Get Off The Bench: Round 10

We all know that last week was one out of the box and that also included some of our fringe guys.  Lower had himself a very nice 119 which was better than some premiums!  Duigan also bounced back after a lot of us thought he had maxed out in price with a 97.  However, some of them stunk it up and my ex-forward (well he will be when I trade his arse on Friday) Tapscott with a 16, although he was injured.  One thing is for sure, these players are mostly first year guys and by default they will be very inconsistent at times which makes picking a winner one of the hardest things to do, particularly with so little to go on in terms of historical form.

One of the pleasing things for most coaches this week is the return for the rest of the year of the Gold Coast Suns.  Last week most of us had a heap of them sitting on the bench doing stuff all, so at least we will have some bench cover this week for the late withdrawals (Swanny maybe?).  I am also going to change the way I go about this column this week so let me know if you like it or not either in the comments or on twitter @pkd73

Just one overall factor that I have found (and it should be fairly obvious to most) is that these guys are getting more of a run against the poorer teams and are scoring well so if your guys are playing Port, Brisbane or Gold Coast it is a safe bet that they will score fairly well.

Start these guys

Nick Lower has reclaimed the mantle of the best defender of the rookies after a 119 against the Power.  He seems to like slaying those that are already dead with his second best score being in round 1 against the Lions.  So if he is able to be less accountable for an opponent he is playing the run off role very well.  Duigan is the other guy that put up his best score of the season last week with a 97.  Interestingly though his two best scores have come against Geelong and Essendon so he likes the ball coming at him consistently so this may make this weeks game against the Dee’s a lower scoring one for him perhaps.  However, I would still be starting him if you haven’t traded him out yet.

Stefan Martin of the Dees has been relishing his role with Jamar out scoring 108 and 110 whilst filling in for the big guy.  So whilst Jamar is out of the side I would be playing this bloke.  He is priced at $272k and has made his owners a tidy $127k already!  Another guy who will make big bucks for his owners is Ben Jacobs who has made it possible for us Power supporters to justify one of our players in our DT.  I saw him in person on Saturday and I liked what I saw, this kid knows where to be and will only get better with experience.  I expect he will become a premium in the near future.  He had a 91 after his debut 53.  The only risk is the humidity in Darwin may play havoc with his ball handling, but I think he will still score well.

Danny Stanley is one guy that has been solid throughout this season and he did ok against the Crows with 88pts.  I would expect him to be good for 60 – 75pts per game.  Brodie Smith is one of the Crows that scored really well against the Pies on the weekend with an 81. I like this guy as a scorer but in the two weeks prior he had a 53 against Melbourne and then a Green Vested 11 against Gold Coast. I think he is certainly a good bet and against Brisbane this week if he can avoid a vest he should score very nicely.

Tom Liberatore is learning his craft from the best.  From what I could see on Sunday night, he was wherever Boydy was.  And it showed with his scores.  He had 73 in a bad loss folling his 100 and with the poor form of the dogs he will have very good Job Security if you ask me.  One guy who has been very good and is back after an injury is Daniel Harris.  He is good for around 75 odd points.  His solid body around the packs is just what the Gold Coast need so he will continue to get the hard ball for them and score well.  David Swallow is also playing very well and has really found his feet recently in the big leagues.  His 101 in his last start was his best and he hasn’t dropped below 75 since round 2

Reece Conca has 99 in his last start and this was his highest.  They are playing Port Adelaide and we know what that does to their scores, but to temper that they are playing in Darwin which is known for slippery conditions due to the Humidity so he should be good but don’t expect anything special.  Andrew Krakouer is back at his favourite ground, the MCG.  He scores very well here and that is well documented.  He has had 80 and 66 since his 113 v the dogs.  I think he will score very well as long as he isn’t a sub.

Sam Iles seems to have shown his form is in the 60’s range with two of them over the last two weeks after a 74 and 47.  This guy is still learning and comes with big wraps and I think he will continue to be a solid scorer.  Shane Savage from the Hawks had a 71 to back up his monster 144, this is back to where I expect him to be fter his early games were around that mark.  However, he had a 35 in a full game against West Coast and has had a Green vested 30.  I would be confident with him playing against the Dogs.

