Get Off The Bench: Round 11

So last week we had a feast of great scores from our fringe guys, but geez, they didn’t reward us this week.  We had some of our walk up starts stumble onto the field and more importantly stuff up on the DT Score Board!  Some that hurt us were Duigan with 43, Darling with 50 and Harris with a shocking 25 (red vested, but not til later in the game).  However, we were pleased with Mzungu and his 85 in a full game and Puopolo with 99.  So with these guys bouncing up and down all over the place in scoring I reckon Warnie has given me the toughest job in DT land!  But that is half the fun, let’s see what I can find this week!

First up though, I do apologise for a short write up this week.  I have had a bit been a crook this week and I can’t get to the computer and sit there for as long as I would like, but I will give you a bit to help you out but I won’t get through as many players as I normally would.

Start these blokes this week

Now we know that Duigan had a poor game last week but they are playing Port this week so I think he will make a comeback.  Danny Stanley will be over at Patterson’s Playground and he really seems to have found a niche at the GC.  Fremantle were shit last week (thanks mostly to me trading in Fyfe) but Nick Lower had a pretty good game given the circumstances however, with them playing the Hawks this week I am not so confident on him scoring highly.  Speeking of Dockers, the most traded in this week will be Mzungu and he is safe enough to play on the ground I think.  Even though he is a Mid Fwd in DT, he seems to be spending some time down back (or perhaps that is just where the ball spent most of its’ time last week).  I would play him if you need to.

Stefan Martin is still racking them up for the Dees and whilst he is on the ruck duties I would keep him in the side.

The two Essendon boys Hibberd and Heppell are back and they will both score very well against the Dees who are a bit of a rabble this week. 

David Swallow was a reasonable player again this week and he will slot in nicely for your M6 spot.  I would keep him on the park (for me he will have to!)

I have had some people ask me to add in Petrie and I hope they put him on the field last week.  His 109 was great he seems to be a lone hand up forward (well the only one that can kick straight!).  And with the Kangas playing the Crows this week I can see his scoring doing very nicely since the Crows seem to be struggling at the moment with their consistency.

Tom Lynch was the most added last week and put in a servicable 66.  I would feel safe playing him but I don’t know that you will have enough donuts that you would need to.  In a similar vein is Sam Iles who is scoring ok but I don’t know if you really need to play him.  Zac Smith had a tidy game with an 88.  I think alot of us will still need to play him this week until Sandi comes back

Jack Darling had his first bad game on the weekend, but hey it was Collingwood.  His 50 was his worst outing,  but I reckon he will come back this week.   Krak had himself a reasonable game and he has been running in the 60’s and 80’s.

Ben Jacobs did ok up north in Darwin with his 67.  I reckon he will hold his spot, but just have a look on Friday night to make sure.  Shane Savage has also been fairly steady over the last few weeks and with the way the Hawks have been playing I reckon he should keep it up.  Lastly Simon Buckley has been pretty good recently so I would play him.

Do you really trust em?

I said that Ed Curnow wouldn’t make an appearance in this article anymore, but I just thought I would put him in this section as I don’t know how he will go in his first game back from his injury, probably should do ok since he is playing Port. 

Daniel Harris is probably going to be traded out of a number of teams this week after his poor game last week.  I would normally say play this guy, but his 25 worries me a fair bit.  If he is all you have then put him on, but I will be trading him.

We notice that both Cam Pedersen and C Rich have been named on the extended bench for the Kangaroos.  So check them on Friday, but I don’t know if you can trust them on the ground.

Mitch Wallis had a 64 last week but his scores have been fairly incosistent.  But with Libba out he may do very nicely.  Jesse O’Brien getting a green vestworries me a bit.

Andy Otten is back but geez it would be gutsy to put him on the park.  I would also think that he may get Vested.  Another big concern is Prestia who we all waited on and then he didn’t really deliver much for us.  However, hopefully that was only because of his Vest.  Bewick is another that loves a vest.  He has 4 of them now!

I don’t have my rankings for you this week guys, I haven’t had enough time to fully research everyone and I don’t want to stuff things up for you with unresearched advice.  So how about this week you guys all give me your top 3 in each position in the comments.

So that is it for me today guys sorry it is a bit short but I promise next week it will be back to all its’ glory.  I will be on Twitter over the weekend @pkd73

Cheers for now.


  • Must decide for this week
    Backs: 2 out of Duigan, Hibbard, B Jacobs
    Forwards: T Lynch or Mzungu

  • Richardson or Prestia for final forward spot

    Chapman and Jack Riewoldt Causing some issues

  • What’s Sucklings JS like ? Getting a premium back in to complete my backline

  • Pendles or Hodge to come in??? Not really caring about byes so extra cash and Hodgey if he can keep it up or lock in Pendles and my midfield is pretty sorted with not much cash to play with. Thoughts on big average difference between these 2? Cheers

  • No one has mentioned Duffield. He like Broughton have carved it up over the past 2 weeks. At 304k has to be considered. Or Broughton at 292k.

