the game it sounded like a good idea to put it all again on WC first goal in the 2nd half for a return of $235.. . As i tturns out GC got the first goal and the 2nd half wasn’t so fun after all.

  • Swallow, Darling, will go down at the tribunal!

  • Don’t agree Selwood being amber.
    Deserves a green light for me.
    Excluding his 27 in rd 1 when he got knocked out by Farran Ray, Selwood would have the best average in DT. Has only 1 other score (92) under 100 and has had 5 120+ games.

  • Pretty much happy with all my selections since round start this year. Downgraded Goddard for Curnow which I think was a slick dick move, only problem is I brought him in for Palmer r6 or so. Waste of money, and a waste of a trade. Pretty much every guy I’ve brought in has put out his expected average.

    My rookies f**ked me. Hard.

    At start of the season it was something along the lines of Coad, Buckley, Dixon, Bewick all injured early. Richardson who was a fine selection gets dropped to be never seen again. I figured Presitia was iffy, and expected to play half the games, but no stress, I can afford to carry him as a late bloomer. Despite 100 in round 3, he doesn’t play his 4th game untill round f**king 11.

    Iles, despite playing r3 NAB cup, doesn’t get a gig untill rd 5. Was expecting a few weeks late, but hey.

    Harris, Krakoeur, Matera both missed games on the cusp of being culled. Harris f**ks it up for me, after making the hard call, and trading out players with equally low BE’s.

    But yeah, plus I had Broughton, Goddard and Grimes in the backs, oh, aswell asGram and Symes. The fact that two of them have come good since alot of people lost big cash and traded them out, doesn’t quite help. Neither does Grimes, or Symes with a broken nose.

    Pretty happy with almost all my selections this year, but for some reason i’ts been decided I need to be shanked up the clacker. Fucken sweet.

    Looking forward to a better roll in the home straight.

    Got Sandi in, and 2 weeks later he’s out for a month.

    Pretty much had more than my share of knocks this year. Still

    • Oh shit, I forgot Higgins, Chappy, Enright, Broughton, Lower, Gram, Mitchell, Sand all missing games. Heh.

      Who gives a f**k, It’ll all go my way, and I’ll win the car. ThxBye.

      • Yeah, Ive been hit a few times this year too with rookie scores, pretty frustrating.

    • gold gold and gold. Jungle, The Muffin that just keeps on giving. Thanks for the laugh buddy.

  • Holy SHIIIIIIIIT i got 430 points from my rucks! (Cox (c) & Mcevoy)
    Thats gotta be a record surely

    • must say i had the same ruck, so happy with it

    • Me to it was bloody fantastic i’m currently 8th and i ended up being the giant killer and knocked the guy out at the top of the comp. U BLOODY BEWTY!!!

  • Green: Goldstein. This player has been overlooked by just about everyone (Even I don’t have him in) but he is the third best ruck option based on total points and average, he has gone up $72,000 and increased his average by more than 20%. Best of all he has only missed one game so fat. Mcintosh’s return could change things but we are looking at the past 11 rounds, not the future.

    • And he is currently ripping it up once again. 48 hit outs, 14 points (just over break even). Yeah he totally doesnt deserve to be on this list.

      Congrats to whoever picked him at the star, wish I had.

    • He didn’t play round 1, otherwise would have had him from the start instead of Jolly the big red crab!

  • Red light: paying for the DT assistant coach.

  • Red light: to everyone who bags a player after one or two bad rounds…. Jimmy bartel anyone?

    • Justified if that one or two bad rounds cost you the Eliminator then Top of the table league match.

  • Broughton averaging 110 over the past 3, 100 over the past 4, or 90 over the past 5. Even with the first 2 months, he’s still 80 for the season.

    I really do feel for the people who copped the shit, but missed the sugar.

  • Big relief to see I’ve won my eliminator, we’ve only both got Murphy & Gibbs playing,

    Still a low score this round, thanks to Chappy, Franklin & Buckley all not playing.

    Hibberd on my bench was painful, especially after Buckley was in my mids and had Prestia as my emergency…

    Such is the game though. Hopefully Chappy and Franklin can bounce back and make up for it next week.

  • Red Light: Everitt
    Why did I ever get sucked into him? Lucky I traded him after 2 rounds

  • Worst week ever!!!!!!

    2017 plus a loss to Dr Dream Team, injuries to Chappy and Buddy followed. 9 trades and $91, 900 in the kitty. FMDT

  • @adzman
    Your comment re Broughton is interesting.
    “Could he have been a flash in the pan? One good year doesn’t make a great player – or DTer; ”

    2009 Average of 87.7 from 15 games.
    2010 average of 90.8 from 17 games.
    2011……….we’ll see.

    Agree he has been a red light so far but seems the lights are changing at last.
    This boy will be very good for DT sides over the next 5-10years!!!

  • Brad green is a red light for me. Coming ok over the last couple of weeks but still not pretty. +1 to whoever said ryder as well.