Trent McKenzie has a bloody good kick doesn’t he!  Should take him out to that infamous Wheat Silo that Billy Brownless supposedly kicked over, I reckon he could do it.  Anyway, he has played every game and is scoring between 58 and 82 so he is very consistent.  I would trust him if I had to play him.  Matt Wright has done well recently after a Green Vested 27 in his debut.  He had 83 against the Pies after his highest score of 116 against Gold Coast.  I think given the way the Crows are going with injury and form he should have pretty good Job Security.

Another Power player who is doing ok is Jasper Pittard.  He has scores that are hanging around the 70’s and 80’s.  He seems to be a link up player across half back and has a run through the wing too.  I know he missed a game recently but I think given Primus’ youth policy he has fair job security I reckon.

Jack Darling is a player.  He should be on your field every week (except for byes of course). 

Tom Lynch from the Gold Coast (not to be confused with the one from the Saints)  has a pair of 90’s to his name and will be traded into heaps of teams this week (including mine).  I would put him on the ground if you are looking at getting him in to replace Tapscott!  Brandon Matera has been very solid this year with scores in the 60’s with an 84 in his Rising Star nominated game against… you guessed it… Port.

Zac Smith is going to be called upon by nearly every coach that still has him this week.  With Sandi going down, Zac will get out there.  And with the Cats leaving Ottens at home he should have a good score once again.

A Little Inconsistent or Too Early to Tell maybe?

Paul Puopolo has only played two games with an 85 and a 52.  I am going to cut him some slack because the 52 was at the SCG which in my opinion is a ridiculous game for AFL as it is too damn small.  Poops as he seems to be called in the forums these days wasn’t given any space to create and I am hoping that a return to Melbourne and a game against the hapless Doggies might lift his score again.  Note his 85 was against Port at AAMI.  Jesse O’Brien has recovered from the Green Vest over the last two weeks with a 67 and a 54  although he does seem a bit up and down for me and that I think his scoring range is in the 50’s if I had to predict it.  I also worry about his chances of getting a vest, I know he has only had one, but his versatility makes him a good candidate particularly with Claye Beams now out for the year.

Jake Batchelor from the Tigers has certainly put his game together after a slow start to the year.  His scores are still up and down yet he seems to do ok against the good teams with 83 against Freo (his best) and then 80 against Essendon last week.  His 3 worst scores were against Carlton, St Kilda and Brisbane, and two of those were in the first two weeks.  Nick Smith only had 39 against the Hawks which was his lowest with his previous worst a 57 v Carlton.  I think he will bounce back and I think it will be this week against the Roos where Sydney should do better than against the Hawks.

Jamison has had a couple of 60’s in the last two has him looking like a viable option after his 44.  He has also had a 91 and 71 so he could get a decent score. 

Ok well last week I was all over Mark Nicoski and this week I have dumped him his RVested 30.  I still think this guy can score, but he has just thrown a bit of a spanner in the works.  This was his worst since his 35 in Rd2.  Reid from Sydney is also very inconsistent, he had 85 against the Power, but a 38 against the Hawks, he also is in and out of the side and has a couple of Red Vests in the wardrobe too.

Rohan Bewick is far too inconsistent for me to play him with confidence.  He had a 68 and 73 early on but has 2 Green vests and 1 Red one in his last 4 games!  Another guy I am not so sure on is Simon Buckley I know he has had 2 good games in his last two, but prior to that round 1 against Port was his best with 54.  Still don’t trust him.

Shaun Atley hasn’t managed to keep up a reasonable score for coaches.  He started with two 40’s and his last two have been 30’s  so I wouldn’t play him unless you needed to and with them playing Sydney I reckon that poor scoring could continue. 

Luke Breust has had himself a pair of Green Vests in his first two games and scored a 70 when he came on in the first quarter for Hale but last week got a 30.  I will be keen to see him get another full game and see how he goes.  But at the moment I am just not sure.

Shaun McKernan had a bit of hype about him in the preseason as he played well for Adelaide in the NAB Cup and I also liked the look of him, but since then he has had an 83 in round 1 and not much better than mid 50’s since.  I wouldn’t play him, but some people may be forced to.   Alex Johnson from the Swans has a couple of games in the 60’s but his others haven’t been anything to write home about so I would stay away.