  • Pendles in for me. Potential captain also.

    • I upgraded Dustin “can’t play in humidity” Martin for the Pendles myself.

  • Lets just say trades aren’t a problem okay. What should I do with 250k in the kitty.

    Trade Harris- Gazza this week leaving me with hardly any money next week to get Pav or Goodsy.]


    Move Kraks into the midfield and swap him to Gazza. This loses me my DPP but next week I can trade Harris or Swallow to Goodsy and everything will be alright again.


    Just a straight up swap for Swallow to Gazza giving me plenty of money for later.

    I am leaning towards the Kraks one because it would be easiest to do money wise and keeping a strong 6th mid until I get Pendles, however he has a B/E of 59 so he is pretty much going to rise in price.. Harris has to get 89 or something to increase in prise and I don’t see him getting that much so keeping him will make it harder to get Pendles later anyways so keeping him would be a downfall maybe? However if I keep Swallow then it will be much more difficult later to get Pendles with out any rookies worthy enough to come into my team.

    What are your thoughts?

  • What do you think of this set-up.
    DEF Field: Stanley & Puopolo. Bench: Lower (E) & Jacobs
    MID Field: Swallow. Bench: Buckley, Prestia & Hibberd (E)
    FWD Field: Darling & Lynch. Bench: Krakouer (E), Richardson & Mzungu

  • mzungu not up to a run in my midfield dpp him with goodes just so he works into my team ;)

  • in the defence: hibberd v lower?

    and if lower gets the nod, in the midfield: hibberd v harris?

  • What do you think as a 6th Mid option out of: Gysberts, Hibberd, Harris, Mzungu?

    At the moment i have them in that order?!!!

    • Mzungu, can make you the moolah you need and will play a lot of time for Freo has a big tank and is a ball magnet

      • yeah, i have mzungo, but i’m not sure who to play on the field out of those boys?

        • Suns will struggle against the Eagles defence so I’d leave Harris out, hibberd should do well tonight, Mzungu against the Hawks is anyones guess.

  • Hi Guys

    I don’t ask a lot of questions but I’d appreciate some feedback this week on my pending trades.

    Matera > Mzungu (I also have Darling and Krak who are quite ripe)
    Liber > Murphy (I also have Bewick and Harris as options)

    What do you think? I don’t have Selwood yet only because I do have Bartel the Dud. Is he that much better than Murphy?

    • good trades, if you have harris as solid bench cover then get rid of libba, i too have bewick and its a shame he didnt go up a little more in value, priced very awkwardly for an upgrade.

      Oh yeah and i got bartel instead of selwood, hang in there bartel will perform when you need him most.

    • cant go wrong with matera to the gu
      i am in same position u are got the bartel dud so brought in murphy this week for harris i didnt have libba

    • I’d go Selwood he hasn’t had a bad game apart from the one where he did his first upside down plank and the game after that. Also Geelong are better than the blues.

      • As much as I’d love to argue, I don’t really have a leg to stand on at the moment. All of the evidence suggests that you are right.

        But seriously, Jelwood is a monster. What’s he paying to win the Brownlow at the moment?

    • Good feedback boys!

      The other thing that is leaning me towards Murphy is he is 23G cheaper than Selwood and has a break even of 67 compared to 113. I am a Cats fan tho….Hmmm

      @Kenjo – Bewick is an awkward price, I think he has more in him if only he could avoid the vest for a few weeks.

      Thanks guys.

  • anyone know how long chappy is gone for?

    • his groin could be anywhere between 1-2 weeks

    • Chappy has looked a bit off for a few weeks now & it’s a bit worrying.
      I’m suspicious of this “groin” comment from Geelong.
      I have no idea what the problem might be but stay tuned, i’ve got a feeling there may be more to come.

      • I’ve wanted to bring him in for a few weeks as Chappy under or around $400k is bloody good value so I’ve kept an eye on him and he looked real proppy the last two games. Didn’t seem to be able to run hard, having said that, was still getting 90’s so when he is back, I’m going to welcome him to my side as he is a long way under his true value.

  • my ruck division currently looks like this: Cox Ryder Smith Derricx

    With Smith averaging the same as Ryder, should i just downgrade Ryder to Vardy or someone cheap and make an upgrade elsewhere, or will i be risking a potential donut in the future with Vardy being dropped when cox has a bye or Smith being rested??? thoughts are needed because if i dont downgrade Ryder than i will not be trading this week.

    • Trade to Vickey?

