Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 10

Montag-nah This Week

What a call… Montagna’s 151 last week was a great call by the Irish pirate and even better for those who followed my ‘tweet’ (@CalvinDT) and cashed in on him getting the most disposals paying $4.25. Anyway, stay clear of him this week as he plays the Dockers and with previous scores of 65 and 95 against them in 2010, and a poor record at Patersons Playground, it’s time to pass on old Monty again.

Boom Boom Boyd

Matthew Boyd managed 102 last week from 32d in a flogging out west. That’s a pretty good effort! He plays the Hawks this week and he loves it against them!! With previous scores of 121 and 154 in 2010 and 128 in 2009, Boyd will go boom boom this week. Boyd will lead from the front this week (as he tried last week) to try and keep the Doggies in 2011 season. He averages 120 at Etihad in his last 3 games there this year and will be awesome again this week. I’m tipping Boyd for 125 this week from 35d. “Why 35d?” you may ask. We’ll in his last 3 games against the Hawks, he has had exactly 35d in all his last 3 games. Now there’s a stat!

Judas Vs Geelong

Righteo, little harsh on the little master there but this game will be wicked for DT fans. Stay with me on this ok.. surely Geelong will win, and win with ease. This means that the Cats will feast on many DT points this week and this is why.

Let’s look at the last 2 games this year when the Suns lost. In Rd. 6 the Bombers beat them and in that game 8 Essendon players cracked the 100+ with the top 5 scorers averaging a huge 122pts each. In the Rd. 8 game against the Crows the story was very similar with 9 Crows cracking 100+ with their top 5 scorers averaging 127pts each! My point here is obvious… I have great stats and the Cats will score millions of points this week and will be awesome.

Take guys like Joel Selwood for example. He has averaged 122 in his last 3 games this year with a low of just 121 in his last 4. Then you can look at the likes of Chapman, Bartel and Stevie J, these guys will be awesome this week just to name a few. Trust me, it’s a dead set no brainer and if you like scoring DT points, listen to me. Clicking Joel as your captain this week is a mega super great call.

Don’t be a Doubter

Can you believe what I have been hearing this week?

Swan is past it… He’s not capable of the 120+ scores he used to get… He’s fat … He’s Warnie’s love child…  He’s injured… Never clicking him captain again…

You ungrateful, uneducated %#&kheads. Are you serious? Are you seriously doubting Dane Swan, the greatest DT player over the last few years because he has had a few poor games. Ok, maybe the days of ‘I just go Swan every week’ is out the window as there are great options every week and Swanny is after all human. But this slump is keeping my ‘captain selecting’ job security pretty safe. Doubters beware!!!

This week Swan plays the Eagles and if he is ever going to bounce back… it has to be this week! The Eagles are Swan’s favourite team to play when it comes to scoring DT points and with scores of 161, 158, 133, 158 coming in his last 4 games against them, you can now see why? During this period, Swan has averaged 37d a game on the Eagles and has a low of 99 in his last 7 games against them. In 2009, Swan had another form slump where he had 79 and a 97. The week after that he had 158 and amazingly enough it was against the Eagles. So as I said, doubters beware.

Ha ha right – I’m not a doubter, I just think that Selwood will score more. In fact, pencil Selwood in for something around the 140 mark. My top 3 will all crack the 125+ mark I believe and are up there with the safest bets for the year so far. Pendles and Chapman will be good too, but my top 3 there are going to be ridiculously good!

Good luck and I’ll see you back in here next week. Arrgggg


  • What about ablett! I know Geelong will absolutely kill GC but Ablett is an absolute champ and will want to dominate his former club, im tipping 40 touches and 135+ DT still wont help in terms of the outcome though

  • I have had Selwood from word go. Just to rub it into GeeHee(who stupidly has no Geelong players),,, he is gonna be my captain

  • This week it’s Boyd as Cap and Cox VC

  • Gee I own all of those top 5 captain picks … geez who to pick… errrrrr, SELWOOD

  • Calvin im not sure you can look at Swans scores agasint the Eagles over the last couple years as their defensive pressure is awesome at the moment and last year they were horrible.

    I had a look at the preseason game against Weast Coast and Swan scored 94, which was his lowest score for the entire NAB cup……

    I’m still probably going to lock him over Boyd becasue its Swan, still not that confident right now.

  • I’d be so nervous if I owned Dane Swan, reports coming out he’s off to the US to there Arizona training facility to assist in his injury- and it’s happening soon!!!

  • I think im going Chappy as the big C

  • Latest article regarding swan.
    Something to consider.

  • dont know who to make my captain this week.

    apparently swans been carrying a niggle (explains is low output). selwood will apply a decent tag on pendles.

    thinking chappy or cox

  • Cox will get Wood aginst the Pies.

    • Yeah.. Swanny is my only guy in Calv’s 5.. Reading these articles has me jumpy, thinking Coxy-GAJ-Bartel.

  • CALVIN! Love your articles but last years format was WAYYYY better. It’s great seeing it break down game by game, getting a look at more of the non-obvious choices.

    • Thanks bro, but pretty short of time this year as we write in other places.
      Sorry but it still does the job.

  • love having the top three in my side =]

  • Going to put the big (C) on Cox this week. He will smash the Pies. Last time he played them at the ‘G in 2008 he finished with 30 touches and 36 hitouts.

  • Who is going to put the big “C” on the slightly injured D.SWAN ?

  • i must say they though..what about buddy?? is he injured or something? kennedy kicked ten on the dogs last week and with lake in the magoos and only the likes of markovic and williams to stand him its quite possible he’ll run riot this week..he’s been in pretty good scoring form and i think you’ve missed the trick not having him in your top five…is this an oversight or have you got some stats for me to explain why he’s not in there?? please explain…..

    • I’m leaning towards buddy too! Its made tough with so many stepping up last week.

      I agree dogs are down and Hawks are up and I’m not sure they will have the right match up for Buddy.

  • I bet Calvin feels silly now the Swan debarcle has popped up this morning, we might have to dump the seagull/Swan.

    C has to be a Geelong player, GC coming off a bye facing the minor minor premiers. CHCHCHapman

  • going with Pendles with the C


    Just quickly… slight change in the way I was thinking so I thought I’d share my change.
    Boyd is now #2 on my list with Swan #3.

    Don’t get me wrong… Swan will kill it, but in my opinion, Boyd is a safer/more reliable option with all the new info that has come fwd about Swanny and his niggles. Swan just looked different last week. SWAN WILL STILL SMASH IT… but Boyd is my number 2!

    With that said… if I had the choice… Selwood would be my lock in Capt easy (but I don’t have him cause my team doesn’t like good players)…. I have Swan and Boyd and will be picking BOYD as my captain this week.

    Rough Predictions…
    Selwood = 135pts
    Boyd = 127pts
    Swan = 122pts

    If you want to know why… re re-read the stats provided up the top. Don’t just look at the pictures!

    Good luck – woot woot! I mean ARRggggg

  • argggg

  • Giving Selwood a go. A Swan doubter and what makes things worse is that he’s given the red vest or a late withdrawal.

    Playing an eliminator guy who has a doughnut in his rucks this week.

  • Selwood for me (again – 3rd time this yr and has not let me down yet)…Swannie might not perform at his best if the quad injury annoys him…so he’ll probably only score a paltry 110-120 :-)

  • Hmmm .. any reason Scott Thompson is not mentioned as captain material against Brisbane ?? He seems to be some good form ..

  • changed it up

    Chapman (C)

    Boyd (VC)

    hows that for original???