I Just Don’t Trust Em

Luke Thompson has had a 92 against the Saints at AAMI, but he has been steadily declining since then.  He has had no other scores over 56 so be careful with this guy.  Bryce Retzlafff is not someone I would look at.  2 x 40’s and a 16. 

Lukas Markovic has had a couple of 31’s and is on the extended bench.  Just don’t trust this guy, particularly with the Dogs sucking like they did.

Tendai Mzungu is going to be good, but I have him in this section because I think we just didn’t see enough last week in his one quarter at AAMI.  He got 21, but the game was shot at that point so he didn’t come under any real pressure.  I want to see a full game from him before I put him on the ground.  I also think he will still get  a Green or Red vest this week only because he is still recovering from that Knee injury and Mark Harvey will nurse him back to a full load.

The 3632 owners that have Evans from Melbourne should be congratulated, but I would love to know how many actually had him on the ground.  His 112 was great, but as with Tendai, I want to see another game from him before I rule out the Gysberts/Muston curse.

Sam Day is on the buble this week and has had a 26 and a 44 in his first two and with them playing the undefeated Cats this week I just wouldn’t risk him.  His teammate Dion Prestia is finally back, but I wouldn’t play him on the park just yet.  He has missed too much top level AFL he will probably be the sub and if not, he will take a bit to get back to the pace of the game.

The Rankings…..


  1. Lower
  2. Duigan
  3. Stefan Martin
  4. Stanley
  5. Laidler
  6. Brodie Smith
  7. Jacobs
  8. Puopolo
  9. Batchelor
  10. O’Brien


  1. Liberatore
  2. Harris
  3. Swallow
  4. Conca
  5. Krakouer
  6. Savage
  7. Iles
  8. McKenzie
  9. Wright


  1. Darling
  2. Krakouer
  3. Lynch (GCS)
  4. Matera
  5. A Johnson
  6. McKernan
  7. Breust
  8. Mzungu

Our mate @tbetta9 asked me to have a look at Shaun “Missy” Higgins in this article this week and I reckon I would put him in the “A Little Too Inconsistent” category.  His first game back after 3 weeks off last week resulted in 29 pts in a Red Vested effort.  Prior to that though he had a 90, 126, 109 and 76 so he is certainly a player, but the injury risk and the fact that Chopper gave him the Chop last night means I wouldn’t trust him.  In terms of a ranking I would slot him in just behind Krak in the mids and after Lynch in the forwards.  But if I had him, I would serioulsy consider trading him out.

I hope you liked the new format and let me know if you would like to see any other changes going forward or if there are other players you would like to hear about.  Tweet me at @pkd73 and I will see what I can do for you.


  • Cheers mate great read and i like the new format too. It was tough but i let Darling go this week to bring in lynch to net me some cash. So Krak is on the field for me this week. ( just wanna see lynch one more time ) Also can i just say it’s GREAT to finally see Dion Prestia back! looking forward to some good scores from this bloke equating to good COIN!!! cheers


  • Nice read. Thanks.

    Q: Would you play T.Lynch ahead of either Didak or Higgins this week?

    • Q. Who should i trade out Libba or Harris this week?

      • Neither. Both have very low BEs If you are going to trade one, maybe Harris as I think Libba has better scoring potential, but he will get a General Soreness call up soon since it is his first season and their next Bye isn’t until Rd 20, but given the dogs are playing badly at the moment, they will stick with him.

        If you have to trade one, I would probably go with Harris.

    • Very tough call. I might. But Dids is going to come out and have a blinder at some stage, just don’t know when.

  • krakouer or jriewoldt?

  • I don’t think the Gysberets/Muston curse will apply to Mzungu, however a number of people may get stung by Evans. Despite a ton first up he has limited JS as a number of established Dees will return over the next few weeks. My tip this week is that Mzungu will start the game and be subbed out at 3/4 time barring any injuries. Make sure you wait a week on Mzungu and check out his second game, too many coaches get burnt by prematurely bringing a player in.

    • Agreed.

      Evans stinks of Beau Muston.

      • More like Gysberts – kid can find the ball but not the cleanest of disposal and playing at a time when lots of players are coming back from injury to take his spot. A delicious red herring.

  • Magunza – want to have a good look at the mayan this week.

  • Well done dunny I like this new format

    • Yes Lyndo well formatted, one of the better reads on this site.