      • Nah ignore that it’s stupid he has reached his limit

        • yeah ill prob make about 50 k from that trade, so not worth it. its doing my head in, trades are precious this end of the season and i guess having the luxury of choosing between ryder and smith isnt so bad. see what happens lol, if someone doesnt help me im gonna convince myself to not trade

    • ive got cox ryder and smith aswell plus bailey sainilands threw a massive spanner into my trade plans as ryder was gonna be the big 211 ryder has gotta come good soon im backing him in till saindilands is back but how much money is he gonna drop before then smith is good cover and trades are valuable so id hang on for now but thats just my opinion

      • hahaha yeah i had exactly the same plans, to upgrade ryder to sandilands but with him out i was stumped as to what to do, coz i dont really like the other ruck options, big 211 for me or nothing. so id have to agree with you and hang on for a bit i reckon, see what goes in the future. cheers for the help guys

    • Max Baily?

      • Sandi has a high BE, so if you can hold out, bring in Sandi a game or two after he comes back. Don’t downgrade to Vardy, wouldn’t want to be forced to play a kid other than Smith in the ruck

  • Harris for
    Pendles Leaves me 36,000
    Murphy 32,000
    Selwood 19,000
    Thompson 46,000
    GAJ 62,000
    Some other prick???

    Murphy’s and Selwoods byes worry me,

    Pendles is quite unique in the league I’m in…

    This is the first year in since i started DT that GAJ hasn’t been in, and i think i miss him….but is he the best option?

    • For me Pendles is the best pick by far. Best average, under-priced, looking to smash it over the next few wks. Only problem is the bye coming up. Fine if you have cover, if not wait until rnd 14 or pick someone else?

      Its a very close call to me between Thompson and GAJ, Thompson on current form hands down, but he’s only average 90s during his career and that worries me. I chose GAJ purely because I’d be kicking myself for missing him at $400k if he starts smashing out regular 120+ scores and at his price its not loss if he averages high 90s to 100 for the rest of the year is it.

    • I have Pendles, Selwood and GAJ. I think they are all valuable. I was always planning to get GAJ in after his 2nd bye. I still think he is gonna kill it this year and will improve as he learns to play with the new kids and they learn to incorporate him into their game.

      Murphy is a good pick, but I already have Judd so I won’t be getting him.

      I think it’s a toss-up between Murphy and Pendles personally. Both play in extremely DT Slutty teams and they both have extreme ball magnetism when it suits them. I’d be leaning towards Murph.

  • Duffield? At 305k has to be a ggod pick with a be of 6. What do you reckon?
    Broghton ? 291k be of 11?
    On anybody’s radar? Or am i grasping at straws?

  • What a cliche, I hoeked Taps and Libba 2.0 for Mzu and Pendles. If I hadn’t used up 4 trades in the last 2 weeks I reckon I’d have more bandaids than green spots. Does anyone know when that flippin Isaac Smith is going to get another run?

  • Mzungu or Darling (playing GC) on field?

  • Have a choice of Hibberd, Duigan, Stanley, Lower or Jacobs for my last spoke in the backs. Have had nearly all of them on the field at some stage today.


    • Duigan playing Port or Stanley in good form.

      • Why Duigan V port…..thats a reason to stay away. The ball will spend all the time up front and in the middle..not down back

        • He played in the midfield at times last week…

          • yeah, but Curnow’s back in town…

            Duigan’s a good bet though, it’s his first game at AAMI and being an South Australian he’d be keen to put on a good display for the Adelaide crowd.

  • Boys – Hodge or Mitchell.. can get either.

    Need to get Curnow out as i have Judd, Scottland, and Gibbs.


    • Mate for what it is worth I would go with Hodge. I think he is going to burn in the second half of the year. Takes marks, kicks goals and tackles and seems to have a license to chase the ball. Hawks love having the ball in his hand. He is a legend.

      • I’d second that … Hodgey is a star and he will rack up another 150+ score against that rabble of a team known as the Dorkers. If you’ve got him in your team, join me and put the big C on him this week!

  • lads who would u play mzungu or krak

  • not good to hear you sick dunny keep up your work.

    but everyone I need to know this:

    pick 2 out of- duigan,puopolo,jacobs and hibberd!

    thanks! urgent!

  • :O

    Pedersen is named!!!! Green Vest it up boy. Although, you’ll still make me money even if you don’t score any points.

    So will Nick Lower for that matter. BE of -14 this week.

  • need some tips on who to put on for my 7th def spot out of hibberd, puops and b.jacobs. comments appreciated

  • Another very useful article, cheers Dunny.

    I’m playing Puopolo, Heppell & Hibberd this week with Jacobs and Buckley on my bench.
    Darling and Mzungu are featuring in my forward lines with Darling coming in due to Chappy’s withdrawl.

    Buckley seems to play well in the big games (98pts against Geelong) but I couldn’t put it past Hibberd & Heppell vs Melbourne and Puopolo against Freo.

    Good luck everyone!