  • Thanks Dunny
    I have 150k in the bank and not sure which trade to do:

    Krakouer > Fyfe
    Darling > Chappy

    I would prefer bringing in chappy, but being an eagles man its become difficult for me to try and get rid of darling. Only other rookie i could use to get chappy is libba, but i feel he has more cash to make

    • Mate, get the Avatar Fyfe, he is a hero, and anyways darling is a gun to keep, Chappy is still going down in price so maybe wait til next week

      • I would hold of on Fyfe, we dont know what effect having 211 out will have on him an Mundy and Co.

        I would wait a week of so before bringing any freo mids in at the moment.

      • Yeah don’t get rid of Darling. Krak will go up next week if not subbed most of the game. Fyfe this week or Chap next week.

  • Just went

    Sandi > Goldstein

    Darling > Chappy

    Ballsy move I know, and missing out on some cash cows, but I reckon Goldstein can easily outscore Smith over the next 7 weeks and Chappy will slaughter GC this week. And anyway, you need to risk it to get the biscuit!

    • If the cash cow’s of this week are more important to you can’t you just hold off on the Sandi trade one week? Or would that mean you’d get a donut?

    • I did something similar but went

      Sandi > Goldstein

      Krak > Selwood (then made him captain)

      Good to see there’s consistency in my mad thinking…

    • Very nice! I considered the same trade with Sandy->Goldstein, but i wouldnt be able to take it if sandi came back and kept pumping out 100s.

  • Hey fellow DT’ers,

    Not sure who to pick up out of Tom Lynch (this week) or Isaac Smith (next week…if he plays). Due to my trading plans I can only get one. Their use would not be to gain cash, but to cover for my final team. I am only concerned with league wins. I would rather Smith (DPP and $28,000 cheaper) although I’m worried about his JS. Thought he would slip back into this weeks lineup. If he’ll be in and out the whole season it’s not really worth it.

    What are people’s thoughts on Smith’s JS?
    Cheers in advance

    • I’m in a similar situation this week. Really want to get Lynch and Jacobs in but also want/need to get one of my upgrades in this week. I’m going with Lynch this week as he’s already more expensive and is almost certain to go up more than Jacobs.
      Would definitely be going with Lynch ahead of Smith as well. I would think Smith’s JS is very questionable in quite a strong team and will probably be in and out of the team a bit (thinking probably more out than in).

  • Another good read mate!

    So you’d suggest I play Jacobs & Puopolo over Buckley,

    If Buckley was named on the field I’d have him on my starting 22 with Puopolo on my bench, but that orange light next to his name is getting to me so he’s probably going to warm the pine for me.

    I don’t have the luxury of seeing the Friday squads due to my work/shifts so a decision has to be made this morning.

    • I would stick with Buckley, the guy is a DT pig in his former life.
      In 2009 I paid $350K at the start of the year for Buckley after his breakout DT year of 2008. After 1 and a 1/2 quarters in round 1 that year he was on 45 points just racking it up at will, then his groin went. For the next 20 weeks he was listed as (1week groin) on the injury list. I even called the club each week for a month asking them what the hell was going on and whether or not I should trade him from my dream team. They just laughed and told me to piss off. True Story!

      Anyway, the point of my waffle is to play Buckley!

      • Haha, love it! Good point though, he’s a great player and sure to score against the WEagles,

        Just hope Mick doesn’t pull a didak move on Simo.

      • Hahaha I actually completely agree with you here tkol, I did the exact same with Buckley then and followed him closely last year too. So glad he’s getting a game for the pies and he’s on my field covering for Enright as we speak.

    • I just think those guys are a little more reliable than Buckley, but hey, it is a toss of a coin for those guys.

      • Looks like it’ll come down to exactly that,
        Heads = Buckley
        Tails = Puopulo,

        **FLIP** coin lands and it’s….

        Regardless, the DT gods will ensure whoever’s on the pine will score more this week haha.

    • Buckley is a risk with 2 first starters named.
      Pies rarely name a new player only to make them an emergency…so there’s a chance buckley wont even play

  • Should I have Krakouer or Higgins on the field? Higgins was woeful last week I watched him at the game and it was like he didn’t want to be there.

    • It is a tough call. But hey , I just don’t trust the guys scoring ability, he can have blinders, but hell he can suck big time as well! I just feel that now he has had a shocker he won’t bounce back so quickly.

  • Should i trade richarson for lynch???? anwser now please g2g

    • what other options have you got, Richardson is just dead wood on my bench, doing fine sitting there, he’s in good form in the VFL too, racking up 30’odd disposals last week. He’s named as an emergency now but sure to see a birth into the big league again soon.

      Can you down grade someone else?

    • Yep im holding on to Richardson for a bit yet. The little bastard has been sitting with Prestia playing footsies on my bench for the last month and a half.

      With Prestia in and Rich on emergency the decision to wait for so long should pay off. At the least it allowed me to bring Tendai in for Tapscott while still having some cover.

      I reckon Prestia should be fine for a few weeks now that he has coped a decent rest and his BE of -12 is delicious to say the least. Im thinking Richardson will be back next week for sure his BE is 40 which is high for him but it was still worth the wait.

      Perfect time to come back boys!

  • Boys, never have i needed you more than now.
    I already gone Tappy > Tendai this week.
    I have enough cash to upgrade either…

    Knights > Premium
    Darling > Premium
    Krak (A) > Premium
    Duigan > Premium
    Lower > Premium
    Stanley > Premium

    Darling has the highest BE however, he is also performing quite well. Playing collingwood, will probably get Harry O or Toovey, not sure how highly he will score. Duigan against the Dee’s should score highly. Lower, smashed out a score last week… Freo playing Saints at home, should score well. Knights should have a day out this week against brissy, tippet / walker will get carrot knob knights will be set free.

    Thinking of bringing in FWDS: Fyfe / Sylvia / NRoo (traded him out earlier this year, i know i shouldn’t) Already have, Pav / Steve J / Chap / Franklin

    Backs: Goddard, Adcock, GIbbs, Lids – Could bring in, Scottland / Fisher.. But all in all, i HATE bringing in defenders full stop!

    Advice would fantastic please guys…

    • I bet no-one helps you out lol

      • TKOL – why don’t you help me?

        • Fyfe is a gun and so is Nahas at the moment and tigers play port

        • Ok Sure,

          I wouldn’t trade this week. Take another week off and think about it next week.

          • you are nervous TKOL i can hear it in your typing.

          • Are you going for league wins or the car?

            I’m in a similar boat and have decided not to trade this week as I want to wait another week on rooks like Mzungu & Smith before bringing in another premium.

            I checked out my league opponents for the next 2 weeks and they are 16th & 14th and assistant coach is predicting that I win by 150 points so I decided to wait and see for the next few weeks (including the Sandi decision).

          • I would hold of on any freo mids/forwards right now. We dont know what effect having 211 out is going to have on them.

            Keeping in mind that Freo/Meld/Adel have a bye together later on i would be looking at StNick. The Saints are starting to look like they are going to play some half descent footy again.

            Also keep in mind that North,Carlton,Cats and Bombers all have a bye in DT finals. So if your going to bring in any players from these clubs make sure you have enought trades left to cover later in the season.



    • Traditional thinking would be to upgrade your weakest link.

      Pick who you think will average least for the rest and boot them, whichever line they’re in

    • I would be keeping Knights, Darling, Duigan and Lower.

      But that’s just me.

      • Decided on bringing fyfe in for knights… purely based on the amount of games adelaide will win for the remainder of the season..

        WCE FREO CARLTON will win more… (Darling, Lower, Duigan)

        I will end up trading them all out eventually.

        Sandi out will make a difference, but i am pretty sure fyfe will still rack them up.

        taking a bit of a punt, but who hasn’t this year?

  • who plays out of petrie (under the roof) or smith – (against no ottens) ?


    a mate at work who isnt a veteran Dt’er asked the question ; if you had unlimited trades (no one else does), and could use 2 every week would you win the car?

    it has got me thinking….and i don’t really know..what do you reckon?

    • you’d sure as hell trade harder at the start

    • you would definitely win, because you could chase every cash cow. usually every first increase is the biggest, so by the end of the year your team would be worth $50m and full of stars. Also, you would never have to “ride out” short term injuries.

    • If you started with a decent team definately!

  • You guys think Rockcliff will be out for > 2 weeks? I could cover him with Harris
    I’m thinking of going Rock –> Thompson. Reason being is Thompson as reasonably bottomed out courtesy of his injury affected 61 three weeks back and the Crows have a fairly easy run the next 6 weeks.

  • Puopolo’s 85 was against St Kilda, he got 62 against Port. Good read though thanks :)

    • Hmm.. sorry about stuffing that up, i got a little cross eyed late last night putting this one in. Promise more proof reading next week! :) Still wouldn’t change my thoughts on him though.


  • DEF – B.GIbbs, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, Ni.Lower, B.Goddard, D.Heppell, L.Thompson (P.Puopolo, J.Toy, A.Otten)
    MID – M.Hibberd, D.Swan, C.Judd, N.Dalsanto, S.Crameri, T.Liberatore (D.Swallow, S.Atley, D.Harris)
    RUC – D.Cox, D.Petrie (A.Sandilands, J.Tippett)
    FWD – L.Franklin, N.Riewoldt, A.Goodes, J.Riewoldt, J.Darling, A.Didak, A.Krakouer (D.Prestia, T.Lynch, C.Richardson)

    Who you want to get rid of: L.Thompson, J.Toy, A.Otten, S.Atley, C.Richardson

    Who you are waiting a few weeks on:

    Who saved themselves: B.Goddard

    Who you want in:
    L.Thompson/A.Otten/J.Toy –> Deledio/Adcock???
    S.Atley –> Pendles/Boyd/Selwood/Barlow/Watson/Montagna/Bartel
    C.Richardson –> Fyfe/Knights/Chapman/Pavlich/Green/Premium

    Isaac Smith???

    Cash in the bank: 358,700!!

    13 Trades left….

    Too many choices!!!!!!!!

  • My concerns this week are on Lower, Fyfe, Hill & Mundy how much of the ball will these guys get now they will have to get more ‘hard ball’ gets?????

    These guys feature prominently in most teams and their score could suffer as a result.

    Sandi has missed 5 games since 2008 and Freo has lost them all

    • WOW what a great stat.
      Im tipping St Kilda then this week.
      I will also enjoy the creeeeeepy crowley all over Montagna’s ass for 1 week.

      • Exactly why you said get Monty… DOG, you think i didn’t know that!

        • Look mate theres nothing you can say or do to save your 4 points this week. They’re coming my way if you like it or not so blah blah blah, Im the best, the end!

      • @TKOL

        Wasn’t getting Monty back in when his price dropped part of the original plan in the ‘TKOL Special’?

        I’m sure that’s what you said, not that it bothers me. I’m still not sold on Monty as my 6th mid.

        Good luck this weekend champ.


        Great article as always. I’ve decided to leave Jacobs on the bench and give Batchelor a go. He’s earned it.

        Enright being out really stuffs me up so I’ll be playing Pawpawlo as well.

        • @ I C

          I cant remember what i said yesterday. This whole year is a blurrrrr thanks to the MB Rounds.

          Good luck this weekend!!

          • Sounds like you’ve been on tour with your namesakes.

            So if not Monty, who do you see as your 6tth mid? Is SMJ still in the frame?

            I’m curious as it’s the only spot that is a ?? for me.

        • Enright is real PUSSY, toughen up Princess – not like he is even going to see the ball

          • I know! It’s great weather up here. All he has to do is come up for the weekend, lay on the beach, tuck in to some Moreton Bay Bugs, and run around with Prestia or Stanley for two hours. Easy!

  • DEF – B.GIbbs, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, Ni.Lower, B.Goddard, D.Heppell, L.Thompson (P.Puopolo, J.Toy, A.Otten)
    MID – M.Hibberd, D.Swan, C.Judd, N.Dalsanto, S.Crameri, T.Liberatore (D.Swallow, S.Atley, D.Harris)
    RUC – D.Cox, D.Petrie (A.Sandilands, J.Tippett)
    FWD – L.Franklin, N.Riewoldt, A.Goodes, J.Riewoldt, J.Darling, A.Didak, A.Krakouer (D.Prestia, T.Lynch, C.Richardson)

    Who you want to get rid of: J.Toy, A.Otten, S.Atley, C.Richardson

    Who you are waiting a few weeks on:

    Who saved themselves: B.Goddard

    Who you want in:
    A.Otten/J.Toy –> Deledio/Adcock???
    S.Atley –> Pendles/Boyd/Selwood/Barlow/Watson/Montagna/Bartel
    C.Richardson –> Fyfe/Knights/Chapman/Pavlich/Green/Premium

    Isaac Smith???

    Cash in the bank: 358,700!!

    13 Trades left….

    Too many choices!!!!!!!!

    • Is this the fourth time you’ve posted the same thing through different threads? You’ve gotten answers so time to make your own decison me thinks…

  • didnt danny stanley score 88 against the crows :|

    • Shit, sorry, yes he did. It was bloody Harris that had the niggle. Too many players!! I have updated my comments there on him. Doesn’t change my assessment of him though. Thanks for the pick up. I must admit I had to do it fairly late last night due to the DTTalk website being down most of yesterday avo!


  • Great read Dunny, def better with the new format.

    Really want to get Chappy in this week as I don’t think he will get any cheaper. He is a huge chance to get his BE (122) against the suns. All my cows still have really low BE’s, with big Jack the highest at 60. Would like to keep him though as my 7th forward.

    Do I take the punt and leave it another week and hope he doesn’t get near his BE or do I cull one of my cow’s early? and if so who.

    Darling, Krakouer, Matera, Prestia, Richardson, Harris, Swallow or Libba.

    17 trades and 210k

    Any advice would be my appreciated.

    • *greatly appreciated

    • Cull one of your cows to make cash for Chappy? Or upgrade one of your cows to Chappy?

      If it’s an upgrade Prestia and Richardson are out of the equation – use a calculator.

      Next best options are Matera or Harris.

      • Oh, and Go Roos!!!

        On that note, do you have Boomer Harvey? He’s in good form at the moment, one of the most reliable Roo boys to have in your team.

        Hope Rawlings gets back up to his DT form of last year.

        • boomers form against the swans is terrible!!! dont get him this week! yeah hopefully rawlings dominates

        • Cheers for that buddy, nah don’t have Boomer.

          Am thinking a Harris or Krakouer upgrade to Chappy atm

      • I’d be going with Krakouer. I’m in the same situation with looking to upgrade one of either Swallow, Krakouer or Harris and pretty sure I’m going to go with Krakouer. Swaying towards Swallow as my 7th Mid atm and Harris has a much lower BE. Also think Krakouer will still have a few very quiet games and could be a candidate for a Red or Green vest a few more times yet.

  • Hey guys,

    Ranked about 3000, so not quite as good as people of this site. Only interested in a league win, involving cash.

    Defence and Forward line is finished, just need to final up my midfield.

    Swan, Boyd, Montanga then Ward, Libb, Harris, Krakour, Isle and (Just downgrade Curnow to Mzungu)

    Going Ward to a premium.

    Pendlenbury, Selwood, Mundy?

    Keep in mind I have SJ and Chappy in the forward line.

    • GAJ? both byes finished looks to be finding full form and fitness? otherwise selwood is the best of the bunch but the other geelong players make it worse unless you think you can smash your opponent in 1st rd of finals and take a week off? Probably go mundy as he is in a MBR

    • Ablett for sure. I wish I could get him in this week.

      • I think Gablett will get towled up the the geelong boys this weekend. Jellwood is a solid option. has scored 120+ in his last 3 games.

  • Hey guys I need to get Jacobs in but for who Libba/Swallow/Harris who do I want as an 7th midfielder at the end of the year .. I could also DPP krak he could be an option to trade I have 700k + in bank after this so upgrades in midfield will be coming

  • Good article Dunny

    The one I’m struggling with this week is Z.Smith vs Darling on the field. Can manouvere Petrie around to play one or the other.

    Smith against a ruckless Geelong although he probably wont get as many possies around the ground nor goals due to GC not getting the ball
    Or Darling against the pies where he could suffer from lack of ball supply also.

    Tough one……..leaning towards Darling just because hes been fairly consistant this year and can get pts from tackles and can pop up for 1 or two goals

    • Yeah that is a tough one. I would lean towards playing Darling just because I think Smith may struggle around the ground against the Cats, but either way I think they will score similarly.

  • Help Please fellow DT’ers

    Getting rid of Missy Higgins this week. Im looking at Didak to be my 7th Forward as he is so cheap – do you think he will turn his form around??

    Current forward line is N-Roo, Chappy, Franklin, Fyfe, Darling, Krak, (Matera & Lynch as subs)

    or should I just go the safe option with Pav or Harvey

    • Higgins to Didak is a sideways trade
      Im holding onto Higgins because he wasnt listed in this week injuries as “test” so i assume he is ok and was just rested last week when subbed off. But if youve lost patience with him, I would get Pav. Higgins to Didak is just one out of form fwd for another.

    • What about Sylvia?

  • Does anyone have any news on Angus Graham?

    Has he been dropped and if so why? He’s not a feature on the injury report…

    • He his ruck work has fallen away lately. He has been looking at the man instead of the ball. Sent back to the magoos to regain form but did not play well for Coburg last week. Meanwhile, Brown, while raw, rucked pretty well against Essendon last week, got a few possessions and took a few marks. So I dont think we’ll see Gus for a at least a few weeks.

      • Thanks mate, i’m curious about this Browne kid that’s all.

        Curious to see if he’ll still be in the line up come round 16… if you get my drift.

  • I don’t understand why so many people are trading Tapscott for Lynch instead of Mzungu. I know Mzungu has only played 1 quarter but:
    – We saw how good Mzungu is in the scratchies
    – He is a matured aged player that has played WAFL seniors
    – Freo have heaps of injuries and think highly of him
    – Lynch is a young KPP
    – He has scored well in 2 games but they were against Brisbane and Adelaide – big deal!
    – Lynch is $20k more expensive.

    When I need a fwd rookie to cover a bye or injury, I will feel a lot more comfortable playing Mzungu.

    • all great points that I agree to myself, let them chase the money and burn trades mate…

      you forgot another important point,

      Mzungu’s got the DPP factor!

    • I want Lynch and Mzungu.

      They will all be mine, yes mine!

  • Id give didak another week as his be is 145 and will go down another 25 k or so as well as missy being in the same boat. I currently have both in my side if that helps but i can see didak coming back hard in the later part of the year, as for missy still have not totally made up my mind yet.

  • Higgins to Didak is a sideways trade
    Im holding onto Higgins because he wasnt listed in this week injuries as “test” so i assume he is ok and was just rested last week when subbed off. But if youve lost patience with him, I would get Pav. Higgins to Didak is just one out of form fwd for another.

    • Woops – sorry about that. The post above was a response to hanstar’s question.

  • Above @ hanstar

  • Interesting one here.

    Because of DPP I can choose to have Zac Smith or Dan Harris on field? Tempted to go Smith, but Harris is quite consistent.

    Also, would you rather Ablett, Rischiteeli, or Murphy? I’m in the top 100, so still a shot at the car – which is why Murphy tempts me….. Kinda leaning towards Rischiteeli cause of no byes left and Gaz seems a bit unpredictable this year

    • Ablett has just run his bald little head all the way back into form.

      All aboard the GAJ train.

  • Trade toy or pederson for Jacobs? Undecided!

  • Never asked for advice before but here goes…

    I have Krak, Yarran and Darling rotating through my last 2 forward spots on the ground. Other 2 forward bench players are Matera and Harper. Have Mzungu as a mid.

    I am 4k off going Matera -> Lynch and Darling -> Chappy (Shit!)

    Advice on:

    Yarran and Darling to Chappy and Lynch
    Matera and Darling to Fyfe and Lynch
    Yarran/Darling to Lynch and Harris/Ward to Ablett, Thompson, Selwood in mids.


  • who would be the best rookie to get for higgins?
    (i already have lynch from gold coast)

  • @ mattsy. Get rid of yarran as he is a mid pricer who has turned out not to be a premium. Then I would be getting in selwood and getting the big c on him

  • Love not having to worry about rookies any more. this week my backline will have lower and bachelor on the field becuase of enright and heppel and liba for watson and z smith is now perma for sandi. no other rookies next week if watson is back (which i doubt) Z smith will be my only rookie on the ground. the rest of the team will be preemo’s

  • is the general consensus to start smith over petrie this week? my fwds are all guns, so are my mids, this is my dilemma. will smith kill it against a non existant ruck, while petrie falls asleep from all the stoppages